Big mistakes are things that can be caused by small piles of things.

The story also tells us that if a butterfly wings, it will be a storm across the continent.

Even in this case, if we followed the original, it was started by a series of small mistakes and events.

For example, Keith read in the library that there was a "revitalization", and he thought that he could charge the full price without taking a fucking yummy vigor, so he wrote it down?

You think I pinched that note incorrectly in a magic guide for elementary school that I would use to study Nia?

And you think I was really going to teach Nia magic rarely and seriously that day?

Those things piled up, and that happened.


Knock on the door, wait for a response, get permission, and then Aisha comes in.

There was just one Nia sitting in a chair indoors.

Aisha, who went in there with Berna, looked around and

"Master Nia, Ki... where is the Wizard?

I walked into my room at the end of my studies, it would be weird if I wasn't there.

But I didn't see Keith there.

It was Aisha who inquired because she was suspicious about it.

In contrast, Nia:

"Oh, you know, I think I'm tired, and you're on your way home"

That's what I say as I swim my eyes.

And I feel a little uncomfortable or distrustful.

And because if Keith left the room on the way, he wouldn't have noticed Eisha or Berna while he was holding back.

"That's better than that! What's going on with your plans after this!?

I was wondering about Nia trying to change the subject so as to deceive her.

"Berna. What's going on?

"Yes. After this, I'm studying history until 5: 00. Dinner when it's over."

"Yes, it is."

It was Aisha and Berna answering the question.

"Yes... you know, it's dinner... I'd love to have it in your room"

Suddenly they say that, and Aisha, confused,

"Can I help you?

That's what I heard when I was worried.

"Huh? Um, yeah, kind of, you know, so"

"Shall I call a doctor?

"Oh no! That's not it!! Don't make a big deal of it!! It just moves a little."

There is a good distance from Nia's room to the room where you dine with kings and queens.

Because even mild anemia is a pretty hard distance.

"Okay, I'll make arrangements."

When Berna said that and thanked him, he left the room.

Aisha spoke to Nia, who sighed.

"Um, are you sure you're okay?

It's more suspicious to behave than to say that you're sick.

It's like a kid who freaks out if the prank doesn't find out.

"Huh? Why? Daijibu, right?

I can't even smile.

This was Aisha, who thinks maybe something happened with Keith.

to Aisha's gaze as she narrowed her eyes and looked at herself. Nia was

"I'm really fine! That would start the history class!

That's what I say. I get up to pick up a history book for study.

Looking at that,

"Ask questions…"

It was Aisha who made up her mind.


After the study, the dinner was transported to the room as I had said.

When I heard that he seemed sick, the culinary director had made something lighter for me to grow.

Eating it, Nia was stealing the eyes of those around her, throwing fruits and bread into the bag.

Fortunately, no one noticed it.

Even at tea time after meals, I can even bag the cookies that came out. And hide it.

As the sky darkened completely and the chilly wind began to blow at night, Berna tried to prepare a bath.

"Ah!! No!!"


Not only Berna but Aisha stared at Nia in her sudden voice.

To the gathering of gaze, Nia wandered,

"You know... the bath, today, I'm not feeling well... so I don't want to go in"

"... Really? I'm awed."

Keep your head down and away from the bathroom. Contrary to Berna, Aisha heads to where she is.

My mind was telling me. I want you to make sure.


and open the bathroom door while Nia says to check inside.

Turn on the lights, look all the way around, make sure there's nothing.

"... there's no way you're here."

That's what I said and closed the door.

Nia stared at Aisha with a strange look at her closing the door without saying anything, but when Aisha turned around, she laughed nicely again.

That's how the night gets old.

The usual bedtime is 11: 00, but everyone, including the guard in front of the door, left the room after 9: 00, according to Nia, who said he wanted to sleep a little early today.

In the lighted out room, Nia, who was in bed, gets up and activates Keith's silenced demon prop, which he keeps hidden under his pillow.

And when I lit the little light with magic, I walked out toward the bathroom.

Knock on the door and wait for a response, then from the inside,

"Are you a princess?

That's what I heard in a small voice.

"Yes, it's me."

"Go ahead."

When Nia opened the terrifying door, a boy stood.

It was the boy who was there.

Regardless of the appearance age, it is about 10-12 years old.

She has dark hair on her black eyes and is wearing only her jacket for adult rashes.

Because there is no length, it is hidden to the knee, but the leg is barefoot, which means the bottom is soggy.

My back is smaller than Nia's.

"What about you guys?

When a boy asks in a boy soprano,

"I already let it back down. This is food."

Offer the boy the bag he was just packing bread or something.

"Oh, excuse me. On purpose."

to the bowing boy. When Nia wept in her eyes,

"hey, sorry...... because of me"

"No. No, I gave you the wrong paper. It's my fault. Never mind."

"But... so..."

"Never mind, really"

Nia hugged the laughing boy.

"Master Keith!! Sorry!!"


Due to his back, the boy buried as much as he wanted in his chest raises his voice.

The boy's name is Keith.

Yes, it's Keith.

This man is definitely Keith, though he is such a nari.

to that evidence,

"Princess... this body has unexpected tits..."

That's what I say as I stroke Nia's ass around in a nightie.

No matter how you look at it, it's in person.


It was during the study that the magic of ice was used to try to freeze the water.

That was part of the study, and the cooling system spells were user-friendly, so I wrote the technique on paper and pinched it in the magic guide.

Keith started writing the next intermediate level cooling system spell on paper that he would remember, as it would be a preliminary spell, so there wouldn't be a particular problem.

But soon,


When I looked up surprised by the enormous magic reaction, a magical circle had emerged that I had never seen before in Nia's hands.

"Ki, Master Keith, this"

It was with Nia that I was surprised.

I just read out the magic language on the paper that was pinched in the passage guide I was told.

Sure, there was a mix of ancient elf languages that were harder to read than usual, but I think that's what I'm going to say, and I'm going to put magic on my mouth.

Then the magic circle rises and shines, doesn't it?

To Nia, confused not knowing what to do, Keith became the eye of a serious magician.

Understand from the paper at Nia's disposal that it is the magic of activation, if it is impossible to de-curse the person, then activate it? That's dangerous.

Even within doing so, the magic circle created by Nia was full of magic and near rupture.

I don't know what's going to happen as it is. Nia said she was worried,

"Dear Keith, no more, I can't have it!

The accumulated magic makes me scream because I can't stand the magical circle, which has become a tremendous amount of energy.

And that got out of my hands.

"Ugh!! Damn!!

The magic that didn't show a place to go comes back to the person who unleashed it.

When Keith saw the magic circle headed for Nia, he thought he couldn't make the shield in time.

"Oh shah!!!

That's how I screamed and hugged Nia.

If there is anything here in Nia, which way, Keith is the death penalty.

Then I was determined to take that magic upon myself.

The moment the magic circle hit me, my heart burst into rupture.

(Hey! It's the magic of activation!? Death or something...)

My heart bounced again and again,

(My bones are melting!!

Something like smoke floats from your body.

Keith rolling around away from Nia received a scream similar to her scream.

And if I noticed - my body was shrinking.

(That's a joke...... already)

I whine with my heart as I cheek the bread I received.

Nia, who was stripping me of the fruit with a hard and unfamiliar hand, stared at Keith flashly through surprise at him shrinking then.

I thought the magic I unleashed would gradually make Keith smaller and disappear.

But it stops on the way, and Keith looks fixed at about ten.

When Keith woke up, he rushed to stop Nia from trying to get someone.

As a matter of fact, the magic guide Keith took note of was a substitute for the ban on copying.

A quote I made in silence about it, if it matches Nia to a dangerous eye, it is the worst death sentence.

For this reason, I said various appropriate things and the scene was deluded.

"Oh, you know what!!... uh, the!!

"Yes, hurry up and get a doctor!! I have to say Master Keith has become a child!!

"No, no, no, no, no!! No, you know, if I found this out, I would fire the court magician!!

"Hey, why!? Why??

"I let the princess use dangerous magic... not to be forgiven"

"Oh no... no"

"Please, Princess! Please keep this a secret!!

And well, it's good to let it be a secret like that, but the problem was that this body had gone back to being a child up to its magical power.

For this reason, we cannot hide ourselves with covert magic without being able to use metamorphotic magic to return to the room.

The only way to do this is to create that magical inverse of "activation," but that's not what we can talk about overnight.

That's why he kept building even inverse formulas with notebooks and pens while hiding in the bathroom.

Nevertheless, activation is magic that magically replenishes the decaying function of living organisms externally.

It is a magic that can normally be used to bloom shriveled flowers again or to fill the dying earth with enough nourishment to produce crops.

Even though I took that note and made a few modifications for my body, I can't normally bring every human back to his children.

Keith was a little sweaty about the difference in the digits of Nia's potential magic power that could easily be done by mistake.

"With that said, what was done when Aisha peeked earlier?

The Nia inquired by offering a blurry orange.

gratefully received it and carried it to his mouth,

"Oh, the door was open, so I was hiding in the gap."

It is a craftsmanship made because it is a child's body.

The amount of meal was small, but it was sufficient because it was the child's body.

I thanked Keith for trying to quickly write a continuation of the reverse ceremony, and Nia said,

"Dear Keith, if you want to rest, please come to my bed."

I guess I thought I was going to sleep because I was done eating.

Keith tried to say that he was still awake after this.

(... child's body... rarely - never again opportunity if you miss this... sex with a kid dick... it would be a loss if you had to be crazy!!

It is the only man everywhere.

Trying to talk to Nia, laughing as usual, and reconsidering that I am now a complete child, and recreating it into an anxious look,

"And the princess... sleep with me... will you?

I said that by making a childish voice.


I looked up at Nia with an upward look that I could only do because of her low height,

"I'm so scared to be this physical..."

Nia didn't know why, but her chest felt like a cunt.

"Also, of course it's fine!

You did it! And when he shouted with his heart, Keith brushed his teeth and headed to the bed holding hands.

Keith had Nia holding him as he slept in the fluffy bed in the dark room.

Nia held me tight as soon as I told her that I was not anxious.

And for some reason, I'm thrilled to stroke your head in the way of a loved one boy who sees himself.

(Ha, that's weird... she's a little girl, but she's like Keith, and she's like Keith, but she's small... uh... Master Keith, she's cute and she doesn't stop sometimes.)

You don't have to be scared more often! And I wanted to speak to you.

It was Nia, whose romantic emotions and maternal instincts were getting messy and confusing.

Keith was stuck with the softness of her tits while Nia held her like that.

I thought it was a small pie as an adult, but when I was younger, it was surprisingly slightly fruitful, and I felt physically fit for an adult.

From about ten years of age, Nia is about fourteen years of age an adult.

"Seeing the world from a child's point of view... I found it horny"

muttering Keith, yes. When she decides to lick her tits,

"Himesa Well..."

Speak out a particularly sweeter voice.

"Huh? Duh, what's wrong?

Sometimes Nia was surprised by the unintentional voice, but asked gently.

"Uh... the... the"

"Say it. It's okay, right?

It is Nia, who for some reason falls for her sister.

Whose word would it have been that a person is a creature dictated by appearance?

Keith leaned down and floated a guessy smile, making the face of an innocent child when he turned up,

"Himesa's... Tits... Can I touch it?

"Heh... Huh yeah??

Anyone would be surprised if a child suddenly told me to touch my boobs.

That's what kids look like now, even if they're usually allowed to touch each other.

And they say they want to touch their boobs purely, not to build up their usual magic.

I don't know what that means and I'm confused.

"Oh, uh... yeah? Why?"

"Sorry...... Me"

He came with me.

"Hey, I have a lot of scary dreams and I used to let you touch my tits while sleeping with me... because then I would calm down... so"


"But you can't... you can't."


"... Huh?

"You can touch it. If that calms you down... fine."

"Hime-sama... Hime-sa well!!

As calculated - Keith is the one who shows the nigga side that he doesn't think of as a child while holding onto.

By the way, Keith doesn't have a sister. I just have one perverted brother.

Keith with the hug rubbed and grabbed a soft little pie with both hands as he buried his face in Nia's chest.

In the little hands of the child, Nia's tits were well rubbed.

"Damn it, Rake."

It was a more accurate gesture when I said rubbing it like I didn't like it when I touched it, but Nia was enjoying the pie rubbing without raising her voice to ease Keith, who should be feeling anxious.

Continue to comfort the boy in the chest by stroking his head as he endures the possibility of gasping.

"Fine, eh!... Huh... you're a good girl... you're not frightened, because I'll stay with you."

A voice full of charity.

Keith decided not to look any better in that voice filled with kindness,

"... Himesama..."

"What is it?

"... Tits, can I say it?


"Please... Himesa Well"

It's so sweet from the usual Keith that it's incomparable.

Maybe that magic has brought me back to my child to my heart.

He said that was okay, but I'm sure he is.

Then it's also my fault...

"... Ah, you're a sweetheart... just for today, right?

Knowing not to call it a sexual prank, Nia offered Keith a really slight swell when she unbuttoned the button in front of Nighty's chest.

(Nightchi...... in the eyes of a child, I can't wait to fill it up. Here you go, Yas!)

Behind the words, the brain language was round. Keith, the jerk, mumbled against the tits in front of him.

"Fuhia!! Ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

"Hibber! Hiba-sha well!! Nchoo-hoo, choo-hoo, choo-hoo!!

Suck both tits up unbiased while sleeping sideways.

Suck the puffy milk wheel all the time and lick it to stay, and the shy fallen nipples appear.

Suddenly, I bumped it as I scorched my tongue around those nipples! And yee-hoo!! I inhaled it with the air all the time.

"Wow!! Ho-ha!!

He looks like a kid, and his sex moves are nasty. His name is Keith.

But there was a phenomenon that surprised even Keith.

(... just a tit lick, dicksucker...... kid dick AWESOME!!!

Your penis is incredibly repetitive.

Usually, it is hardness that needs to be further licked from here.

Moreover, the opposite was surprising on its own, a momentum that seemed to reach the umbilical.

I want him to lick it.

I want to try to insert it.

I want to taste "child sex" that I didn't experience as a child!!

That way, later, I bring up my usual penis demon prop story and think...

"Nia...... are you awake?

I heard a voice from outside with the sound of a knock.

"Huh? Hih?? Oh my God!?

Nia raised her surprise as she held Keith's head tight.