It drips puffy from the tip of the nipple, which is breast milk, no matter how you look at it.

Light milky white, not so sticky.

I don't know if it tastes, but does it smell slightly sweet because it's not the original breast milk made of excess magic?

Or is the elf species sweet to breast milk, and thinking about it, Nia fluttered and nearly fell.

"Wow! Princess!!

Keith rushed to support Nia's body.

Nia, who turned bright blue, was still dying face,

"Kisu... me... my boobs are full... I'm shining"

"No, I'm not dying. I'm not dying."

Deny it thoroughly.

But Nia repeats, "But, no."

So Keith explained cordially.

"As I said earlier, the magic in the demonic blood stone has entered the princess's body. That's actually the right thing to use as external magic... but that's okay, with the excess magic, the body made a physical change trying to produce excess magic because the magic for one demonic blood stone went in. Physical change through magic is a common story, so it's nothing to be afraid of."

Keith tells me so many times that I'm okay, that Nia's blue-blue face starts to gradually go back to normal.

"Really? Me, aren't you gonna die?

"It's okay. I've also experienced physical changes due to magic. But look! He's totally alive, isn't he?

Nia finally got up smiling and nodding at Keith as he slapped his chest and showed it.

By the way, the physical changes that happened to Keith were unfortunate things when the tail grew.

I will sit in bed with Nia dripping breast milk and bring some tea to calm her down.

In the meantime Nia was a towel that was nearby, wiping her breast milk dripping with a little cry.

Even if you find it reassuring, physical change is still a horrible thing.

That's a good idea for Keith, who grew a tail.

I cried every night until I healed "What if I stayed like this for the rest of my life" until I got back to normal.

So I know better than that,

"... sucks... maziero"

An early teenage girl has an unlikely size tit and wipes her breast milk dripping from her place.

To this fusion of teenage women and motherhood, Keith's penis grows mucky in her pants.

(breast milk play...... breast milk pussy if its that size too...... Yikes!!

Kah! Keith opened his eyes and burned Nia's figure into his eyes, contemplating the main dish's dedication of the day.

And when I came up with it, I smiled gently and offered Nia some tea.

"Princess, it's tea. Drink this and calm down."

"Ah... thank you, Master Keith... but"

If you let go of your hand, you will not be able to wipe the breast milk that drips indefinitely.

Yes. When Nia thinks,

"I'll wipe your tits. The princess has tea. Right?"

If you take it to Nia, this was a physical change due to magic rather than breast milk.

So I thought it would be safe to leave it to Keith, who thinks he was an expert in magic.

"Um... well, I'm sorry. Please."

When I said that, I gave him a towel and received tea instead.

To Nia drinking tea, Keith crouched in front of her chest really wiped her breast milk with a towel at first.

But when you decide it's right for you,

"Hey, your chest is rubbed and hurt when you're in a towel like this"


"I knew this place was... Nchu"

I put my mouth on Nia's nipple, hoping for something smelly to excuse.

"Aya! Aww!? Keith well!? Ha-ha-ha!!

Keith, who ignores the amazing Nia and sucks breast milk,

"Chipu! Chiuuuuuuuuuu!! Wow, yum...... this is yum!! Wachiuuuuuu!! Hmm! Ngu!!

I was impressed with the deliciousness.

I've only ever had breast milk from a human species, Keith, but that wasn't a very tasty thing.

The taste is thin and light, and most importantly, I get diarrhea if I drink too much.

It had a good appearance, but it wasn't a fun thing to drink.

But Nia's breast milk was different.

Sweet and tongue-tasting. Besides, it is less persistent and easier to drink than the beast's milk.

It is a first-class milk that can also enjoy the flavour.

Nia responded sobbingly to Keith, who was sucking and drinking chippy in both nipple order.

"Hey! Master Keith!! No!! Tits, CHUCKLES!! Ami ah!!

The big pie by Nia's magic is not hard on you with breast milk and is comfortable to rub.

I thought even when I started rubbing on it, Nia's breast sensitivity was getting very good.

It will all be because of physical changes caused by magic. This is not the case with breast changes from normal pregnancy.

"No!! Mmmm!! nmi ah!! Tits!! Tits!! Ahhh!! Tinker than usual!! What the fuck!!!

When Nia gasped heavily, breast milk erupted from her nipples to respond.

"Humph!! Chipu...... oh wow"

As I was squeezing my nipples while wiping the breast milk on my face, Nia wept in my eyes,

"Dear Keith... Congratulations on your boobs... my boobs are going crazy right now... so..."

With his rough breath, he looks down at Keith touching his chest and begs desperately.

Keith starts threatening a princess who's afraid of her physical changes.

"Princess. These boobs are magical. Leaving it alone will return time after time, but then everyone in the palace will see these big tits, right?

"Uh... Oh, I don't know"

"So this is the best way to suck it out in order not to. Don't you like it?

Actually, the best way to get this chest back is to make it use magic.

If you run out of excess magic, your chest naturally reverts back to normal.

Yet Keith wanted to suck tits, but he wanted to play breast milk, but he cheated Nia for it.

I can never let my breast milk drip out in front of everyone with this chest.

It was a trick to think that Nia would naturally think so.

And in fact, Nia, with a puffy tremor,

"Ugh... please... boobs back... Keith"

"Yes, sir."

Nodded Keith, rubbing the big pie big enough to start smoking.

Push the clear breasts of the blood vessels into the mouth with a cum and finger while containing the erect nipples.

When rubbed with a slightly stronger position of force, breast milk overflows your mouth.

"Yum...... meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh Nchu! Nchuuuuuu!!

The momentum gets on and pushes Nia down to bed.

I put both nipples in my mouth together as I rode up so I wouldn't weigh in as it was and followed gravity to keep my hands down the big pie that was going to drip to my left and right.

"Omi!! Omiyuu!! Ha Mia!! Together!! No! Ugh! No!! Ryoho!! Fumiuuuuuu!! Ugh!!

The crochet of Nia's panties was already soaking wet.

Sensitive breasts spread sweet feelings all over your body whenever you change shape with Keith's fingers.

When breast milk is sucked out of sensitive nipples, it delivers pleasure that pierces the core of the body.

Nia couldn't stand this.

"I'm gonna Ike!! Ike must be kidding. Whoa! Murray!! Even though it's full!! There's so much more to it!!

Keith now remembers that he taught in such a way.

"Fumi no!! Fumi-no!! Mmmm whoa!!

Keith let go of his mouth where his hips floated chapped.

Moisturizing her eyes in tears, Nia repeated her breathing roughly in a daze at the suddenly stopped stimulus.

Keith touched her nipples gently,

"Princess...... let's send magic to your penis. That way..."

Say and see what comes to mind in Nia's words.

It was about time my penis was so thick as to be limitless.

Nia nodded over and over again at it, thinking it was a way to release magic.

"I will…. It's all over your penis... it's coming!

I mean, Nia Monko was hurting so much that it was the limit.

I wanted my penis inserted quickly. And he wanted me to hug him and kiss him.

Keith, smiling at how well he was doing his planting, took off his pants as he got off the top of Nia.

A penis wetting his pants a little ahead appeared from the inside with a full erection.

It's not a bad idea to stick around like this, but you have so many corner tits. It is a lie if you do not enjoy it.

Keith, who sat in bed,

"Princess. Let's start with the liquid dripping from that chest on your penis!

"... Huh?

Nia, who can't heal the feeling of being a gingin blamed for her chest, couldn't understand the meaning of the word for a moment.

But gradually it becomes clear that

"Yeah... why... this with my boobs... on my penis... huh?

It's kind of very unintelligible and confusing.

Keith turns such a refreshing smile on Nia.

"What's out of that chest is the crystallization of magic."

It is only breast milk.

"Put that on your penis and you should be able to absorb magic more efficiently!

I was half incomprehensible Keith myself what I was saying.

Just say it like that, and if Nia's convinced, that's fine.

"Uh-huh," thought Nia,

"If you do, what happens to your penis?

"Uh... right, I'm sure it won't hurt to give you medicine or put it in the princess's crotch! Coated!!

Keith, who originally taught him that even though it just feels good and doesn't hurt, lies fine.

A pure princess, if there is a way not to make a wizard suffer at all, who assumes she is close to this hero.

"I'll do it...... to your penis, this of your boobs, I'll put it on!!

I got up and made a clench all the time.

Really brave, and a little silly.

Nia, who shook his chest balumbarun, said, "What should I do?" Ask Keith.

So when Keith sat down on the edge of the bed, he sat Nia on the floor and let her hold her tits herself.

Nia looks up at Keith with one boob at a time with both hands looking heavy.

"Bye, princess. You're going to rub your chest yourself and pound the juice out of it on your penis!!

It is an erratic perverted demand for infallibility backwards.

Nia felt a little resistant when she squeezed her own chest, but saw how the blood vessels on her penis were still coming out in front of her.

"Sounds like a jerk...... Ugh! I'm here to help! Eh!"

Yes, I squeezed my own courage and squeezed my tits.

"Huh!! Umi!! Ummmmm!!!

Tits felt good rubbing themselves.

If you continue with that feeling, pale breast milk erupts from the tip of your erect nipple and descends on your penis.

"Ooh! Awesome sight... this is..."

A princess of an elf squeezes herself through her demonic modified tits and causes her breast milk to erupt.

And they dye it white over their red and black penises.

There's no way this sight isn't pornographic.

Pussy! and whenever I breastfed, my penis trembled with joy.

"Wow... Royal breast milk... I'm the only one who can taste this... glad I'm alive"

With such a grunt from his heart, Keith looked at his meat stick as if he loved it as it was stained in milky white.

When your penis eventually deludes with bursting breast milk,

"Hih, princess! Magic packed milk tank...... otherwise pinch your tits!! I'm applying juice with my tits on my penis!!

That's what I shouted as I quickened my hips out.

I don't know what it is, but Nia, who told Keith to do so, said yes and pinched her hot, wet penis in her breast milk with breast meat.

"Whoa!! Lori, you big pie!! You're giving me happiness... Huh!

Returning to Keith, Nia said, "Come on! Yeah!" he treated his penis with a big pie he wasn't used to whilst speaking out.

When the breast milk is lubricated and the penis is rubbed unevenly with a good milk pressure, the irritation comes to such an extent that the hips can be pulled from the tortoise head.

"Whoa!" I thought Nia was hurting Keith, who spoke out,

"Master Keith? Does it hurt? Your penis, does it hurt?

I said that and tried to stop, so I shook my head in a hurry.

"No! Whoa! Wrapped in liquid!! Magic with boobs!! Ahhh! It feels good to have a horn on the rabbit!! Huh!! It feels so good!!

Now that I know Keith feels good, Nia is happy.

I just killed my best friend with that hand and I'm sure I can heal Keith who's hurt me.

That was more than happy for Nia.

"Dear Keith! Boobs, how about this? Like this? I'm glad Master Keith feels good!

Keith's penis trembles in surprise to make a surrender declaration to an ignorant bitch who irregularly moves her boobs.

"Oh! No!! Lori, big tits!! It annoys me!! This is too great!! Princess!! Princess, it feels good!! Too good!!

The uncut sensation spreads from your penis to your entire lower back, making your desire for ejaculation unstoppable.

Keith focuses on his butt to the limit. When he embraces it,

"Princess!! Princess!! Tip of a penis!! Wrap it up with your tits! Give me boobs and penises!!!

"Ha ha? Yes, no! Like this? Yeah? Here's the deal?

Keith pulled out his butt all at once as Nia's soft big pie wrapped his turtle head around him clumsily.


With a pitiful voice, a large number of zamen are thrown out between Nia's breasts.

"Ugh! Ugh!!... oh... ahhh... lactating... this is good stuff"

With the words of Keith, who shrugs unknowingly, Dobi!! and the semen, which was pulsating and exhaled many times, hot and dirty Nia's chest.

"Uhh... my penis... it's full of medicine boobs... there it is..."

When Nia, who was pinching her penis with all her strength on her tits, eventually unleashed it, the massive amount of samen juice broke to pieces.

Nia swallows it with her hands and drinks it up.

"... a gift of education."

Keith is impressed by the figure of a sophisticated princess without saying anything.

Drinking up the cloudy liquid that reeks and tangles in his throat, Nia

"Dear Keith... Um"

I draped semen from the edge of my mouth and looked up at Keith.

Keith nodded, wiping between his mouth and chest with a towel that was wiping his breast milk.

"Yes, let's get some magic in your crotch and keep your tits down."

I said that with a reassuring voice.

You can put your penis in your manko, and you can keep your boobs down.

Delighted Nia stood up and kissed Keith.

It is Keith, who smells like a salmon and has a slightly complicated mood.

However, there is no reason to make it unobstructed. In response to the kiss, I confirm the taste of my samen with a pitiful look.

As the breast milk dripped up again, Keith sucked on her nipples and tasted the royal milk for a mouth fix.

To breast milk sucking that started again. "Nmiu!" To Nia, who raised her voice, this time when she could take off her clothes completely, she put her hand in her panties and touched Omako.

Nia's clit was already pinned and pointy.

He strokes his foreskin to scorch there and rubs his little labia, which is getting a little bigger.

"Ugh! Ugh!! Mmm! Mmm!! Kisu...... Sama!! Ugh!!

Nia, who had one nipple sucked and the other fingered and at the same time began to blame Cri, held Keith tight with both arms.

Sensitive nipples deliver more comfort than ever with crisp.

"Kimochi-su... Amiyu!! Kimoi no!! Master Keith!! Oh, oh!!!

The wetness soon became adequate because the vagina was already about to be ready due to the first tit blame.

Keith, with his lips off his nipples,

"Himesama? Can I stay, penis? Are you okay now?"

Nia nodded small at it many times.

"Oi Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po! Penis......"

Lori big tits bitch. Moreover, royal noble species elves.

The desire to soil a man's noble things, to leave a seed, manifests itself in the form of an erection.

Keith let Nia hold her half-brong penis in her hand,

"Please rub it, princess... rub it hard because it doesn't hurt with your penis, princess tit fluid?

And I blame my tits and clit again.

Nia giving a hand job with a trembling voice to the stimulus.

When you grip the tortoise head and rub it up and down, your penis quickly becomes fully erect.

Deciding that vaginal wetness additions and subtractions were just as good, Keith makes her hands stop pounding and stops blaming herself too to take off her panties.

The look of Nia, completely naked, is so horny.

Even though she is still a child, her tits are only unusually swollen.

Keith's brain looking at him in that unbalanced shape confuses him and increases his erection.

Keith, who handled her penis lightly while watching Nia naked, determined that she was sufficiently handsome to make sure she had a moist meat pole stiffness thanks to her breast milk.

"Sa, princess. Over me. You can get your own penis in there, right?

He smiled as he took off his jacket and opened his arms to welcome him in.

I'm still not very good at inserting my own penis, Nia, but I had a crotch in my pose to hold Keith.

approaching Keith, who sits on the edge of the bed saying "Ha,"

"And if you'll excuse me... sooo"

I say that with a bright red face and cross over my thighs.

Keith rubs his tits with the hands of the empty person, holding his penis in place with his hands, on a Nia across with his hips floating.

As he fumbled, Nia sank his hips and went.

The tip of the turtle head felt a little wet, followed by a wider feeling of rubbing mucous membranes against each other.

I can see the meat stick swallowing well.


Keith held Nia softly as she drowned in the sensation of her crotch being scratched by a hot stick.

Then Nia reaches out to Keith as well.

The two hugged each other in a face-to-face seat were deeply connected.

"Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho," Nia's breath leaked in Keith's ear. Breast milk drips onto Keith's chest plate from the pressed big pie.

"Hime-sama... Thanks to your boobs, your penis feels so good."

Whispering with her pointy ears licked sweetly, Nia said, "Ha ha!," he tickled.

"Really? Really? Hehe, I'm glad it's a penis and a kimochi."

Speak a swinging voice. That was so cute, Keith couldn't bear to start pushing up from the bottom.

When you stick it up with itching as you hug it, the vaginal meat is scratched at various angles and at the same time the cries rub.

"Ooh!! Omigoooooooo!! Oops!! Oops!!! Nmi no!!!

Shake back and forth, shake up and down.

The feeling of the tortoise head rubbing against the vagina was enough to flatter her face.

"Hmph!! Nku!!

Keith, who blames Nia for exhaling from her nose, let go of the hand she was holding and began to rub and lick Nia's tits as she rounded her back slightly.

"Homicha!! Ugh! Ukyu!! Ugh!! Tits!! Shredding!! If you rub it again!!! You're going to get squeaky right away. Yikes!!! Nbio!!

To Nia, who absurds her voice, Keith gently bites her nipples and squirts at once!! and sucking,

"Go for it!! Nchupu!! Hime!! Himeshi!!

I made my hips move hard all at once.

"Biaah!! Yikes!! Mmm-hmm! Nmiuuuuuu!! Easy!! MORE!! MORE KISSUE!! Great job!! Great job!! So, yet no!! Mm-hmm!!

I just said how much I don't like it, and there's no stopping the physical reaction if I keep being blamed.

Intermittent breast milk overflows and vaginal meat becomes more wet and entangled.

The mouth of the uterus touched the tip of the turtle head and I could see it coming down.

Keith poked up where he was,

"Nchu!! Nchuuuuuu!! Go!! Himesama!!! Himesama Yike!!! Tits sucked and Yikes oops!!!

I rubbed my chest cuddly and moved my penis clutterfully.

"Omi! Omi!! Omigoooooooooooooo!! GUAGUAGUAGUAGUAGUAGUAGUAGUAGUA!! Himi no!! Yikes!! Ike is coming!! You're going to get squeaky!! Oh, my God, give me that! Whoa! KYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Get your back! Guh! Keith hurriedly held Nia against him.

Keith, who enjoyed vaginal meat cramps while holding Nia at the top of her jumping bicum bicum in her arms, inverts her body as it is.

Sleep a neat Nia on the bed at the end of the equidae, lift her legs and hit her hips.

When I rubbed my chest, I could no longer drink breast milk, which was infinitely overflowing, on boulders.

So enjoy the way it erupts, enjoy a vagina that is loose but always tight so there is nothing wrong with it,

"Dashi!... directly into the womb that came down!... let it out and now give me some real botte breast milk!!! Give me a princess who became pregnant black nipples with lollibody!! Give me Princess Belly Botte!! Ahhh!! Just imagine!! Ugh!!!

I stuck my turtle head close to the mouth of the uterus that hit the tip and spit it out thoughtfully.

He satisfied his reproductive desires while delusional about Bote Belly Nia giving out real breast milk.

Exhaling deeply out, Nia was fainting when she was pounded through her freshly finished vagina.

I thought it was just fine. Keith pulled out his penis, did a semen check and then came with a magic wand.

Apply the magic of magic absorption to Nia who falls asleep losing her mind.

This is the magic used to confront each other by the Magic Instructor and the Machine Doll Opponent that moves with magic, and as its name suggests, it can absorb the magic of the opponent.

Absorbed magic can be used in one's own thing, and can be dispersed in the atmosphere.

Keith dispersed his magic this time.

Sucking it up to its original Nia magic level, Keith stopped the magic.

Then Nia's big pie shrivels. It was as if it had drained the air from the balloon.

"Oh, goodbye, my big pie"

In front of the remnant Keith, Nia's chest returned to its original size.

Because it was a physical change due to magic, Nia's chest was full of beauty before without any skin flaccidity or marks.

Keith softly licked Nia's lactating milk with an unfortunate face after lying and indulging in Nia's big pie even though there was such an easy way.

He was a sleeping Nia, but he twisted his body like a tickle.

Keith, who saw it,

"... well, this is it... you're a dickhead"

That's what I said and licked my fallen nipples over and over again.

I knew it tasted sweet there.