Keith decided to have fun with Berna first.

As she approaches Berna for a nose mix, she observes her legs spread wide open.

Berna's vagina, which has been scattered around until now, is wet as the love liquid bubbles white and the meat kettle shows how good it feels.

"Berna was nice to Aisha again today. So I'll give you a cite from Berna."

Yeah, he talks to the vagina hole without looking at Berna's face.

The meat hole that moves to narrow cum to respond is cute, obscene, and Keith's penis lifted up a long time letting him go in quickly.

Picking that meat stick with your fingers,

"Berna. See, what do you got? Don't you have any favors?

Now look at his face and ask him that.

Pets who ate deposits with their owners have a different red relieved face than the usual faceless,

"Monkey... bully me... bully me full of Berna's Monkey"

I plead as I quicken my heartbeat to a sense of expectation.

I guess I understand the tone and language disgust that I would never normally use.

I spread it out. From inside this hole, the love fluids overflowed with excitement that exposed my dementia.

It was tough until it caught fire, but once on, my mind and body were horny Bernas.

"Well done"

Keith cums such Berna's hard, pointy clit! And I picked it and pulled it up.

To a sudden, rampant stimulus, Berna distorted the face she had been provoking by surprise,

"Calf!!...... Ugh!! Ohhh...... Ohhh!!

Wouldn't I give it away?

Berna, who pulled the cli so hard to the right to the left and picked so hard that she even felt like that,

"Ogu!! Ouch!! Ya, hey ahhh!! Yabe, Kri, Horseradish!! Horseradish!!!

I gasped like I would suffer greatly.

But behind words, Berna's flesh showed a joyful response to strong stimuli, her nipples and cries sicco in the bin, and her vaginal hole was even wetter.

In that wet meat hole, Keith took no notice, lifting his hips and piercing his penis all the way back at once.

"Ooooooooo!!! Huh!! Mm-hmm!!? Damn... haha..."

With her eyes and mouth open to its limits and her vagina scratched by a sudden entry, Berna let her hips float in tears.

It ended lightly.

It was suddenly inserted where the sensitivity was increasing due to crispness. I can't do it.

Keith smiled happily as his penis received a welcome for meat spasms as soon as he put them in.

"Oh, Obedience ~"

Accepts Keith without resistance, and wraps his penis gently and softly. Moreover,

"I'm coming, Berna"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Woooo!! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Maru!! It's not right!! No!

No matter how hard you scratch it, that gives you a good response the other way around.

It is a very good vaginal hole that perfectly satisfies the male's reproductive instincts.

"Ah! Ah! Oh!! Come on! Manko Meat Yarakee!! I can't believe it's okay to move so hard even though it's perfect!! Whoa!! Kimochi, no!!

With a roar of joy, Berna shook her head at Keith, who launched a relentless assault at gunpoint and back in her normal position.

"Ojo!! Oju-zan!! Jiuyu!! Jolly good!!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Whoa! Whoa!!!

It shows me the same super asthma.

Aisha, who stood up beside him and watched the words "frenzied insanity" fit perfectly, could not believe how many times she saw it.

I can't believe Berna, who's been dating for over twenty years, is going to look like this.

But seeing it doesn't make me disgust. Rather, I envy you.

I can't believe I can feel so much in Keith.

Keith noticed Aisha watching in such silence when he turned sideways without stopping his hips from moving.

"Ugh... oh. Oh, what's going on? You look like that?

Aisha turns away a lot because I can't say I thought she was envious of that look.

"Yes, you're always just from Berna! Well, even I... at first..."

And Aisha leaned down as she turned red, realizing that she was telling the truth of her heart to deceive her.

What are you talking about? What have I said??

Are you stupid? Are you not stupid??

to Aisha tears her face bright red in embarrassment,

"Aisha, kiss me? I want to kiss Aisha. I want to lick Aisha's soft tongue around."

Not very much, but it's not a dialogue where you move your hips and say it while you stick it in another woman.

But Aisha was happy with that.

Perhaps my senses are completely paralyzed by special circumstances.

"... kiss... you want to? With me."

"Yes, I want to kiss Aisha"

"... I can't help it"

He asks for himself while inserting it into Berna. I was glad that was for some reason.

"Ha... Nju, Chipu... Raju, Raju... Peiju"

Aisha and Keith tangle their tongues intensely.

Berna stared at it as she was pounded hard into it, half crying,

"Jiuuuuuuu!! Aijai, no!! Now I'm a noob and no!!! Whoa! Wadaji Momoji Junju...... Kizushi Junju!! Nguuuuuuuu!!

He raised his voice as if it were a child and complained to Aisha as he drowned.

Aisha saw it sideways. When you get a pranky look,

"No! That's the punishment you're always getting me in first. How extravagant of you to kiss me!... Nju, Kishi, Nju, Raju."

Keep shaking Keith's tongue happily ever after.

"Ngu! Ngiuuuu!! Come on!! Oju!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Keith suddenly picked Berna's nipples up hard.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the picking will be done at last.

Cherry upward nipples are swept up by the power of a man and severe pain is transmitted to the tip of his head.

But Berna's body saw it as pleasure information.

"Nho!!! Nhouuuuu!! Gyubi!! No, no, no! too much!!! Aggyu!!

Keith felt it because of the increased tightness of the vaginal meat, softly giving Aisha a kiss,

"Aisha, please give her Berna's nipples... because if Berna does, I'll make her adorable full of Aisha"

To that sweetness Aisha sipped her saliva and stared at Berna, twisting up Keith's nipples all the time if he hadn't picked them.

"Hoo-hoo!!! Agi!! Ajiuuuuuuuu!!!

Both nipples are picked up at different forces, different angles, and their penises are poked like vaginas.

To the supreme feeling of coming all at once, Berna gasped.

"Yay!! Yay!!!! Ojo, no!! Nho whoa!! Whiskers!!! Iggy!! No, no, no, no! Ayyyyyyyyyyyy!! Tease!! Uh-huh!!

Keith, staring at Berna, gawking and kissing Aisha, thrust his hips forward many times with momentum about breaking through his vagina, blaming him in the back.

"So, ah!! Ahhhh!! Aggyu!! Whoa, whoa!! Ig!! Ig!! It's Igi, but no!! Yikes!! Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Until his last moment at the peak, Berna, who was shown the kissing scene between Keith and Aisha, relaxed her body as she cried.

Keith, who felt itchy, let her lips off Aisha,

"Sorry to keep you waiting...... are you ready?

I asked as I coveted around my mouth.

Aisha, who similarly tethered her lips with amber,

"Kishi... there's a mess... Kishi no Kishi"

When I said that, I lay down in bed and opened my own crotch.

Raise your butt, open the manko with your own hand and show it to Aisha. It was certainly null there.

The ruined love liquid is transmitted from the vaginal hole to the thigh, causing a female odor.

It smelled like Aisha's dark flower nectar.

Keith pulls out his red and black stiff penis, which has not ejaculated from Berna, and moves and closes his face to it, sucking the smell all over his eyes.

"Smells like Aisha... I think I'm just sniffing it out"

That's how he puts his nose on Aisha's big-eyed clitoris and sniffs it with cum.

"Ugh!! Stop it!! Stop it!!... come on... oh, man, I'm so sorry."

Aisha, who chooses a nasty word Keith seems pleased with and says, turned her face bright red and turned sideways.

Such Aisha is adorable,

"I know. You're so sweet. You're so sweet."

The full erect penis, which is likely to ejaculate now, was invaded in its normal position.

The nup and buried penis push into the back feeling resistant.

You resist each piece of meat as if it prevents intrusion, and when it's all buried, it sucks as soon as you let it go.

And when I try to pull it out, it gets tangled up and wraps the whole meat stick like a wet lick.

"Oh...... tundelle omanko...... uhh!

Keith begins to slide down his hips with a delightful scream at that feeling completely different from Berna's.

Blaming Aisha's favorite upper-side steeple with gentle hips,

"Aisha. Feel good? What do you say?

Ask her as she strokes the various parts of her body with her hands.

Keith's palms stroked his body's various places, bellies, buttocks, thighs, and a very gentle piston, Aisha smiled filled with a happy feeling,

"Kimoi! Keith! Nhiaaa!! Nkiyu!! Ugh!! Keith's hand, warm no...... oh, penis, I am!! Kimochi good!! Ahhhh!!

He entwined his legs in his hips and welcomed them into the back, holding them down disappointingly.

As a sign of its happiness, Aisha's vaginal meat is wet all over terrorism.

(10) Increases resistance when entering and pulling out, blaming the tortoise head and geese neck relentlessly.

"Whoa!! Whoa, whoa!!! Inside Aisha... Awesome!! Ooh, whoa!!!

Hearing that voice, Aisha smiled a different smile than she felt good.

"Kimochi, okay? Is Kimochi good or mine...... Akiyu!!! What is it, Kisanagi?

"Yeah, it's great! Aisha's... lover, you're the best."


The moment I heard the word, Zokuzoku ran through Aisha's spine.

Manko meat trembled with joy, even her nipples and crisps trembled with piqun.

"... Ki... Shi, Mo..."?

"Huh? Isn't Aisha's lover awesome? Isn't that obvious? It's just me, right?"

"Hinyu!! Oh, oh Ugh!!

Glad. I was going to be so happy.

Keith's just one lover. That's what you can say.

Strength increased on legs to hold.

"Ahhh!! Akiaaaaaaa!! Kee-shu, Kee-shu!! I love it!! I love you!! Oh, my God, your face."

"I know you do."

Keith said that, he stopped his hips from moving.

"I like you too, Aisha... I love you too"

I said that with a serious face.

The face looks so good for some reason, he looks like a beautiful man.

This is the illusion of a romantic brain.

Keith felt the vaginal meat tremble plump,

(Just words... like a kid. This is why romantic experience Nashi is good choro ~)

Change the angle of your hips and turn yourself into a piston for ejaculation.

Aisha, who is still feeling full,

"Ahhh!! Ami ah!! Keishu!! Keishu!! Kimochi no!! Awwww!! This, this is so awesome!!! Akiuuuuu!!!

Put your hands forward and ask for hug sex.

I want to be hugged and kissed and I want to take a child in the back.

"Ki-shu! Peek!! Peek? Give me a kiss!!

"You're a child... Yes, sir. Now..."

I'll do it for you.

A shadow appeared between Aisha's body as Keith tried to say so.

That was Berna.

Berna still breathed a little "haha," peeking into Aisha's face from the top,

"... fuuuuuuuu..."

I whined small and kissed Aisha as much as I wanted.

"Fubi?...... Nchu!? Ah-chu...... nigga, nigga!! Nchu. Lachipu...... Yamiko! Kishuka, Mirani, Nchupupupupupupupupupupupupupupupupupupu!! Nchu."

She deliberately blocks Aisha's gaze and begins to gently rub her chest by kissing Keith over and over again as she prevents him from seeing his face.

Keith, sensing Berna's intentions, continued to blame Aisha with a laugh.

"Nmiu!! Lachipu!! Nchupu, stop it! Behrna, waste!! Not much, Nga-chu!! Yay!! Yay!! Keeshikake!! Kishi Toshi no Ippa!! I want to come! Nchu!!

Keith scratched his reward at the mean Berna, who didn't listen to the plea at all and blamed Aisha.

"Nju!? Abbi...... Nju!! Nchuuuuu!!

Berna, who soon understood that was the reward for the kiss, intensified her kiss to Aisha even more.

The appearance of a female elf who repeatedly kisses so much that she may be out of acid.

Keith's expensive beginnings had come to the limit.

"Ugh!! Ugh!! Oh, shit!! Ahhhhh...... so sooo"

With a glance on his face, he still stuck Aisha in the guts,

"Chiuuuu!! Nchu!! Oh, no... Behrna, I'm really pissed off... let me see it!! I mess with you!! Ahhhhh!!!

Aisha's hips jump and she shivers pimply to let her know that the meatloaf is going to stink.

To the feeling of wet vaginal cramps and sobriety, Keith turns the piston into a blame and frees herself of ejaculation.

"Oops!! Whoa whoa!! Oh, Dell!! I am!!! To Aisha...... I'm getting the zamen out!!! Zamen!! My child!!

"Uuuuu!! Nomi!! You snuggle with me!! Beiru is ridiculous!! Ahhh!! Mm-hmm!!! That's awesome!!! Yikes...... even though they do! IKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Instead of hugging Keith, Aisha freaked her hips out violently and peaked as she hugged Berna.

And Keith, too, to such an immense,

"Whoa!!! So, yes!! This ha!!! I'm releasing Zamen. Yeah!! Nhhhhh!!!

The seed juice concentrated in Berna was ejected all at once in Aisha.

Momentum comes from the bell mouth, boo-boo!! Boo-hoo!! and the semen released white-contaminated Aisha's trout vagina.

"Mm-hmm..." Keith let the extra thick juice pour out in a pitiful voice, when it all came out, slowly pulled out his penis.

With a satisfying look on Zamen coming out of Coppo Aisha to go with it,

"Ap...... nju...... can, nju, nju!!

Berna suddenly started cleaning the sensitive turtle head.

to Berna, who sucks out even the remnants, licking them all at once,

"Ugh!! Whoa! Oh, oh? Berna??"

Look up at Keith, who gazes, and release his penis from his mouth.

"... probably, I will. So… I, too, Zamen… Your husband's seed juice, please…"

Berna leans her neck somewhere out of her tongue and asks.

Keith strokes Berna's head like that,

"Do you want Zamen Milk so much?

"... I want... Nchu"

"Well, if you can clean it well, I'll make you hungry."

"Njipu!! Nchu! Lerochi Po Po!!!

"Ooh!! Oh, tough!! All of a sudden it's so tight!!

I screamed delightfully and indulged in the pet elf cleaning fera.


The room was full of pharyngeal sexual odors.

After all, it was the first time after noon that I fucked him, and it was only at midnight when it was over.

The three figures who continued to caress and insert during the meal and bath along the way were like beasts.

Sometimes in front of a tired Keith, Aisha and Berna even freaked each other out in lesbian play.

That's how the three of us got to sleep tired.

They were three full of fulfillment, but Aisha and Berna had a job to do.

So they woke up at 4: 00 washing their bodies in the inner bath, but it was awkward somewhere.

Whatever you think back now is perverse.

Keith, I can't believe we're licking each other's dicks and rubbing each other's hair over there being treated.

Yes, they even had shellfish to match.

I accepted that because the excitement was Max then, but now that I think about it, I don't think that's it.

So Aisha scratched her head and said, "Oh!! My stupid idiot!!!" and desperately enjoyed wanting to do it.

Berna on the other hand is also faceless, so I can't ask, "... was I... perverted? ♪ And it's sinking deep ♪

The two up from the bath saw Keith sleeping happily while planting such distress.

"... this guy is bad"

"… unfortunately, there are no differences"

That said, I took a deep sigh.

Because in the end we understand that we are bad people who rely on such a guy for nothing.

sighing. Aisha wakes Keith,

"Keith...... Keith!! Wake up!!"

"... huh? Huh?... What... Are you done yet?

"Animals or you!? Is that all you got?!?

"To?...... hmm?

to Keith, who is blinking his sleeping eyes,

"We're going back to the palace, because we have work to do. What are you gonna do?

That's what I asked.

Keith made sure the two of them were dressed, and when he could see that the dreamy time was over,

"... I'll sleep a little longer in a bed soaked with the smell of both of us before I go home"

That's what I said to persevere.

"Well... then this is from me and Berna... a little bit, but the accommodation cost"

"Huh? That's really good. I don't want to."

to Keith, who says so in the face. Aisha and Berna are

"... and we were satisfied."

"It's that feeling. Please take it."

When we offered Keith the money, the two of us headed to the door.

Keith on its back,

"Let's come back again ~"

I'm going to tell you the next thing, even though it's a helo out there.

For the first time, they returned to the palace with a bitter smile.

Then Keith, who slept another five hours, woke up and headed to the bathroom.

Ask the front desk to clean the room then.

Tired in the bathroom, Keith, who cleaned his body, changed into his personal clothes when he returned to the room.

The room smells and disappears, and the bed is beautifully fixed.

Keith, who saw it satisfactorily, confirmed the vintage wine he had finally asked the front desk for.

"With Aisha and Berna's money, upgrade the wine!

And as I sat down on the bed and let my legs hang out, the door knocked.

Niya Keith replied "Ai ~" and headed to the door, opening without hesitation.


"You've come a lot, Roana"

Roana stood showing a slightly lit face.

"... Kiku... I can't believe you're here... it's convenient for me, too, ah!

Keith blocked her lips as she was pulled into the room by Roana.

To a long, sensual kiss, the surprise disappeared in an instant, Roana moving her tongue to respond sweetly.