Kissing Aisha's heart as she was collided with her sensitive little nipples because of her masturbation.

Aisha desperately enjoyed her arms up and wanting Keith to hold her.

"Ya... uhh... don't, ki-shu! Nchu...... oh my god!!

Aisha's retrospective tricks with her erect nipples both pinched are adorable and excite Keith.

Releasing his lips, Keith hugged Aisha with a small body and whispered in his ear.

"Horny is fine, but you can't let me touch it? Is Aisha better at masturbating than me?

Aisha shook her neck to the side with her lips close enough to lick her ears and words released in exhalation.

"No... no... that's why"

"Then why? Why do you hate it when I touch it? Did you hate me?

Aisha shakes her head more for the words.

"Because... because..."

Aisha was definitely excited to see how bored she was by Berna's pleasure.

And I want you to do it yourself, I wanted to be.

The feeling manifested itself as masturbation.

Keith robbed me of my second virgin and Berna's appearance scratching her vagina replaced herself in her brain, and that alone made Kri harder.

Aisha shrugged "Keith, Keith," again and again as she played Criona, which had not been here for a while.

Excited to see another girl having intense sex similar to rape in the bathroom.

Besides, I even masturbate with that sight.

I knew it wasn't cool, but I couldn't stop my fingers.

Female knights, scattered by inferior men, had become females by the time they could no longer contain pleasure.

That doesn't change being a child's body.

I want you to touch me, I want you to lick me, I want you to go in too.

That's what I want to scream. I want to petition you so.

Yet reason doesn't allow it.

Reason says you should never have sex with a child's body. Social Common Sense.

That gets in Aisha's way.

But the inferior species in front of me laughs like they don't like it and gets rid of it as usual.

"Because? Because what? Tell me why."

"... with this body... I'm not gonna look good... I'm not gonna look good."

"Can I masturbate?

"Huh!... that's... because"

"... because you just... got it. That's enough. Aisha doesn't want to be in this body."

Keith stood up and turned his body toward Berna.

"Then I'll enjoy it again with an honest Berna. Aisha, please take a bath and sleep in bed. I'll wake you in the morning."

Cold talk.

Treats you as if you were an excluded person.

I want to do it myself. I'm patient. I'm trying.

Aisha felt her chest pounding and thought.

With an honest Berna.

Just Berna.

Just Berna.

"... I'm here."

Keith turned around just a little to the voice.

"Only Berna is sloppy... well, I want to too. I'm hanging in there... with Keith... just Berna... uuch"

I cried out like a similar-looking child, Aisha said sooner.

"Me too... I'd love to get laid with Keith... but not to Keith... uhh"

Keith held onto that young girl, who wept for real.

"Damn, I wish I could honestly say that from the start"

"... Gusu... I can't... I can't... I can't... yeah"

"Well, please answer me properly... because I want all of Aisha... and Aisha who looks like that wants to be my thing too"

Keith licked his ear as he pressed another erect penis against Aisha's brown punipuni stomach as he held it tight.

Poke your tongue inside from your pointy eartips,

"I want all my child Aisha and my adult Aisha. You want me to? Let's have lover sex with that body, Aisha."

Pick a word Aisha likes.

It is an inferior species who knows how to fall.

popped his spine in his ear lick. Aisha hugged Keith back,

"... I do... I want to... I want to have sex with Koiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

I've been laying my lips on Keith's lips from myself.

A brown girl kisses an erect thirty men with a hug.

Keith got excited again, making sure he looked in the mirror.

It is Keith who has recently become accustomed to Aisha's annoying smell.

(brown girl...... this is horny! Plus, I volunteer to be a lover...... I'm a motto!!

With that in mind, I drooled ahead from the penis I rubbed against Aisha's stomach.

Aisha stared away at her lips, her penis pressed around her stomach,

"Come on... it's crazier than usual..."

I get a little scared and anxious when I think this is going in.

"It's okay... I'll loosen up a lot"

Keith says so, letting Aisha sleep and spread her crotch wide herself.

To resume the cunt I had stopped on the way.

Pink Omango in the middle of Aisha's brown groin was masturbating and already moist and wet.

But I still can't say enough. There Keith starts rubbing with his middle finger when he spits.

"Ho ha!! Ugh... Ugh no!!!

Spreading his own legs, Aisha meditated her eyes and raised her voice.

Aisha still seemed to like the crisp, and her buttocks shook pudding as she creased her foreskin.

I spit at it again and rub it hard.

"Omi!! Omiyuu!! Ah, ami ah!!

Repeat with your vaginal mouth narrow and loose looking good.

It doesn't seem narrower than Berna, but instead it seems fleshy and very pleasant.

"It looks good on your penis..."

My penis says, "Right!" and shivered like a pickle.

Keith slowly lets his middle finger penetrate his vagina, which eventually overflowed with love fluid after touching the cli many times.

The hymen eventually touched my middle finger, which slightly invaded me.

When I first got it, I used a massager to unwind it and then tear it, so there was no pain, but not this time.

('Cause I'm gonna break it to you in proper pain ~. That's gotta be the case with virgins!

Crisp the hymen.

"Ajiu!! I want to be there! I want to be there, Keith!! Ha-ha-ha!!!

I cry and react to it.

He is Aisha so vulnerable to pain that he does not think of himself as a knight.

"Aisha... the beginning of Aisha and I was terrible... so for Aisha's first time, now you'll get it right"

"Properly...? First time?"

"Yeah. It's my first time as a lover. It's the first time Aisha and I have been together properly."

Aisha was also heartbroken about that first sex.

The more I loved Keith, the more I wanted the virgin to get it right.

That dream will come true.

Keith smiles at Aisha, who looks happy in tears at the pain, when it's calculated.

All in all, it is a dialogue I chose after reading Aisha's character.

Aisha said, "Oh, oh," and let the cubs hurt.

"Kisu...... first time! I'll kill you!! Ugh... Ugh, Omakoki cum..."

Love fluid poured out of her vagina in grains as she responded to Aisha's will to gasp for porn.

Keith wears it on top and kisses Aisha, who can't be said to be quick in character, but wants to.

"I can insert... Aisha's virgin, you'll have it"

I said as I made an expression on my chi disorder and stroked my hair.

Besides, Aisha nods again and again.

Even though it was the third time, I applied the lubricant I had applied to my penis while freaking out and aligning my lower back position with the mouth of my vagina.

"Phew!" I heard Aisha breathing.

Keith hugs her little body and advances her hips as she overlaps her lips.

I still have a hook around half sinking my tortoise head, where I have to stop my hips.

I heard a spicy voice between kisses,

"It's okay. Aisha, it's okay... accept me. Put me in Aisha."

Aisha nodded her utmost, unable to even speak.

So Keith slowly, but never stopped, pushed his hips deeper.

"Fubi!!! Ngi-no!!! Keishu!! Kishi, come on!! Come on!!! KY-JUUUUUU!!! Hmmm!! Nchuuuuuu!!!

With her little hands and feet full, Aisha, who accepted her penis to the back, asked for a thoughtful kiss to escape the pain.

Cuddled, sucking little Aisha.

Deeply inserted, Keith said to the intense tightening of the vaginal meat and the tension over the entire penis, "Heh!" He leaked his voice.

The tightening pain is less than Berna's and the meaty feel is very good.

"You're a lady. Berna is my sister and Aisha is my sister. I have more than my sister."

Keith squeaked so hard that he didn't sound like Aisha, who was bored by the pain, exhaled deeply to make his nibble surface crisp.

"Aisha, thanks for the first time...... I love it"

"Ugh... ki-shu... for the first time... I want to be there... I'm hungry, I just stuck with you... Ugh"

"Don't cry, Aisha? It's my first anniversary. You don't have to cry."

Aisha does what Keith says! And when I sipped the tweezer, I smiled hard.

So Keith also smiles back and starts moving his hips slowly.

Move your hips to shake rather than pull them out and loosen your vagina slightly.

"Ugh!! Fumiuuuuuuuuu!!! Ha!! wow!!!

Welcoming Keith by extending the tiny manko meat to its limits, Aisha withstood the shock as she cried.

Because Keith told me he was my lover. Because it's my first time with that lover.

Even pain turns into satisfaction when I think about it.

Aisha's body never makes it feel good, but her mind is satisfied and her body reacts.

"Keishu...... Keishu!! Fumiuuuuuu!! I'm hungry... Cancer, can we do better? How dare you, Kojitsu?

Your vagina begins to loosen softly so that it responds to your heart.

To Aisha, who tells her to use her place healthy, Keith kisses her cheek,

"Aisha... she's so good... she's cute, and she's the best lover you've ever had, huh?

"Ugh... hon.? About the straw... Kishi, Rasuki? Ashinaga?"

"It's settled, isn't it?

That's what you say as you gradually strengthen your hips.

"Hehe... yeah. Kishi...... Nchu"

I laughed and kissed Keith as I was tongueless due to the pain.

Calling this a toddler girl relentlessly destroys a man's reason.

"Ahhh!! Aisha!! Toddler Aisha!! Little Aisha!!! Too vicious!!!

Keith couldn't afford to stop his hips from moving anymore.

Rubbing her vagina galloping as she hits it with Zubans Bang.

"Ugh, no!! Tsu, tsu shu shu shu shu!!! Keishu!! Whoa, whoa! Umi ah!!

"So, oh!! I know, but I don't know!! Tony said!!! This!!! There's no reason to stop!!!

Cover the chick body completely with the adult body and let her hips hit straight from the top.

Aisha, who is vaginally worn to be crushed, has a sparkling impact and the feeling that the uterus is lifted with the built-in and dragged out by the geese neck.

"Whoa, whoa!! Ooh!! Omiyuuuu!!! Frightened Ugh!! Akacha, good luck!! Holy shit!! Oh, Aka-chan, I can't. Whoa!!! Keishu!! KYSHUUUUUUUUU!!!

Keith, who could see the tip of his penis slamming up his uterus mouth, felt like he was kissing his turtle head because he wanted semen.

So it's that baby statement.

"What the fuck!! My chick wants a baby!? For your chicks!? Damn!!! Damn!!! Lolibotte, you imagine!! Oh no!! That's against the rules!!!

Chibi Aisha's tummy is imagined to be puffy and swollen, which makes her ejaculate more grumpy.

"Aisha!! You want me to plant a baby with this body!? Baby you want it with this body!! Looks like you got it!!! I think I get it!!

Running wild.

"Ha-ha-ha!? No!! No!! Now Aka-chan!! No Ugh!!! So chippy!!! And it won't open!!

"Ok!! I won't just let Aisha back!! Aisha has always looked like this!!! Ovulation magic!!! Let them plant it!!! So give birth!! My baby!!! My child!! You can have a baby as a child!!

"Ngi!! Ya hey!!! Keishu's!! Aka!!! Hope you don't!! You bastard!! Be right!! Be right there!! Good luck with the Decency!!! Nbi whoa!!

That being said, Aisha, who doesn't show signs of escape and holds Keith tight, just looks like she's volunteering for a child.

"Aisha! Say it? Tell me!? He wants Zamen!! Get me pregnant!! You're a lover, aren't you? You can tell, can't you?

To Keith, who screws his hips so tightly as to open Aisha's womb, which he hates,

"Omiko!! Bully ya!! Bullying!! You little bastard!! No bullying!!

A brown toddler screams with a vikkun vikkun trembling.

But Keith continues to rock his hips wildly.

"Then tell me!! If you can't tell your lover, I'm sad and I can't stop hipster kunekune!!

"Ugh!! Ugh!! Uhhh!! Nmi!! Ngi whoa!!

A way of blaming me for pinching an incapable genitalia.

I feel like I'm being forced through my uterus.

Aisha lost to a feeling similar to the pain of being directly attacked by such a gut.

"Oh!! Awww!!... Ugh... I'm so annoyed..."

"Huh? What is it?

"Ugh!! Me!!

"Who am I? About who?

"Ohhhhh!! Messing with you!! Bye!! Stupid but no!! Why can't I be hard on you!!! Why are you so sorry!!!

Aisha cum her tiny hands and feet!! And when Keith finds out,

"Give me Aisha!! Ha-ha-ha!!! In the children's stomach! Kishi no Grandma!! Akacha Shinko!!!

I cried and screamed.

"Whoa whoa!! Chicks get pregnant and volunteer!! Akacha!! I have to respond to this. I'm not a man!! He's not a male!!

And a genuine seeding press to young girls who have not reached the reproductive age that begins.

"Ngi whoa!! Mmm-hmm! Mmm-hmm! Nmiuuuuuuu!!! No! Mmm! Mmm!! Nmi whoa!!!

"Oh!! My uterus!! My uterus mouth!! Open up and ejaculate!! Aisha's body is!! He wants my kids all over his body!!!!

Bote belly little Aisha. Imagining Aisha, a girl with a brown belly, Keith devoured her young body as intensely as a beast preying on prey.

Eventually thirty men's asses trembled on the rise of the irresistible golden ball, Keith poking his penis in the back.

"Oops!! Ugh!! Fourth time!! Fourth time today!!! But!!!! Because it's seeded!!! Expensive uuuuuuu!!!

He threw up the incredibly worst dialogue and ejaculated directly towards the baby room, where the chick Aisha eggs were also not expelled.

Even for the fourth time, spiritual excitement had given power to ejaculation.

Aisha could feel the semen entering through the open uterine mouth.

"Ugh... Oh... Kishi's... I'm so happy with Aka-chan's... It's such a body, but no... Ugh..."

Out of the girl who lost her mind whining, Keith exhaled and pulled out her penis, turning out to be Zamen confirmation.

Keith, who was satisfied to see the blood and cloudy mixture destroy from his swollen vaginal mouth,

"Seeding plays still burn... especially when you say girls... this is gonna be a habit"

I said that with a laugh and gently washed my body to bathe the two sleeping chicks.


Keith, who woke Aisha and Berna, put them in the hot tub as they washed their bodies again.

Warm your body thoroughly as the three of us grab onto the hot tub.

In the meantime, of course, I won't forget to stroke and kiss the two bodies around.

And when I wipe my body and take them to bed, I tell them both,

"You're going to clean up the bathroom."

So I went back to the bathroom.

Confirming that they couldn't get a glance, Keith took a copy of the crystal out of the bathroom shelf.

Keith went out of his way to plant this in the bathroom with the two of you and Sita's while you were asleep with sleeping pills.

"... treasure... this is treasure... if you have to, you can sell it for a high price"

Keith groaned so as he held a magic prop to his chest that he stood at his desk to hide it and go back to his room and not find out.

Then I go back to bed and lie down myself.

I have a man's dream when I get in the middle and let him samurai the young girl from left to right.

Keith smiling contentedly takes it to his shriveled penis when he holds the two little hands.

"... ki-soo... I'm gonna break your body again!

"... you can't do this anymore. I'm already patient today."

To two embarrassing young girls,

"No! You'll be relieved if you both grab it! Ah, rest in peace."

Make a terrible excuse.

But Aisha and Berna sigh, "You can't help it," he says, wriggling his penis with his little hand.

Doing so,

"... Um, both of you?

"What (is) (would be)?

"Hey... why don't you stay and call me about me?

To Keith, who said so with a fling, the two of them stared at him as if looking at a trash.

"Oh... a young girl despises me... happiness..."

It was two silent people, but with the look of pity...

"Really... you're a pervert!

"You should learn to be patient."

As soon as I heard Aisha and Berna's proper words, my penis was erected in an instant.



to two surprised by its speed, Keith, who rose to bed,

"Ha-ha-ha!! Oh, oh, come on!! I can't stand you anymore!! Aisha! Berna!! My pretty sisters!!!

He screamed and hugged the two young girls and began licking their nipples hard.

"Hami ah!! Oh, stay... not Keith!! Put it down!! Hiya!!!

"Nguuuuuu!! Come on......... not your husband!! Happy birthday! Yikes!!!

That's how they couldn't stop Keith, who had lost his reason, began to get bored without resisting that tongue and finger use.

"Ooi plays great!!

Keith, screaming in joy, kept letting it out until it withered.