"Ugh... Ugh... Huh!!

There was a small scream in the room.

It's not Roana's. Keith's.

I had a bad feeling at the time I was told to lie down in bed.

But I didn't expect you to move from so much garlic back to anal licking.

The runaway Roana was different.

Roana took Keith to bed who made him say he wanted to have sex.

Like starting to blame the naked boy from his nipples and tickling around his stomach, pubic bones from there.

And finally to the penis.

It had an erection in the ginguin. It contained it in his mouth and cleverly lowered his foreskin in his mouth.

When you are carefully shaved the tortoise head, which is scattered and polished in the bathroom,

"Ahhh!! Aku!! Mom!"

Keith was holding Roana's head in, unknowingly calling her mom.

Roana, who could afford to fully enjoy Keith's expression, tangled his geese neck with his tongue and gently rubbed his scrotum with his fingers, as the penis itself was small and free of pressure on his mouth, on top of nothing painful to the extent of the child's power.

"Huh! Huh!!

Roana, who saw Keith raising her voice as loving, let her penis out of her mouth, woke up her torso and

"What do you say? Mom's mouth...... does it feel good?

I didn't stop working, I asked.

Keith could only snort at the irritation being rubbed, but Roana smiled contentedly.

"Then I'll pepper Keith's body more."

That's what he said, he lifted his butt, and he said, "Ah! I didn't have time to say," Chinguri returned anal blame began.

Although anal licking has been done since adulthood, it is certainly the first time a child has been licked with an unfinished body.

"Ugh!! Phew...... uhhhh!!

Roana's beautiful tongue licks the boy's anal loose.

Carefully lick every single one of the anus wrinkles, from which they pass the perineum and shave the scrotum.

Naturally, the hand won't loosen during that time either.

He keeps getting his fingers around the bell mouth from his back muscle.

Little Keith's child body was about to panic for some simultaneous attack.

That's what adult brain miso treats.

But it feels too good.

There was going to be a lot of juice coming out of various places.

Keith was experiencing his third ejaculation while being salivated around his natural, hairless pussy.

If I put it out in this position, I'm definitely going to buzz it in my face.

That was all I could forgive for dying.

I just don't want to taste that sense of defeat, even if it's wrong.


"Ma... mama..."

I made the most of the pitiful feeling and spoke to Roana.

Roana let go of the tongue she was licking and stared at Keith.

"Np...... what's going on?

"... I want a penis in my mom... I want semen in my mom..."

It is more of a petition than a demand.

Pride hurt, but I can't care less about that anymore.

"Yes. Are you shitty?


"Please...... what?


"When you ask someone, what do you say?

Stay on track......

Keith turned bright red and pulled, still crying in his voice,

"Mommy... Mommy's... let me penis... oh, please"

That's what I said to squeeze it out in my tinkle-back outfit.

Roana feels like she's a little nasty having goosebumps about Keith's appearance like that, though.

Keith, you're a good boy.

I unwrapped my penis and held it as long as I wanted.

"Fine. Let's fill your mom up and make her feel better."

That's what I said and kissed him.

The mouth and kiss I was licking my anal was Keith feeling a little fuzzy.


Keith advanced his body between Roana's crotches lying on the bed.

Roana laughed, including

"I wonder if I can do it well?

I can't believe you're asking me, but I'm not a kid! and suppressing his desire to penetrate, Keith picks and angles his penis with his fingers that are likely to attach to his umbilical cord and pushes it against his vaginal mouth.

Unlike in Nia, Manko is the opponent who made it this time.

I was anxious to see what would happen with the kid dick, but I was more than willing to get inside Roana, who was just being fertile and null.

So as he advanced his hips, his penis was swallowed inside.

"Ugh... whoa... the whole thing is amazing..."

The penis is wrapped around the entire flesh of the vagina. It tightens tightly.

There was no feeling of scratching and scratching in the adult state, and it was vaginal like it was holding me warmly from the other side of Ningro.

The expectant mother-in-law was kind to her child with her mother.

Keith turned his gaze to Roana's face as he nearly drowned in his comfort.

There is no such thing as a woman gasping for her usual pleasure.

If you dare, it is the look that the mother gives when the child is able to successfully learn.

Stop that face because it depresses me.

In disdain of wanting to say so, Keith began to keep his hips back and forth when he placed his hand on Roana's leg, which was open to the M-shape.

Moving with Scoscosco, I change the angle slightly to explore,

"Yes...... hehe, it's good and good. Keith just got laid."

Oh, shit! There's absolutely no room!!

But that's because of Keith in his adult state.

Hot poking from a tiny waist with that gorilla vicious dick, and a seeding press from Porcio and.

Keith was the only one who was forced to open a long period of sleep and immersed himself in ferocious pleasure.

That is now a child's penis. With a child's hipster, it can be taken for granted that there is not enough of everything.

Keith himself knows best about that.

But so give up and what do you do!?

As long as there's a cock growing there no matter what it looks like, as long as there's fingers, hands, mouth and tongue, isn't it a creature called a male that makes a woman crazy!?

Wake up beast instincts!! Wake up, you big reproductive soul!! Help me!!!

The real fool quickened his hips as he screamed with his heart, putting his strength into his butt so he wouldn't get out.

Roana, who takes it, couldn't help but get desperate and waving Keith cute.

Born erotic maroana, whose heart began to depend on Keith, intertwined with the motherhood she had originally, was causing her womb to ache over the act of accepting a child into the womb that had not even given birth.

As much as I think it's lovely, I can see my vagina twirling from behind wanting to make this kid feel better.

I couldn't get the irritation to faint, but the comparable feeling of happiness filled my mind.

I hate adultery before, just asking, but now I know what it's like to do it somehow.

I was a little scared of that myself, Roana.

Roana, intoxicated by pseudo-mother-child sex, was happy to feel Keith's penis rubbing her vaginal wall with pointy tips that didn't reach deep at all.

Because I can see my little Keith is desperate to make my mom feel better.

"Good boy... good boy... ahhh..."

Keith didn't listen to this moment.

Identify the length, shape of the kid dick and blame it everywhere to see the reaction.

I was about to be frustrated by a reaction that didn't return at all, and while I was about to ejaculate, I withstood it and even shook my hips and finally found a blameworthy place!!

Keith leaves all the energy at once up,


That said he fell forward and was covered in Roana.

Because of the height difference, Keith caught sight of Roana in the shape of a jump into her chest.

I thought Roana, whose ejaculation was close and she stopped hanging up and hugging,

"Oh, sweetheart. You want me to hold you?

Totally alarmed and gently stroked Keith's back. Keith, who thought this moment was his chance,

"Fucking hell!! Huh! Huh! Whoa!!!

Throughout his body, he thrust his vaginal sexy belt hard, which he could blame even for the kid dick he just found.

"Huh!? Oh, yaaaa!!!

Screaming Roana.

At the same time, Keith rubbed Clitoris with his pubic bones by snuggling his body tight and strongly blamed Big Pie's nipples.

It is a three-point attack!!

"Huh!! Huh!! Ah! Ah, ah, ah!!!

Keith felt his self-esteem revive as Roana began to faintly bore him.

Roana, on the other hand, was panicking about a puppy that had been adorable until just now suddenly became a fierce fighting dog.

They poke me in a nice place in my vagina, rubbed my clit, picked my nipples and shaved me.

I don't think Keith was being blamed for his little penis with that crying face.

"Duh, what's wrong! Keith, come on! Ahhhhh!!! Stop!! Stop. No!!!

"Is that it? Mom, what's going on? Your face is full, isn't it? Does it feel good?

"No!...... no!! Ahhhh!! KYUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

"It's not true ~. Because the way Omako meat trembles, just now, is completely different! Look!! Look!!!

Weighing himself to crush the clit, he turns the vaginal wall with a hardened penis to the limit.

Instead of being decadent and meaty, kid dicks like thin, pointy murder weapons continued to poke Roana's comfort point relentlessly.

"Ngu!! Ugh!!! Oh, oh!! No!! Kisu!! Stop it. No!! Mom, I'm gonna get mad at you!! You're angry!! Ahhh!!!

"I'm not frightened of a mom with a kid dick! You've done some scathing, Mom...... vengeance Bye!!! Revolution Bye!! Ugh!!!

Little Keith attacked Roana with a sexually inappropriate move that seemed like a child, becoming a completely different vicious twat from the crying face she had just had.

Suck on your nipples as you move your body, letting your child's little fingers slip into Roana's slime tits with a glass of eyes.

When she was bitten to such an extent that it was not a level of sweet bite of a milk wheel, Roana said,

"Ha!! Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Ahhh...!!"

I put my nails on Keith's back, as usual.

"It hurts, Mom."

Keith pointed his mouth without stopping the piston at all.

But the intensity of the stimulus, which is not the other way around, makes Roana's mouth hectic.

"There... ahhh!! Nhiyi!! Kisu!! Stay!! Bullying!!

Keith laughed and got on with still dragging his mom's settings through this period.

"Mom, can I have my penis? Hey, you want some kimochi? Tell me!! He said kid dick feels good!!! Here!!

"Ugh...... no... NHI!! Ahhh!! No, no!! That's not true!!

"Well, I'll stop, won't I? I'm not gonna flirt with your mom anymore."

"Oh man!!! Ahhh!! Terrible!! Kisu belongs to my mom!! Just Mommy, but no!! Haaaa!!! Ahhh!! Ahhh!!

"Then I have to tell you!! You made me tell you too!! Say it!! Can I soak your penis?

Roana, desperately holding Keith's body as she was about to go away, bit her lip once before


"I can't hear you. Mom."

"Kimoi. Kimochi good!! Keith's penis!! It's amazing!! It's a children's penis but no!!! Even though it's tiny!! My whimpering!!! Ahhh!!!

Keith laughed at the scream.

"Haha!! My mom fell for a kid dick!! My mom's such a bitch and she's pathetic."

"Because... it is!! Kee-su, stay... stay... Mmm!! Grr!!!

"Oh, my mom's bitch. Do you think I can? Sounds good, doesn't it?

Hips are gushing! And floating, the vaginal flesh began to cramp, and Roana's whole body came to let her know that Acme was close.

But Roana herself repeated, shaking her head violently, "I don't like it,"

"No! I don't!! To children!! I can't believe they fucked me!! That's not good!! No but no!!! Mm-hmm!! Oh, please!! No more!! Keith!! No more moms!! Don't make me a female. Yeah!!!

I barked and shouted at the ACME rejection from the bottom of my heart.

Now if you (a), you can only think of yourself as a female.

I absolutely hated that. Yet,

"Uh-oh... no. My mom's gonna be a female mom for my ejaculation only, right? This makes me a fine female mom. [M] Glad to hear it, huh? Say I'm happy!!

Even cruel words don't stop goosebumps.

Pain in the uterus, cramps in the vagina.

It's as if you want it.

"No! No females!! Hey!! No, but no!!! Yikes!!...... Grrr!! Yikes!!! hey!! hey hey!!!!

Roana peaked as she held the child in her chest tight.

I was seriously mad at my child for allowing my heart to be about ten years old.

Roana naturally tightened her vaginal flesh hard as well as tightening it all over her body in tears.

Keith, who continued to piston there,

"Whoa whoa!! Whoa, whoa!! Mesmanco!! My childbearing female manko!! I want semen and it tightens!! Oh, oh, oh! Here... me!! Seeding!!! Uh-oh!

He had a terribly nasty, distorted face and could dramatically scratch the seed on the vaginal meat.

The semen, which withstood the ferra and long pistons, boiled down to guts, thick and high in quantity.

That's the cum! Bikun!! and sprayed out of his little penis and defiled inside Roana.

Tired of systemic exercise as it was, Keith fell on her chest clinging to the sense of liberation after ejaculation.

"With a candlestick... I let you... let you guys... the penis is not the size... what I want is the tech"

He was a disciplined man who wouldn't forget his stupid dialogue until the moment of his cock.


When he woke up, Keith was being held by Roana.

Waking up with super beautiful mature elves just a little bad for your heart.

For a moment I said, "Ah? Are you in heaven?" I seriously thought.

Understanding his situation and ascertaining his time, Keith decided to wake Roana up saying it was time to go back to adulthood no matter how much.

"Stay... not Roana. Roana! Please wake up, Roana!!

"Hmm... hmm...? Oh, Kisu... have I already told you? Have a good day..."

The reaction is with Nia.

"Please don't fall asleep!! Hold on, Roana!! Wake up!!

"Hmm?... Ah, eh?

Rubbing his sleeping eyes, Keith took a sigh of relief at Roana, who finally woke up,

"Roana, are you awake? Are you sure?

I'll make sure of that.

"Yes," the words returned, safely cutting out the talk.

"I'll have to go back to the palace in a little while, so please put me back, my body"

Little Keith asks you to spread your hands.

Roana stared at the look of it, leaning down a little and then

"... no"

and groaned.

"... what YEAH... why are you returning words with such a nori?

"I said no... Keith can stay put"

"No...... no no!! It's not good!! It's not good at all!! What are you going to do with this!!

"I'll take you home. And I'll raise him for adoption!

"No, no, no!! I can't!! I can't do a lot of things!! Huh? I mean, what's this development??

The rampage of erotic maroana had not stopped.

Ning Luoyi has been molested and has increased due to the fact that she held him and slept.

"Right? Shall we? Then I'll cook you Keith's favorite dish every day! Why don't we go out with Erne and the three of us on the day off? And at night..."

"I'm not sure what its healthy or rotten. Parent-child relationship!? Roana, please hold on!! You have such a wrong relationship!!

Don't you say that.

"Don't you like it?... Keith is with me... be my child..."

Keith looked for an excuse as he scratched his head at Roana, who was about to cry out.

But I can't think of it well because the situation is the situation. Then,

"Fine. Then don't put the magic back on, because I'm leaving! Because if you come crying in trouble, you don't know!

"Are you a child!? No, I'm the kid!? Hey Roana!! Let's talk about it!! This is what the king of a country once said! Talk and you'll see!!

"You killed that man after all!!

"No, well, yes... that's not what I'm saying... Roana! Roana!!!

After this, persuasion extends to five hours, he says.