One night, Leonora, who had not slept after reading a book about which way to use the death penalty, built a neighborhood under her eyes and boarded a carriage.

To Leonora, who sleeps with a moderate sway, wiping her mouth with a handkerchief.

"I wonder what happened with the Wizard..."

Donna shrugged and sighed.


Leonora pushed the "cruel executions of the world" into her abundant chest while sleeping but not letting go, squeaking her sleep.

Leonora, woken up by Donna when she arrived in Seimrad, took a healing pill and erased the neighborhood under her eyes as she grew sober with a hand mirror.

I didn't want to see Keith like this and show her weakness.

He then boarded a carriage into the palace and was led to the guest room by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and escort soldiers.

It is a room that Keith has been in and out of many times before.

Nasty memories come back, and the intent to kill overflows.

Turn that killing intent on Keith,

"Baked earth... no, that's all..."

Whimpering about the noise, the door was knocked.

My spine stretched because I thought Keith was here.

There's no way I'm suddenly going to see you in a killer mood. If you do that, you might turn down a story about being alert and hiring.

I just have to figure out a way to welcome Keith and put out the kind of heart Leonora who came all the way out here and did it.

When you think so and you smile softly,

"Come in, please"

I spoke kindly from the bottom of my heart.

Then the door opened, and there,

"... hey, Mr. Nia"

There was Nia standing with a resolute face.

Nia, who could even follow Aisha and Berna in the back and Bella in Krone, said, "Excuse me!" He came in front of Leonora when he came into the room.

Leonora was bewildered by Nia's unusual atmosphere, but still at her temper,

"Oh, hey, Mr. Nia. You're still wrong."

That's what I said and got myself up from the chair.

Big breasts shake.

Leonora, overlooking Nia,

"I'm glad you came all the way to see me, but I have another errand to run today..."

"I know."


I was a little confused by the words that came back.

"I am..."

"He wants to hire Master Keith... I read your letter"

Leonora could see the reason for this atmosphere of Nia in the words.

I don't want Keith taken from me.

That would be so. Finally, we can use magic, and we're going to make it better.

Along the way, it's not something you could have taken away from a teacher.

Especially if you absolutely don't want to be deprived of yourself by your eternal rivals (who think you are).

Leonora was so convinced that the assumptions were somewhat intense.

But I can't do that.

Because Keith should be mellow on himself!!

Leonora has an extra look,

"Oh, is that what you're saying? Yeah, that's right. I thought I'd hire you as my own magician because I have quite a few sights..."

That's what you say as you scratch up your platinum hair.

"... no"

My voice returned blushing.

"... Yes?

"I said no... Master Keith won't let me go anywhere"

Kick it to Nia! and was stared at, and Leonora nearly retreated, "Ugh,"

"Well, it's not Mr. Nia who decides that! That's what the wizard decides..."

"Master Keith won't even go! You said you would serve me my whole life!! So I would never give it to Master Keith for Leonora!!

"Become!?... Ugh, that's a lie!! 'Cause...' Cause that magician."

- Dear Leonora, I was totally hit by your charm.

- If it's going to happen, I want to be beside Master Leonora all the time.

That's what Keith said then. You're telling me that was a lie?

That's what I wanted to scream at, but I can't say it because I can also say it's an international problem.

While shocked, Leonora is the usual festival of disgust,

"Well, I have to say that more than I am in this country ~. But if you talk to me, I'm sure you want to be hired! He wants to be with me!!

Besides, Nia bit her lips with tears in her eyes.

"Oh no... that's definitely not true! Master Keith will stay with me!! You will stay forever!!

"Stop talking about hopeful observations like they are true. It's ugly!

Aisha in the back starts cockroaching her neck at this word.

He still has a scary face that's going to come forward with a grunt "get out of the way".

Donna turned bright blue,

"Oh! My lady!! Stop it!! Shh, excuse me, gentlemen! My daughter is a little sorry for everything but her chest..."

That's what I'm saying. Pull Leonora back.

"Hey! What are you talking about, Donna!! Too bad for everything but the chest!! Fluff!!

Looking at Leonora, whose mouth was blocked and stuffy, Nia wept a large grain of tears,

"I hate Leonora something!! You can't see Master Keith!!!

I screamed and jumped out of the room.

And Aisha and Berna continue.

In the room where it was just the two of us, Donna relieved herself of her hand from Leonora.

"Lady... come to the kingdom of man. To the princess of that kingdom. That is..."

But Leonora had not heard any of the words of the bitter maid.

Just tremble,


It was the first time in my life that Nia told me she hated me.

Everyone in the world would think you didn't say so much, but Leonora couldn't believe it.

That's why I'm so shocked.

Besides, Keith is on the run.

Aren't you supposed to be mellow on yourself? Though that's the plan I made!!

Why am I so shocked that Keith doesn't like me?

It all just doesn't make sense anymore and I'm like, "KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Leonora became

"I don't know why!! What the hell!! Nia wants to beat me so magically!! That's not good!! You're winning everything but magic!!

I don't want to give Keith away because I want to improve my magic skills. That's what I'm assuming, Leonora. The truth is leaking. Ha! I did.

I forgot Donna was here.

I turned my face bright red and said, "Not now!" Trying to make excuses,

"... lady... is that Honkis?

"Chi, no! I thought I was losing."

"Are you seriously thinking that Princess Nia doesn't want to give you the Magic Master because she wants to learn magic?

I didn't know what Donna meant by the inquiry, and I said, "Yes?" It was Leonora.

"Is there any other reason?

"No, you see, su. Princess Nia likes that magician."

Silence ruled the room.

After a slightly longer silence,

"What the heck!!!!

Leonora screamed with such volume that her ears were deafening.

"I have ears, su!

"Nah! Nah! What are you talking about, you!! That's not why!! Your elves!! Besides, the princess of one country has a magic master! And I can't believe it's a human species!! Impossible!!

"It's not as unlikely as it is now. And even Princess Nia's aunt must be married to a human male.

Leonora had heard the story.

But I can only say that whatever you think is impossible.

That's definitely Leonora's ethic, but it's Leonora who can only measure the world with it.

Lions don't fall in love with insects. That was Leonora's thought.

So much so that Leonora looked down at the human species.

That's why I wanted to put Keith on death row no matter how he attacked himself.

"It helped me fail to use magic. Besides, you can't fall in love with a princess who doesn't know how to behave."

To Donna's whining. That is the Leonora that has come to seem true step by step.

It's impossible for me, and I would never think about it, but if I still made you young.

When I thought so, everything connected in Leonora.

(If now I hire that magician to return to the country, not only will I be able to put the magician to death, but I will also tear Mr. Nia's love heart apart? Can you make me repent? This...)

Being one stone and two birds, this idiot princess has arrived at a thought.

If that happens, we have to hire that demon conductor no matter what.

I really need to see you first to do this!!

"Donna!! I'm coming to see the Wizard!!

"Huh!? It's irrational!! You heard him, didn't you? You said Princess Nia would never let me see you. I'm sure you won't let me see you on guard, will you?

"Do something there!!

"What does your daughter think I am? You're not a blue cat fairy with a pocket in your belly, are you?

"I understand if my husband's order is high or yes. It's the only way!! Go if you know what I mean - ooh!!!

To say something terribly arrogant, it was time for Donna to really want to quit her job.

"You're so sweet... rely on a handler."

I left the room with my shoulders down.


Keith, wielding such a splash of women, was confused in a single room.

I was thinking about doing something so erratic to Leonora, and this morning,

"It's my pleasure not to leave the room for a day."

and one of the guards told me, I was locked from the outside.

This is the same for prisoners.

Aisha said from the side, "Well, if we keep it locked up," to Nia's thought that she didn't want Keith to see Leonora.

Thoughtful Aisha's personal thoughts, but not knowing it, Nia allowed it after being lost.

Keith, who had thus become a caged bird, was scowling because he could not help himself.

After I ran out on Aisha and Berna last night, I thought Leonora would revitalize it.

I can't call Aisha or Berna any more than I'm trapped, and I can't go see her with metastatic magic any more than it's Aisha's thoughts.

So the only way I'm going to get better is by myself.

"Gusu... I thought you'd enjoy that big pie princess's famous vessel. No"

As I was sickening crying, Lou came home from the window.

"My husband... please, I want you to do it in the bathroom"

Keith, once again interrupted by masturbation, washed his hands in his pants as he said "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu".

Lou called out as he was washing his hands.

"Your husband. Someone really wants to see your husband."

"What, to me?


to the nodding Lou. Keith sighed,

"You know, you know what I mean. I'm under house arrest. Are you telling me to get out of the window like you... just kidding"

I complain about the confusion.

Then Lou,

"The man can use metamagic. So you can come to my room."

"Huh? Really?

Then you won't get out of the room.

Keith, who thought so, agreed that he was free anyway and didn't even know who he was dealing with.

Because if you're suspicious, Lou won't even bring this story.

"That's fine, nothing. Bring it to me ~"


Lou walked out the window.

There is a weakness in saying that metastatic magic can only go to places you have been once if you fly.

So if you say that, you have to use magic in tune with the thoughts of someone who knows the place.

That's why Lou was on his way.

Someone said he was coming to the room, so Keith wielded the deodorant and eliminated the odor.

I was horny, and I felt like yesterday Aisha and Berna still smelled a little.

Waiting for it, the sound of the wind and the feeling of the air trembling tells us that the magic of transition has been used.

Then there stood Donna, holding Lou and holding Leonora in her hand.

"Ugh... that's disgusting"

Donna mopping Leonora's back, who is metamagically intoxicated,

"Guys, it's been a while."

I greeted Keith softly.

"Oh, guys...... I don't know, yeah!!? Dear Leonora, who wants to see you!!?

Surprised Keith tried to ask Lou how he knew each other with respect,

I'll be in the courtyard with my cat.

"My husband, I want you to read to him when you're done."

That said, two people - one and one - disappeared again using metastatic magic.

"Hey! Donna!!

Leonora, who is nasty to the boulder for both of us, speaks, but there is no one there.

"Ugh... just the two of us... haha"

I've been alone with this full sexual rape demon mentor.

Leonora weeps when she was definitely going to accompany Donna this time and the plan collapsed.

Keith, on the other hand,

"Liar...... right? She to the cat?... could he have become a human body?

She = Keith is like a mid teen thinking about sex.

Leonora, who saw such a surprised Keith at once, aroused herself that she should not be weak here.

"Oh... it's been a long time. Magician."

Speak to Keith against his big chest.

You don't give a shit about the last time, do you?

Did you do something?

It creates such an atmosphere, but you can tell it's strong in one shot.

Keith, voiced, sees Leonora as a hack.

What am I gonna do? The prey's coming from the other side!

It is precisely the state in which the rabbit jumped in once the dragon made its elbow.

I was on my way to masturbation. My penis trembles tingly.

But dare you pretend to be calm.

Thank you, Master Leonora.

I almost smiled.

That was Leonora who felt kind of ridiculed.

It's like they don't give a shit about holding you.

If it's true, you have to turn red and fu!

I want to yell, but if I do that, they'll think I have that thing at my root, so I can't.

Desperate to cry, Leonora said,

"I know you're asking, but I've put in a step to hire you! This me! By the hand!! Be thankful!!

I said so with a gaze that looked down, I put up a full void.

"My noble heart reacted to your poor, miserable appearance last time that you really wanted to serve me! Thank you for your pity and the generosity of my heart!! Ooh, ho, ho!

Keith almost laughed at the same foolishness addition and subtraction.

It also sounds silly to believe Keith's words that he "came to charm," but most silly to think he hasn't found out that he wants Keith to be put to death more than that.

Who says, "Yes, I'll follow you. Please hire me" when you know it's such a trap?

Keith never put it on the table, however, and when he made a pitiful look, he began to play the scenario he thought about yesterday as he penetrated into Aisha and Berna.

It is a scenario that I thought was completely broken.

I didn't know that would come from the other side!!

Though I knew I had God in my possession, Keith said,

"I'm sorry, Master Leonora... but I'm not hiring you."

I made a bitter face and said that to Leonora.

Then Leonora's face turns red in an instant, distorting to anger.

"Duh! What do you mean!!! Oh, I knew you! That was a lie!! It came to my charm!! You want to stay with me!! You were an excuse to rape me!!!

Yelling at the obvious.

Keith hastily activated the silencing demon prop.

"No! That's not why!! I really want to be beside Master Leonora!

"Then why!! Why won't you hire me?!

It's up to you because you're gonna get killed.

Of course I won't say that.

strive to create a sad look,

"Actually... the"

"What is it!! Translate properly!!

Keith turns away from Leonora, who is stuffed.

"I... have a physical relationship with the princess..."

".................. what?

to Leonora, who makes a dumb voice, Keith looked up and

"Me! I'm in a relationship with Master Nia and a man and a woman!!

I said that out of sincerity.

It was Leonora, whose brain stopped processing information for a moment, but when it restarted immediately,

"What? Huh... Huh? With Mr. Nia? Huh?... Yep, yep, yep!!!

I shouted out loud and glanced back.

And I shook my head in the way I said I couldn't believe it,

"Oh, uh, but... oh"

I remembered my precedent and made my frightened face stretch into anger again.

"You!! Wow, not only me, but even Mr. Nia!! I can't believe it!! You bastard!! Lust Demon!! Perverted Rape Demon Instructor No!!! Die!!!

"No! Listen!!!

"I won't ask!! Shit! Pervert! My hobby is to attack your kind of elves!? I don't care if we don't dye all the species ourselves!!?

That's just this man.

"Yes, report to King Mashua now and you!!

"Listen to me!! Dear Leonora!!

Keith grabbed Leonora's hand.

Get off me!! I tried to say, Leonora, but Keith's gaze wouldn't allow it.

"Listen... please"

"Ah... let go..."

"Listen to me and I'll let you go"

"... I hear you... so"

To Leonora's words, Keith slowly let go.

Start lying to Leonora, who joins hands in front of her chest and leaves Keith, little by little, with a name that she says explains.

"I... I've been thinking about you, Leonora, even after Leonora returned... what would you be doing now? I don't know what you're thinking... but I was so fascinated by Leonora."

It's only natural that you did all that!

I wanted to say, but it wasn't that atmosphere.

"After a day and a day when I can't see you, I'm about to lose even the energy to live... that's when the princess comforted me... and I was sweet with that kindness..."

It's an unbelievable story if it's normal.

Believe me, it's not a good story.

But Leonora had all the points.

Word Donna said Nia was in love with Keith.

And the anger Nia came to the room and turned to herself.

I mean, Nia caged Keith in even though Keith was weak in love with Leonora!

And he realized that the reason he was weak was in Leonora, and that he was so angry at Keith with one heart he didn't want him to take away.

That's what happened in this stupid princess's head.

There was a grin on Leonora's face.

I'm making Nia regret it. I have an advantage over Nia.

I was so happy with that.

I thought there was no such thing as winning. Nia is jealous of herself!!

When he assumed that, Leonora, who nearly cried with joy, felt sorry for herself if she didn't really take Keith when this happened.

'Cause if you don't, you'll end up losing to Nia.

"Oh, yes... I see."

"You know... you got it"

"But! Ah... you and I... I did what I said!! So it should be mine that you have to think about first!!

Keith felt the prey show interest in the fishing needle.

So don't panic and be careful not to miss,

"... sure... you're the one I had sex with first"

Lie with a cheerful face.

"It would! Then..."

"But!... more than Leonora did... I'm with the princess..."

"What do you mean?... Oh, is there anything more or less like that?!?

Leonora's sexual knowledge and masturbation is an eclectic scene in a romantic novel for women.

Besides, I can't read that it's so tight because of the censorship of the educator before I read it.

They inflate their thin sexual knowledge and are masturbating.

Still more than Nia at all.

The last time Keith hit me in that was quite a thing.

I thought they did almost everything I could think about.

And yet there's more than that?

Did Nia Keith do more than that??

Such an idiot!! I don't know, but when I got here, it was Leonora I'd believe whatever came out anymore.

"Think of me and give yourself more than Master Leonora... I can't betray you"

Leonora hurried to Keith, who said so and leaned down.

No such thing!! Then again, I lose to Nia.

I can't even take revenge for what I did, and I absolutely hate losing on it!!

Then... there's only one hand.

"... the act of saying it was Mr. Nia... what didn't you tell me?

"... Huh?

"Yes, I will do it for you now!! That way... Sita to me first... me and..."

I'm not hooking him up - ooh!!!

Wow wow!! Cholo!! You're already cholo too much. Elves!!

Half of your elves are made of chorus, I'm sure!!

Above, it is the voice of the lowest man's mind that seems to throw up.

Desperately embarrassed that he was going to have a lower species face, Keith warped his face,

"Oh no... Dear Leonora!

"Ah... it has been well conveyed that you think of me... so special... hey, my duty as a nobleman who thinks of civilians, hey!!

Suddenly he was hugged and Leonora screamed.

I'll put up with what I'm about to pay off.

It's been done once anyway. Together twice.

When this is over, I will definitely put you to death, so put that on the edge of your heart!! Me!!

I think so and accept Keith's embrace.

"Dear Leonora... how sweet... that feeling alone makes me... I ha!!

Rub the erections.


There was a scream.

"Him? Is that a scream?

"Chi, no!! Just... sneeze."

"Really? Are you sneezing?"

I almost laughed at a bad lie.

But don't laugh, focus on entertaining Leonora's body.

"Dear Leonora... Are you sure?

"... I'm saying it's good... don't make me say it again and again..."

"Me... I'm going to die too happy"

"You must be! I... can't believe you held me twice..."

It's the death penalty!!! This time we have to live with it.

So swallow the words you're about to utter.

"Well then... please"

The embrace is over and Leonora, who was told so, turns her gaze toward Keith.

Then there was Keith sitting on the bed with his pants off and his erect penis exposed.

I can grip the skirt of my dress to see that I'm about to scream.

It's gross no matter how many times I see it. It's so gross, it makes me sick.

But you can't move to this extent. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I have to do something amazing.

That's what I think, and Keith, who smiled,

"Dear Leonora... please lick me"

I said I couldn't believe it.

"Nah... meh... huh? Do what?

"Huh? So take this..."

Keith picked his own penis and moved it.

"... Impossible!!!!!"

Keith's ear broke for a moment.

Nevertheless, Leonora had a bright red face,

"Hey, dude!! What are you talking about!! What are you trying to make me do!!! Damn, that stuff!!! Your mouth will rot if you do that!!!

"Huh... Hido..."

"It's not terrible!! More than ever!! Who would do that!!

"'Cause the princess will, won't she?

"Ugh, I'm lying!! Absolutely lying. WOW!!!

To Leonora, who repeatedly said it was a lie, Keith stood up with Frithin and took a copy of that crystal out of his desk.

This is a copy of a crystal that illustrates Nia.

Started it up and Keith showed Leonora.

The video, which was shown with the audio turned off, showed Nia playing Ferra with Chipu.

"This is it... the princess told me to record it... because it's a memory of the two of us"

It is an inferior species who lies absurdly.

"Right? You do, don't you?... but I don't mind if I can't. I can't believe I'm strong..."

It's not the word of a man who was forced to take a virgin.

I couldn't even hear the word and Leonora stared at the video in front of me with the thought that she couldn't believe it.

Nia licks such a disgusting thing with a cheerful face and somewhere pompous and intoxicated.

And it was kind of a familiar tone.

I don't believe it.

I can't believe that Nia, who I've always thought was tiny, is banging her penis in the face of an adult woman.

"Dear Leonora... you can't"

When the word reached his ear, Leonora reflexed,

"I can do it!! Don't make fun of me!!

I regretted I said it. I blued regrettably.

But the hour is already late.

"Dear Leonora... That's all about me!! Oh, Master Leonora!! Well, good to see you."

I'm impressed, but I don't know. Keith sits back in bed again.

Leonora wanted to call someone for help, but she can't do it in this situation.

Leonora, unable to pull back later, unable to call for help, and in retreat,

"Ugh... Ugh..."

I sat between Keith's legs crying.

When my penis appeared in front of me, I almost threw up at the smell.

"Kusa no... Kusa wow... Ugh!

Red and black, Ella's tense thick meat bars raise blood vessels throughout, and the tortoise head is tense on the bread.

I can't stop crying over the abject silhouette and awesome beast odor.

(Really? Do you really lick this? Me...... no)

I'll put this in my mouth, which is the worst I've ever put in anything but superb.

Can you live with it? Wouldn't he be dead in shock?

to Leonora, who is likely to panic, Keith said,

"I knew you couldn't?...... ha"

I sighed so I could hear you.

Leonora said to it, "Ugh!!," he roared.

"Ha ha!!...... uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

All at once, I screamed thoughtfully.

"Ugh! All of a sudden it's full!?

I don't know anything about Fella, so all I could think about was licking her.

As soon as I put it in my mouth, the vomiting sensation creeps up to the taste of stabbing my tongue and the smell coming out of my nose.

Waving small to withstand it, silently in his mouth, the saliva passed the rod and drooled over the bed.

"Dear Leonora... Um, I need you to move"

Leonora glanced at Keith with tears.

"Hi-mahi-wa! Hi-Mahahah-han!! Mubi, you're so hot!!!

As he spoke, his tongue twisted and rubbed his tortoise head, further expanding the flavour.

But if you try Keith, it feels good.

"Oh! Master Leonora!! It's mine!! Whoa!!"

Leonora wanted to die thinking about what she was doing.

(Why... why not... I will kill you!! It's an absolute death sentence!!

We have to finish this as soon as possible in order to do this.

Leonora knows as much as she doesn't ejaculate when she's silent.

So it reminds me of Nia's footage and desperately imitates it.

"Nchu...... Lai Pei. Nchupu, chupu, lapu...... uuuuuuu"

The stickiness of the run tangled in my tongue and I almost threw up.

Still patiently continue to caress her.

"Njupu. Chip, get lost, get lost, get lost..."

"Oh! What! Good!! Dear Leonora, are you really new? Experienced??

"Chiu! Hiroyagi! Nju!! Arimahiwah!! Hinta!! Hicha, hicha, hicha!!

"I did!! from Mmmm!! Whoa!!

Fella, who worked hard in an awkward move, impressed Keith.

Even if you know it's your desire to end it as soon as possible.

Desperately entangle your tongue in the tortoise head and treat it up to get out quickly.

Still, my mouth is too awkward to ejaculate after all this time.

I dare you to keep doing it.

to Leonora shaking her penis, wrinkling between the brows of her beautiful face,

(What's the face of a woman who spontaneously and reluctantly ferrets... it's still the best)

Keith couldn't keep his excitement down.

I want to squirt. I want to put it in this mouth. The desire keeps swelling.

"Lady Leonora! Um, narrow your cheeks! Please stick your lips out!!

That's what Keith asked Leonora to do when he couldn't stand it any longer.

I don't know what that means, but Leonora does as she's told, wondering if that's a way to get it over with quickly.

"Ugh!... yuck... awesome face"

It was Leonora who didn't know what look she was getting on herself.

Keith is even more satisfied with Leonora's nasty, completely one-sided,

"So suck it!! I move my head back and forth sucking as much as I want!!

Instruct Vacuum Fella.

Leonora, who doesn't understand what she's being made to do, just hopes this ends as soon as possible,

"These Hiu's? Njupu! Jiuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Jupp!!

Fella wholeheartedly and diligently with the slutty sound of the mixed air.

My penis is sucked and rubbed in my mouth. The faster the speed, the more I feel and the more I want to ejaculate.

Staring at Leonora's ferrous, wretched face, he continues to enjoy the feeling of his red and black penis entering and leaving the beautiful elves.

"Oh... Kanlan... This is Kanlan... Ugh!!

Eventually, Keith left himself without resistance to the feeling that the golden balls were pushing the sperm out of this elf's mouth.

"Oh, oh!! Dear Leonora!! Out!! I'm leaving!! Sperm!! Master Leonora's mouth!! Dirty Ugh!!!

"Hishabu!? Ahhh!! Ragged Hiwo!! Stop it!! Stop hitting me!!

"Whoa!! My tongue!! Oops!! Ugh!!!

Keith fired a large amount of semen inside Leonora's fluffy blonde hair as she held her head on it all the way.

Dobby! And whenever it erupts, it feels paralyzed and rushes up to the brain,

"Uhhhhh...... whoa!! Oh-ho... Kimochi no"

Leonora's mouth was cut off without a drop.

Leonora put out,

"Hibi!! Ubble!! Mm-hmm!! Raheuri!! Oh my goodness!! Ugh!! Eww!!

I spit out a puffy yellow samen over my palm.

Keith, who saw it, with a shocked look,

"Of, won't you drink it?

"Of! Can I drink this dirty stuff!! Fools are off too......"

"The princess drinks for me..."

And it is.

"Ugh!! You're not cheating on me!!

"Whatever you want, get the footage."

"I get it!!!... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... I'm definitely sick wow!!! Juzo!!

Leonora put the seed liquid out of her hand plate in her mouth all at once.

Bitter, stinky dirty juice with a strong karki odor egg comes back into my mouth.

Though I'm going to be gelling unexpectedly at foreign body reactions, and still desperate to drink,

"Kuhishashasha Wow... Majusha Wow... Ugh"

He was Leonora, who could poke tears and swim samen in his mouth.

Keith looks like he's having a good time with it.

"Dear Leonora! Oh, I'm glad!! You drink it!! You drink my zamen just like the princess!!

Keep Nia out to pick up and stir up Leonora.

Leonora couldn't stand the raw odor coming out of her nose, and finally,

"Ngu!! Nguuuuuuuuu!!! Whew!! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."

Keith's penis quickly regained hardness at the look of him crying in shock at the deeds he had done.