Keith's penis was showing unprecedented rigidity in front of two frightened little girl elves.

Keith the boulder is also the first to fuck a girl of this age (who looks like). Of course.

The feeling of that flesh. Mann This shape, narrowness, tightness. What kind of stuff is that?

Just imagine that the congestion of the corpus cavernosum increases.

But Aisha and Berna, who had to take it, were frightened.

Keith's eyes, the atmosphere is serious.

I can see that Keith is willing to twist himself in no matter what he thinks about what he feels is bigger and more violent than usual.

I know very well that things around here are not even childish to think about.

I'm scared because I know better.

If they make love to that Keith woman with such a dusty body, if they do poorly, they die.

Especially if Berna makes that rambling addition and subtraction look like a child, it's definitely going to suck.

So Berna's usual faceless disfigured, blue-faced, and about to cry.

Even for Aisha, I knew about Keith's lack of forgiveness about sex, so my pee was about to leak.

Take such a war-torn toddler elf to urge the evil demon master to go from the stripper to the bathroom with his erection.

Both Aisha and Berna were about to fall when their vicious erection penis swung for the first time just at the height of their eyes.

Keith, who sat two in a bath chair where each adult could sit,

"You're going to have hot water. Tell me if it's hot."

So I gently sprinkled hot water, and when my body got wet, I put soap on the bath sponge and started washing it from Aisha's body.

Pudding buttocks, pounding stomachs, and this breast while rubbing your thin, breaking arms and legs.

The gesture is very polite and gentle and unpleasant.

I don't blame my nipples or my groin.

And without blaming me, I wash the sponge once, put the soap back on, and wash Berna.

Oh, my God. Good reason works.

Both Aisha and Berna were honestly relieved.

It's too much for Keith to assault a daughter of this age no matter how many.

That deviates a little too much from reason and social common sense.

Even Keith wouldn't have done that.

The soothing look on the two young faces soothes.

It's usual to have an erection, and you don't have to worry about that one.

I'm glad Keith had proper reason. The two laughed somehow.

But they didn't realize it was too much to lick a perverted sexualist named Keith.

When his body was done washing a lot, Keith placed a sponge without flushing the soap bubbles with hot water.

"Well, let's clean up the important part."

When I laughed at the two of them, I began to stroke those totally unexpanded tits with my adult hands.



Raising their voices, Aisha and Berna were somewhat saddened by Keith's deeds, which had begun after all.

The man I believed in was Lorikon. I can't do that.

Technically, Lori is a good-looking all-rounder, but that doesn't matter.

Even now, pervert! And I wanted to scream Aisha, but it wasn't the other way around when Keith's hand immediately began to focus on connecting his nipples.

"No!! Nmiyu!!! Hiya! Hiya!!

Pink milk rings and nipples pounding over brown skin provide Aisha with strong irritation so that she can tell me she shouldn't touch me like that yet.

Aisha let herself down to the tingling sensation one step ahead of her, not palatable by her adult body, and continued to gasp in her young voice.

Berna next door also raised her voice to an overly sensitive child body and was bored.

Even though he was stronger than Aisha, he nevertheless responded to Berna's flesh to a large extent with a totally gentle nipple clamp than usual.

The milk rings, roughly the same colour as the colour of the skin, are slightly plump and swollen, recalling their shape when they grow up.

When you get pulled around with your fingertips,

"Fukiwoo!! Ahhh! Ahh! Whoa! Mm-hmm!!

I guess I still can't get my usual wheeze out. She has a lovely voice.

Keith touching those two nipples,

"Ooh, even such a tiny body has a proper nipple and an erection..."

I burned the appearance of a young girl elf gasping with a tattered zero run from her penis in her eyes.

If my nipples are so much, I can't help but wonder what the hell is going on in the secret garden beneath them.

I thought Keith, hungry as a virgin, was going to fire even though the sperm remained silent, and I thought I'd get the girls in front of me to nudge me anyway.

(Omako and the others, wait a minute)

Speaking that way to the vertical suzi, Keith kept his nipples touched.

"Do you both feel good?

I'll ask, but I don't get a decent response because of the stimulus.

I couldn't help it, so I softened my finger movement. I asked again,

"... haha... fu... come here, I want to heck no! Something's wrong! Konya, I can't believe I'm taunting you! Mishikonoki-kun!

"... is Fuhi-kun, Fushi-kun... Hello Sashi-kun... Ra Me and I are already..."

On the contrary, I was excited about a young elf who complained so bitterly.

Girls will also be rewarded for being called perverts. This is the truth of the world.

The grumpy Keith, when he held them together,

"You don't think I'd do this to anybody, do you? Because Aisha and Berna look small. 'Cause it's too cute."

I fully enjoyed the naked texture of the toddler girl and spoke as she rubbed it against her body.

"Liar! You're not gonna fool me! Oh, you really are! I want something real!

I blocked the lips of the little Aisha trying to get violent as much as I could.

Lorikis was sweet, my little tongue was licking and it felt good.

"Nchu, pechu...... puchu"

Aisha, shrugged through her tiny little pussy, is simultaneously touched by her nipples again, her head pounded by the stimulus, and she begins to move her tongue from herself.

"Pechu Pechu, Lachi Pu...... Kishu, Nchu"

Girls like this call me names, naked, girlfriend kisses, I'm in excellent shape right now, and Keith, the engined, when he let go of his lips,

"... trust me, Aisha. I do this because Aisha is cute... even if she's small... right? Believe me?"

Aisha, said that with a serious face, hesitated a little and then nodded small and many times.

"Shinji...... Shinji, more kishi. All of a sudden"

Lori, kissing my daughter is destructive.

Keith said, "Yes, sir," and resumed mouthing.

When I look next door, with the other hand I cuddle, Berna looks somewhat lonely.

So after you've fully kissed Aisha,

"... what about Berna? Does Berna believe me? Believe me, it's Berna.

I stuck my tongue out after I said it on purpose and asked him as I appealed to him if he said he believed me.

Naturally Berna nodded,

"It's impossible not to believe your husband!? Rapu, nrapu, ha, ha!!

I responded with joy to the kiss that began halfway through the words.

Of course my nipples are smothered, so I'm bored with them.

Berna's grown-up face turns red and she desperately tangles her tongue as she roughs her nose.

Doing so, neighbor Aisha roared "uh-huh" again and pulled Keith's hair,

"Hey, Berna, it's just Berna! Me again! I kiss you too!!

Take Keith from Berna and start kissing him.

Even though there is no change in what I say or do with the usual language, it is very good for the child to look like this.

And what is being done is naked kissing. There's no reason not to get excited.

That's why I get enthusiastic. Then Berna, who found Keith burning to it, pulled Keith's hair, too.

"… then……. I also... kiss you... more"

Lori alternately kisses each other.

Keith, who seemed to get out unexpectedly, enjoyed the taste and feel of the two different tongues by kissing him on his behalf many times as he happily slumped his face.

Keith, kissed by Aisha and Berna so badly that he was about to run out of acid, took a breath.

"Do you both like kissing so much?

Ask Binbin a question as he clutches his two hardened erect nipples together.

Keith stood up, grinning nigga at the two young girls, who nodded roughly and breathlessly.

and protruding a penis that is also completely erect in front of the two of us,

"So will you kiss me too?

Pick it with your fingers and shake it, and try the other way around.

Normally, it was Aisha, who would look at the filth, or Berna, who would complain about the lowest with no expression.

The two of them now had become swinging female toddlers with kisses and tits.

It is a horrible being that can only become because it remains an adult brain that knows how sexually pleasing it is.

I knew Berna was the first to start.

Spread your mouth all over the cup you've been kissing and cheek your penis.

However, the shape of the mouth was small, so the tortoise head area was full, and the cheeks swelled to the shape of the penis just because it was covered.

Still working hard on the toothbrushing fella's guidelines, Berna glanced up at Keith, drooling with covetousness.

That porn look. And to the mastery of tongue, Keith said, "Whoa!" He raised his voice.

The delayed eyesha also rubs her lips on the losing and rod sections.

It is a harmonica ferra.

I couldn't help but notice the feeling of my little tongue licking the rod and crawling away with terror.

Aisha's tongue tickles the fundamentals as she follows it, kissing the scrotum.

Cute brown face with a good fleshy penis, slutty and nasty.

"Huh..." drowned the covetousness from Keith's exhaled mouth.

The two black-and-white toddler elves continued to lick such a perverted thirty man's grocery cock with deliciousness.

That look that is licking ice candy no matter how you look, even though your mouth moves are already professional level.

"Oh... wow... this... I'm not excited. Because I'm lying... oh ho!

The closer to the limit, the more expensive Keith was,

"Ah, Aisha! Berna! Order!...... VACUUM FERRA in order!! Suck it!!

That's what I shouted with my hands on their heads.

Looking up at the same time, looking at each other, they first swallowed the penis from Aisha to about half the pole, narrowing their cheeks and starting a little fella.

"Juju! Njipu!! Joo-hoo!! Njiuuuu!!!

Fast Fella with her tongue tangled as she shook her little head back and forth diligently sucking her penis.

Nasty surfaces on narrow cheeks mismatch toddler face and are superbly erotic.

Eventually when Aisha let the penis, which had become full of saliva, go out of her mouth, this time Berna put it in her mouth for each of its salivas.

I tangle my tongue when I swallow my penis, which welcomes me deeper into my throat than Aisha, at a slower rate but whispering.

"Roo-hoo... Roo-hoo!! Rapup, rapup!!" [sic] "

The terelle movement of the tongue, which only visits when drunk, fully stimulated the turtle head.

Its face swallowing up to the back of its throat in tears is healthy and fucking horny.

The feeling of a dizzy cuckoo that comes in alternating order.

The technique was described as the awesomeness of an adult who had planted it, and Keith found that golden balls were used to manufacture goose sperm.

And it's going to explode.

"Phew... or so! Together!! Lick it with me!! Pinch your penis with your lips!!

Aisha, who was vacuuming, releases her mouth and Berna and I start to pinch and rub the meat stick with our lips from both sides.

Every time a small lip touches and rubs the tortoise head, the feeling of the current running reaches the brain and complains that it is likely to ejaculate.

Keith endured it until he was too limiting, but to the way the double toddler of Chibi Aisha and Chibi Berna kisses the meat stick as she stares at herself.

"Whoa whoa!! This, too, is horny!! It's against the rules!! Damn!! Oh, shit!!!

From the lips to the cheeks of both of us. Thoughtful! and punctured the semen.



Keith, who shot cloudy over and over again at two people who meditated on his eyes and received it, was captured by the strange feeling of excitement rising as he ejaculated.

The sage's time never comes, and as he sees semen on Ningro's young face, it grows.

penis already completed with an erection by the end of ejaculation, Keith told Aisha and Berna,

"Aisha, Berna, get your face close. Stick your cheeks together."

Speak up and bring your face closer as you command.

Keith stabbed his penis between two confused, zamen-painted cheeks.

"Whoa!! Wet Toddler Girl's Cheeky Cock with Zamen!! Sensitive turtle head!!! Uh-oh!! hey!!!

The two men whose cheeks were offended by a runaway Keith,

"Uh-oh! Keishu! Ouch!! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! I get burned!!

"Oh... Shijun... Ami!! Kao, don't freak out!! It's not like this!! Ugh!!

I try to resist, but I can't get away with holding my face against Keith.

The smell of sexual meat makes me feel like my penis is rubbing and raping samen on my cheeks.

"Ugh!! Oh my little daughter's cheek!! Seriously no!! Aisha and Berna cheeks!! He's in the face!! That's just me!! Whoa whoa whoa!!

And to the powerful Keith,

"Kishiyu, do it! Stop it!! Cheeks!! Reipsu-nah!!

"Ohhhhh!! Ouch!! Oh my goodness!!

My jaw and tongue were tired because of a fella with an unfinished mouth, and the two moved to face each other while remaining tongueless verbal users.

That turned out to be an irritation, and the tortoise head, which had just ejaculated, became blamed on the young girl's soft cheeks.

"Whoa!! This!! This is amazing!!! Oh, I am!! I can have it!! Kao!! In the face of a toddler girl!!! I Ik!!!

Shouting an untranslated dialogue, Keith looked open and turned back loudly, pinching the tortoise head in the gap between the two cheeks and ejaculating.

Aisha and Berna felt their penises trembling vibrations on their cheekmeat, and at the same time found that the second shot of a hot bump took them directly this time.

"Ugh... cheeks, fashionable...... kishi noodles...... leipu noodles......"


I was puzzled by my first experience of being offended in the face.

I smiled satisfied with the look on their faces as Keith, the ultra dark yellow zamen twice dripping out on those two.

"They both felt good... their cheeks were amazing..."

Even if you're stroked in the head, by the two staring at you, plainly,

"Well, then let's clean each other's cheeks. Lick, lick, lick. Look! Hayaku!!

I think the other two are on a level where you can give up your love.

Yet when they looked at each other with a pitiful look, they licked the samen juice on their cheeks with their little tongues.

"Ohhhh... my toddler girl is licking... and she has a salmon painted face... fucking porn..."

Even the penis after two shots begins to react to the unrealistic sight of a naked toddler elf peppering the cloudy fluid that has reached her face.

Keith shifted from his face, which continued to lick his gaze, to the vertical suzi he was about to enter.

To the innocent genitals of the young sperm......