Keith's morning is late.

It is not until after lunch that we wake up every day.

A little earlier when you have your studies with Nia, but otherwise you wake up almost at this hour.

After I wake up, I curse myself and head to the dining room.

The dining room dedicated to those who work in the palace is always open to cooks 24 hours a day, so that they can eat at any time.

This is a consideration for the late-night and early morning guards, but it can't be thankful for a sloppy man in time.

Enter the dining room with an extension and ask for a classic menu.

Bacon and eyeball roasted, and fresh juice in rye bread.

It's breakfast menu after lunch, so the cooks always laugh at me and say, "It's a quick wake-up call," but Keith doesn't give a shit about that.

When I finish eating that slowly, I go to the library and read a book on a day I don't have anything for.

For once, I am a court magician, so I am free to browse magic books and rare books.

And to my surprise, this Seimrad has a line of books that I've only read in incomplete copies, even in the Sorcery Order.

If you don't eat this, you can't be a magician.

If you say what you're doing with the knowledge you get most of all, you're making magic props that make Aisha and Berna jerk off.

For that reason, Keith was still lazily walking towards the library that day after finishing his meal.

"... I think I'll eat one of them around today"

It is about Aisha and Berna.

I have two days to study with the next Nia, and the golden balls are getting heavy to feel good because I wasn't there yesterday and Cite.

I have to get this out. There was a reproductive ghost who thought so.

"You want some chocolate? You want some cream?... Uh-oh, bother me."

"Are you talking about snacks?

I was suddenly called out, and when I turned around surprised,

"Uh... Mr. Krone?

"Hello, Master Mage"

Blonde long sister Elf, Krone, stood with her hands on the service wagon.

"Hello. Oh, I'm stunned."

Krone laughed couscous,

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you. He bothered you so seriously about the snacks?

"Oh, no, well"

I can't say I was worried about wearing either Aisha or Berna. Keith clouded his mouth.

And change the subject to delude.

"Mr. Krone is what you're doing? That's..."

If you turn your gaze to the service wagon you are pushing,

"This is the princess's snack."

Nia always takes lunch lightly and eats snacks instead.

A troubled princess who loves sweets even though it's a snack can love to read adventure novels while eating snacks.

Krone and Keith, who carried it, decided to go their way.

Krone looks 24, 5 years old. So it would be about 90-100 year old elves.

She is tall and has long legs, but has a gentle face so she doesn't have any sticking spiciness. It really feels like talking to your sister.

I heard about it at the dinner party the other day, but my boyfriend seems to have it.

Keith talked about Krone and Nia and his life in court.

And when I plugged it into the courtyard,

"............ ahhh!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Ko......"

I heard someone screaming and bumping into me.


Krone on Keith frowning,

"Oh? Didn't the Wizard know?


"It's a six-monthly sword training day."

"Swordsmanship training?

Soldiers allowed to carry knives at Seimrad Castle receive training and name sorting every six months.

This turns the soldier who is expected to qualify to a higher guard, etc., and vice versa, if it is determined that his arm is dull, he is dropped below.

It's like a so-called promotion exam, Keith explained to Krone.

After that explanation, Keith thought,

"Ah, then, Master Aisha..."

It was about a chocolate knight.

I heard that. Krone returns it.

"It doesn't matter because that one is directly from the princess. And..."

"? And??

Krone continued laughing.

"You'll see."

That's how Keith raised his voice when he got to where he could see the courtyard.

In the courtyard, soldiers in armor stand swords in their hands with their magical faces.

In the middle of it, Aisha, also wearing armor,

"What's the plan?! Are you really motivated!!

I kicked the soldier against me to the ground, screaming with a ghostly face.

"Wow. Whoa..."

Krone, who laughed and heard Keith tickle the leaked words,

"Aisha is not a sorter, she is a sorter."


I look at Aisha again in surprise.

Aisha now confronted another soldier and gently avoided the blow that the soldier had made, using his opponent's power to slap him to the ground.

Out of the way! And a loud noise made the opponent stretch to the ground.

The soldiers around him rush to drag the fainted soldiers, but Aisha doesn't mind that.



Blah, blah, blah, blah. Aisha didn't kill me before. Cold sweat appeared.

"If Aisha is only swordsmanship and physical skill, she's quite right in front of you in the palace. You think there's only five soldiers you can beat?"

Krone explains to Keith like that.

If you ask me, I wouldn't be entrusted with Nia's escort or anything unless it was about that strength.

"Still, you know a lot about it"

"Huh? Yeah, well"

Keith noticed Krone's gaze was on the next soldier facing Aisha.

The soldier looks like an elf who looks sixteen or seven years old and is terribly nervous.

Clone to such a soldier,

"Erik...... good luck"

Keith heard me whisper so.

(Is that your boyfriend... younger...)

Keith niggered imagining elves and krone like that boy crumbling loose in bed.

After all, is Krone to blame?

Or do you like being blamed for being out there?

Erik fainted after being lightly punched in the face by Aisha while he was thinking of something stupid.


I can hear Krone's pitiful voice and ask him how discouraged he is.

Krone stays soggy,

"Master Magic, now I... because I have to deliver snacks to the princess..."

"Ah, yes. Take care."

sighing and pushing the service wagon to see what it looks like later,

"... will I comfort you? I envy you no..."

Is that all you have to think about? This man?

The lustful demon who became alone stared at Aisha again.

Wearing silver light armor, Aisha defeats the soldiers from the next to the next as they become sweaty.

Keith shrugged in love with that dancing body.

"It's chocolate...... today's snack is decided on chocolate"

After all, that seems to be the only way to think.


"Absolutely! When I come with the younger ones these days!! It's like Torah!!

Saying something smelly about the old man, Aisha went back to her room to change.

The sorting of soldiers is carried around by five knights.

Aisha was in charge from noon to evening.

Sweaty Aisha was free time after this but was going to go to Nia for once.

But there was no reason to keep doing this, so he took off his armor and took a bath, changed his clothes, and then tried to go.

I was thinking of taking care of the armor and sword afterwards.

Nevertheless, what would it be like if a soldier came softly these days?

When I became a soldier, I felt like there were a lot more spirited people.

That's what I think. Fifty-three years old walks in the hallway in front of the room puffy,


Voiced from behind, Vikri! I did.

Turning back to a familiar voice,


I knew Keith was standing.

"What's the matter, at this hour?"

It is still evening. It's too early to come.

Ask Aisha if she thinks so,

"I was watching. That was amazing! One soldier after another..."

Keith trying to keep talking in the hallway,

"It's not a place like this... in a corner room on a rabbit"

So I took him to the room.

Once inside the room, Aisha told Keith,

"Mi, you were watching... that coaching?

"Yes. If there happened to be a street, Aisha was screaming, so I stuttered, and when I saw it, it was that one. That was amazing!

To compliment Keith, but Aisha gets a little pungent.

I want to be cute in front of Keith, I want to be considered cute.

Um, I turned to the guy and said, "Back off, you mutt!!" or "Go home and start over from your mother's belly!!" I didn't want to be seen nasty again.

Keith strokes Aisha's head like that.

"Aisha, who waves the sword, looked amazing, and she was amazing beautiful. I love you so much more."

"Ho! Like really!?


A full smile appeared on Aisha's face.

Glad. I was so happy I was going to hug you.

But I can't say that because I'm sweating all over my armor.

Aisha, who nods,

"Wait a minute, I'm coming to the bath right now!

That's how you try to take off your armor.

"Oh, I'll help you."

Keith started helping me take my armor off.

Aisha was a little surprised by Keith as he removed his armor with his accustomed hand.

"You're used to armor."

"There are quite a few requests for armor to be covered with arrowheads, or for the magic of mitigation. I used to do a lot of things when I was in the Order."


He was a little admirable Aisha, but when he got all his armor off and just Kotardi inside,

"Aisha -!!"

Suddenly Keith hugged me.

"Wow!! Stop it!! Bye!!

"Aisha!! Sweaty Aisha!! Kun-kun!! Too good smell!!!

"Pervert!!! Don't be stupid!!! Because it smells like sweat!! I smell sweat right now!!

Aisha was desperate to resist, but she had no power to thrust the soldiers there earlier.

I just had a weak girl.

To Aisha like that, Keith had a serious look,


"!? What??

"I want to lick my sweaty Aisha...... around!!

"Come on - ooh!!! Pervert!! You suck pervert!!!

"If you can pepper a sweaty Aisha, oh pervert is fine! Pervert!! Now let me pepper that pervert!!!

"I'm gonna reopen it!! I don't like it!! Absolutely not!!!!

Ten minutes later.

"Ugh... I don't like this anymore... it's just like this"

I can't even wipe the sweat, and my body becomes even more sweaty because of it.

To that disgust Aisha was sitting on the bed with tears in her eyes.

In the end, it lasted ten minutes. Please, cry down. Aisha broke in the dust seat.

I really wanted to hit Keith down. But I wanted to take a bath, but when I was seen with the eyes of that abandoned dog, I couldn't say no.

No, I'm too much of a woman. I was Aisha crying to myself.

Keith, on the other hand,

"Aisha's sweat...... snap!

With that said, I am so excited to stir up my groin that I can tell over my pants.

Keith kisses teary-eyed Aisha,

"Well, I'll lick it."

I said that with sincere pleasure and let Kotardi take it off.

Aisha's Kotardi is made from the leather of a fire lizard [salamander], which fits the body to float and accentuate the outline of the body.

Blah, blah, blah. Porny.

Because it is made of fire lizard leather, it is excellent for fire and blade resistance, but for that matter, it is not ventilated and absorbs sweat.

In other words, sweat and smell are easy to cage.

As Keith unbuttoned and opened the front, I smelled more sweat.

It smelled like dark flowers.

"Oh...... seriously good smell"

I'm sorry if it's human sweat, but if it's Aisha's sweat, I can smell it all day. It smells like that.

Aisha looked really nasty at Keith smelling her chest.

But it doesn't matter, Keith takes off Kotardi as he is and leaves his upper body naked.

My sweaty tits soon appeared because I wasn't wearing a bra.

Patience me wanting to bump into there, first of all,

"Aisha...... please raise your arms"

"Huh? Huh?

Asking her to raise her arm half forcefully, Aisha's side was exposed.

A slight armpit sweat floats. There Keith puts his face closer.

Then stop being silly!!! There you go...... hiaaaaa!!

Aisha, licked in the armpit, screamed.

"Oh! Axillary sweat, dark and delicious"

"You can't be!! Ahhh!! No!! Tickle!! No, no, no!

He was even licked around from the two arms of his right arm to his armpit, held up with Keith's hand, trying to resist Aisha's tickle and embarrassment.

Aisha's body doesn't lend a hand to her, even though she should always be able to shake off such a weak wizard.

As if he really wanted to be, he couldn't resist Keith's actions.

But at least I'm trying to show you that I'm rebelling.

"Ya... meow, kuhi-no! I don't... I can't believe it!

I say that, bewildered by the feeling that gradually turns into pleasure.

"Oh, come on... Aisha's body can't be dirty, can it?

My crotch cummed at the words.

"Besides, I love Aisha, so I want all of Aisha."


Just words.

That's all the love fluid seeped out.

Aisha was confused by her first experience in life.

Do you just feel like a woman by words? Or are you crazy about yourself?

To confused Aisha. Keith had his other arm raised in an attempt to continue his axillary licking.

Aisha, whose arms were assembled behind her head and left in both armpits,

"No! No! If they lick me now, me!! I don't!! Ahhh!!

Keith's tongue crawls around his left armpit, licking his sweat.

"Hia!! Hiaaah!! Ugh!!! Hey!!!

He licks his lymph and blames it for falling off his arms with his tongue tip.

Drinking the sweat on my tongue, it was slightly sweet.

"Aisha's Sweat, Too Sweet...... Ngu!! Get lost."

"Ra!! Kishi, really!! Wow, I can't believe you fucked me... Yikes!!! Mm-hmm!!

I said it.

By the time I realized that, I could see Keith's nibbling surface.

"Nji-ju!! Get lost, get lost, get lost, get lost, get lost!!

"Nhicha!!! Ahhhh!! Ra!! Higi!! I said no!!! mess with me!! mess with me!! Nhhhhh!!!

Keith increased his rate of licking to do axillary squids while picking Aisha's erect nipples pointy as they were.

"Ahhh!!! Tits!! Come with me!! Come on!!! Mm-hmm!!

"Aisha! Reirochi!! Suki-kun!! Love it!! I want all of Aisha!!

"Now!! No way!! I said!!! Ahhh!! Mm-hmm!! Dami eh!! Wow, so, i...... uuuuuuuuuu!!! Nhhhhhhhh!!!

Keeping her sides exposed, Aisha bickens her back over and over!! so that it reached its peak.

The female knight, who flatly defeats the man, was finished with her armpit licked.

(a) Further sweating Aisha falls into bed as a result of the incident.

I haven't blamed you yet. Just imagine this sweaty caged smell, Keith was about to ejaculate.