Normally, you'd wonder what you're talking about.

Anyway, I'm just talking about sticking my finger in the spot I've been scattering.

I don't know what it is anymore.

It's ridiculous.

The person who was told that is a clean and good level word if it is true.

But this pure culture, naive. I don't doubt people. Princess Elf, who doesn't know as much as Dew,

"Uh... you know, I don't know... did it happen?

I believed it lightly.

I don't believe you. I wasn't talking about not believing you, I wasn't even suspicious.

Keith, especially this young Keith, is not supposed to lie to herself.

It is an evil method attached to its place.

Keith snoozed up deliberately with Xunxun,

"What am I gonna do... Holy shit, don't get it... it's creepy... himesa well"

They're asking for help.

A loving boy helps himself.

The matter lit up once and for all to Princess Elf, who was beginning to wake up to motherhood.

With determination in his eyes, Nia gently embraces Keith.

"It's okay, I'll tell you. So please don't cry. Because she's a good girl. Right?"

"Gusu... really? Himesama, are you gonna tell me?


As she nodded, Nia slept on the floor impatiently nervously with embarrassment, lifting her legs herself and letting her open a manko by hand from her butt side.

"Um... here, where Master Keith just put his finger... eh"

"Himesa, well, don't look like it"

"Yes!?... Ha Ugh."

Even in Keith's mean remarks, Nia lit the lights with magic as she nearly cried with embarrassment, illuminating her vaginal hole with it.

Hairless. This spread pink meat organ.

Nia goes on to explain, whilst also cracking the sacred wet hole in its midst.

"... put your finger where you were... put your penis..."

"Here? How do you do that?

"Yes!? Er... um..."

Nia always remembers what Keith does and tries to teach him that.

"Put the tip of your penis on here and stick Keith's hips forward."

To the awkward sex description, Keith almost blew it out.

However, with the child still in his face, when he gets to his mid waist, he approaches Nia, who is exposed to Manko, and pokes the tip of his penis at the meat pot where the nectar is overflowing.

"Uh, here's the thing? Like this? Well, don't get in too well."

Rub and scorch on Nia's meat organs to tame the tortoise head.

Whenever the tip of the kid's cock stroked his clit, Nia screamed small "hiccup," but he bit his lip and put up with it.

"Here... here it is. Keep your hips..."

Pick Keith's tiny meat pole with your fingers to guide him.

To the sight of a boy being given sex instruction by a girl,

(Ahhh, seriously, I should have brought a copy of the demon prop)

and thinking about the next seed, Keith pretended to be innocent and

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhh!!... Ahhh, Kitz... even the kid dick is tight"

The last one, of course, said it in a whisper, so it doesn't sound like Nia.

And in the first place, Nia...

"Ncuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Your penis is coming!! Yikes!! Little penis!!

Because she welcomed her penis with her maternal instincts that made her sensitive vagina even more painful, she felt it so intensely that it was nowhere near there.

But when you put all that effort into your body to get through it,

"Ja... you did it without a moment... you're a good girl, Keith."

I praised him for being able to insert his penis into his vaginal hole.

I'll stroke Keith's head as he desperately struggles to gasp.

Keith was moved by that devotional affection.

"Now, what do I do? What am I supposed to do?

"Oh, yeah..."

"This is to teach Master Keith," Nia told herself, recalling the pleasant behavior that was always done, turning her face bright red.

"Move your hips, back and forth..."

"P... Kuku... no, Kukuzuko, is it?

"That's right, don't... do it"

Keith, who happened to laugh, started poking his hips back and forth as he was told.

All of a sudden it's intense without adding or subtracting,

"Ugh!! Ha, ha!! All of a sudden, Tsukoba Ha!! Ha ha!!

Even though Keith is slightly smaller, his back length is not so different, so his face touches when he moves his hips so that they are pressed against him.

Keith moved her hips as she imagined a luxuriously bodied boy and girl meshing violently as she tangled her tongue.

(I would definitely like to see it from a third party perspective)

Moving hips with that in mind, the momentum turns the foreskin hooked to the vaginal fold and the tortoise head is exposed to its limits.

Then the more sensitive geese neck of the sensitive turtle head was rubbed against the wet vagina, and the paralyzing pleasure came from his penis.

"Ugh whoa!!! This is on your kid dick!! Whoa, whoa!!

I thought that was the usual bitterness, and Nia held Keith with her hands around his neck.

"Nyi...... Ugh!! Penis, daisy!! It's awesome!! Nhiyiyiyi!! Tiny! It's Kimochi!! Hiccup!!

Continue stroking Keith's head full of screams.

"Nice!! Nice!! Both Kisusa and Ochi Po...... here's a good one...... it's daisy OOOOOO!!! Hiya!!

to the appearance of Nia screaming obscenely unconscious,

"Oh, himesa!! Himesa well!! Kimoi no!! Hime no, I am relentlessly tightening my child's penis!! Kimochi!!

Keith slammed his hips hard on the uncomfortable face of pleasure drunkenness that he didn't think was a child.

It was an unscrupulous way of moving your hips that you could never do with thirty flesh.

impressed by the child body that it will be made of lightly, Keith said,

(Ejaculation piston!! In and out while firing!! You don't have that one!!

When I made that decision, I let go of my ejaculation without any patience or patience.

"Whoa, whoa!!! Pistons while serving, seriously good!!! Fuck you!!

Bibby!! and Keith, moving her hips as she fired semen, continued to rub her vaginal flesh against her jumping cock, drooling in covetousness.

Move the meat stick to apply the cloudy fluid that jumps out of the bell mouth, and maintain an erection without ejaculating and bullying the sensitive tortoise head to shrivel as it is.

He is an artist who can do it because he is the body of an energetic child.

Meanwhile, Nia, who received it, felt a spray of hot semen cannon in her vagina, but still in an unstoppable lumbar movement.

"Wow!! Shigerashi!! Shhh!! It's so stuffy!! Higiuuuu!!

Strengthens the power of Keith's body.

Keith turned the movement into a blaming motion because it was monotonous, having decided that he would now have it with two ejaculations while ramming his thin, little child's penis in Nia's vagina, which would never shrivel after ejaculation.

There is so much opposition that it is likely to reach the umbilical area that it is used to rub up the steep point on the upper side.

The motion of using the entire body to push it up is not a very good move for a child.


Only the hardness and the opposite are first-class kid dicks. Blamed for the steeple at the tip of that kachikachi, Nia gasped heavily and saw Keith.

When they do it in a child's body, they don't have the power to shake it off and move, making it very difficult to move, but then Keith hugs Nia himself.

"Himesama! Love it!! My hime!!

Move to rub the clis with your own pubic bones and start having hug sex.

Keith himself holds Nia hard and continues to whisper in his ear as he kisses her all over.

Nia gets mellow on this.

"Suki! Nchu!! Himeshima, Chiuu, Nchipu! Are you doing well with your penis and himesa!?

"Ahhh! Ncuuuuuu!! Jeez, it's off!! It's no use!!! Nho whoa!!

Nia was feeling a big wave coming from the bottom of her body as she confused her head and body with the feeling of lover of melting cuddling sex and her birth and awakening motherhood.

"Kuhi-ha!! Ike!! Here we go again!! Big Ike!! Nhi-ha!! Nhi-no!!! Oh my god!!!

"Himesama!! Yikes!! (a) Please put it all over your penis!!

"Nkk!!! Fuckin 'whoa!! I gave it away!!! I gave it to you!! Ahhh!! Give it to me!! Yikes, mahjong, KYYYYYYY!!! I'll give it to you. Ugh!! Whoa, whoa!!

With a nasty face that poked her lips out and didn't seem like a princess, Nia tightened her vagina painfully and squirted it out.

Sucking on its lips, Keith also ejaculated again into tightening the meatloaf, which was too tight for the child's dick.

The two children, hugging each other with their crotches as they penetrated their hips deeply, performed reproductive acts while kissing.

Although he was a girl who, of course, did not recognize him as such and a boy who only regarded him as an act of pleasure.

Keith shuddered his little butt in vomiting as he gave Nia a drink of his saliva,

"Kid sex...... pussy not shriveled out or out...... this is awesome...... NYU!!

With that said, he began to move his hips again as he saw his weakened Nia at the end.


Keith kept running his pen on the paper as he made a big stretch.

Eventually, after that, Keith put it out to Nia six times in total.

The last one put me in the position where the only thing that came out was the thin salmon on the boulder.

I tried my butt, and I pictured myself in the mirror in the bathroom and fucked him.

I still think that child sex from a third point of view was too fucking horny to suck.

That's six times.

Nia fell asleep to faint while getting fucked by Keith, who had put him out.

Keith woke up about half an hour ago, and then he keeps writing a ceremony to get his body back.

This body is great indeed, but I preferred to blame it on adults.

So I even build a ceremony.

"Ahhh, I want some sinister tea..."

I haven't written a sorcery ceremony so seriously since I was in the Order.

I scratched my head and occasionally stared at the void, but it was too late to wake up in the morning in Nia and that was done.

"Ooh!! I got it!! Boulder me!!

It would otherwise take more, but that is Keith, who took the alias "Little Man" in the Sorcery Order [Dawn of the Necromancer].

There is no one left to the right to build these sorcery ceremonies or make them do fine work.

It just has the disadvantage that you can't actually do most of it yourself.

Undoing this childish body is also an impossible story without Nia's magic.

So Keith rocked Nia to sleep looking good at the satisfaction of sex.

"Princess! Please wake up!! Princess!!

Aisha and the others will be coming in in a little while.

Then it is canned in the bathroom for another day. I'm sorry for that.

When she rocked Yuyusa and Nia's body, Po finally looked at her and opened her eyes.

Nia, who stopped to see Keith,

"What did you do? Did I mention it? - You can do it too ~... Nice pepper."

Dragging on the aftertaste of yesterday.

"Princess!! That's enough too!! Please wake up!! Wake up!!

"Mm-hmm?? Huh?... Huh... Master Keith? Good morning."

"Ah, good morning...... not, you've built the reverse formula. With the magic of a princess."

That's what I say and I give you the paper.

There was an easy-to-understand magic language written in Nia.

"Uh... Um"

"If you read it with magic on it, you can go back to your original body!! Please!!

"Eh... I'm going back..."

I looked terribly lonely.

I know I'm sorry, but I wanted this Keith to be here for a while.

I wanted to hold this Keith for a nap, have lunch with him, and take a walk in the courtyard.

It's not easy, of course, but I still wanted to try.

It was a dream, of Nia, who was able to take refuge for the first time.

But I don't know that. Keith was in a hurry.

"Princess!! Hurry up!! People are coming!!!

"Oh, oh, yes. Sorry...... bye"

That's how Nia reads out the written magic language.

A magical circle emerged in a different color and shape than yesterday.

"Aww...... Master Keith!?

"Oh... after all, the magic power of the princess is different..."

The magic circle accumulates magic in front of Keith.

And where it accumulated so much that it could not hold,

"Princess! Please let that go of me!!

"Yes!!...... Yikes!!

The magic circle turned to Keith with a terribly dumb sound.

Keith, who took it, closes his eyes ready for pain.


"... that?

"Dear Keith. When will you be back?

"... that?

Keith looked at his body many times to make sure there was no change at all.

"Huh? That? Wrong construction of the ceremony?? Hmm. Stupid."

Hurry up and run your eyes on the paper.

In that case,

Master Nia, it's time to wake up.

Aisha's voice rang from the outside.


Keith stares at the door, raising his voice like a crushed frog.

"Master Keith!!

"Oh and I dare not go to the bathroom!!!


Seeing Keith escape into the bathroom, Nia stopped the silencer props when she returned to bed and waited for Aisha and the others to come in.

Keith walked into the bathroom in those days fine, but I tried to look at the paper again, no matter what.

Then suddenly, my heart bounced big.

"Guaaah!! This!! Hey all of a sudden...... Grrrr!!!

Strike around in the bathroom.

The vacillation and bones swell and the pain runs like a torn muscle.

Smoke comes out of my body and I can't stop sweating.

"I was there!! Damn it!!! Seriously!! Whoa whoa!!!

The room was large and the door was thick, so it didn't sound loud, but the beating noise and Keith's cry reached Aisha and the others only a little.

"... did you hear that?

"... like that"

"You heard me."

"I heard it too"

"Oh, yeah? Because of Kiki."

The last one is Nia.

Aisha rushes out in the direction of the sound.

It won't be long before Nia stops.

He put his hand on the Rapier pattern and opened it in the direction of the sound, the momentum of breaking through the bathroom door.

"Who is it!!!

But there's no one there.

Are you out of your mind? No, you didn't. You ran out the window!!

It is the way I once broke into it. I immediately realized that Aisha was

"Guards!! Get beside Master Nia!! Keep your eyes peeled in pairs!!


"Dear Nia!! Don't worry!! I'm the thief!!

Originally the escort knight, as his name suggests, the escort is the basic task.

But this aggressive attitude is also Aisha's taste.

So I can't imagine anything while I'm away from escort targets. I'll even say I'm in trouble.

Aisha jumped up gently and out the window, running out of sight in a direction where people were likely to go with trekking technology.

The footsteps are light and fast.

Grab and secure the Rapier with your hands and run through the courtyard with the hunter's eyes.

And when you stop your leg in front of one of the big trees,

"Don't be there... show yourself..."

I spoke to the signs behind the tree.

"What's up!! If you don't come out, I'll slap every tree!!

There's the usual "ki-shu!! Rasuki!!" and Aisha was not there.

There was just a knight Aisha.

Someone comes out behind the tree who feels how Aisha pulled through Rapier.

When he saw that, Aisha was stunned, and

"hey...... what are you doing!!! Idiot!!!

She turned bright red and shouted.

"Is that it? What is it, Aisha?

Adult Keith said so with a smile on his face.

Lower body soaked.

"What's wrong with you!! What are you doing!!! What are you doing, dressed like that!!!

"Huh? Dressed like that? What kind of outfit?

"Hih!! Let them hang around and stay away!! Hide that hangout!! Quick!!"

"? Oh, is this it?

Back to adulthood, Keith answered as he regenerated even the hair he had always shaved and pretended to hang out with his hairy twinkles.

"Shake it!!! What are you doing!? No at this hour dressed like that!!

"What a health method to shine sunlight on golden balls and create better sperm. Here!"

That's what Keith said, and when he balanced the Y-shape, he put the light of day on the dallian golden balls.

"Do you ever have such a health law!!! Just hide it!! Maybe hide it!!

People who liked it were perverts.

Aisha shouted to Keith as she felt sorry for herself from the bottom of her heart and wanted to cry.

Keith, on the other hand, was relieved of the deception.

Keith got up with his lower half rounded out as his clothes remained intact when he returned to being an adult in the bathroom.

I didn't have time to use it because there were signs that Aisha was coming to use the transfer magic, and I rushed out of the window and ran with my pants and magic wand and everything else.

And while I was running, I decided to drop that whole thing.

Aisha caught up and hid behind the tree, wondering whether to go back for it.

Aisha, who sees Keith like that in tears,

"Put it on quickly! Put it on!! What would you do if people found you!!

I don't have a bottom if I want to wear it.

"No, you're not bringing trousers to do health laws! Ha ha ha!!

Keith laughed luxuriously as he hung out his balls already.

At last Aisha was kicked out of this.

It was a pervert who insisted on exposing his loved ones to health laws. I have no choice.

Aisha cried,

"This...... perverted idiot!!!

That's what I screamed and kicked Keith's hangover up as much as I wanted.

"Ah...... Hmm!!

Golden Ball, who fulfills Keith's wish, plunged into his body.