As I took off Berna's samurai clothes, which lay down on the bed, I could see from inside a frilly black underwear that looked good on a thin limb.

Lately, Berna came to see Keith's underwear hobby, which seemed delightful, and she started buying it.

Keith laughed happily when he saw it, burying his face in Berna's barely breasted valley and smelling it.

Berna's body odor smelled like laundry soap, unlike Aisha's flower-like scent.

It smelled nostalgic.

Smell it full of eyes, then look up and stare at Berna.

"Flirty underwear looks good on Berna's elf shape after all"

"... is that right"

"That's right. It's cute. It's cute and makes me want to abuse you."

Keith, who woke up physically, stared at that underwear from the top as she completely removed Berna's samurai clothes.

Thin body elf with lying frilly underwear.

The viciousness would inspire all male instincts.

Besides, this elf, who doesn't change her complexion in this situation, makes her feel like a monster when she abuses her.

Just imagine what happens now, Keith's freshly cured golden balls begin to produce sperm raw.

Keith, who wanted to keep this out once,

"Berna. May I ask you by mouth?

I cut it out with a smile on my face.

Berna changes her expression like a little but troubled.

"... you're really going to be physically handicapped, aren't you?

"Then Berna heal me again... because Berna's always been my thing, isn't she?

To Keith's unscrupulous words, but Berna finds herself delighted.

I'm not happy to think I can live with this man's dedication all the time.

"... if you feel any pain, please tell me"


Berna woke up physically as she sighed small when she saw Keith nodding.

Keith stops it to play Fella.

"Oh, Berna, please stay asleep"

"Uh... as it is, is it?


That's how Keith poked his penis in his face as he crossed around Berna's chest.

"I'll offend Berna's mouth all the time now."

Understanding what Keith was trying to do, Berna had a heartbeat for just a little fear and a trance hunch.

"Don't you like it?

Keith asks Berna's face, which she sees over her penis.

Besides, Berna responded by not answering anything, just opening her mouth in silence.

Saliva is pulling threads in the red, sticky mouth.

Inside the teeth-lined beauty, I could see tongues and mouthdrops moving in anticipation.

It is a fine cuckoo by the time it is great.

I want to offend it quickly. Keith's instincts sue him for wanting to stick it up to the back of his throat.

"... as I taught you, right? When you're at your limit, tap your thighs."

Berna nodded small with her mouth open to the words.

"Do-m-chi-manko. Serve ~ su"

Keith grabbed the bed headrest while letting Berna break into her erect penis in her mouth.

A penis creeps into the colorful cage, where the tongue tangles.

Berna swallowed her breath roughly as she pounced down the meat pole from directly above her throat.

Foreign body coming into your mouth. It smelled raw and tasted like eggs.

Patience the smell coming out of his nose until Keith's hips are completely unloaded, even as he is about to cough.

Eventually when the penis enters the throat limit,

"Oh... there it is, Nurenule... nice cuckoo"

Keith shrugged happily.

Immersed in the aftertaste for a while, Berna's tongue began to move to tangle on the pole.

"Oh! Can't you wait? I don't like elves."

Keith begins to piston his hips up and down with a terribly nasty smile on his part saying so.

Towards his mouth and throat, a piston for merciless ejaculation took place, and Berna opened her eyes and vomited.

"Oops!! Oops!! Sabata!! Njibu!! Ngabu!!

I have a stronger sense of a few steps of compression and throat offense than Iramatio has ever felt.

He immediately informs me that his eyes have become acid depleted as ticks.

The bitter taste and the beast smell overflowing in my mouth, which, taken together, overflowed with tears.

If it's true, you should want it to stop right now, but from inside Berna, the love liquid was starting to overflow.

In bitterness his face was distorted with pleasure, his legs slammed with butterflies, yet he felt the happiness being offended by Keith.

It makes me want to keep feeling a meaty penis in the back of my throat a little bit more like this.

I want you to offend Keith's erect penis from mouth to throat.

Just thinking so, Berna's nipples hardened and honey tainted her shorts crochet.

But eventually, when his urine leaked into unbearable bitterness, Berna slapped Keith in the leg.

Keith was drunk on couchman rape, but he hastily pulled out his penis for it.

"Are you all right?

Speaking, Berna bursts a large amount of saliva and gastric juice from her nose and mouth,

"Ngabu!! Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo!!! Whoops, whoops, whoops, whoops. Ha, ha."

I wet my face with tears, runny nose and liquid out of my mouth as I coughed hard.

Her face, having tasted the bitterness of death, was smiling as though intoxicated.

He looks so happy, but I thought it was dangerous to let him illuminate any more today, Keith, when he sat in bed,

"Berna, now please shave from Berna"

I said that in a slight command tone.

Berna rose cursorily with a tron look, spreading her legs and lying between Keith's crotches as she sat, began to lick her wet penis in her saliva and stomach juice with love.

Peck around the tortoise head with your lips as you lick and sip the sticky liquid that arrives on the rod.

Then he pokes the bell mouth with his tongue tip and rubs his back muscle with his fingers.

"Wow... still gello yum..."

Berna's use of her tongue was so skillful that she leaked her voice.

On top of that, the way you lick your penis with a rough breath in the aftertaste of a severe throat offense just now is just as slutty and obscene as the word bitch deserves.

"Raju, Raju! Nju! Jupp, pupp! Npu! Get lost, npu!! Njupo!!

Licking and sucking, sucking and licking. Make a noise and sip as you air in, sipping every cowper of your saliva you get to the pole.

Keith, who was watching the condition, felt good from his penis and the eroticity that came in as a vision, with his spine sore.

It crawls around on its hips, replacing it with a sense of ejaculation.

"Ah, ah. Ooh!! Yabe, ho!! Oh, this sucks!! Out............!! Berna, I'm out!!

To Keith's screaming screams, Berna sucked her tongue up all at once with her tip hanging over her bell mouth.

My hand is rubbing up my salivated rod diligently.

All the way!! and sounded, in which Keith held Berna's head gently while

"It is!! Oh, I am!! So,... whoa!! So..."

In her mouth, she ejected cloudy fluid.

Having received all the raw odor liquid on the dupu and tongue, Berna sipped to the contents of the urethra before waking up her body.

The salmon fluid accumulated in his mouth had been swallowed along the way.

Keith, who spit out his sperm and was stubborn, took a nearby towel when Berna woke up and gently wiped her face.

"Berna is really good at fera. I'm a Fella genius!

"... I'm not very happy with that compliment"

"Really? It's the best compliment I've ever had."

From his face, by the time he had finished wiping the saliva and tears he had conveyed to his throat, Berna had returned expressionless again.

Hard to heat and easy to cool Berna, but that seems cute to Keith to reject.


"Sa, now it's Berna's turn to feel better!

"... you're hurt... even if you can't"

Keith puts Berna, who says that with no expression, on his hooked lap, a good boy with a hug.

"Let me not...... I want my Berna to feel better. To my own lovely Mr. Berna."

Then I heard a breathtaking noise, and then Berna hugged Keith just a little bit.


It is Keith who gets annoyed when he thinks so.

"Would that make you feel better?"

"... Yes"

Sleeping Berna, who snorted, in bed, Keith pulled out an example demon prop holder.

When the shackles and shackles are removed from the inside, Berna looks disgusted.

Because it's a shackle and a shackle that they always lie about being able to remove themselves.

But if Keith wears it, he won't resist. I can just wear it in silence.

Remove the bra and panties and secure the shackles and shackles. Hands up, M-shaped legs open. It is the usual pose.

Berna's nipples are stiff and pointy over her swollen milk wheel with the excitement of a forced fera.

And Omako,

"Yeah. It's a good lolimanco today"

Beautifully hairless twister. Keith reached out and touched his place.

Not as hard as the nipples, but also the cries were getting a little stiff, and the honey was starting to ruin from the hole underneath.

But there's no reaction to touching or stroking.

Berna won't be able to react until she's a little more sensitive.

Keith, aware of it, took the thing out of the box.

It was a thin paper substitute.

"What is it?

Berna asks.

Keith shook that piece of paper in a pepper,

"This is a kind of massager."

"Massage...... is that it?


That's how Keith starts explaining it.

"A very small amount of electricity runs through the stiffness of the body, and the stiffness is relaxed. It is a magic prop for doing so, and it is made by applying [symbolism] that is passed down to the Orient. It contains the magic of thunder, and it changes the magnitude of the current transmitted to the body by the amount of magic it flushes."

In plain sight, it is a low-frequency therapeutic device.

Berna looked a little more frightened when she heard it.

"Would you like to get... electrocuted... or burned?

"It's not that strong. It's about to make your skin red, even with maximum force."

Keith asked Berna as he rode into bed with that symbolic massage demon prop.

"If you're scared or really don't like it, I won't do it. Because I hate being forced. What will you do?

Berna was looking at Keith and the magic props and thinking.

I feel scared, but I get a desire to try out what it feels like more than that.

It is Berna, who is starting to be completely fascinated by the myriad of perverted demonic props Keith makes.

to the beating heart of a thrill and early bell, dyeing his cheeks slightly to his expectations.

"... I'll give it a try"

I decided to take it.

"I thought you'd say that. It's a boulder Berna."

Keith's groin was beginning to gather blood in anticipation of how Berna would be disturbed by the new magic props.

So Keith can't move fast. Paste the magic prop on Berna and go.

The magic props are adhesive on the back and can be applied to the skin with pettiness.

Keith put it close to Berna's tits and inner thigh Nomanko.

Berna, who was prepared to come frightened at the moment she put it on, looked in wonder especially at the part where nothing happened and it was pasted.

Keith spoke to Berna like that.

"Then I will shed my magic now. We'll gradually get stronger, so please tell me if you think it's the limit."

"... Yes. Okay."

Keith was aware that her breathing was getting a little rough.

Evidence that pleasure was gradually coming to his liking, Keith began to shed magic on the magic props with joy.


A tingling irritation comes to my chest and legs.

Berna has raised her voice to a weird feeling, but honestly, it feels good and nothing.

It just feels a little itchy.

"Your husband... Um"

"I'm going to make it stronger."

"... Yes"

Increase the magic Keith flushes.

Along with that, the stimulus transmitted from the demonic props also increases.

The tingling becomes vile, freaking out! Then the muscles started to freak out all by themselves.

Then the paralysis began to turn into pain,

"Ha!! Ugh...... ahhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Keith's excitement grows on Berna, who starts to get pretty bored.

"Berna...... cute"

Increase the amount of magic as you say it.

To disturb Berna more.

"Ahhh!!! Ahhhh!!! Uhhh!!

Berna shook her head and endured the stimulus that made her stronger every second.

Beautiful blonde hair shook left and right, sticking to her face by sweat.

And finally, the current grew stronger to the limit for Berna.

"Hih!! Hih!!! Bit, it will be BILLY!! Your Highness!! No more!! Rinse!! Ugh!!

Really? Is this the limit?

"Yes!! No more!! No!!!

"Well, then it's about Berna, because she's one step stronger, so she's fixed."

Come on!! Oh no...... ahhh!! Ahhh!!!

Keith lied.

In fact, the strength had been raised in two more stages.

Berna screamed through gasping at the pain that the current stabbed her skin and reached her muscles.

"Iggy!!! Woo!! Whoa whoa!!! That's it!!! This is it BE!!! Ugghhh!!!

My thighs are cramped to the point that I can't even stop them, and my nipples hurt like I can burn them.

"Yanka no!!! Oh no!!! Whoa! You're going crazy, but no!!! Ugh!!!

"Yeah. Please tell me if you think it's a limit. I won't stop you, though."

"Come on!!! Oh no!! Oh my goodness!! Higi!!!

Keith wouldn't stop looking at this because he knew Berna was feeling it as she said it.

Because from the inside of her with the big strand open, the white, sticky, genuine juice was more than polluting the flow sheets.

"Berna! Good luck!! I'm feeling so much!!

"Yay!!! I'm done!! Ouch!!! Ugh! Oju-zan!!! Nozono!! Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!

Peeing erupted from Berna's urethra, which became intolerable.

Smelling the urine spreading through the bed, Keith further removed a specially shaped vibe from the box made exclusively for criticism.

Switch it on, vibrate it fine. Push it against Berna's erect clit without saying anything.

"Fugiuuuuuuuu!!! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

Berna felt so high that she was speechless at the earliest, that she gently peaked.

Still, Keith didn't stop being current or crisp.

Cripple and crush with the tip of the vibe to wear the pink nucleus hidden in the foreskin.

Berna, whose sensitivity was increased by the current stimulation of the magic prop, was even more sensitive due to a slight itch.

I was blamed for not stopping abusively.

"Nhihi!! Ngi!!! Nheuuuuuuuu!! Nho!! Nho whoa!!!

I kept sticking my lips out in tears as I put my love liquid and pee in the hands of my little one and Keith.

Even Keith's ejaculated penis quickly lifts up so that his usual faceless expression becomes a nasty female face and his flesh turns into a strong irritant.

To Berna, who collapsed until close to her opium face, Keith becomes more eager to ejaculate and begins to handle his penis.

When I thought it was hard enough and inverse enough, I stopped the vibe and stopped the magic from flowing through the current magic props.

Even after the irritation was gone, Berna in the aftertaste,

"Ahhhh... no... ahhh..."

He was drooling, but Keith peeled off the magic prop and kissed him as he lifted the restraint, hugging his body and licking his saliva.

Keep him asleep on a sheet full of pee and ravenously devour his tongue.

Then both of Berna's arms, which were Dharan, turn around Keith's neck and his lips are pressed against him.

"Ha ha!! Nju, Nju!! Ngu, Ngu!! Chiuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Keith put his finger in Berna's vagina as he kissed each other with momentum that would stop him from breathing, as he inhaled each other's lives.

Wherever hot and wet is overflowing with love liquid, tighten Keith's fingers with trout meat.

It was like he was telling me to drop my penis off early.

Keith let go of his face,

"Berna, I can insert... okay?


Berna nodded over and over again.

"Ooh... can you?

Waking up her body and telling Keith that as she took off her jacket, Berna lifted her butt in a cursory motion and spread her manko to show her,

"... Beh... Shisha... Shisha... Shisha... Shisha... Shisha... Shisha... Shisha... Shisha... Shisha"

I said that with a childlike look and a young voice.

"It's the owner's duty to manage pets."

Keith began to sink his hips with his tip against Berna's vaginal mouth as he shrugged in disgust.


Aisha, who returned to the room after work, laid down on the bed with Rapier on in her military uniform.

I've been moaning all day today.

I was thinking about what I did to Keith.

He kicked up his groin and ran away as he did.

I think I did something wrong.

I think Keith is in a big mood to say he shouldn't.

I always thought Keith must have an exposure habit of exposing his lower body in a place like that.

That's why I corrected him!!

I've managed to think of things like that, but I knew I was guilty.

Maybe I should have at least gotten to the point of straining my cheeks.

Kicking up an important place is basic in army fighting, but not a good move to do it to an amateur.

Besides, it's beyond anything to the person you love.

"... Keith... I wonder if it hurts"

I've kicked it up several times in martial arts training before, but some of its opponents have been transported to stuffy suffering hospitals.

I'm sure it hurts.

It hurts so much that I can't sleep.


Aisha buried her face in the pillow.

I'm sure such a violent woman will hate me.

He won't even come to my room anymore, and I'm sure he won't even talk to me when I see him.

Bad Keith but irrational!! Thoughts.

Stupid bitch, go apologize!! The thought of going, apologizing, seeing a doctor, and forgiving me went around.

How long would you have done that?

Suddenly Aisha got up gabbling,

"... let's go too far... forgive me... you will..."

So he murmured and took medicine out of the cupboard that would help him beat up and inflame, and went to Keith's room without changing.

Keep Rapier on your hips......