There is a noise like an old door cracking open.

Who would believe that was the voice of a person - no, the sound squeezed out of a person's throat?

Your breath is just shivering your vocal cords, scattering noise that's worse than a gap wind.

The Lord of its sounds is, of course, Keith.

It is earthy, with no tension at all, causing its cheeks to spill, and its groaning appearance is a zombie, no matter what.

If we walk around outside with this voice now, we will undoubtedly be treated as harmful waste as living corpses.

About that time Keith looked terrible.

The cause, of course, is because of a night with Leonora.

It is six times in less than half a day from eating the call until returning in the morning.

Whatever organism you are, you have a 100% chance of destroying your body. It's barbaric.

Besides, Keith wasn't in perfect condition then.

He was using up his sperm on Aisha and Berna.

That number of impotence in those.

There will be no need for this to happen.

Leonora contacted me the day she left, but naturally I couldn't make it.

I appropriately asked Lou to tell me why.

That night, worried Aisha and Berna came to visit, but they were stunned to see Keith.

The complexion that was healing until the day before is getting worse all at once. There's no reason to be surprised.

Ask the two of you what's going on,

"Heh... because you two are going to blame... if you don't... I did too much"


I can't believe I'm telling the truth.

Asked about it, Aisha was angry, and Berna stared at Keith with a frightened and even colder gaze than usual.

The two of them told me they were scattered Netineties, and at the end of the day they even let me talk to the hospital, but I said no to the boulders for that.

Aisha or something,

"You are a sex addict!! Come cure me of kittin once!!

What did I even say, but I didn't get the energy to say it back.

Ultimately, when Berna arrived every night, she delivered three meals the next day, at which time she tried to do a brief healing.

Nevertheless, in this state of loss of physical precision, Berna's healing can only be regarded as restful.

That's why Keith takes energizers, but that stock ran out five days ago.

They have no strength or strength to make it.

The passage of time and authentic dietary therapy left me no choice but to recover.

And still a zombie, Keith keeps roaring in bed.

You earned it. You earned it.

"I can't hang out with you!" and has been away from the room for three days, leaving a discarded dialogue.

It was Keith who could cry because he didn't know what the demon was for.

Been asleep for a week.

Keith, who kept roaring with his body still unable to take his laziness and sincerity, had his body wiped and went to sleep when he finished eating the medicine meal that Berna had brought to him.

It is a complete grandfather state.

One in a room with no one but himself, Keith was reflecting on over-fucking.

But I don't think there's much I can do.

I take it for granted that it is the duty of a man to deal with a superstar and put it out six times on such a comfortable new tit.

It is the life of a man to dope until the last moment, even if this body is about to decay.

There is one thing I can say.

The man who says Keith is totally sick in many ways.

It was midnight when a guy who got fucked like that roared into bed.

Suddenly he said, "Po-hyu!" and the air in the room shook.

What? I thought I'd bend my lazy neck and send my gaze into the middle of the dim room,


Nia stood fluttering as she turned her eyes.

"Him, Himesa Well!?

When Keith raised his voice surprised and powerless, Nia looked in that direction and looked happy.

But as soon as I saw Keith's earthy face,

"Ki, Master Keith... terrible... so naughty..."

I slowly approached the bed and softly hugged my darling, who woke up on it.

"What happened! What happened?!?


No way. I gave Leonora sexual guidance in the sense of revenge. Ehe.

because I can't say if my mouth is torn,

"It's okay. I'm just a little sick. It'll heal soon."

I made the best smile and said so.

Nia is sobbing softly as she hugs Keith like that.

Keith inquired as he stroked the little princess's head crying with his chest.

"Then why is the princess here? How do we get this way?

Raise your wet face in tears and Nia answers.

"I heard that Master Keith was ill, so I told him that I would visit him next time... but Aisha would never make it..."

I can't do it.

You can't possibly show Nia a man with kidney failure.

Aisha's judgment is good.

But for Nia, she's a terrible Aisha who can't even let her visit even though her favorite Keith is sick.

With a little bulge, Nia continues.

"But I definitely wanted to come visit! So... use metastatic magic after bedtime."


Keith raised his voice to his surprise.

Metastatic magic is an advanced level move in magic.

There's no way I can use a beginner's Nia, and I didn't even teach it in the first place.

Keith pointed that out,

"I watched Mr. Keith use it a few times before... because it was also written in the magic guide I received on it"

To that extent...... can you use advanced magic to that extent?

Transition magic that all the magicians remember with desperate effort. That easy?

He was Keith with goosebumps at Nia's horror.

It was Keith who didn't realize it was just a precaution to meet the girl she loved.

Such a loving maiden Nia cuddles with the earthy zombies she hasn't seen in a long time.

"Can't I do something? I... can't you help Master Keith?

And I ask all the time.

It was Keith in trouble, but I had an idea.

With that "activated" magic, can you put your body back together? and.

Originally, the original use was to revitalize lean land and dead plants.

Last time I was a kid because I missed adjusting the amount of magic, but if you pay attention to that, I'm sure.

Keith, who thought so,

"Princess... I have a favor to ask you..."

I cut the story out to Nia.

Nia, who heard Keith explain,

"... but it can get smaller again..."

I'm gonna ask you anxiously.

"Don't worry. I'll help you this time."

That's what I said. Smiling with his wretched face, I stroked my head.

"Do it... can you?

It was a little confusing Nia, but Keith is counting on me. Maybe I can cure Keith myself.

The thought made the little princess make up her mind.

"Yes! I'll take care of it!! I will surely heal Master Keith and show him!!

Phew! and roughed his nose and held his fist.

"Thank you, Princess."

Nia, who is thus held tight, had her guts gushing from the bottom of her heart.

Quickly Keith tells Nia to bring the paper he wrote about the use of magic from his desk.

It is a piece of paper that Nia wrongly read out before.

Let the magic work out and read out like it did last time.

A magical circle appeared before Nia and began to emit light.

"Ki, Master Keith"

to Nia, who is a little scared,

"Don't worry. It's okay."

Speak up and see how the magic builds up.

Last time, I was twenty years younger than I had accumulated that amount of magic in full physical condition.

Then that third place should be just fine in this body where the essence is pounding.

That's what Keith thought and kept identifying the amount of magic.

And just when it felt good,

"Princess, it's now! Give it to me!!

That's what I yelled at Nia.


And then Nia responds and says, "Yes!" and unleashed the magic circle on Keith.

"Poof," the magical mass that makes a dumb noise and flies, hitting Keith's body, bounced and scattered.

At that moment, dokung! and my heart bounced and I could feel the feeling of blood rushing through my body.

"Uhhhh!!! Ugh...... ahhh!!!!

I don't feel like my bones melt, but instead I feel the heat like my blood boils, and Keith groaned.

Did Nia cry and fail herself? Wouldn't Keith be dead? and wandered,

"... totally fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

I shouted and circled my eyes in surprise at Keith, who stood up in bed.

"Whoa whoa!! My body is light!! Eunjinburu is in excellent condition!!!

Keith's complexion was completely undone, as I said, and his earthy skin had become a bloody human being.

Energy-filled flesh has no shadows that were zombies, no fine dust.

Keith gets out of bed and hugs Nia, who is Kyoton,

"Thanks -!! Princess!! It's completely back!!

That's what I said and lifted my light body and started circling around in the room.

Nia, who was surprised, also smiled heartily at the relief that he had succeeded, that Keith had healed,

"Master Keith! Your eyes are turning!! Kihaha."

I kept laughing fun.

I was helped by Keith. I could repay Keith. I was more than happy with that.

As she laughed, Keith sat back in bed holding Nia back.

Hugging each other in their face-to-face seating outfits while sleeping, Keith even strokes Nia's head.

"Thank you, Princess. Sit down. It's a shame about the princess. Without the princess, I'd be dead a hundred times by now."

"Oh, it's a big deal..."

"Really? Because the princess always helps me... I... I am"

"If you say that, I will! Without Master Keith, I couldn't use magic, and I still hated myself!

It was Nia who was going to cry for some reason.

Without knowing what that means or why, Keith leaves his face close to Nia, who cries pompously.

Eventually the lips touch each other and a light kiss begins.

"Mm-hmm... mmm... ah"

That only became a thick kiss, and it developed into an act of licking the tongue and inhaling saliva.

"Ra-chu... Nda-chu, Nda-chu, Nda-chu"

When Keith brought Nia's little tongue into his mouth and began to shake, Nia was drunk on happiness as she drowned.

It was as happy as Keith wanted everything about herself.

How long after bedtime, Nia was intoxicated by her lover's kiss, not even realizing she was being rubbed in the chest.

Keith, on the other hand, was pleased that the complete resurrection extended to his penis.

Now I can go into Nia again. Besides, it is a celebration/first time celebration of my room.

I offend Princess Lolivich in a man-smelling room.

No man can burn in this!!

It's a thought I don't think of as a man who had just run out of sperm and roots.

I knew this guy was sick. And it's the end of the line.

When such a keith chest rub became intense and his nipples were bounced with his thumb over and over again, Nia also let go of her lips,

"Nhiya...... Nkiyu, Nkiyu...... ki-susa well...... boobs, you can't pimp me sooo...... fukiyu!

I was stuffy with the covetousness of my kiss drooling over my feelings.

On that pretty look, Keith layered her lips over and over again, letting her little breasts kick directly in front of her bedtime clothes.

The cherry sunken nipples pop up and are about to ask me to touch them.

Puffing her breasts into her palms, twisting and rubbing it gently.

"Hiccup!! Fuki-ku... Fuki-ku! Keesh...... well!! Tits, tingling...... Tingling! I will!! Uhhh!!

A small scream leaks and starts to react when Nia's back is frightened.

If you think about it, Nia and I haven't done this in a while.

Keith can only think of sexual matters if he must have been insatiable.

The truth is that my maiden heart is reacting to the joy of being able to kiss me when I finally meet someone I've always wanted to see, hear my voice, and laugh at all the time.

Father thought and maiden heart are incompatible.

Keith, who had a long kiss and an extra penis that was totally uplifted by her tits, decided not to dare to have a fella.

It is an aggressiveness that I do not see as a man dying of kidney deficiency.

Keith, with his lips off, weakened his chest tightness while

"Princess... I've always missed her."

Speak sadly.

"Wah... hia!... ugh! Me too... sawdust... sawdust... kuhiha!!

"It's the same."

Keith said that and pressed his penis against Nia for ease of understanding.

Because of his face-to-face seating outfit, Nia felt it erect in the crotch area, withstanding chest irritation.

"Kisusa Well...... Ugh!! Your penis is leaving, isn't it? Tickle...... coincidentally...... Nkkkkkkkk!!

Did they notice that? With a panicked voice like that, Keith said,

"Shh, I'm sorry... I'm not feeling well and I can't afford to be giving my own medicine... so I feel bad about Yue..."

I was actually dying of letting it out too much.

But the unsuspecting princess stared at Keith,

"Oh, medicine... I'll get you out! So... so! When that's over, I'll give you magic too!

Fella Volunteer & Sex Nerd Kitter!!!

It's a bitch!! You're a princess but you're a bitch!! It's a royal bitch!!

There's no way you can stand this anymore.

even too dry in his mind, and still Keith looked sorry,

"Oh no... you came all the way here to see me at this hour... do that"

I speak plainly of things that are not in my heart.

To Keith like that. Nia gives an angel smile.

"It's okay. I want to do it! … I want to help Master Keith."

You want to have sex, you seem so horny! Princess Elori!!

The dialogue I said I wanted to help myself is Keith, who ignores me completely.

"Princess...... Princess!! Thank you, my princess."

It was Nia who became "hawawa" to the dialogue I said.

So again, after a long deep kiss, the two of them went into a fella position.

On Keith sitting on the bed, Nia sitting on the cushioned floor closes her face to the crotch.

The man who was dying from putting out too much took off under his bedtime clothes excited about Fella's expectations.

This is because Nia doesn't think it's a cause of losing her mind to take medicine out of her penis.

Nia, who put her face close to her half-brong penis, said, "Fuhiha!" He shouted small.

It stinked.

Naturally. I've only had my body wiped for a week.

Naturally, my penis has turned into an extremely uneven stinky penis.

But Keith figured it out, and now he's trying to get Nia to play Fela.

A princess from one country shaves a penis that hasn't been washed properly for a long time.

Wouldn't it be fulfilled by a dude who can't toki with this? No, there can't be!!

So Keith had a keatonic face,

"What's up, princess? Something..."

Stare at Nia and ask.

"Huh!? Ah... Um..."

I can't say it stinks at Keith who was asleep.

I thought I'd wipe it with a towel or something, but then I was like, "You're filthy. You stink!! It's like saying."

Nia, who thought so, laughed nicely,

"It's nothing. I'll give you your medicine now."

When I said that healthy, I put those poor lips closer to my stinky penis.

When my lips touched the tip of my tortoise head and the smell drifted through my nose, I almost vomited without thinking of its intensity.

(Ha! Knock it off... I'd love a nose... but, oh)

In tears, I put the delicacy in my mouth as much as I wanted.

"Habu...... mmmmm!! Ugh...... KEEP!! Kefufufufufu!!

The taste sucked too.

The smell coming out of my nose and the taste of stabbing my tongue made my mouth go away and I coughed up.

Keith looks like he's having fun staring at Nia like that,

"Duh, duh... what's up? Princess. Are you all right?

Ask desperately to laugh out.

Nia, sniffled and wept, still smiled,

"They won't have anything. I hissed it, so it's a little.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

That's what I said and put my penis in my mouth again.

(It's okay!! It's okay!! Help Master Keith!!

I tell myself, licking and cleansing my horrible flavored penis.

Lick the turtle head around and crawl your tongue on the pole.

The fouling around the geese neck tasted particularly terrible, but withstood it and repeatedly cleaned the geese.

At the tip of the tongue, peel through the wrinkles of the skin and turn the bell mouth. And the tortoise head again,

"Njubu!! Jubu!! Raju, you're so cute!! Mmmm!! Pugh!!"

I put my head back and forth as I tangled my tongue in my penis.

By this time the smell of my penis stuck all over my mouth, and even when I breathed, the smell came up my nose.

Keith spreads his nostrils to nasty Nia, who is feisty with her face flattered with vomit felt from the back of her stomach.

"Unwashed penis fera... I can't believe I let this kind of elf... I'm a luxury... I'm the only one who knows what true luxury means"

I stroked Nia's head, wanting something as unintelligible as ever.

The stroked Nia went into hard-working mode.

Add your finger to the root of the rod, rubbing it cuckoo, and let the tortoise head drown with saliva all over it.

Tighten your lips, narrow your cheeks and start vacuuming all at once, chewing the geese neck sweetly!

"Mmm-hmm! Cuckoo!!! Nhhhhhhh!!!

"Ooh!! Hih, princess!! Your penis will torment me if you do that!!! Ahhh!!!

Nia, who thinks the scream of joy is pain, once she lets go of her mouth,

"Dear Keith! Good luck!! I can't praise my penis well when I'm peppering it with my mouth...... so good luck!! I'll be out of medicine puffy soon!!

Keith said to Nia, who was completely planted and became a Ferramaster, "YES NO!!," he nodded, getting his hands to bed to indulge in fella stimulation.

"Chipuju!! It's all over!! Njuju Lulu!!! Ohimpohi-chan, let's go Okuhi-kuri. Nji-kun!! Hey, Hirahisu! Ohimpohi-chan!! Shut up!!

"Nfu ahhh!! I have no idea what's going on with my tongue!! What already? What? You're a princess!! Your kind of elf, but no!!

A salivated oral mucosa wrapped around his penis relentlessly led Keith to ejaculation.

Eventually, the abs gain a lot of strength and the bump itch reaches its apex.

"Until then!! They will! They will!! Nchubby, chubby, chubby!! Cancer Eh!! Njizuzuzuzuzuzuzu"

Still, to the fierce Fella of Nia, Keith felt uncomfortable,


With Nia's head in his arms, he doped all at once toward his throat.

The new sperm created by activating magic on the sobering golden balls polluted the poor Naia.

Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy Doppy

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Nkkkkkkkk!! Yeah, uhh!!! Nbi!"

All in all, Nia swallowed the cloudy with every tangled saliva of its penis odor.

"Pfft!" he breathed, his breath smelled like a penis.

Keith, who couldn't stop being excited about Naia making her cock stink from her mouth, decided not to dare brush her teeth before wandering off in the bathroom.