When she returned to her room after work, Berna sighed.

It was kind of a refreshing day.

No, it's not just today, it's been all these days.

I dedicated my virginity to Keith and have been since that day I was forced to go crazy......

Originally called Berna, Elf found no value in her part as a woman.

That's since my lover once caressed me and I didn't feel anything.

No matter how much you are touched by someone you love, it doesn't make you feel any better when you're kissed.

Berna, who had never had a sexual conversation with someone else, thought it was normal, but realized it was different from a man's reaction.

It was then that I learned that normal women felt good when they were touched by whomever they wanted.

But it doesn't make me feel any better.

I never said I didn't love them.

Berna really loved the elves she was dating at the time.

I wanted to get married, I even wanted to build a family.

But the man was shocked by Berna, who showed no response to the caress.

I guess the dialogue that says "I'm bored to hold you" was a strength to hide that shock. Berna knew that, too.

So I figured I'd learn my sexual moves and at least make them feel better.

As a result, I was flustered as much as I wanted.

They mistakenly assumed that Berna had been planted by another man.

I wanted to say no, but at that time the man was out of touch with Berna.

Berna has never dated a man since.

I didn't want to hurt them or myself anymore.

So I kept mocking the man who was going to make the motion.

Still, occasionally, I wonder if my body is “healed” already, touching my chest and genitals - I try masturbating, but it never feels good.

When I was giving up that I really can't be a woman, I realized Keith was having a sexual interest.

The benefactor who helped Nia wants it.

Berna, unable to find value in sexual matters, accepted Keith because it was not diminishing.

Declare yourself uncomfortable.

Whatever the result is.

It was an act that normal women would hate, and it showed more stuffy gasps than normal women.

I don't want to admit that.

No, but that definitely felt good.

Anyway, my body won't forget that feeling.

They broke through the hymen, twisted up his nipples and pubic nucleus, slapped him in the buttocks, and pistons crushing his uterus.

I can't believe it feels so good that it leaks.

The feeling that it felt good the first time, it confused Berna to the point of making her cry.

I've never lived in 71 years and cried so much in public before in my life.

When it was all over, I was struck by a sense of loss that I had lost something important.

I felt badly hurt.

That's why I turned Keith down.

Absolutely, I clearly indicated my willingness to reject it.

That's what I decided, but my body hurts to ask for it again.

At first, I just thought my body was hurting because I was held strong.

But when I met Keith, he said, "Come to the room," and I understood it when it got worse.

This is not pain.

He said his body was in pain in search of that feeling again.

Berna was panicking in the absence of expression.

I was afraid of myself wanting to be done that again.

Even though I'm scared, the feeling is getting bigger every time I chase time. I can't stop myself.

Berna had never been able to control her feelings.

I feel sick to my mind and body that I can't control. I was going to throw up.

I wonder what I can do to clear that up.

Why don't you let Keith hold you again?

But if I do that, I might cry more confused. I absolutely hated that.

But Keith said if I don't hold him, he'll just give me a toy.

I realize that sounds like a lie. No, it would definitely be a lie.

I just feel like I'm going to attack you for a reason.

But what if I told Aisha I'd rose?

With that said, I would hesitate to attack any number of Keith...

"It makes me feel better...... toys"

With it, I might feel a little clearer.

Then why don't we just go get that?

It should always be much better to keep worrying about one person in the room like this and remain disgusting.

When I thought about it that way, Berna felt a little clearer.


Promise day. Keith was modifying the magic props on his desk.

I told Berna, "I made a dedicated toy," but Keith is not clever enough to make one like that in two or three days.

It is Sekiyama who perfectly modifies the works he has made in the past.

But whatever you look at, it's just enough toys to have fun in Berna.

As I was getting a little erect imagining using these, the door knocked.

"... apparently you won the bet"

Keith turns to the door and says, "Yes, sir," as he does something absurd to Kiza.

By the way, Lou threw [the mist of sleep] through the window to the gap intoxicated by Kitenju.

When I opened the door as I nicked, Berna stood.

It is the usual samurai garment.

"Good evening. Are you home from work?

"... Yes"

It's always cool, but I have the impression it's dark somewhere.

"Don't you dare go inside, sasa, go ahead."

Keith could have kept Berna in the room, even enjoying the look of it.

"Excuse me," Berna comes in politely.

I wanted to kiss you from behind, but I'm not Aisha, so I'll put up with that.

Keith, nagging,

"But I'm glad you're here."

"I thought it would be rude if you didn't take the trouble to make something..."

I said I was strong, even ~. And I thought, nibbling,

"Really? Let's give it a try."

"Once again?"

"Yeah, you can't suddenly give something you haven't even tried."

Berna's face changes slightly to the word, but it changes like a muscle.

"Fine then. Excuse me."

And when I said that, I tried to leave the room.

Keith grabbed that hand in a hurry,

"Wait a minute! Huh? Why?

"I told you. I never said that again with the Magic Master. Please let go of my hand."

"So I won't. Just make sure the toys are okay. If it's broken or defective, you're in trouble, aren't you?

"… then I will try it alone and report the results"

"No, you can't. Say it's a toy. It's a magic prop, so what if something happens when you say it's a bother?

"... but"

"On the way to trying, I'll stop Mr. Berna if he really doesn't like it. So, huh? It's to be safe."

Berna leaned down and silenced before

"If you say you don't like it, please definitely stop it"

"I swear."

"If I tell you to stop, but continue, I will report this to Aisha."

"Ugh!! … I see."

Threatened Keith nodded as he was stuck in words.

But in my heart, I said, "Threaten me! Absolutely. I'll do it." I was firmly determined.

That said, we got to the point, so Keith let Berna go.

"So shall we take off our clothes first?

Say it like it's a light thing.

Besides, Berna's more expressionless than usual, and she's staring at me.

"'Cause it's a jerk, isn't it? Don't you get dirty in your clothes?"

If you ask me, yes.

But Berna took off her samurai clothes, sending a tight gaze.

When you take off your black, plain clothes, you'll find a thin body inside and

"Wow, cotton plain panties and bras...... haven't seen them in a while"

Too plain underwear appeared wrapping that limb.

Cotton, rugged panties and bras.

I desperately chased away my grandmother, who comes to mind.

It's too plain compared to Nia, who can only wear exceptionally elegant underwear for the royal family, and Aisha, who is quite obsessed with underwear.

But I don't feel comfortable rejecting it like a country sister.

"Ahhh, I'm stuck"

Keith misled his erection as he brought his hips.

to Berna standing in her underwear,

"Go to bed, please"

and urged him to sit down,

"Panties, can you take them off?

"... no"

"Please. If you don't, you won't be able to use the toys."

Berna, who was motionless as solidified, but eventually slowly began to take off the plain bread.

Rigid lollimanko shows up.

It is as bustling as ever.

This shape itself is called an ambivalence with children.

I don't hate it.

I don't hate this.

"Mr. Berna, shall we begin with the handling of the underhair"


Keith's sudden suggestion also gives the boulder Berna a bewildered look.

But Keith went on without worrying.

"No, I like Mr. Berna's dark eyed underhair, but when I say rubbed hair, my genitals can get hurt by hair. Prevent it."

Simply put, I just want to make it a perfect lolimanco.

They just want to abuse that lolimanko hairless.

I flatten it out with a glittering look without even giving it a bite.

Berna missed her gaze as she thought,

"Hygienically, it's better that way."

"... ok"

I did it to the word of permission! and make gutspaws with your heart.

Berna to Keith like that,

"Um, I'll do it myself, so I need a razor..."

"Oh, no, no. Mr. Berna, you're going to razor off because you seem weak, aren't you?


"That's what I thought, I made a special natural hair removal wax"

I sent my gaze silently at how well prepared I was.

Even though I feel it, Keith doesn't mind.

"Whether or not."

Start preparing your hair removal wax as you sing with pleasure.

Actually, the hair removal wax can also be very burdensome on the skin, but it hurts the most as a way to remove hair, so I decided it was suitable for Berna.

"Mr. Berna. Please come to the bathroom."


"Yeah, I have to wash it, so it's best to do it in the bathroom."

When he stood up reluctantly and Berna headed to the bathroom, Keith was in the meantime preparing hot water, etc.

Let Berna, who came, sit in his chair,

"First, you'll align the length of the hair."

I brought out the scissors.

Berna, who saw it,

"I'll do it myself."

"But, Mr. Berna, you're even growing a butt, aren't you? Can you do it yourself?

"... do you really need hair removal?


Berna, who had been silent for a while, left that silent to Keith by slightly shifting her hips.

Keith nicks his pubic hair to a constant length with scissors.

At the end of the front, I let Berna stand up and poke her butt out. I let her pose and cut the hair around her butt as well.

The anal protruding at that time and the thin lollimanko of the labia, and the fleshhole inside, do not cure the erection.

"I want to lick it...... I want to lick it around until I sprinkle it"

With such a small leak of authenticity. When the hair was cut and aligned, it was rinsed off with hot water. And often turn off the water with a towel,

"Yes, then I will be waxing my hair off!!

There was a pervert who looked very happy with the hair removal of a woman.

When I apply the hair removal wax I made on the cut all the underhair, I apply the sheet there and wait for it to solidify.

Berna was honestly in a complicated mood when she could see herself standing still with the look of a child waiting for a treat to be made. Of course it hasn't appeared on my face.

Eventually, when the wax hardens sufficiently,

"I'll peel it off, please breathe together. Suck - puke - suck - puke - suck - suck, puke!!

The moment Berna exhaled, she pulled off the sheet at once.

Berri! And when I heard a noise and I could take the sheet, I said, "No!!" Berna glanced with a small scream.

Keith raises his voice when he looks at the seat he can take.

"Oh! Wow, it's coming out right"

The sheets were intertwined with massive amounts of hair.

"Mr. Berna, look!! Awesome it's missing!!

"You don't have to show me."

Berna turned away reluctantly.

Certainly no one would be happy to see their missing pubic hair.

Keith also checks the skin he pulled out.

Only one place, but a beautiful hairless zone was showing up.

"Beautiful... nice"

Whilst whining about your thoughts,

"Then let's go one after the other!!

That's what I say and keep waxing my hair off.

It peels off when applied, peels off when applied, and there is no room for those with buttocks.

Every time I say, "Ugh!" or "Arku!" or Berna's little screams were heard and adorable.

And to my surprise, Berna was feeling a little bit even with this sore hair loss.

Slightly, but the honey was ruined from the meat hole when it was removing the line of the labia.

"Abused. Cute."

It was Keith who was desperate to scowl all over the cliff right now.

Once all the hair removal is done and rinsed clean with hot water, the remaining few pieces are pimped out with haircuts and completed.

"Ooh... isn't it perfect"

The pale colored labia barely spreads the villa, and the pubic nucleus is small and hidden in the foreskin.

The meat organ inside is light pink, and the vaginal mouth, which starts to get slightly wet, is stirred to show how good it feels when it slips into it.

It is a lolimanco that does not suit the look of an adult.

That is what makes the baby perfect because she has hair removal.

Nia's immaturity was different, even though she was a mature adult, the cowardice of Loriman was everywhere.

Looking up, I can hear Berna's face slightly red and moistened.

"Mr. Berna, you look beautiful."

"... is that right..."

"Beautiful, baby... can I lick it?

"Absolutely... no"

"... like I want to lick it"

While skipping the perverse, Keith applies a medicine solution to the hair-removed Omango for healing magic.

I would have to chill the hair-free part for a while, but the hassle is getting in the way to frustrate it from now on.

So the combination of magic pills and healing magic saved me that hassle.

Berna felt the tingling pain disappearing after hair removal.

"Well, shall we go back?"

Berna went back on the bed to be pushed by Keith, who says while cleaning up the hair removal sheet.

As I sit silently in bed, I get the feeling of what the hell I'm doing.

I can't believe they're handling my underhair in a man's room that he said he didn't want to be held anymore and waiting for me to get my genitals rubbed with weird toys.

Was she such a pervert, nasty, slutty bitch, myself?

You thought you weren't interested in sex, but that was your assumption that you didn't know how to feel better?

'Cause when I think the hair is treated and abused with a toy, the womb stays in pain and doesn't heal.

"Thank you for waiting, Mr. Berna. Shall we start a trial?"

Berna swallowed a spit when she saw Keith laughing with nasty equipment.

The face was high on expectations.

The usual faceless expression was about to disappear.