My lips separated and my saliva pulled the thread as if it spared a breakup between my tongues.

Roana's face at that time was no longer a mother or widow, she had become one woman.

"Excuse me... I really missed Roana..."

My chest hits Keith's words.

Until we get here, what am I gonna complain about the sudden call? How do I make it look obstinate? I was thinking a lot.

But with a kiss and a hug, the idea vanishes in an instant.

"What about Roana? Didn't Roana want to see me?

Keith deliberately asks anxiously.

I know what that's an inquiry I'm trying to get myself to say, and still Roana,

"Ah... if you don't want to see me... I won't come or go"

Answer without being ashamed and unable to gaze.

"Please say it right... he wanted to see me"

"... I missed you. I wanted to see Keith."

Satisfied with what he made me say, Keith held Roana's body tight when she laughed nicely.

"Ah," Roana's voice is strong enough to leak.

"I'm glad... I'm glad, Roana"

That's how the kiss begins again.

Kissing and the like is also an awkward fluttering of the oral mucosa.


Keith came up with something when he decided to stay at this inn with Aisha and Berna.

That was the plan to call Roana and tell her to stay in the room after having fun with them.

Eisha and Berna have work the next day anyway, so I'm leaving early in the morning, so there's absolutely no risk of it becoming a bowl.

That's why I thought I could enjoy widow sex from 3P.

On an auspicious but auspicious day, I contacted Roana quickly and wrote to her in the style of a man who wanted to meet his loved one, wanting her to come to this day.

The reply came right away and it said "I suddenly have trouble being told that" and "I have a shop with my daughter" and so on.

But at the end of the day, I said, "But your feelings have been conveyed. If this is the case, I will go because there are no specifications".

Keith almost laughed when he remembered the letter.

(There are no specifications. Norinoli ~. That's why I like mature women who have been dumping women for a long time)

Though I think about it with all my heart, I never show it to my face, creating an atmosphere where I said I didn't want to see him.

Roana, deceived by it, was happily drunk that she was being asked to be a "woman”.

My mind and body were addicted to the feeling that I didn't think I could get anymore.

Keith was so much more surprised by the way he kissed too hard.

"Huh!? Nju...... P! Roana, calm down. There's plenty of time...... let's have some fun, shall we?

I remember how intensely I was devouring Keith's lips, and it was Roana making her face bright red.

Softly kissing Roana's forehead like that, Keith took her to bed.

The bedroom where yesterday's frenzy cleaned up like a lie didn't even leave a smell.

It is the premier suite of boulder luxury accommodations.

When you take the wine to Roana sitting in bed,

"Hey, is this room okay? It was expensive..."

I almost twitched to see what was going on with the common sense of the elves.

But I can't do it. Roana is an elf of nobility and a former nobleman, but now he's a shopkeeper.

I really care about the money.

So Keith smiles and sits next to Roana,

"I was so excited to please Roana. Aren't you happy?

"Wah... for me?

Lying is also a fine thing if you enter the hall to this point.

"Of course it is. If you hold Roana in a lodging or something around there, you'll hit a bee. This is the best place for Roana."

It is what the man who made him ferret in the alley often says.

However, the person said at the time has become puzzled by that oral complaint.

I was told this way by a man in his true face since his dead husband was a young man.

Serve the wine in a glass to Roana, who turns bright red and distracts from her gaze.

Super fine vintage wine but dare not say anything. This is the point.

Roana noticed the taste and the bottle and said, "Huh? Such a expensive thing!?" It's creepy to surprise you.

That's what happened.

Until last time, Keith held Roana as if she were dealing with lust.

Actually, I do, but I've treated that as Roana feels.

But that attitude suddenly changes after Roana makes a statement dumping Kurt and Keith says it's good.

Start treating her like a loving person, as if she were Roana's own princess.

If a comfortable situation starts, any person will wish it would go on forever.

Think about what you should do for it, and make an effort to continue the situation.

Aisha is a good example.

I accept that weird relationship because Keith can't dump me, and now I'm fine with 3P.

Roana couldn't help but enjoy the current situation.

He entertains me by whispering Keith's joke in his ear over a glass of wine, and sometimes a kiss mixes.

The 397-year-old elf was sweetly intoxicated by the exchange like a young lover to each other.

Roana didn't resist at all when Keith's hand eventually started rubbing his chest.

Ning Ro smiles and touches Keith's groin.

I'm glad to hear it, but since it's out to Aisha and Berna anyway, the number of remnants is zero.

We have to hurry up and make supplies.

But that would be perfectly fine with Roana.

"Roana...... I need a favor"

Keith cut out so with a gentle touch to his chest.

"Huh... what?

"Actually, I've been using my powers too much over the last few days to study for the princess... and I'm not going to be more satisfied with Roana than usual."

"Oh... Really?

"Yeah, but you are."

Saying so, Keith took the paper out of his pocket.

It is a paper with the magic of example "activation" written on it.

"This. It's actually magic that revitalizes me. If you could put this on me, full power! You can make Roana crazy as many times as you want... can you call me?

This is another reason Keith called Roana.

I wanted to try the magic of activation on someone other than Nia.

But in Aisha and Berna, I'm worried because of the amount of magic, and I still wanted to keep this magic a secret from both of us for a while.

In that regard, Roana is the perfect noble elf. Nothing wrong at all.

You never say you don't like it when you say it to entertain them.

As it reads, when Roana receives the paper,

"Should I cast this magic on Keith?

"Yes, please"

"Yep... ok"

She gave me a light ok.

Roana, with a little hesitation, reads out the magic language written on the paper and goes with the magic on it.

It is an elf of your species, not to mention living in the market. I'm used to magic.

A magic circle was built in front of the hand I gave you.

"Ooh... awesome"

To succeed in one shot, Keith identified the amount of magic that builds up there, thinking it was a boulder.

And I just thought it felt good,

"Yes! Hit me with that please!!

When she shouted, Roana nodded and released a magical circle.

As always, when a magic mass that flies with a dumb sound hits your body, a feeling that looks bad on your body, like that blood boils, rushes through your whole body,

"Ugh!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

I was surprised Roana by Keith, who suffers stuffily, but soon it calms down.

to Roana, who looks worried about Keith taking a deep, deep breath,

"Full power!! 100% of 100%!!

When I said that and stood up, I suddenly jumped and pushed him down.

"Shit! Keith!?

Keith rubbed his chest as he repeatedly kissed Roana screaming small,

"Thank you, this Keith, for sitting in full power. Thank you now..."

When I could take off Roana's clothes with the tricks I was used to, I got naked on my upper body and covered myself with her.

It was Keith, whose vitality was growing with magical powers.

Peel off the bra locking Roana's slime tits and plump! And when I let it bounce, I started rubbing it directly.

Replace the saliva with a deep kiss while squeezing Roana's tits that change shape with the power of her fingers all over.

Drinking saliva that tastes like each other's wine all the time, glancing at the milk wheel,

"Hmmm... Nju, Hiwo... Chu, Nju... Hia!

Your voice starts leaking between kisses.

There's the old "Stop it!" There were no mothers and widows who resisted.

Keith, with his lips off, wakes up his torso a little and concentrates on a chest rub.

Like massaging different places from different angles.

I even blame my elf tits for not looking like they collapsed at all while I was having a baby.

But don't touch your nipples.

Rub up the milk wheel as you rub it with all your strength and stop it by touching or not touching the nipples.

"Ahhh... ahhh... Hih!

Roana's face was sweetly distorted by the burning sensation.

"It's beautiful, Roana... it's so beautiful"

To be honest, it's a word that's been said many times, but when Keith told me that in this situation, the back of my womb got hot.

Doing so makes my chest sensitive in response to it.

Roana chewed on her lips because she was sensitive but couldn't touch her nipples.

So much so that I don't know what to do, Roana finally became the limit of patience that she couldn't just touch her nipples.

"Ki...... hiccup! Hmmm... please, chi... chibi... please"

Keith nodded, "Yes, sir," when he was told that with his chopped eyes by a mature elf who was becoming vulnerable to pleasure.

And suddenly I had an erect nipple in my mouth in the bin.

"Aah! Aah!! Ahhh!! Ki-soo!!

Put your hardened nipples in your mouth and suck them off like babies.

Lick to apply saliva, chew sweetly with teeth, pick with lips and pull.

If one is finished, the other, and if it is in between, pick it with your fingers and squeeze it out.

"Habu, Nju! Get lost, Nju, Nju, Pupu!

Suck up your nipples all at once with each milk wheel deliberately making a noise.

I rub my wet nipples with my thumb and index finger on both hands.

Roana's flesh reacted joyfully to the relentless blame on her uninterrupted visiting nipples.

"Ha! Ha uuuuuuuuu!! Ah, Keith!! Keith!!

"Roana's breasts... wow, I feel like rubbing them"

"Wah, wah!! Me string...... Nkiyu!! Kimoi...... Keith Woo!! Mm-hmm!!

Keith, who decided that the expensive one had gone as far as to feel good, stopped blaming his nipples and shifted his body down to move between Roana's legs.

The crochet on my panties was already moist and wet, but I scratched there with a scratch of my finger.

To the weak irritation over the panties, but Roana's expensive body shows a vicious movement.

Push the vaginal hole through the top of your panties as you play the clip with your fingernails that you can clearly hear you have an erection.

In that caress, which I only feel strange, the love liquid dirties my panties to Becha.

"Oh Roana's luxurious looking underwear, dirty...... awesome amount of love liquid"

"Hih, come on!! Ugh!! Stop... don't rush me... ahhh!!

"You know I like you, don't you?

Keith said that with his index finger, jerking his vaginal hole from above his panties, of course.

"... terrible... oh, no... hiaaah!!

Nearly 400, Roana stares at Keith with a stubborn voice as if she were a little girl.

There is no disgust or rejection in that gaze. I can only ask sweet stubbornness.

"Wouldn't it be nice to be a little mean if Roana could please you?

Roana no longer remembered her daughter or her husband for the happiness of being treated like a lover.

"... Keith... Mmm! Oh, please... I need a penis, give me your... stiff one"

Copy that, sir.

It means making it clear to you who you and the woman are looking for.

Keith, who thinks so, was satisfied with what he made me say and made him take off his panties.

When I opened the maternity woman's clothes thoroughly, I smelled a steamy female.

The female meat ripened bright red as she waited is wet and swallowed, and the honeypot is crunchy as it shows pain.

Place your finger in a sufficiently loose hole to confirm the addition and subtraction inside, then remove your pants with your other hand.

The vitality restored was manifested by the hardness of the penis.

to a penis that I didn't think I enjoyed with both of you yesterday so much,

(The maternally overflowing Omako hole of a menstrual woman must heal Aisha and Berna's fatigue! Looking forward to it, buddy.)

When I spoke stupid words with my heart, I scratched Roana as hard as I could.

"Ahhh!! Yah!! Mm-hmm!! Kisu!! No!! Please!! I can't believe you!! Give me a penis!! Penis!!

Keith, who could not help but see the fallen woman, woke her heart,

"Excuse me, I was so comfortable touching it inside Roana... I'll let you in now"

When I pulled my finger out, I licked the taste of the love liquid, and slowly proceeded along my hips with Roana's legs as I got excited about it.

A penis swallowed from the tortoise head by a wet flutty vaginal hole tells Keith how good it feels.

"Whoa!!... Oh, it's not the same when you're having a baby... here's motherhood!

When I was able to insert them all, the words leaked to the gentleness of the meat.

Roana, on the other hand, clenched her pillow in a hole she had been comforting with her fingers all the time since Keith and Cite last time, smiling at the power of the hot, fierce meat stick that finally came in.

"Ngu!! Wow no... dude, I'm kidding!! Ahhh!! A fat spot hits a good spot!! Ngu...... Ugh!!

Rejoicing her vagina full of completely traditional recapture, Roana welcomes Keith with a big crotch opening,

"Move! Please!! Have fun!! You're about to break!! Ki-soo!!

"It's so sad. Well... Yes, sir. I will now...... Yikes!! Yikes!!"

Vaginal rubbing by Keith began.

Subtly change the angle of the hips every time, rubbing various places with the geese neck and sticking them up with the turtle head.

Of course, the attack at the back, towards the mouth of the uterus, doesn't even loosen up.

Once every few times, as I recall, when I cancer in the back,

"Ooh!! Higiu!! Oh, oh!! They're poking me!! Whoa!! Ooh, but amazing. No, no, no!

to Roana shaking her hair and scratching her sheets. Keith did not loosen his hips,

"Just in the back? This place!? How about here!? Doesn't it feel good??

Keep moving rampantly like scratching a vaginal hole.

"Up!! Ugh!! No, no, no, no! That's great!! That!!! Ahhhhh!! Hirochi uuuuuuuuuuu!! Omako!! Don't be silly!!

Roana, who waved her back from herself as she called her "Kimochi good," had no dust on her face when she was strong.

While thrilled to add or subtract his own planting, Keith is covered in Roana and deeply kissed as he hugs her.

Protrude your penis toward the back throughout your body and rub the clip up with your pubic bone.

Roana's hand wrapped around Keith's neck.

"Roana...... tell me I'm good? You like me, you say I feel the best."

Let him say that to be sure, and he gets excited about his disloyalty.

I am no longer lost in Roana in this overwhelming pleasure.

"Kisu!! Mm-hmm!! Ngu!! Nguuuuuu!! Keith, okay!! I don't care!! Kisu is the best!! Daisuki!! No, no, no, no!

The two continue to tangle their legs in their hips at the same time as the words and shake their bodies as if they were animal mates, severely intertwining mucosa both above and below and rising to height.

Eventually Roana's back is overflowing with irresistible cuts and his hips move out so cool that he can't be stopped.

"Nju!! Njipu!! Chu, chu!! Nchuuuuu!! Iku, Nchu...... Kishi, I HI, Nchu! Yikes...... Yikes!!

"Fine!! Chiu! Chiu! Yikes!! In my penis!! You bitch!!! Grr!!!

Without further ado, Keith, who moves heavily with force, was filled with strength, and Roana,

"Hiyaaaah!! Ncha, Nchaaaaaa!!! Ahhhhh!! Ah, ah, ah!! Wow, no, no, no, no! KYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

I was swallowed by a wave of thoughtlessness, screaming out the name of a different man from my husband.

Squeeze!! and Keith, who can't stop niggling at Roana's slut seeking a kiss at that moment that strengthens her body as well, woke up her upper body connected.

Then he lifted Roana's one-legged leg, and when he put it on his shoulder, he started having side sex as it was with a penis that he hadn't put out and pampered.

(a) Roana started rubbing her sensitive vagina at different angles again,

"Ngi!! No, no, no, no! Oh no......!! Holy shit...... KISU!! Ki-soo!!

What is screaming? Keith spoke to Roana as she blamed the vagina of a pure reaction on her back.

"No. Be prepared to teach your body everything you need to remember about me until we meet again."

He had goosebumps in the words and was a jolly Roana.


Eventually, four times without pulling out, Keith ejaculated on Roana.

At the end of the day, Keith, thinking he was magical, released to squeeze out thinner semen, fell asleep as he folded with Roana.

I woke up around ten o'clock at night, and I woke up hungry.

I asked for room service not to wake Roana, who was sleeping satisfactorily, and woke her up after the meal was transported to the room.

While eating on the bed because it's already dirty, I hear Roana's "Be A Little Kinder" and "Because Even I'm Not Young" stupidity.

And when I finished eating, I decided to take an indoor open-air bath.

Keith remembered an open-air bath etch here and decided to get Roana to revitalize it again.

Because four times in a row I haven't recovered from a bit of sleep and eating.

Roana is

"When you recover... will you do it again?

"It's obvious!

"... I... could be destroyed."

Oh, my God. I read the paper again earlier.

But here Roana thought.

I was wondering if I could cheer Keith up more if I increased the amount of magic I could put in.

It's because of Keith, who gave only a brief explanation of the magic.

And then I came up with it, and Roana ran it.

When Keith was in magic, he looked at the fit and said, "Yes! When I said," I put extra magic on it and let it go.

The moment he hit it, Keith quickly realized it felt different than it had just felt.

"Gu!! Up!!!! Ko...... this is HA!! Hey...... you're lying!!! Ahhh!!

When Roana rushes over surprised at how different she was earlier, Keith hits around the floor with a fall in front of her.

Smoke keeps rising from the body and the heart keeps hitting the early bell.

(Bones!! It's melting...... oh shit!!! Again!!! Ahhh!!

Again and again, "Keith!! Keith!!" When the voice called in the distance became clear step by step and completely audible, the other way around, the voice stopped.

Look at your arms and look at your body.

Small. The gown that was coming is a rash.

Besides, the penis peeking through the gown is tiny.

"... this again"

Deeply sighed Keith looked up at Roana with pity.

Keith, who was a child, grinned bitterly at Roana, who was astonished.