Erik was running out of breath for the rendezvous point.

Fifteen minutes have already passed from the time I promised.

More than that, I didn't expect you to oversleep on a day like this.

Today is a date that coincides with a holiday with Krone once a month or not.

But there was no choice.

Anyway, Erik hit the castle gate guard until 5: 00 at dawn.

Then I went back to my quarters, and I was going to get some sleep until my date's appointment time, but I fell asleep perfectly.

"If this is the case... I shouldn't have gone to bed..."

Erik continued to run as he fell preoccupied with the lack of sleep in his sleep, which he could not say was sufficient, and the fatigue caused by running to sleep.

Because I didn't want to keep that important guy waiting for even a minute or two.

When I got to the rendezvous point as I sweated, that important guy was getting numbed as much as he wanted.

Krone, who had been voiced by a pair of elves, rushed over looking happy when he stopped looking at the elk.

But when you grab that arm,


It swells a little when I say that.

"Oh, sorry."

"I got numbed with shame"

"I'm so sorry."

"Do you want me to hit you with a hand for lunch?

"Of course not."

A smile appeared on Krone's face.

"Well, let's go."

Erik walked out to be pulled by Krone as he walked out with his arms together.

With just a little bit of superiority.


It's been about a year since Erik first made out with Krone.

It was the beginning of Erik's confession that he knew the lady in the palace when she brought a plug to the recruit's welcome party and fell in love at first sight.

As for Erik, the confession was ready to crush the balls.

Whatever it is, it's Krone.

A woman elf who falls further into the beautiful category among the well-dressed elves, a woman who is always at the top of the list of "opponents I want to ask for one night" among the soldiers.

By the way, the first place in this is Aisha almost every time.

Confess to such high ridge flowers. So much so that the ridicule of the soldiers around them who found out about it is still remembered.

But the result is:

"Fine... let's hang out"

It was.

The lack of realism and the feeling that he was actually being deceived persisted until he had a physical relationship on top of each other.

Recently, Erik finally realized that he was really Krone's boyfriend.

A woman just a little taller than herself, walking in arms with herself.

Every time I look at that beautiful face, I'm glad I have such a woman on her. It stinks, and Erik is still thrilled.

And you're getting worried that you're worthy of Krone.

Even now, I can't help but worry about running here and smelling like sweat.

Actually, I don't even care enough, but as for Erik, I hate the smell of sweat shifting to Krone, and I try to distance myself a little.

Krone looked at Erik, suspicious of the arm he was putting together going away.

"What's going on?

"Oh, no, I... because I'm sweating"

Krone, who saw Erik with a look on his face, immediately broke his face,

"I don't care."

I'm worried about you.

"I don't care!!

That's what I said and held my arms as long as I wanted.

Erik was in a hurry as he conveyed the unexpectedly large chest feel of Krone making him wear it.

Krone smiles at Erik in a hurry with her fingers tangled in a lover connection.

"It's a date in the corner, so if you don't stick around, you're not gonna get hurt."

"... yeah"

It was Erik, who felt like he was being kept.


Hanging around the city for a bit, then eating at Erik's luxury, then hanging out with Krone shopping.

Clothes and shoes would still be fine, but I am a really troubled Erik when it comes to underwear.

"Which one do you think is cuter?

Even if they ask, I don't know how to answer them.

Erik turns 38 this year, but had little experience with women because he came seriously to fulfill his dream of becoming a soldier.

Blah, blah, blah. This is my first girlfriend since Krone was born.

In Seimrad, the recruiting age of soldiers starts at thirty - that is, since the apparent age is about fifteen years old - Erik finally took it after six attempts at an annual recruiting exam.

I finally became a soldier after working out every day that I wasn't really a good athletic nerve and my sword and bow weren't working out.

I didn't have time to do anything with a woman.

So I have a cramped answer for Erik and Krone,

"Which way do you want Eric to wear it?

When he whispers in his ear like a prank, he turns bright red.

I resent myself for not really getting used to saying this to Krone, who seems to enjoy watching Erik like that.

I sincerely regret that I should have had some experience with women.

That's not just a conversation or a routine thing, including, of course, an array...

"Mm-hmm... chu"

Erik can't move because of the way Krone's tongue moves around his mouth.

It is a small inn outside the city where they are now.

At the time of the date, it was typically a classic course to eat dinner and then stay at the inn and say when I returned to Dawn Palace.

That's how I decided to stay today and kissed me from Krone the minute I walked into my room.

I'm going to respond to that, but Erik doesn't know how to move, and he seems to have let himself go.

When the tongue leaves after a long kiss,

"... Oh, come on in."

"Ah...... yeah"

"Want to come in?

"Oh, no, you can do that later."

"Oh well..."

I wonder if this could have been the right place to go in with Krone heading into the bathroom, but now I can't tell you.

Shut up and sit on the bed and wait.

Swear to my heart you won't just fall asleep today.

Erik always falls asleep because once sex is over, his normal tiredness also goes with it.

I really want to satisfy Krone, but when she ejaculates in her and feels her body temperature and heartbeat intact, she naturally falls asleep at some point.

Krone tells me, "Never mind," but as Erik, there's no reason for that.

Every time I think about it today, I get desperate.

That being the case, Krone came out of the bathroom.

Erik fell in love with Krone, who wrapped a bath towel around his body and slightly uplifted his white skin.

I suppress the urge to strike right now and head to the bathroom myself instead.

While washing your body, skin your penis.

Erik was a pseudo-penis. The size is also about average.

As he focused washing around his groin, wiping his body and wrapping a bath towel around his hips, Krone was laying down with a duvet on his bed.

"You're welcome."

That's what I said. When Erik gets in bed,

"... kiss, do... from Erik"


Cross over the clone sleeping on your back, cover and kiss.

Erik's tongue moves and licks Krone's tongue.

"Ku... fu, uh-uh... ah,... nchu"

Erik's penis gradually takes hardness while he is tasting Krone's sweet saliva.

His breath became painful, and once he looked up, Krone, smiling joyfully, touched Erik's cheek.

"Kiss, you're getting better"

"Well, I guess... I don't think so."

"That's not true."

With that said, Krone turns his hand around Erik's neck and he pulls his face and starts kissing again.

Erik moved his tongue diligently, though, to respond to Krone's words.

That's how when the mucosa is intertwined with each other, the penis erects in the gingi and touches Krone's leg.

Krone, who felt it,

"Nguyen, ah... you're getting awry"

"Huh?... Oh, sorry"

"Why do you bother?... I'll give you a mouthful, okay?

"Fine, no"

"I want to!

I switched my body around.

Erik, to be downstairs, looked at Krone, whose duvet was taken and exposed to nakedness.

Thin, supple body, but surprisingly large chest.

There is no waste of fat around the waist, but nevertheless the soft body on the flesh is like a work of art.

It was always beautiful.

But it was Eric I couldn't say with that in my mouth.

Krone on top, looking at Erik's body,

"It's happening again."

"I'm working out."

"Are you going to be like a gorilla? I don't know."

Erik laughed when he saw him look disgusted.

Erik's body is still juvenile, but his muscles are tight and tight.

Occupational patterns are natural, but as a person, I wanted to increase the amount of meat slightly to make me feel disappointed.

There is some kind of fallacious slut on top of such a body-like Erik, Krone riding a finished woman's body.

Krone kisses Erik's neck muscle, laughing, as he moves his face down step by step.

Kiss your chest to your abs, and your umbilical, to your groin.

When Krone removed the bath towel wrapped around Erik's groin, an erect penis popped up on the ginguin.

Sometimes it would be racist, but Erik's penis was white and the turtle head still had a beautiful red color.

It is a penis that represents little experience, no matter how you look at it.

When Krone touches that creeping moving penis, he paints the tortoise head with his palms for a leaking first run from the tip.


Erik raised his voice to the feeling of the tortoise head being pushed around.

Applying one overflowing cowper after another, Krone, with his turtle head in his head,

Okay, let's go.

I spoke up and clapped my penis.

Erik's hips floated to the feeling in the nugget as his penis was included in his muffled warm mouth.

"Huh!!, Ew."

Krone stimulates the entire turtle head with his tongue as he licks the applied cowper.

Lick around the exposed geese neck by pulling the slightly extra temperament foreskin down while rubbing the roots of the repetitive penis with your fingers.

As he raised his voice to his comfort, Erik wanted to see Krone's face and woke up his upper body.

Krone, who puts herself between her legs, is licking her penis lovingly.

When that entered not only as a touch, but also as visual information, Erik's excitement increased acceleratively.

"Kuro...... oh! Ugh... ah!!

Krone, with his penis away from his mouth, looked up at Erik as he slowly handled his saliva into lubricant.

"Kimochi, okay? What do you say?

"Wow...... it's too much, it looks like it will"

"Fine. Even if you let it out in your mouth."

That's what Krone said again.

I wet my tortoise head cum with the saliva I had accumulated enough to destroy, and I licked it myself when I passed on the rod.

Licking up the whole thing, he put it in his mouth again and now narrowed his cheeks to suck and moved his head up and down.

"Nju! Mm-hmm! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!!

"Kuro!! No! If I smoke!! No, really... Ugh!

"Chizo! Nchuzo!! Pugh, Lero-chu, you can look... from Eriku no Lero-chu, Ncha-chu!!

While the saliva and cowper were so handkerchiefed that they foamed, only the turtle head area was rubbed and the bell mouth was blamed with tongue, and Erik couldn't stand the irritation,

"Ugh!! Uhh!! You!! Krone!! De!! To the crotch!! Meh, Mmm!!!!

Dubby!! and thick semen banned ona week for today was fired into Krone's mouth.

"Fubi!! Ngu!! Mm-hmm!!! Uh-huh."

Krone, who didn't let go of his penis until his freak had subsided, got up with his mouth free when the empty shot was over.

In my mouth, the semen is so thick that it is picked yellow that it sways.

Erik, who was intoxicated by the sense of release, panicked when he saw it,

"Trash can!! Because I'll bring it now!!

I tried to get out of bed, but before that, Krone,

"Mmm...... Grr!!... hey, Kehee..."

I drank that up.

"Wow! Krone!!

"... it's too thick, too much buildup. I'd be pregnant if they let me out in here."


"You weren't masturbating?

"... yeah"

"You want to put it out on me?

"............ yeah"

"... you wanted me to get pregnant?

"!? No... Um..."

"Don't you want me to? You just want to feel better about yourself?

"Ugh... ah... no"

Erik gets cramped with words and looks down.

I did banned ona for the pleasure of spitting out my accumulated semen.

But there is also a desire to get pregnant.

Blah, blah. I want you to get pregnant. I want you to marry me.

But I wonder if the junior soldier himself can put it in his mouth.

I was wondering if you were too desirable even though you were just as happy to be here.

Krone hugged Erik as he leaned down.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you. I was just mean."


"I'm not a heavy lady who tells me to marry you because you've been jerked off, me"

I felt like there was a lonely sound to Krone's voice when I said that, though.

So when Erik pushed her down to bed,

"Fuck, I want to get married! I want to marry Krone!!

"... Erik"

"But I'm still Pee-Pee. Now I don't have myself to make Krone happy..."

"I don't..."

"BUT! I'm definitely coming out!! Then... then, marry me... have my child!!

I said.

I said it.

My heart was about to burst, I couldn't stop sweating, and honestly, I was about to cry Erik.

But what about a proposal or something on the way to sex naked, me?

I'm fucking you with this. Can you just hear me like I said with all the momentum?

I don't think you're having a baby right now.

That's what I'm getting at, now none!! I knew it!! And even if I want to scream, I come.

But Krone smiled.

"Come out properly, I'll wait for you"

It took Erik a little while to understand the meaning of the word.

But when I understood,

"Oh... oh! Of course!! Wow!! Yay!!!

I hugged Krone as much as I could and kissed her.

I smelled like my own salmon, but I don't even care about that.

Kiss me many times, and rub my chest.

A tense, deflected, fruitful breast changes shape in Erik's hand.

Feeling its softness at your fingertips,

"Nju, ha, ah... Tits, can I lick you?

"... don't ask."

Krone's nipples were starting to harden in Erik's hands.

Erik contained it in his mouth as he pressed his erect nipple into his palm.

The milk rings and nipples are light peachy and swollen only there among the large breasts.

Suck it off as you lick it.

Erik, still unaware that he was in a hurry, started sucking directly from his nipples.

Licking and breathing in the air, Krone began to leak her sweet voice.

Erik, immersed in Krone's tits so much that he couldn't afford to hear it and see how it reacted, moves his breasts loosely as he squeezes his salivated nipples.

Inspired by the softness of the fat, when you look at the krone,

"Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh..."

He was blushing and biting his own thumb to endure his comfort.

That's adorable, and Erik moves his body down, trying to make it better.

When Krone opened his legs and could lie between them, he peered into the crack.

It swallows raw spit.

She has blonde pubic hair growing along her labia from the top as earthy meat flourishes.

The labia is thin-eyed, the clit is a little big, but now it's hidden in the foreskin.

Overall, it was a beautifully shaped genitals.

My penis lifts all the way up to my reproductive desires just to watch.

"You lick."

Erik spoke and then crawled his tongue into the secret fissure.

Whisk the pink organ inside with the tip of your tongue as you glance through the cracks and suck away the cries.

When I feel the clit get a little stiff while sucking on the cucumber, I peel it and lick it directly.

"Oh, oh! Ugh...... Huh!! Ahhh!

Krone, who grips the sheet, put his strength into that finger.

Feeling Krone's twitching and moving hips like that, Eric licked it to play with his tongue with Clitoris.

In doing so, the crotched groin area became erect, crushed and painful.

Erik put his finger in the vaginal hole to see how it was.


It moisturizes inside and tightens my fingers in a good way.

Erik, who woke up his body, handled his erect penis lightly toward the second ejaculation, while

"Krone, can you insert it?

That's what I heard when I rubbed my penis tip against my vaginal mouth, aligning my hips.

Erik keeps waiting until permission is given.

Eventually Krone lifted his legs himself, making it easier to insert them.

"Stay... Erik's. Please."

I gave Erik permission.

I heard that. Erik goes hip-forward.

The tortoise head, sensitized by the first ejaculation, stabs her little by little, exhaling "ugh... ugh" at the pleasure of burying her in the meat.

A juvenile penis, still thin and not thick enough, scratched a perfectly tight meat path and was completely swallowed up by a vaginal hole.

Erik breathes while still about to ejaculate into the feeling of being tightened with the cucumber.


Warm comfort and the satisfaction of being wrapped up.

The feeling of happiness that you are having sex with Krone more than that makes Erik expensive.

"Very good."

That's what I say and slide my hips.

Move your hips over and over into small pieces.

Not enough to be inserted normally and blamed for the back of his vagina, so he stuck his penis in it so as to rub the steep point on the upper side.

"Huh!! Phew!! Hmm!! Hmmm!!

To that desperate move, Krone said,

"Yes...... ugh! Just..., Koshi, hurry up... Kimochi!! Ugh!! Ah,"

With praise, I move my hips a little bit myself.

Erik, who placed his hand behind Krone's leg, was pressing down on a sperm that was about to destroy him as he slung his penis into the feeling of rubbing vaginal meat.

Because I want Krone to feel better for even a second longer.

I've never been crazy yet, but I can still feel good.

to an elf like a boy who meditates on his eyes and exhales "Phew," Krone opened his hands,

"Ahhh!!... Eriku, cuddle..."

"Ew!... Huh? Oh, yeah."

When Erik knocked his body forward, he pushed his penis across his body as he buried his face in Krone's chest.

Slowly!! and the feeling of getting in further adds to the feeling of ejaculation.

On top of that, as Krone tangles his arms and legs in Erik, his brain can burn to the sensation that his whole body is wrapped around him.

"Kuro...... ha!! Huh!! Kimochi is good, inside Krone!! Follow me...... KUAH!!

Krone's tangled legs stroked Erik's ass.

And she was in Erik's ear,

"Can I? Huh!!... Kimochi gets better... in me, filled with the vegetables of Erik's baby... Huh!!... do?

I got goosebumps on the words.

"Higu!! Ahhh!! No!! Kinta, I want to...... hang in there already,...... Grr!!!

Buried his face between his busty breasts, Erik poked his hips and ejaculated.

Big cum!! and matching the moving penis, the spraying seed juice filled Krone's vagina.

"Haha, wow... it's full... it's warm, Eric"

Krone, smiling at the heat of the semen, hugged Erik in his chest all the time.

It's like I'm not letting you get away with it.

Weakened by his exasperation, Erik was tired of full sexual exercise.

"Kuroku... hey, come on, now... I will... then, welcome... Kuroku."

As it was, I fell asleep in Krone's chest.

"... good luck. It felt good."

That's what Krone said, gently stroking the head of her sleeping lover with her own chest.


"Hey, wake up. Time to go home."

It was midnight, rather than dawn, when Erik woke up to the voice.

"Ah... Kuro... ah!

Gabba!! and got up. Erik looked around and

"Me... again... you're lying"

Fall into self-loathing.

Krone, who rose himself next to Erik like that,

"Did you sleep well?

And Erik had a pitiful voice,

"Wake me up... you always say wake me up... oh, already"

"'Cause I like to see Erik's sleeping face."

I'm even more depressed by the fun Krone voice.

But I can't be depressed forever in time.

I don't have time for another fight, but I have time for a bath with you.

Erik now comes from himself,

"Bath...... shall I come in with you?

"... yeah. Yes, I'll wash your body."

"Huh!? Fine..."

Let me wash it.

"Go on."

Head to the bathroom in a twist.

Erik was determined as he watched Krone, who seemed to enjoy himself.

He said he'd be absolutely born, absolutely married to her, absolutely happy.

For that reason, I was so determined that the next sword training day would be absolutely active.