Keith took off his jacket as he felt his pants and pants pulsating in a cramped and frightened manner.

To feel Aisha sweat all over her skin.

Keith liked it when her own skin sticks to the sweaty skin of a beautiful girl (her apparent age).

Aisha, finished by an axillary lick, has her face covered with her arms in embarrassment as she breathes haha.

What happened to my body when I said I could lick my armpit like that?

I even think maybe it was modified by Keith into a weird breeze.

But if that's Keith's preferred body... Aisha was a little scared to have herself that I'm not so sick of.

I was scared that I would accept anything from Keith right now.

"... me... what happens"

The whining was too small to reach Keith's ears.

Keith crosses over Aisha so that he doesn't weigh in,

"Aisha's puffy brown tits. I'll have it."

That's what I said, I included a pair of perfectly erect nipples in my mouth.

"Huh!! Huh!! Ku...... Ahhh!!

Erectile nipples became more sensitive because of Yi, and Aisha reacted sensitively to the feeling of licking and sucking nipples from the wheel.

Having enjoyed the tip of her tits all the way through, Keith began to lick her entire chest with a dero.

Big, tense Aisha's breasts are sweaty all over, but especially around her lower milk.

Keith began to lick the sweat accumulated between her lower milk after picking and lifting Aisha's big tits like that.

"Breast sweat...... there's no way it's not delicious!! Nju!! Stay put, stay put."

"Nha!! Ahhh!! Huh!!

Pulling her hardened nipples up with a tightness, the sweat she licked was no less sweet and delicious than the axillary sweat.

"Fuck off, Aisha's sweat, it's too delicious. Fuck you!!

The irritation that can blame the nipples and the feeling of the tongue crawling around the whole breast.

Feeling as good as being massaged across her breasts with her fingers and tongue, Aisha said,

"Oh,...... ooh!! Kisu!! Ki-soo!!

He called the name of the man who blamed his chest and tried to spot it.

But before that, Keith wakes up his torso.

Keith exposed Aisha, who looked up with an indelible look, to a penis that his blood vessels pulsed as he lowered his pants.

"Aisha, I'm sorry. I can't stand it. Make me crazy once with Aisha's sweaty, sticky tits?

Keith asked in a pitiful voice as he showed Aisha his penis, which was so tense that it was about to burst.

Aisha shifted her gaze to Keith's face when she was angry red and black and saw her penis tremble overflowing with juice from the tip.

"Rather... do you?

"Yes, it's my chest and I want to put it on my face at the end"

"Kao... you're gonna be a dick, aren't you?

"I like it because it feels like my Aisha... can't it?

Aisha turned to the side a lot,

"Whatever you say, don't do it."

"If you're serious, I won't."

"... suck it up"

He makes a stubborn, then sweet voice.

Besides, Keith got nasty.

"Well, excuse me."

Grabbing her brown tits with both hands, she pinches her erect penis in between and starts waving her hips.

"Ah!! Oh!! The sweaty peppers and skin suck on my penis!! Kimochi no!!

The fat mummy sensation intertwines with sweaty skin, giving your penis superb rubbing irritation.

A new sweat floats there as lubricant, adding another stimulus.

"Kimochi no!! Aisha's tits are too awesome!!

Keith continued to offend Aisha's soft milk mako as she screamed.

I certainly won't forget to rub my tits in the meantime.

Continue rubbing the fat and breast cum with five fingers, being careful not to loosen the milk pressure that wraps your penis.

Aisha, who gets fucked while rubbing her tits, jerks her head off at the pleasant and drifting penis smell.

"Uh-oh!! Mmmm!! Eh hii!! It smells like a male!! Fuhiaaaaa!!

She blushed her cheeks like she was drunk by the smell and continued to feel her moving penis without her chest.

"Aisha, do you like this smell?!

"The smell of Keishu, Keishu, so I like it! You look great!

"Bye, dude!! Oh so..., then Aisha, please tell me you love the smell of your penis!! Say it!! Please!!"

Keith, who had erected to the limit with Aisha's sweat acting like an ecstasy, was experiencing an ejaculatory impulse.

When I did, I wanted to get it out, listening to Aisha's nasty words.

Aisha pouted over the feeling of a heat stick felt between her chest rub and her tits, and the smell of a mixture of her own sweat and the beast odor emitted by her male organs,

"Suki, you smell like Kishi's penis!! Kisu!! Suki!!"

"Whoa!! Erotic Knight!! The face that was staring at that man!! Me!!! Ugh!! Dirt!!!

Keith, who pressed her tits into the air and ejaculated pistons with her, released the sperm.


Bullshit on my face!! and closed his eyes to such a thick salmon liquid, and Aisha, screaming, was lit by the heat and smell of that liquid.

"Damn no... Keith's Zumenku... Put it on my face like this, silly..."

Keith, who was sticking his hips out and trembling, breathed and stared at Aisha as his penis freaked out subsided.

The brown girl's face is cloudy packed by the sarmen.

The thickened and yellowish semen has polluted Aisha's jaw to cheek and nose and has dripped according to gravity.

"Marking is male instinct, isn't it?"

Keith, who shrugged so that Aisha wouldn't hear him, wiped Aisha's face with a towel he had left on his pillow.

"It felt good! Aisha is the best!!

"Hmm! All this time!!

To Aisha, who tells her to be truly obstinate, Keith,

"Eh, you always say that, don't you? I love the best. You want me to say more?

"... right... right. I don't... say more"

I did my pussy and I even got a facial cumshot, so can I just say this for a second? and try to be a little sweet.

Keith, who wiped Aisha's face clean like that,

"Aisha, I love it. I like Aisha, who is cute, beautiful and well-dressed, and for that too! Love it!!

Of course it is in a sexual sense.

But Aisha, not knowing his heart's additions, put his mouth to the words.

"Aww...... dude, all at once!! My heart is ready..."

"Haha, you have to get used to it. I'm going to tell you a lot more..."

"Ever?... more? ……

He said he liked it. He said he loved you.

You can say it all the time. You can say more.

My crotch got cum again.

The 53-year-old maiden, perfectly embedded in the kettle, was completely ready to accept both her body and mind.

Keith figured it out from the look of the mess,

"So now it's my turn again."

That's what I said, I moved my body, and I took it off under Aisha's cotardi, which I had left on.

lower body. Moreover, where the love fluid was beginning to overflow, the sweat and the smell around the groin, which had been exercising intensely, were mixed to create an unspeakable aroma.

With the shame of Kotardi, who has kept it on for a long time, it feels like it will steam and still come out of hot air.

Feeling it on the boulder, Aisha panicked at Keith as he drew his face closer to his crotch.

"Keith!! Really no!! Downstairs!! Let me take a bath!! Please!!

"Wow, mullet...... smells a little sour on the boulder...... sorry. Shh!!

"Don't sniff!! Not really!! Stop it!! Ugh!! Uhhh!!

I burst out crying.

to Aisha like that. Keith came from between his crotches,

"You won't hate me as much as you cry."

Normally, I think I don't like it.

"Why do you hate it so much?

"Because... it is...!!


"Kisu... I don't like it when people think it's boring... they want to think it's beautiful... gusu"

It is the truth of the maiden.

But that doesn't make sense to a perverted man.

"If Aisha is just beautiful or well-dressed, there are other guys you know, right? I want to know everything about Aisha. I want to taste all of Aisha."

It is the bullshit the pervert of sweat fetish says with stinking fetish.

"But... so...!

Keith gets up and looks seriously at Aisha, who was about to close her legs.

"Aisha, it's mine... it's just me Aisha, right? Then please have it all. Give me all the Aisha..."

Aisha could not defy the words, voices and expressions.

Slowly, the leg is opened with an M-shape.

Opening made the smell stronger.

(Steamed Manko, Here You Go Yas!!

Keith shouted so with his heart, as he could not speak to his voice, he put his mouth on Aisha's sweaty manko.


My tongue goes to purify the groin area, which was steamy and disgusting for half a day.

That was comfortable and very embarrassing.

"I'm licking...... uhh. Keith! Dirty but no!! Ahhh!!

When the sense of happiness that allows you to receive everything about yourself began to appear in Aisha, Keith at the time,

"Steamed Manko! Njuuuuuu!! Sooo!! but it's good!!! Oh, seriously sweet dew!!!!

I kept licking your manko whining about the worst.

Sweat around the groin has a stronger taste and smell than other parts and is a little refreshing.

But Keith felt even that was delicious and kept licking it.

From the base of his leg, his labia magna, and his labia minora, and his pubic vila, shaved until they were carefully swept, and the meat organs inside were in his mouth cuddly as they sucked out.

The shaving pimp is easy to lick because of this, but I think it would have smelled even more extraordinary if I had hair.

It's a genuine stinking fetish, but I'm not saying anyone can.

Keith is only Aisha's smell fetish.

Sweat steaming and love liquid steaming Keep licking the octopus, also peel the erect clip and carefully clean it.

Keith, who licked Aisha's cock exactly as she said she would clean it, finished licking it from her thighs to her perineum and around her buttocks.

"Ahhh, my tongue is tired..."

I got up with my chin mopped.

Looking down with a sense of flavor in his mouth, Aisha was on the verge of fainting as he opened his big crotch and said, "Ha-ha-ha" as he binged his nipples and cries.

It culminated many times along the way with a manko lick, and each time Aisha said, "Stop," she was returned to Keith, "just a little more," as a result of five repetitions saying she would accept that.

"But it was delicious...... yeah! Satisfied!!......... Leaving"

Keith ascertained his stiffness as he handled his penis, which was erected again to Aisha's taste and peak appearance.

"Aisha. Are you listening?

"Ugh... no more, Ra... no more... no more"

"Yeah, I'm not gonna lick it anymore."

"Are you sure? Are you with us?

"Yes. And then, if you really ejaculate on Omako, you're done."

"Shh... let?...!?

Understanding Keith's words, Aisha shook her head.

"Ra!! La mein! (a) What a mess!! If I could stay like this!!

"Oh, my God! Aisha's the only one who can't do it again and again.

"Yes! I did it for you!! It's my fault...... Aaaah!! They call me La Mella. No!!!

Grab Aisha's leg, which she can't resist, and spread it gabbly, causing her to open a pink organ in the middle of the brown.

The obscene contrast between brown and pink moved perfectly so that my penis hurried quickly.

"Bye!! Silly!! Stop it!! I hate it! I hate it!!

"I love it."

Keith advanced to Aisha, hardened by the words.

Wet in saliva and love liquid, the vagina completely troubled by successive squids swallowed her penis deep as if she was happy that the thing had finally come in.

"Huh!! Lame, I said no!!! GOOOOOOOO!!!

Vaginal meat tightened with cum.

It was just inserted, and it ended lightly.

Keith took that feeling on his penis,


That's what I said and started sliding my hips.

"Hey ahhh!!! Heh heh!! Messing with you!! Silly!! You won't even be there!! No because!!! Uhhh!!!

shaking his head with tears. Aisha, who nasty,

"No, no, no, no! I'll put it on my back!! It's hard!! It's hard!! It's hard to mess around!!! Nha!! Ahhh!

Then suddenly Keith stopped his hips from moving, and when he was covered in Aisha, he stared from the top,

"You really don't like it? Do you really hate Aisha for me?

Ask with a pitiful face.

My uninterrupted penis was shivering tingly in Aisha's vagina.

Aisha was suddenly called to the word, and breathed,

"Oh no... don't look... just... you're lying..."

"So what do you think?


"You can say you don't like it, but you can't say words you don't?

Keith leaned back in loneliness.

When my penis was pulled out, I felt Keith's heart go away.

Don't be nosy! This is Keith's hand! That's how it's decided!!

That's what I know.



"I like Keith... I like Keith... hey, I like him... what... so hard is a lie... don't fall for it"

Let me tell you!!

Keith, who made a gutsy pose with his heart, sank his hips all at once as he held Aisha tight.


The tip of the tortoise head, which reached the mouth of the uterus, caused Aisha to raise a beastly voice.

"Aisha!! I like it too!! I love it!!! So say more!!! Say it!!

to Keith slamming his hips up and down while seeding press,

"Shijuki!! Whoa!! Shh shh shh!! Keesh!! Mm!! NOOO!! Nhicha!! Rakisuki no kiri uuuuuuuu!!!

Aisha continued her confession with her legs tangled and arms smeared.

Keith couldn't stop getting hurt by the confession.

(Fallen Knight Saiko!! Minasa, that strong knight tells the human flair all the better -!!

Desperately wanting to scream like that, I take the magic wand and raise the temperature of the room a little.

In a room that felt hot and humid, the seeding press & large cuckold erupted sweat.

We both sweat together, but still neither let go of our bodies.

Each other's sweats mix, and there's a chirping noise.

Keith licked the sweat transmitted to Aisha's neck muscle,

"Aisha!! Aisha lick me too!! Lick it!!!

"Ngiu!! Wah, ok ahhh!! Yikes!! Ugh whoa!!! Nchu!! Get lost!!

Keith entered the ejaculatory position as Aisha's tongue felt the rash licking her neck muscles.

Turn it toward Aisha's baby room in the deepest corner so that you can more closely align your hips in an attempt to butch in the semen a second time.

"Huh! Huh!! Huh!! Mmmm!!!

In Aisha's sweat, his own sweat, and the mixed, swallowing, slutty smell of saliva, Keith focuses his nerves on the feeling of Omako meat delighting in the skin sweat plumping and seeding press.

And to unleash the semen that's coming up in the back, Zung, Zung! I slapped him.

"Aggyu!! Fukai no!!!! haha!!! Oh... whoa..."

Aisha screams and loses her mind to a blow that took more power than Berna, but still punctuated the momentum she put in undefeated.

At the last tightening of that fainting moment, Keith released massive amounts of semen into the back.

Dobby! Dobby!! and cloudy juice that is fired every time you pulse.

to that ejaculatory pleasure, "Whoa!!" As he roared, Keith satisfied his seeding desires and smiled satisfactorily.

Away from Aisha, who has lost her mind, she is sweating and terrible when she looks at her body.

Try and smell it,

"... Oops!! It smells like my uncle!! To the navel!! Ugh!!

I was Keith who didn't want to admit slightly that that was my smell.

Even so, Aisha is often held in such a sweat and then impressed that she was licked.

When I look at it with admiration, Aisha sleeps happily and remembers her daytime appearance like that.

"... hmm? Even the palace can take down the top strong Aisha. Am I super strong?

There was a fool who misunderstood.