Follow the hallway of the palace. There was a cat walking.

It is Lou.

In his mouth was a bag made of paper.

Lou rushes down the hallway toward his room, being careful not to drop that big bag from the cat's body.

There was a small hole in Keith's room door so Lou could get in and out freely.

It's usually magically closed, but it only responds to Lou's magic and opens it.

From that hole Lou entered the room and jumped on the bed and gave the paper bag to his roaring husband.

Husband, I've got pain meds and dampening pills.

Keith, with a rounded lower body, gazes at Lou with a pitiful face.

"Shh... sorry"

Thankfully, I took the pain relief out of the bag and swallowed it, and when I removed the ice sac that was hitting my groin, I strained a damp cloth there.

And then I get on the ice sac and roar out again.

Lou sighed as he stared at his unusual husband.

To Lou like that. Keith,

"What the... if you want to say something, just say it"

"... too pitiful for words anymore."


I groaned at the pain emanating from the brilliantly swollen golden balls.

It is a golden ball kicked by that Aisha.

I rounded out my lower body and managed to escape saying it was Keith, but in return I wounded something important.

Aisha's military boots were momentum to lift the golden balls to the built-in.

For a moment, I definitely thought one of them was crushed.

But Keith managed to make sure both balls were safe as he held his groin behind Aisha, who ran away from the spot crying.

And as he crawled like a potato worm and picked up the trousers and bag he had dropped along the way, he took the magic wand out of it and used the transfer magic to return to the room.

It's good to be back, but I can't even move properly because of the pain.

Worst of all, there were no painkillers or anti-inflammatory agents in stock.

The pain was too harsh to afford to make it.

I have the flaw of saying that healing magic cannot be done to myself.

As a result, he says he asked Lou to use him while he roared on the ice sac.

This is the second time Aisha has attacked me locally.

The first time it was a rod, but now it is a ball.

"Oh... are you even complaining about my groin... even though I always feel better"

"Isn't that what you said about the bees?

"Dumb... no cat... uuch"

"Does it hurt that bad? Then you can go to the doctor."

"Silly... can you go swelling things up like this..."

He is in his thirties, knowing what to call a disgrace for once.

Shaking his head at such a husband, who also says vulgarly mean, Lou goes down to the floor, now jumps on the desk and then heads to the window.

"Oh, hey! Where are you going!!

"Why do you have to be next to your husband?

"Because you are a demon!! Ugh!! Screaming sounds..."

"I don't know that. I deserve it. I will suffer fine!!

to Lou as he walked out the window, tearful Keith,

"Thin Lovers ~!! I'll make you a string!! I'll definitely turn you into a string!! Ugh, damn it!!

I even waited for the pain meds to work as I was stuffy and distressed.


A slight drowsiness comes at the same time that the effect of the medicine cures the pain.

How long has it been since I moaned at the painful pain in my groin, even though I was relaxed?

When it started to get dark outside, Keith woke up with the sound of the door to the room being knocked.

"Oh... ugh..."

Did the pain meds come off, dull pain running in my groin?

Then the door was knocked again.

"Hey... I can't get out... I can't ~"

Knock again.

"Damn!! Come on, you're stuck!! There he is...... who is this!!

Keith turned to the door in a motion that forced him to stand up and roll the duvet around his waist.

And when I opened the door with momentum, with a voice irritated by pain,

"Who is it, over and over!! I have to leave in one go... oh, Berna..."

It was Berna, a faceless samurai, who stood there.

Berna was a little surprised by Keith's yelling voice.

"Sorry...... was I interrupting?

"Oh, no, I'm sorry, I yelled... I was sick and I was asleep"

"Yes, that's what I heard."

That's what I said and showed him the basket in my hand.

"Huh? Gotcha... I can't believe you're inside..."

Keith, in suspicion, moved a little bit to keep Berna inside.

Berna, coming in from behind, runs over to Keith, lends her shoulder and heads with her to bed.

"Shh, excuse me"

Berna, who returns a "no" to Keith as she sits back on the bed, let him lie down.

Keith asks Berna, a gentle and accustomed handyman.

"Uh... to whom did you ask?

"It's Master Lou."

"What? To a waste cat??


That's how Berna started explaining.

Says, I met Lou walking down the hall while Berna was carrying laundry and said hello.

And when Berna heard what Keith was doing, she was told she was holding back the golden balls in the room, and she asked him how they were doing.

"... so you came all the way here?

"Yes, because I heard you were in a lot of pain"

"Huh? But what about your job? It's not over yet, is it??

It should be evening in time now.

Berna's job is on a shift basis, but if she worked during the day, it should end around 11: 00.

Berna then said,

"After listening to Master Lou, he was immediately replaced by someone who could take turns. Then I went back to my room to pick up my stuff, so it took me a while."

"Oh no... eh, don't you get angry? Are you all right, sir?

to Keith's words. Berna strayed her gaze to think a little before

"... you can be angry"


"I... will give priority to your husband at all times. So I don't care if you get mad... or if you make me quit my job..."

It is truly a long way of thinking.

To Berna's confession that she decided to dedicate everything she had to Keith, Keith had the feeling that

(ooh... heavy... what a weight)

That was the worst thought ever.

But I don't know that. Berna stares at Keith with her usual faceless expression.

"Ahhh... I'm so glad you thought of that. I'm embarrassed to come through."


"... Yes... Ugh"

The pain ran in his groin as he turned his body slightly sideways to talk to Berna, and Keith skewed his face.

"Are you all right?

"Yeah... I think I'm sore... can you take that?


Berna took painkillers and water and woke Keith's body up to give him a drink of it.

And when I made sure I drank it, I put the glass back in and said something to Keith.

"Your husband. Can you show me where it's swollen?

"What? Um... where?"

"... we hear it's scrotum"

"Oh, no, it is... Huh? Now?

"Yes...... can't it?

"No, I can't... it's disgusting, isn't it?

It is swollen. It's doubled in size.

"I'm fine. Because it's your husband's body."

"... if you say so much"

Keith took a duvet that was wrapped around his waist.

There was no embarrassment in the sense that I said so because I always let him lick me.

In a morose groin, I saw the swollen balls and the damp cloth pills stretched around them, and the boulder Berna for a moment. "Oh?," he said.

But as soon as I get back to the original faceless look, I take the vial out of the basket I brought.

"Um, what's that?

When Keith asks, Berna answers her gaze from the balls to his face.

"It's our secret magic pill...... I think putting this on and healing magic will eliminate swelling and pain"

"What's healing magic, Berna?

"Yes, for once it's an elf..."

That's how Berna applied magic pills when she peeled off the damp cloth.

"I touch it. I know it's painful, but please be patient."

"Yes, sir"

I gently and gently touched my scrotum.

Keith was putting his strength into his body, but the moment he was touched, it still hurt.


I glanced at Keith, who would react, and then Berna did the healing magic when she breathed.

The magic language that is spinning is ridden with magic and her palms glow.

With it came a slight warmth overflowing my groin.

"Ah... this is Kimochi no"

Keith's face, which was tense because of the constant pain, loosened up.

The feeling of puffiness flowed from the golden balls, and at the same time the pain pulled away.

Keith got his upper body up and took a peek at where he was being treated.

The swollen scrotum returns to its original size and the color becomes normal.


There was no pain in cheering.

It's healing.

I almost burst into tears with joy.

The healing magic, which lasted until completely healed, was warm and soft, as if caressed.

And it's a caress I've never tasted before.

The penis, relaxed by the pain, reacted completely to the feeling.

In other words, it had an erection.

A penis grown on a bin bin.

I miss the adult size I was used to seeing because I was a child size yesterday.

The blood vessels float in red and black, the foreskin falls off, and the horny water-burned color deserves to be called the murder weapon.

(Oh, nostalgic, my love machine...)

It was Keith who saw it with a merciful eye.

Berna, relieved after the healing magic, had a full erection. I saw that and sighed a little.

If the pain pulls, this is the look.

Keith suddenly hugged Berna like that.

"Berna!! Thank you. Sit down!! I'm cured!! I'm cured!!

"... Really? Good."

It's a thing that doesn't feel very good when it's rounded out in the lower half and held by a guy with an erection.

"Thanks to Berna! Berna is awesome!! I'm so glad Berna is here!!


"Oh, I would still have suffered by now if Berna hadn't been here. Berna is a real benefactor!! Berna, Berna, Berna!"

When Keith cheeks like that,

"... stop, please... that's enough"

That's what Berna said and pushed Keith's body back.

It is the usual faceless look when I look at my face.

So I didn't know right away, but the tip of my ear was just a little reddish.

It's lit. Keith thanked me so much, I was hugged and cheeked up, and Berna was lit.

The sole just doesn't show up on the expression.

Keith was kind of happy to find out about it.

I'm happy, Berna seems cute like that, and my penis is a bin bin.

Keith, who decided that this meant telling him to be sexually cute,

"Berna... are you lit?

I smiled and inquired.

Berna shut up for a while without changing her expression, then

"… no lighting"

I lied. I'm ashamed to think it's lit.

"The tip of your ear, it's red, isn't it?

"... probably because I used magic"

"Do you get red ears when you use magic? You've never heard that before."

"... I don't know"

Berna turning that way was funny, and Keith lifted her light body to bed.

I push down the amazing Berna as it is and kiss her all over.

"Chu, Chu, Ah-chu... Lei, N-chu, Chu"

Berna, who was at first bewildered by the sudden kiss, also gradually began to tangle her tongue.

"I'm really glad Berna is my thing. I'm so happy that such a cute, beautiful, sweet elf is my only thing."

Keith, with his lips off, says so with his face up and staring at Berna.

to that word. Berna grabbed the sheet with a cuddly grip,

"Also...... Ugh, fine. Don't."

"What do I stop? Lovely Berna. Chiu!

"Thank you... Enough..."

"Don't you like being thanked?

Let Keith wander his gaze a little on his strange face.

And keep it sideways,

"... no, it's not... but it's embarrassing..."

I turned bright red to the earlobes and groaned so.

such lighting. Keith let Berna descend another kissing storm,

"I want to thank my lovely Berna. Can I abuse you a lot?

Bullying in gratitude is a weird word.

But for Berna, that is above all gratitude.


"... no. Physically handicapped."

"Berna's healing magic cured you, didn't it?

"Still, no. Stay at rest for the night."

"Eh, I want to thank you! And I want to feel better, too."

"… no…. Please keep me company."

Keith thinks a little bit about a strong Berna.

"Can't you hear your husband?

"!?... it's... cowardly"

"You can be cowardly."

Smiling, Keith woke up physically, taking off her jacket and releasing it to the floor, and began to carefully take Berna's clothes off.