Leonora tried many times to drink the unpleasant flavor that lingered in her mouth with gushing saliva, and each time she wept at the karki smell coming out of her nose.

Leonora could never have experienced a man's things in her life.

Even if we get married and have someone to be our husbands, we will never act like Leonora of high pride thinks she is such an inferior.

Yet I can't believe that makes it such a human species and a magician.

Leonora stared at Keith as she pressed her mouth.

When this is over, I will definitely put you to death when I get back to the country!! That's also in a terribly cruel way!!

As he stared, swearing to his heart, that Keith stepped out of bed and gazed at Leonora.

Keith graciously hugged Leonora, wondering what she was going to do.

"Dear Leonora... I'm impressed. I can't believe you're doing this... it's like a dream."

And keep thanking and sending praises.

But what Leonora said only sounded like a trick to make me do something nasty.

Keith tricked me step by step. I was wondering.

It's not a good idea. This is normal.

Keith still keeps saying thank you, and

"Now let me."

and groaned. When she knew what that meant, Leonora shook her head to the side.

"No... no... no..."

It reminds me of my previous cunt.

The disgusting feeling of being licked around that genitals flashed back and gave me goosebumps.

But if I say no here, Nia will let me do it again.

As it stands, I licked Keith's penis and even drank it, and when I stop and give up, it's impossible to say.

When I got here, Leonora gave up, saying that there was no other way to leave everything to me.

"... if you like... you can do it"

That's what I said and pulled out my body.

Keith still had an operation, thinking that he kind of had a similar reaction to Aisha when he first held him.

To carry it out, I said, "Thank you." I lifted Leonora and laid down in bed.

Leonora as she slept in bed, many times in her heart,

(Something like a dog bit me. It's like a dog bit me! When this is over, you can go to the death penalty!! Just think about it!!

I tried to endure telling myself.

Whether it's as painful or disgusting as before, if you put up with it, you'll kill Keith and make Nia regret it.

That's what I thought and squeezed the sheets of the bed.

Then Keith took off his clothes and came in the bed.

I can almost leak a scream.

Keith looked down at Leonora,

"How beautiful… There are no two more beautiful elves in this world than Master Leonora"

I don't get my hands on it forever, I even praise it.

"The whiteness of your skin, the softness of your hair, and your finished body… your face, too beautiful, would even be jealous of the goddesses"

Touch your hair like you said that and said you were afraid.

"Forgive me for being such a fool that I didn't immediately realize your charm... my eyes were dazzled by Master Leonora's much pity"

Leonora took a breath of "Gu".

In fact, Leonora had never received so much praise from anyone else.

Because I don't have any experience, I always say to myself, "I'm excellent! It's so amazing!! ♪ And hustle and bustle ♪

I didn't even know that was going to buy a sneer from around me.

And that's why I envy Nia.

I don't know why everyone likes Nia, who keeps saying something about herself, but Nia, who can't even use magic, and Nia, who is a little messy.

It's every time I hear later that a matchmaker who said no said Nia was really good.

Even the guys who say no because they can't use magic still praise the song for its awesomeness and adorability being the elf one.

Even when royalties from all over the country gather, Nia quickly becomes best friends with the princess of the subdragon species, or even though there can be crowds around her, no one turns to her.

That's disgusting, pathetic, and that's why I despise Nia by saying, "I'm better than Nia that everyone likes me! I've been making excuses to myself."

Such Leonora, for the first time, and praised by a man for her beauty.

It's a treat for wanting to hold yourself! I really don't even think about it!! I think, but I listen to those words in good ear.

"No more... don't! You don't have to tell me anything you don't have in mind!

I want you to say more. That's what I said when I poked my mouth out for wanting more praise.

"I'm not clever enough to say something I don't even have in mind... I mean it"

That's what the man who only says what's not in his heart said with a smile.

"That's a lie..."

"I'm not lying. It's true."

That's how Keith slowly took Leonora's dress off, putting her in her underwear.

Bespoke bras and panties in lace and Leonora's limbs wrapped in garter belts are a weapon that inferiors a man.

You don't have any thin, wasted meat on you, only your breasts are ridiculously big.

Besides, while this is the only body, Manko is a natural pimp and remains beautifully shaped.

In the face of inadvertently wanting to make it unscrupulous, Keith said,

"Oh... how beautiful... Master Leonora is a sinner... driving a man crazy"

That's what I said before I started carefully rubbing my chest over my bra.

"Ah!... ugh... ha!

Continue to peel through the milk wheel as you rub the breast that you can't reach.

Keith had fully remembered Leonora's body since last time.

So don't get lost, just blame the milk rings.

"Ha... ugh!!

As always, Leonora gasps like a cat, but the sensitivity is more than last time.

Leonora's tits, which were originally susceptible to transcendence, have been developed by Keith to become completely a pleasure organ.

Because it has become so easy to feel, I am likely to touch it even when bathing.

It was Leonora who was about to masturbate with her breasts that she hated so much, and all she got was anger when she thought it was Keith's fault.

But Leonora felt sorry for herself as Keith rubbed those tits again and was feeling them.


Keith deliberately touched his nipples lightly.

At that moment Leonora's hips floated.

Deciding he was handsome even if he touched him directly, Keith removed the bra with a familiar hand.

Bullshit! And on my bouncing tits, I got a "oh" voice.

A milk ring and nipple the size of a good one for a bright white breast. The colour is of course light peach.

Keith's caress was shivering as her nipples began to harden.

Keith, salivating on his thumb and index finger of both hands,

"Dear Leonora... please feel better"

I called out and then started picking and pinching my nipples with my wet fingertips all the time.

"Do it!! Ugh!! Stop!! Don't stop!!! Ha-ha-ha!! No!! Chikubi!! Chikubi ha!! Ugh!!

Leonora, pinched the most sensitive part of her sensitive tits, turned away.

I try to make it stop, but I have no strength at all in my body.

Still, at least I try to escape, but then the nipples I'm picking are pulled and rejected and irritated.

"What! So!! My God!! Come on!! Ahhh!!

As he complained about his chest, Leonora was feeling honey overflowing from the back of his crotch.

(No! I don't!! Don't feel it!!

Even so, Leonora could not imitate cleverly to suppress the physical reaction.

Keith begins to sicken up and down his nipples hard enough.

to fast finger movements,

"Himiuuuuuu!! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!! No, no, no! Chi, Chikubi!! I'm so lumpy!!! Akiuuuuuu!!

Leonora's hand, which became intolerable, tried to grab Keith's arm, but at that time,

"Hapu! Nchu! Nchuuuuuu!! Come on, come on, come on!

The erect nipple was in Keith's chamber and had been licked and rubbed many times with that tongue.

"Hobbit!! Ho ha ha!! Suddenly!! I can't believe it!! It's a shame!! Blink no!! Ooh, whoa, whoa!

Pushing Leonora's big breast meat in with her fingers so that she wants breast milk that won't answer, Jiu! Jiu! and suck, then lick it around gently.

When you do that in both nipple order, Leonora says, "Ah! Ah! Ah!!" He began to freak out his body.

Keith, who felt a titty squid was close, reinforces the blame.

rambling his mouth and softer his hands rubbing his breasts, Leonora floating her hips,

"This!! Mr. Nia's!! I didn't do this at all. No!! I didn't do it. Wow!! It's deceiving!! About me!! Ugh!! Ugh!!

At the same time he pulled his nipples tightly and sweetly while being bitten.

"Uhhhh!!! What a mess!! I want to, but no!! I want no!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

For the first time in her life, Leonora culminated in the hands of others.

The way Keith and I acted should just be disgusting, just disgusting.

With a bright white head, even the thought of confusion doesn't turn well.

I just wonder why you're so flirty. Why? I repeat,

"Master Leonora, you were so beautiful."

Keith stroked my hair and told me so.

"Ki... Lei? … what…"

"It's how you feel. Master Leonora, who goes full of pleasure, was very beautiful. Master Leonora doesn't have moments when she's not beautiful."

He gives me a tickling compliment all the time.

Doing so makes my chest pound why.

That's simply peaking and my chest is ringing, but I can't tell Leonora.

But as you delude it, "Hmm! ♪ And I won't forget to squeal my nose out ♪

"Ah... or you... I... will always be Yukon"

"You're beautiful. We understand."

Someone appeared in front of Leonora who would acknowledge, praise, and fu the self she wanted from the bottom of her heart.

Besides, he doesn't say he's mellow about Leonora's charm.

I don't want to think of that as a lie.

Because when I think it's a lie, Leonora says she's not attracted to herself.

Yes, it is. Really, Keith is onto himself.

It was a supreme and sumptuous thought, and when it came to mind, there was Leonora smiling at the joy.

Keith also smiled at how well he was doing.

I knew right away from my attitude towards Nia and my reputation around me that this disgusting princess was full of inferiority that I was not sure of.

So I even praise you.

Speak the words you want. That is Keith's primary principle to women.

And this hand works for most elves. Especially without public knowledge.

"Dear Leonora... May I continue?

From here, we will always accept acceptance at the beginning of the act.

I've been free to do it since I took it, but it's to create an atmosphere where Fu says he's here.

"... okay... I'm ready now... good day... Kanchiki..."

"Yes, of course. Thank you for your patience."

Keith said so, shifting his body downwards, causing his panties and garters to come off Leonora's body without force.

"Ah...... ugh"

Before I said it, I couldn't even tell you to stop it. It was Leonora I could take it off in silence.

As he held his thighs and spread his legs, he put a cushion under his hips to float his buttocks.

The last time I fucked you, you're still beautiful thanks to aftercare.

And it is the same pimp Omako.

"Seriously -... you're too porn specific..."

Keith, whining inaudibly, spread her labia softly with her fingers.

The light peach inner organ was wet in trout with breast blame.

The broken hole in the honey is crackling and showing the softness of the middle meat.

It is one of the few ceiling manko holes in Zarazara. My penis reacts just by remembering.

But I'm not in a hurry today.

The primary purpose today is to make Leonora crazy.

Because I fucked her many times in one night when I took her virgin, that's how the vagina hole should be.

Additions and subtractions have also been confirmed.

Keith thinks Leonora's offense is impossible if this doesn't make him crazy.

So first you have to loosen your vagina with a cunt and a handman.

Keith, tempered, first put his face softly close and smelled quietly.

Aromatic female scent.

The honey leaking from the meat sweetly tickled my nasal cavity.

Keith, with his tongue out, began gently licking his labia minora.

"Ha... ha ha...!

Gently lick your little labia with your tongue and sip the wet honey.

The sweet taste spread into the oral cavity, causing the tongue to swing.

"Yum... the elf honey is good after all... Nju, Lachiru"

He carries his tongue as he licks his little labia with relo porn, and when he arrives at the clitoris, he picks it with every foreskin lip and pecks it all over.

Then he licked his labia minora again and poked his vagina hole to the tip of his tongue to tickle it.

In the meantime, I will not forget to gently rub my labia majora in with my spreading fingers.

Previously, I applied saliva so it was the best I could do, but if it was so wet, I could enjoy blaming it.

Keith carefully adores Leonora's beautiful beauty.

Besides, Leonora was confused.

It feels good. The gentle cunt and fingers soak the whole twitch and omanko in pleasure.

to that feeling completely different from before,

"Hia!! Hiaaaaa!! What! What the hell!! This!! This!! Awwww!! Himi!! Himi Woo!!

He gently blamed the most sensitive part of his body that had just ended and twisted his hips.

"What the hell! No! No!! There, now!! Such gentleness!! Ugh!! Uh-oh!

Squeeze the pillow you put under your head and point your gaze at Keith.


The last time she had a hangover, she was licked to look down, but this time she is licking her back round as if she were lying down.

"Oh!! Uhhh!! What the hell!! No way!! Shiitake!! Oh no!! Hih!!! No!! Nah!! Ugh!

Keith's tongue finally penetrated his vaginal hole.

Continue rubbing the clit with your fingers at the same time as you lick the meatloaf finely.

"Jiu! CHUCKLES!! Get fucked, Njipu!! Ugh!!

"Oops!! Oh no!! Don't make me!! Don't let me!! Beard!! Oh my God!! Even though he's a beard, no!! What a beard!! Ugh!!! Ugh that's so awesome!!!

Leonora bit her lip and endured it, almost screaming that it felt good.

That's all I can ever say. I'm holding back my last pride if I don't tell you.

So bear with me.

I can actually indulge myself in wanting to say "feel good," "do more," and "lick harder."

The more that patience swells, the more I think.

I'm sure Nia would like to feel honest about this.

He said he must be screaming that it feels absolutely good.

(sloppy no!! It's sloppy!! Me too!! I'd like to say it's me too!! So!!

Keith, who felt a gaze, understood what it was by erotic intuition.

"Nchup...... Dear Leonora, please. He says it feels good because you can lie... please say so. Otherwise…"

They're asking for it. I'm being asked.

Leonora, who didn't even know she was being danced with her hands, was pleased with it.

But never show your happy face,

"Shit... you can't help it! I don't know... I'd rather be a dog... but I feel sorry for you, Yikes!! Wow!!

All of a sudden he was sweet bitten of the clis, hand-manned the steeple and gasped heavily.

"Big!! Oops!! Suddenly!! See ya!! No way!! Why!!! Kuhi-no!!

"Nah, nah, nah, nah!! hahmm!! Dear Leonora!! It feels good!! Please!! Master Leonora!!

I can't help it.

I can't help it because you're asking me to.

Leonora told herself to the feeling that her fingertips blamed her vaginal steeple and her tongue rolled around the crisp.

"Ooh!! Kimoi no!! It's Kimochi. Wow!! Ahhh!! Wow good!! Wow!!! There!! Nasty there!! More like that!! Ugh! Ahhh!

I can see it's the type of fallen when I give you an excuse.

Leonora, completely knocked around, accepted Keith's caress with her hips gushing as she shouted "Kimochi good".

"Nah! Nha!! Ugh!! Yes!! Yummy!! Damn!! Such a groan!! Kimo no no no no!! I don't know this!! This!! Uhhh!!

Unlike Berna, she had a severe wheeze.

I don't think Keith would be very excited to gasp for nasty words.

Eventually Keith let go of his body once and for all when the vaginal folds tangled in his fingers began to spasm and tighten sweetly.

to a sudden sense of loss,

"Hami?... Umi no? hey...... why? What is it? Huh?"

As Leonora stared at Keith, she was kneeling so that Keith, who woke up her torso, would show off her penis, which was about to be ripped off.

"Dear Leonora, may I let you in? Can you forgive me? Will you let me cut my thoughts off with the princess?

A penis that can be shown while lightly handled.

That meat thickness, hardness, and heat that I felt when I licked it earlier is inserted into this gin and the painful body?

Just imagine, honey overflowed out of Leonora.

Even though it was rough, Leonora's breath goes even rougher.

This is not sex. An act to make this man a thing to himself and put him to death.

And there's only one way to make Nia regret it and remind her that she's better off.

That's why I can't help it.

Leonora, who denied the pain from her vagina seeking a meat stick that it wasn't, that this wasn't sexual desire, unaware that it was self-deception.

"Better than Mr. Nia... he said I was good... that he wanted me..."

He stared at Keith and said so as he moistened his eyes.

"I'm better... than Mr. Nia... just say..."

Please tell me that.

Otherwise, I can't give this to Keith.

To Leonora, desperately complaining with her eyes, Keith put on herself and put her face closer,

"I want Master Leonora... more than anyone else in the world, I just want you..."

With that said, he brought a love solution to his penis with his hands and pressed it against his hickey vaginal mouth to welcome him in.


At the same time.

Lou and Donna sat opposite each other at a table set in the courtyard.

He is one and one who plays the game while making noise with Pattijara Pattijara.

"Excuse me. Tumours."


"Mr. Cat... you missed the draw."

"Donna... you have coal on your back."

Their masters seem to enjoy themselves when they say they are doing erratic things.