Nia swallowed her spit with a cute grossly moving penis in front of her.

Butt or crotch, which is better?

That's what Keith is asking.

Honestly, I want both of them to nod and blur without both on their penises, but that's impossible.

So... your crotch?

However, when I put my penis in my butt, it feels so good that when I come to my stomach and I put it in my crotch, it rubs the pleasant part that hits me from the back.

But when I put it in my crotch, I love it so much that it's "fuzzy" to be rubbed with the tip of my penis or stuck in the back.

Hard to throw both away. I want you to say both.

Usually Keith would decide, but he told me to make my own decision today, and Nia would get lost.

Keith looked at Nia like that.

"Princess, can we not dare, think while licking and licking?

"Ha? … Ah, yes"

Sitting in the face part of Princess Elf who nods honestly, she shifts her hips and leaves her penis close.

Then Nia went to the male stinking meat stick offered before his eyes,

"Mr. Penis. I'm gonna get rid of you, so I'm gonna have to be a good girl, okay?

Talk and kiss.

That's where you start a thick fella that doesn't look good on your face.

Squeeze Ella's tense geese neck from her back muscle and squeeze her thick turtle head.

Chu-chu-chu-chu, sucking,

"Olin Pohiko, Nji-ju, and Peppercord Hiraki Fu? Njupo, jjupo"

When I talk, my tongue moves irregularly, and that hits various parts and says, "Hehe!" It feels good enough to have a voice.

Keith covered his nose roughly with a duvet to his head so that he could only see Nia's face.


to Nia, who looks strange,

"Never mind, please continue. Oh, it feels good, Princess! My penis is delighted!!

The mouth moves become more obscene with Keith's wandering look on his voice like that.

Bend your neck and get your head moving. Licking move.

When it's done in the duvet,

(Oh, seriously, she looks like she's letting the little one shave and she's fucking horny...... awesome!!

Keith thinks this is the best advantage of pornography with Nia in your futon.

It really makes me feel like I'm playing games with my loli daughter.

On a bath or waterproof seat, the special environment really wakes me up.

But in the futon, it fades and soaks up the feeling of doing something horny to Tulpetalolierf.

"Npua! Kisama, you're more of a dick than usual, aren't you?

That is partly because of the excitement, but above all because of that specialty vigor.

Yes, Keith drank that one!!

After giving Aisha three times, she massaged her hips until the end of time and recovered, but the contents of the golden balls were still clear.

Oh, my God. Can't Nia do it today? Though I thought it would be a good opportunity to try the vigor, and I drank it after I slept.

Lou's right. It smells like boiled gelo. When you gouge it,

"... Guh! Hey!! Yes!! Damn!! Ohhhhh!!! Hey, Ko, Ugh, Hiya!!! Ngahu! Maz!!! It hurts not to taste good!!! Oh, there he is!!! What? Why does my temple hurt??

After a glimmer,

"There! Ah!!! Kusa!! Damn it!!! from my mouth yeah it stinks k k k!!! Wow!! It stinks more when you scream!!! Ugh!! Oh hey eh!!!

Keith brushed his teeth in a hurry, but

"Damn!! My nose is getting paralyzed and I don't know my bad breath!!

You can't go to Nia's room like this, so Keith,

"Lou Kun? I wonder where he is. Come on out."

I called the demon with a disgusting voice.

Lou, just back from a walk,

"What? What's that disgusting voice? What mastery?

"I don't like it. I'm trying to please you, Lu. Look, it's Kitenju."

I let my face shine on the piece of wood Keith put out of his pocket.

"Uh-oh!! Here we go again, Bissankuña. Oh!!

That's how I jumped in. When I caught Lou's root,


I breathed heavily on my nose.

"Ugh!!! Oh yeah!!! Ugg, obo ha!!! Your husband!! Yeah k ate ya!!!!

"Even I don't have that hobby. Right, does it still smell... how much more bad breath medicine do you have left?

"How dare you try it yourself!!! Outer Road!!! Mouthful Magic Instructor!!! From my mouth yeah i should make it smell like k and all kinds of people hate me!!! Hushaaaaaa!!"

He was Keith, whose hand was scratched by an angry Lou and taken from him by Kitenju, but he drank the deodorant for Nia and brushed his teeth again to deceive him, to this day.

The result is a strange story, but my penis is brilliantly erect.

Besides, the golden balls are hanging in a heavy position as well.

(Boulder my specialty!! Different effects Ze!!

Keith was satisfied with the finished vigor while remaining challenged with flavor and bad breath.

(I'll let you out in plenty, hey, princess)

That's what I talked about in my heart as I stroked Nia's head playing Lorifera.

Eventually, when I felt ejaculation approaching me,

"Princess? You made up your mind? Whoa, oh."

Nia, who was howling the bell mouth with her tongue, let her mouth away from her penis,

"Oh, um... uh... uh... oh, your crotch might be better..."

"Yes, I understand... Thank you, Princess, always."

Keith moves over the bed with that said.

And when I cross it around Nia's butt, which is straightened with a bow, I kneel down and open my butt with my hands, letting my penis penetrate the vaginal hole that came out.

I was a little confused about my first sleeping back, Nia.

"Huh...... oh! My penis, it's a long time!! It's coming. Ah!

"Yeah, come in... NOO! Kits!! Why do you keep putting it in so many times, you princess... it's in there!! Whoa, whoa!

Keith nearly ejaculated prematurely into Nia's vaginal meat tightening the perfect cucumber. When he exhaled and withstood it,

"Princess, Ike shouldn't be patient, should he? And I'm glad you're talking to your penis."

"Phew...... yes, good luck Mahiya!!! Ugh!!!!

I knew Keith would start moving as he was talking.

Move your hips back and forth with your hands next to Nia's body.

If you repeatedly slip your penis in while rubbing against the vaginal wall, it feels more comfortable tight than usual because Nia is closing her legs.

"Oh, shit, this sucks..."

That feeling, too, but more than that, it's like he's seriously offending a girl.

Nia, on the other hand, shouted to her comfort,

"Fukiu, fukiah!! Oh, oh, penis, penis!!

I guess the power of the piston is increasing because the bed springs are more recoil than the floor, Nia is pierced from behind with a screaming voice.

"Phew!! Phew!! Fukioo!! Ngu, aah!! Penis!! Awesome!! Good luck!! Huh!! Oh my goodness again!!!! Uhhh!!!

Keith rubs the steeple and guts in the back once every few times! And poke in.

When you have a vagina in you, stick your hips in only the back.

Even then, the tight Nia meat pot tightens the cucumber as if it fits the shock.

And the amount of love fluid keeps increasing. Scratch and blame your penis over and over again.

"Yeah eh!! Njakyu!!! My penis!! Phew!! Fuguuuuuu!!!

Nia chewed the pillow to a stimulus that was too strong and stuffy.

I'd like to compliment my penis for Keith, but it feels good too.

"Nkiyu!! Ahhhh!! Awesome, kimochi...... fuhi!!!

As Keith said the bed felt good, Nia warped her face in surprise but happiness.

"Mhhh!!! Shigeko!! Shh!!! Penis Guru!! I'm coming!!! Nhehe!!!

Still excited about the nasty gasp that doesn't suit your face,

"Hih, princess!!! Please praise your penis. No!! Otherwise, ghoul!!

"Huh!! Obena hi, yep, yep, yep, penis hi ah!!!

The moment Nia tries to praise him, she pokes him hard.

On purpose, of course.

"Kishima!! It is!! Chiu hey!! Chubby, fuzzy!!!!

"Ugh!! My penis ah!!! Nutcracker Himesama...... Oh, shit."

I stick it in and scratch it out for Lori Hip, blaming her for her pussy hole.

Naturally I can't talk. Nia cries,

"Ki-shu, whoa!! Master Kishi, please!! Hooray eh!! Good luck!! I can't praise you for your penis!! Phew!! Phew!!!

"Oh, I don't know!! Whoops!!! Ugh, Loriman tightens!! Saiko. Aha!!! Princess!!

"Hooray!!! penis,, nice whoa!! Whoa, whoa! Hey, oh!!

Feeling Nia's vaginal meat begin to cramp, Keith begins to blame a point.

You knock at the back of your vagina many times. to that crazy piston,

"Those!! Rasu!!! Kissy!!! Yikes!! You didn't praise your penis, but no!! Keishuma hasn't helped yet but no......!! Hmmm, ahhhhh!!!!

Grasp the pillow tightly, reverse your torso, and pinch your legs! Let Nia be

"Yikes Yikes Ugh!!! Ike!!! Fukiaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Much was done.

I've had some strength in my belly, and vaginal meat cum to go with it! And trembled.

Keith didn't ejaculate. When he pulled his penis out of it,

"Princess, I got magic... but I couldn't get your medicine out..."

I say that by exposing my erect penis.

Nia, who saw it,

"Huh, your penis is neat and panicky! Where should we go?

"Um, so can I medicate you with the princess's ass?

"Butt......? Heh!! My buttocks and my penises are all over me!! Hehe, happy!!

The wandering head who just yipped, honestly exposes himself to the truth.

If it's true, "It can't be!!" It is the truth that I will never say.

I could hear that. Keith laughed contentedly and disgusted,

"Princess Bitch Saiko"

Squirting like that, letting Nia's body lie on her back, makes a mangling return.

Vagina is in the dorsal position and anal is in the normal position. I can't stand this chigusa.

Trolleys and lubricants are coming out of the widened butthole.

This is the effect of a magic drug made by Keith.

Keith always inserts this small tablet-type magic medicine into his rectum every time he does anal licking.

Then in about five minutes it turns the waste from the intestine into a harmless viscous liquid.

I made it for anal blame, but for some reason it is a good substitute for selling to a woman who suffers from constipation.

Of course I haven't explained anything to Nia. Because it's more enjoyable that way.

Considering class time was low, Keith decided to go all at once.

"Princess, you're going to have a penis on your ass!!

"Huh! Penis on your buttocks! Praise you most of the time! Makes me want to be a penis. Yeah!!! Ho!!! Ngu!!!

Keith, who pushed his hips all the way out of the normal position and buried his penis in his ass hole,

"Ugh!! The princess's body is a whole body genitals...... definitely!!

I shrugged and slid my hips off like I couldn't hear you.

Nia's rectum tangles his penis with the intestinal wall and tries to spit semen into the back of his buttocks.

He is a fine ass manger.

"Tsukubako...... my only ass manko!! Princess Anal!!!

The indiscriminateness that moves for your ejaculation purposes rather than feeling good about Nia.

But still, Nia's butthole delivers pleasure to the bearer in bitterness.

"Ugh!! Yea!! Yea eh!! Ugh!!! Stomach, hachishu but no!!! Kimochi!!! Keith, well!! Hogi-yep!!

"Like I feel in a piston like this!! What is it now!!! No porn!! You're leaking Zamen!!!

Keith, who enjoys Nia's rectum with a series of idiotic remarks, trembles all over his body at the ejaculation heightened to its limit in his vagina.

"Princess!! Praise you!! Please praise your penis!!!

Besides, Nia responded desperately.

"Penis!! It's a butterfly!!! I'll tickle you!! Nice penis!! Daisy!!! Penis!!!

Keith is covered in Nia.

On Keith's face, who was bent over his stomach, gasped for bitterness, and still appeared in front of him,

"Don't you want to, penis? Fugi!! Huh!!

"It's easy...... Ngu!! Ahhh! But maybe it would be easier if the princess kissed me?

"Kisu...... I will! Kishidashi Kishidashi!! Nchu."

I would never tell you that I took a piss earlier.

And as it was, Nia drank her own pee and kissed enthusiastically with her mouth licking her anal scattered.

"Nju, chubby, chubby, leech!! Himeshima, Saiko. Nchuuuu!!!

The feeling and disloyalty of Princess Elf's tiny tongue crawling around in her pee-drinking mouth.

And to the pleasure of offending anal in a normal position, Keith said,

"Ho, ho, ho!! Nchuuuuuu!! No more!! Oh!!! No more!!! Princess!!!

He hugged Nia's body and ejaculated a dubu in its anus as Lori licked his tongue.

"Nchu!!? Hogi!!! My buttocks are good over there!!! I'm hungry..........................................................................................................................................."

Was anal sex tight with the body at its peak, and Nia fainted as it was.

Keith fired the accumulated salmon from the golden balls, pitifully shouting, "Oh, oh, oh," at that ass-manco.

"Specialty salmon made with a specialty vigor... swimming with the princess's ass manko... Mixed"

I kept hitting that feeling of happiness for a while.


The bed felt good and I get the satisfaction of offending Lori but it was hard to clean up after.

It is easy to seperate only dirt from the bed by magic, but all subsequent sheet fixes and stuff are manual.

I wake up my fainted Nia and put her in the tub, fix the bed and go in myself.

They brush their teeth together, dry at once with the magical application of the wind, and then skip the smell of soap so that they don't get suspicious, and the bathroom cleans up to the droplets.

I will do all this with sorcery, and by the time it is finished, it shall be a snare.

Even though I use my powers with sex.

But with this level of hardship, I think it's cheap because I can put royal royal royal elves on it.

When it's all over, it's just the end of the study.

Laughing at Aisha as she entered the room, she also smiled at Nia so that she could not tell.

Awesome progress!! And I wanted to scream, but I left the room as I was.

Then I met Berna in the hallway.

I almost left with a tea set during the refrain.

"Hello, Mr. Berna"

When she greeted him, Berna took a minute to

"... hello, Mage Master"

"... are you on guard?

"No, that's not true."

Berna tries to get away from Keith even though she says so.

"Wait a minute!

"What is it?

The face I looked back at is faceless, but I felt there was some danger.

"Why don't you come to my room the day after tomorrow if you like?

"... I won't go. I told you I'm not going to do this anymore."

It is total rejection. But Keith,

"I won't. I won't. I just made a toy for Mr. Berna. Try that. If you like it, I'll give it to you."

"... toys?


Keith nodded and put his face closer to Berna,

"It's a toy that's very exciting and makes you feel better, even Mr. Berna"

I looked at Keith's face smiling like that with no expression.

"... is that all you're talking about? If you'll excuse me."

That's how Berna walked away.

Dropping you off behind that,

"... a hundred leagues to come!

Keith went back to his room making a bet on his own.