Alone, sitting on the bed, Roana had been delayed in her thoughts.

In a few hours, Keith will come to this room.

Go to this room where you have told me where you are.

Keith asked me where the inn was, and Roana was honestly telling me where it was without getting lost.

It wasn't until I came back to my room that I realized it wasn't the right thing to do.

Then you've given yourself permission to come to the room.

I don't know why I fellatio Keith in such a place in the first place, either.

If you didn't like it, you could have said no, and you should have chewed him the worst.

Yet I never thought about that then, and I was squashing on the penis offered in front of me.

On the creepy, dirty penis of another woman's love liquid.

And if Keith comes again, he'll accept it.

Just thinking about it made Roana's woman's part hurt terribly.


Keith thought that a blue sky with no clouds was like his own heart.

I was awesome standing up this morning because I slept thinking about things with Roana.

I want to pull one shot out of masturbation immediately on the spot. I'll be patient and I'll take a K smelly vigor just in case.

Also "Ugg! Ahhh, heh, heh!! Hundului!!" I struck around screaming, "but yesterday I also sent it out to Aisha twice at the inn, and it's a total of four times a day, so if I don't take my vigor, I'll snag it.

"Really, you're gonna be in trouble."

Keith set out for Roana's Inn as he muttered happily, eliminating the odor with breath quenching pills.

Clear blue sky, warm sun, wind stroking cheeks.

I can only have sex all day in my room on a day like this!

Keith left the palace thinking and refreshing.

Such is Roana's place to stay on his way, even in Seimrad, is a luxury inn with a fingerfold, with natural hot springs for sale.

Keith always wanted to stay at the inn.

Of course they take Aisha.

I can't help but think that the dream will come true for another woman.

Besides, his opponent is Roana. Isn't there any reason to complain about joy?

"Jiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Jiu-Jiu-Jiu-Jiu-Jiu-Jiu-Jiu

Keith entered the inn, singing an unclear but obscene song.

Through the luxurious lobby we head to the room where we were taught.

Clarify the face you were niggling at and knock on the door.

After a little while the door slowly opened.

Roana with a tired look from inside turned up.

Apparently, he was unable to sleep.

"Good Morning"

I give such a refreshing voice to Roana.

Roana stood silently in front of the door without saying anything.

"Will you let me in?

When I ask, I stare at Keith, and I open the door.

It was the same when Aisha did, but Keith liked the moment when a woman disliked it but pushed down on pleasure to open the door to the room.

There was a pervert who was excited about the door opening and closing.

Keith doesn't hesitate to go inside.

The room was spacious, with one queen-sized bed and a sofa for one on the stationery.

Keith, looking through the room,

"Did I make you wait a little?

Look back and say so, but Roana says nothing without looking.

When I approached him, I trembled and retreated.

When I caught and held that body, I heard it again in my arms.

"Are you obstinate because I kept you waiting?

"I'm not waiting... for you."


I knew right away that was a strength.

The weakness of the body's resistance to cuddling, and the speed of beating that comes through, is telling Keith that.

So Keith suddenly shakes Roana's pointy ear and kisses her neck muscle as it is.

"Ah......!, duh... duh... meh"

From Roana's neck to her lips, bored by the tickle, she keeps kissing like a pecker.

And at that moment that blocks my lips,

"Stop... No..."

"I'll never stop."

Rejecting his last resistance, Keith gave Roana a deep kiss.

Licking his lips, he slowly puts his tongue in his mouth, and the snack and tongue become tangled.

Licking its immobile tongue, he pumped saliva into it, and the saliva overflowing from Roana's mouth edge went to ruin.

Eventually Keith gained more power to cuddle as that tongue began to move smoothly.

A strong embrace like you said if you don't let me get away with it.

Roana was confused that she was happy about it.

After a long kiss, when his mouth left, his saliva pulled the thread.

Keith stares at himself with an upbeat face. Wiping with his fingers the saliva dripping from the edge of Roana's mouth,

"I felt better yesterday, so it's Roana's turn to feel better today."

When I said that and crouched in, I rolled my skirt and stuck my face in Roana's groin.

"No! No! Stop!! Stop, hiccup!!

Roana screamed as she could see Keith's nose being pressed against her groin and smelled.

"Sum Sum Sum! Ahhh, porn smells good"

"What are you doing!! No kidding!!

"Sorry, because it smelled so good. 'Cause I'll lick it right away."

"Lick......!? No!! Oh no!!

Roana's pure white lace panties slipped down in her skirt.

Then the intense ripeness of this smell overflows the skirt.

"Wow, there's nothing to wait for... wait and steam"

The intense smell that drifted from the back of his uterus irritated Keith's nose.

"Dear Roana, please open your legs a little."

Roana doesn't like shaking her neck sideways, but naturally she doesn't look like Keith in her skirt.

Keith slowly pushed his legs wide with both hands that would never open.

"Oh, no!

While raising her voice, little by little Roana opens her legs.

Just as his legs opened enough to stick his face underneath his crotch, Keith stopped his hand and put his face in it.

Roana's Omako is starting to get wet just by mouthing it.

A golden bush grew over the earthy meat, and Yin Bila was in obscene colour and shape, but beautiful for having a child.

Keith first kissed Clitoris gently.

Lick around the foreskin with the tip of your tongue while gently touching the slightly hardened pubic nucleus with your lips.

"Ugh! Ugh!...... Ah! Ahhh!!

Keith began to carefully shake Villa's wrinkles as he heard her gasp.

If you continue to smoke Villa Villa while making loud noises, the scent of honey eventually gets darker and the cries go harder.

Anticipating the time, Keith began to lick Cli directly.

"Ugh!! Kuh!! Ahhh!!

Roana held Keith's head over his skirt.

With his head pressed, Keith gently licks the tip of the pubic nucleus jumping out of his foreskin behind his tongue and gets plenty wet.

And when it's hard enough, peel the foreskin off with your fingers and lick the whole thing 10,000 times.

"Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Oh, my God! Oh no!!

Roana's legs began to quake as she continued to lick the peeling clique.

The feeling of being unable to stand was shaking Roana's legs.

Keith, with his head out of his skirt,

"Shall I sit in that chair there?

Encourage Roana to sit on a solo couch.

That's when I let my skirt and panties take off.

Roana sits on the couch naked only in her lower body.

With a red, upbeat face, Roana was slutty and beautiful as she sat shallow on the couch with a little weakness.

Sitting between Roana's crotches sitting with her legs spread out, Keith let her open her legs M-shaped before holding her own and restarting her cunt.

I poke my vaginal mouth with my tongue as I pushed my already erect clit around with my thumb belly.

The vagina, which was so hard, was incredibly soft.

"Nwah... Rochu, Chu... Dear Roana... After you left, you were mocking yourself, weren't you?

Roana took a breath in the words.

Keith fucking laughed that it was a star, but Roana answers nothing.

When you take your mouth off the silent Roana wet spot,

"Be honest with me. You were flirting, weren't you?


"Keep it up, stop licking and licking."

"Ah!... I said..."

Keith laughs at the words he can hear.

"How often?


"Be honest when you get here, huh?

"... in two days... once or so"

"Every other day? Haha, wow! I left you there for ten years. You must have been stunned, too, huh?

There was tears in Roana's eyes at Keith's words.

to a ripe elf about to cry,

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But in fact, thank you for being such a dick. It's easy to make you feel better because it's softer. Nwah..."

That's what I say, I get my tongue out, I stick it in my vagina and I go.

My tongue buries into the feeling of cucumber and meat.

Scratching and licking the meatloaf with his tongue, he moaned the clit,

"Oh!! Mm-hmm!! Huh!! Hmmm!! Ahhh!!

Roana grabbed the elbow of the couch and gasped heavily.

"Nju! Raju!!

Love fluid overflows in your mouth and drips down your jaw as you continue to vaginal cunt as you tire your tongue.

The loving liquid of the menstrual elf tasted like ripe fruit.

It makes me think that it may be an elf trait that bodily fluids are closer to the taste of plants than humans.

whilst sloppily dripping its delicious love liquid, he blames Cri simultaneously for

"Ngu!!! Ahhh!! Huh!! Ewwwww...... ahhh!!

Roana started moving her hips freaking out.

Feeling it was Ike's, Keith quickened the finger movement blaming Cri and began to move his tongue rampantly.

"Ugh!! Woohoo!!! Oh!! Nah!!! Huh! Huh!! Yikes... ku, oh, ikes!! Huh!!

Keith stopped caressing Roana once and for all at that moment when Roana tried to fulfill her hard meditating eyes.

"... Huh?... Oh, what... so... what?"

Questioning Roana with a voice that was also similar to a scream to her sudden sense of loss, Keith poked a meat stick erect in a vacuum with vigor and cunning shame.

A floating red and black penis of blood vessels swinging in the crotch of a raised Keith.

The horny water-burned foreskin drops, and the tortoise head at the tip is black and teka.

Thick and tense Ella made Roana expensive just to imagine being scratched with it.

Showing it off to Roana,

"Hey, I seem to limit myself, too, so can I insert it?


"Uh-huh, I don't like it when you're raping me without a response. Hey, Master Roana, what do you think? Can I insert it?

Keith, who doesn't pick and bluffs his erect penis with his fingers and asks.

Roana bit her lip, staring at Keith like that with tearful eyes.

I know what Keith wants me to say.

Sometimes I say that I want to let myself get laid.

That's how I'm willing to soak my pride wounded woman in pleasure.

I know that much, but I wanted an array.

I wanted him to brutally scratch his vagina, which was glowing red and black male organs and was hurting all the way to the limit.

"Dear Roana? What do you think? Can I scratch Roana's wet wet and wet cunt in my erect penis all messed up and pound up the nice spot on the vaginal wall with cancer, and pound the seed juice in the back?

Filthy words, nasty words, nasty words.

Even though it was a dialogue I didn't even want to hear, Roana finally cried out because she hated herself with her chest pounding.

And crying,

"... Fine... Ugh... do it"

"What? What am I supposed to do?

"Ugh... Ugh... stay away"

"Yes? You can't hear me, can you?

"Insert that erect dirty penis fast!!

Reality finally revealed.

And Keith laughed,

"Orders tone...... nobility is different after all"

Keeping her penis close to Roana's, the part she was licking just now, keeps her hands on her and lets her break in.

"Oh, there it is... too wet. []/(exp, adj-na, adj-no) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk)

The penis in it is entangled in a wet vagina and delivers a swinging sensation to Keith's brain.

Warm as putting only your penis on hot water. And to the comfort of the oozing vaginal meat, Keith starts to move his hips naturally.

Meanwhile, the inserted Roana

"Mmm! Ah... wow... Mmm-hmm!! Ah! More than before... Kimochi no"

Keith answered the real thing that would come out of his mouth.

"That's right. Dear Roana, I'm totally back to being a woman... Mm-hmm. Oh, Toya. Transnatal women are different kinds."

ridiculously, I relaxed my vagina at various angles and eventually felt it was enough,

"So, Master Roana, are we going?

"Huh... what? WHAT... FUGGI!!!

Keith suddenly staged a ghost poke at Roana, who was letting a gentle piston troll his feelings.

"Phew...... bastard! Aguuuuu......"

I even move my hips hard as I open my eyes and take off Roana's blouse that exhales and peel off her bra, rubbing her slime tits.

"Ugh!! Oh, no, oh!! Stop, stop! Keesh, no, no!! Spread out!! Oh no!!!

Behind words, Roana's vaginal meat tightened her penis so hard that she would accept its intensity.

The pleasure of advancing your penis while pushing open there.

Keith's face was delightfully distorted by the act of dividing the soft, intimate meat with a meat stick.

"Wow! Mom... the love that's having a child... be nice to your penis... whoa!!

I didn't hesitate to blame the upper side of the vaginal wall with a turtle head, and it was Roana who was gasping for pain,

"Hmph!! Oh, hi! Hia!! Ngu!! What, so... even though I don't... Kimochi no!! Hmph!!!

"Dear Roana!! It's tangled!! Manko, it's tangled!! Whoa, kimochi no!!

"Huh! Huh!!! Ahhh!!! Hmmm!!

"Say!? It feels good!! I gotta tell you, you're gonna sit back, right?

The truth is, Keith wasn't sure he was going to stop.

Roana, who heard that,

"No!! Stop it!! No!! Ah, ah. Ahhh!! Kimochi no!! Kimoi no!! He's got a lot of penises!!! Terrible!!!

"That's right! Grr!! My dirty penis!! Phew ho!! You're making Master Roana feel better, aren't you?

"Ngu!! Grr!! Chimp! Chinpoke Mochi!!

"Ahhh, I didn't know experience would fall once."

Keith keeps moving his hips thinking that Aisha would have had a little more trouble getting him to say horny things.

When I put my hand on the elbow of the couch, which was rubbing my soft breasts as it was, I knocked my body forward and kissed Roana.

Roana came around her neck as she moved her hips to scratch and rub the manko hole and kissed her as she abused her with a turtle head.

"Bu, bu, bu, bu, bu... Ng, gu!! Mmm!!"

"Nchu! Hiccup! Chill, chill!! Kifuoshi, what's up?

"Chiu! Chiu!! Shizuki!! I'll do it while I can!!

A little love liquid is indefinitely destroyed, and an unpleasant noise sounds from the meat hole.

Roana, who embraced Keith while defiling the seat of the couch, was drunk on the happiness of forgetting everything.

"Huh!! Mmmm!!! Nah, wow no!! Chip, chip, get lost!! Ahhh!! Kimochi no!! This!! This sucks!!

Vaginal meat starts cramping briefly.

to the ripe elves that are about to end up messed up,

"Oh, oh!! Hmph!! So yes!! Damn with the samen!! Dear Roana!! Can I let you out? Are you okay??

"Huh!!! Oh, whoa!! Whoops!! Ra, Rajibu!! Kee-hi-ha-hi-ha!! ZAMEN, RAHA, GUYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

"What the fuck!! I knew you were here because you cared!! too."

Immersed in so much pleasure that no more words like that arrived, Roana drowned in covetousness.

"Ugh!! Fugiu!! Whoa! Whoa! Yikes...... Yikes!! No, I want to, but no!! Yikes!! Yikes!!...... Nhhh!!!

Keith sees me desperate, hips zuck! and protruded and intimated.

And he tightens his vaginal meat over and over again, intertwining his tongue to withstand the waves of the summit.

(When ripe women get disturbed ~ ~)

Saying so with his heart, Keith relieved himself of the ejaculation impulse by shallowing his snuggling hips many times.

"Get lost!! Chippa...... Nho!! Riku... Chu, Chu, Ugh... I can't believe the first shot... so..."

"Hmph!! Hmph!!... Oh, oh... with..."

Roana's power fell out on the warmth of the cloudy fluid she felt in her vagina.

Keith pulled out his penis and offered Sole to the relaxing Roana.

"... WWII... I'd like to prepare... nice to meet you"

Roana, who looked up at Keith's face, understood what was required of her with a sumptuous head.

"Hmm... haha... pepper"

We started cleaning Fella.

World War II.

The pleasure of saying that the word means, that it can be given again.

If you clean your dirty penis with this love liquid and Keith's seed juice, you will give me that time again.

So Roana licked Keith's penis clean.

Lick the love liquid with your tongue, suck on the bell mouth and remove the remaining zamen.

Keith's Licked Sensitive Turtle Head After Ejaculation: "Whoa! He moved his head hard as he saw the reaction," leading his penis to a state of rematch.

Eventually the core entered the meat stick that was dazed, and when the blood vessels rose again,

"... Next, shall I fuck you in bed?

That's what Keith asked after stroking Roana's head obsessed with Fella.

Roana, spitting her penis out of her mouth, smiles with a troll face.

"Yeah... I'll do it... more, more... do it"


Looking at that filthy face, Keith held the princess and carried her to bed.