The serious face of looming Keith and the smell of a man's sweat.

And the tip of a hot erect penis you feel in your vaginal mouth.

He was so thrilled that he was about to burst his heart that Leonora felt a man covered in himself.

I only felt so sick and disgusted before, but now I'm completely different.

I want it.

My body wants Keith to hold me, and my heart wants Keith to praise me.

He wants himself so sincerely that so many men have ignored him so far.

You praise yourself so much that no one has ever praised you.

It is Leonora, who conceived Keith's words and actions as mere carnal desire, as slave love for herself.

That's what Keith wanted.

He told me he wanted it more than anyone else in the world - than Nia.

"... Yu... I will... come on. In me..."

Now it's not trespassing.

To Leonora, who breathed "ha-ha" as if she were a hungry dog, Keith deliberately proceeded to penis slowly into her vagina so that she could tell.

Relaxed and wet vaginal meat easily welcomes intruders.

As I scratch through my neat vagina, the feeling of Zarazara eventually wraps my tortoise head around me.

"Ew... ah... oh"

Keith leaked his voice about it, but that was the same for Leonora.

"Ugh... ahhh...! Come on... it's not in me... it's in you... hiccup!

The feeling of the penis pushing forward while rubbing the sensitive inner fold with the hand man was a very polite and quiet pleasure.

I just felt nauseous last time about the feeling of things going in with a lot of heat in my body, but now I feel so good that I'm going to wander off.

"Huh... ugh!... Ugh!! This! …"

Leonora, who defies her throat, nearly held Keith when she found out she had a penis in the back.

To indulge in it, squeeze the sheets of the bed, bite the lips and endure.

Keith, whose penis was tightened to such a tolerant Leonora's famous vessel, was wet by a jerk and his grin was ruined by a vaginal hole that turned into a state for ejaculating a man.

I am not lubricated with my last saliva and my own semen.

Leonora wet herself with her own love liquid, and the meat hole that wobbled to please her penis felt completely different.

(Forgive me for what I did, but it's the main show, isn't it?)

Vaginal holes made me want them from me, not forced to do them, feel extraordinarily different.

It's like the whole thing is holding onto your penis.

Moreover, it is this number-one ceiling namesake.

It felt like I would be out now if I hadn't pulled it out at Ferra.

Keith exhaled, to Leonora, who raised her voice "fumi-no" to feeling good.

"It moves, Master Leonora... okay?

My hips were already starting to move slowly as I said.

"Ha!! Ugh...... so, oh! Come on! I didn't! I didn't, but it's amazing!! Umiuuuu!!

Leonora uplifted her face bright red and complained, Keith seemed to come looking cute step by step.

It's cute when you're fucking this annoying smell, too.

Thinking, etc., hands around next to Leonora's side, hips off! And I move it.

First, just to get you used to it, just stick your hips back and forth in a single tone.

Still, for Leonora, it was a tremendous shock to say that she was scratched by the geese neck for her sensitive vagina, and she kept getting bored with that stimulus coming up from the inside.

"Ha-ha! Ha-ha!! Mado...... no! No!! Oh!!

Several times that way, when the vaginal tension also dissolved, Keith rubs a hardened clit with his thumb by doing one hand to Leonora's groin.

When you move your hips blaming the pimp and erection clip like a scratch,

"Oh, oh! Hey, what are you doing!! Nha!! That's too bad!! Oh no! Oh my God!! Oh, oh, oh!!

Leonora scratched the sheet.

Words are when you blame the clit on your back, your vagina tightens intermittently and conveys joy to your penis.

"Ami!! Ami ah!!

"Dear Leonora, Feel good, please! Say it!! My penis says it feels good! Otherwise I will!"

Say it? In this condition? With all this awesome stimulation?

If he did that, Leonora shook her head, feeling like something was irrevocable.

"Oh no... me... can't you? I don't feel good about Leonora."

Keith, who pretends to be shocked, stops moving his fingers and hips.

to the pleasure of being stopped, and Leonora, who was left in deposit again, nearly cried,

(What are you trying to make me say!! What do you want from me?!

He cursed Keith with all his heart, and still opened his mouth, which became crisp because he kept breathing in his mouth.

"Nah... I'm sorry! You can't do one thing without me!

O-manco meat cum! Keith tells me that he's tightening up and saying things he doesn't even think about.

But I don't realize that's happening. Leonora was so strong.

"But... I can't help it... I'll tell you... so... more... the..."

Poke it in hard. Scratch me.

I didn't have the courage to say so far.


"Thank you. Dear Leonora, to your kind heart, I..."

Keith started pounding his hips.

It's telling. It's telling.

You don't have to tell me everything. Keith will understand.

Don't give up your love for yourself even if you're evil, and so,

"Aah! Aah!! Kimochi good!! It's Kimochi!! Ohhhhhh... penis!! Penis!! Wow!!

Makes me feel better.

I want it. I want it all. I need all of this magic instructor.

Seems so. Leonora gasped loudly with a nasty voice in joy.

"Nmiu! Nmiaah!! My penis!! Oh no!! Come and get it!! Grrr!!!! Uh-oh!!

When Leonora's joy increases, so does the feel of the famous vessel in proportion to it.

The Zarazara inner wall entangles the love liquid, twisting and wrapping around the turtle head.

It just fits where my penis feels most irritated. That tells Keith how good it feels to make her hips feel bad.

"Whoa! Whoa... don't lose... don't lose me!! Huh!!

Keith, who has to drive Leonora crazy at all costs, when he's in the mood, changes the angle of his hips and blames the vaginal steeple.

Doing so would rub the Zarazara directly, so even as Keith, he was desperate to reduce the feeling of ejaculation and moved his hips.

"Whoa! Whoa! Heh heh!! Ma...... no!! Those are awesome!! It!!! It's too much!! Ahhh!!!

Your hips float backwards and your hands wander the universe.

I want to hold it. I want to feel Keith's temperature when I see a spot.

But Leonora, whose pride would not allow it, continued to feel a steep blame as she was already disgusted and tearful.

"Ami ah!! Ahhh!! Ummm!! Madu...... Shh! Mado no!! Mm-hmm!!

Then Keith loosens the piston and speaks to Leonora.

"Dear Leonora, Be sure to call me by name..."

"Hey... you?

"Yes. With Keith. Keith and yes... please"

Can I call you?

Can I do that?

It was Leonora who even hesitated to call me names.

He lifted Leonora's thighs like that, and now repositioned his hips so that he could penetrate deeper.

Not as violent as the seeding press, but still nasty to the back of the vagina! "Uh-oh," Leonora raised her voice to her penis, which was coming all the way in, and Keith's face and body, which was closer than just now.

"I don't know... it's not... it's not... it's not..."

"It's Keith... Keith and... Leonora"

face and face so close that I could hear the sound of my breath all the way.

Leonora wrapped her mouth around the

"... Ki... Su"

"Yes, Master Leonora"

Keith smiled and replied, restarting his hips as they were.

As I poke my penis towards the back, Leonora's whisper begins to leak.

There was a mix of Keith's names there.

"Aah! Aah!! Keith!! Keith! My penis is not here!! I'm coming!! Keith! My goodness Keith!! No, no, no, no!

Makes me say it feels good, makes me call my name too.

It is just one step away.

"Dear Leonora!! Leonora. Well!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!! You look like that! Be like an angel!!

"Ha-ha! Ami-ah!! Keith!! No! That's fine!! Oh, oh! So!! Me!! You want me!! I'm the only one you want!! Nmiuuuu!

"It's just you!! I only want you!! I want all of you!! Master Leonora!!

"Ohhhhhh!! Awwwww!! Keith!! Keith!!

Leonora could see her uterus moving down.

I didn't know that was what my body wanted to reproduce, to want this man's seed, but still to the feeling of being able to poke up my descended womb.

"Uh-oh!! What the fuck!?! I'm hungry!! I don't have one. Ugh!! GUAGUAGUAGUA!! They gave it to me!! Phew! Phew! Ahh!

I freaked out all over my body and kept getting bored.

I thought it was a good time, Keith.

"Dear Leonora! Give me a kiss! Please forgive me for kissing!!

I hit the last hand.

"I want to kiss you! Give me Master Leonora's lips!! Give it to me!!

Keith didn't kiss and fella last time.

If I did, I would definitely have been bitten.

Ask Leonora for a kiss like that.

"... Ugh... no... those pieces... they are so fucked... Mmm!!

Though severely bored, Leonora rejects it.

You can't just kiss your lips, even if you were a fella.

Because if you do that.

If you accept it in your body, honestly say it feels good, even call it a name, and kiss it on top of it.

I get a hug. And I want more Keith.

I'm going to have to have this guy.

That's absolutely... impossible. Yet,

"Dear Leonora... let me take it from you..."

Keith's lips are looming.

"You said no... ah"

Hands were attached to cheeks and lips overlapped.

"Fu-chu... um... chu-chu..."

It was just a kiss to overlap her lips, but Leonora still fell from her heart fully.

Leonora stared at Keith as her lips separated.

"Dorobu... you've made fun of everything about me... this is just a glitch..."

"Ugh," he roared to Leonora,

"I'm sorry...... how can I forgive you?

Death penalty. Nothing else!

The feeling had completely disappeared.

I can't think of killing Keith anymore.

Because this man has to stay beside himself for the rest of his life and please himself for the rest of his life.

"Wow... give me... more... welcome... that's Keith's duty!

"Yes, Master Leonora"

Keith was gentle when he smiled, making his hips move stronger, and began rubbing his chest.

My lips, of course, overlap, and now I put my tongue in.

It was for a moment that I was surprised by my first deep kiss.

The moment I was swayed by the intertwined feelings of the oral mucosa, I was blamed simultaneously for my chest and uterine mouth, and Leonora's reason, shackled, blew away.

"Nchu! Lerochi, chi, chi, chi! Wachiuuuuu!! Nchu! Kisu! Ki-soo!! They are mine!! My ki-soo!! I can do it!!

Arms tangled around his neck and legs wrapped around his hips.

Leonora, tightened Keith throughout her body, entwined all the mucous membranes in a drool, drank saliva, spread her crotch, and became a single female.

I keep happily mating with it as I mouth it again and again with my own man, my own Keith.

My body temperature rises and I want from the bottom of my heart the species of human species that I hated so much as I sweated.

"Kisu!! Hmmm!! Nchiuuuuu! Oh, ki-soo!! Ukyu!!

Eventually a second peak comes at the pleasure required.

That's the first vaginal acme I've ever had. It was the culmination of being a female.

Leonora, who gnaws her hips and lifts her impending gasp, still doesn't loosen her kiss and hug,

"Kisu!! Me!! I'm coming!! Me, no!! Yikes. Wow! Kisu!! Keesu!! Me, no!!

Report to your own man with a crying face.

"Yes! I said! Kuku...... If Master Leonora says yes, so will I.!! Ugh!! I'll get you inside too!!

Inside. Inside. Vaginal ejaculation.

It was supposed to be a horrible act, but I got goosebumps with joy.

Looks like Keith praises me for everything I am.

Everything about me seems to please Keith.

"Ugh!! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Oh, uh-oh!! Dashi? Dashi no! Oh, my God!! It's so hard for me!! Kisu!! Kisu is here!! Ahhh!!

Glad. Glad. Glad. Glad.

I want to scream, but I can't. So I kissed desperately.

Represented it with a kiss instead of words.

"Nchuuuuuu!! I can do it...... chubby, ruchubby!! Ahhhhh!! Mm-hmm!!

And as it was, he received intense vaginal acme.

My first medium squid came under so much shock that I couldn't compare it to masturbation.

Leonora can freak out and turn her back when she sees Keith screaming and weeping.

Its vagina tightens fine over and over again, and Keith pistons through it, distorting his face.

(Pregnant!! You high-flying bitch!! In a human breed child!! Breastfeed the half elves with that big pie!!... That's why I'm pregnant!!

Shouting with my heart about what I can't say with my mouth, I said, "Ugh!! Ah," he exclaimed pitifully.

Bubble!! Dobble! and goosebumps at the feeling of the tortoise head rubbing too well as he continued to piston his bicumbicum bouncing penis on Zarazara Manko as he put it out.

Keith, who developed goosebumps and white-contaminated her vagina as she drowned, breathed out after she was out.

And when I tried to pull it out, I realized that Leonora's hands and feet would never leave.

"Huh? That? Lady Leonora?

Speaking up, Leonora said,

"Warakuhi's... Kisu... just Warakuhi's... hehe"

I was losing my mind laughing.

Keith laughed and slowly untied his hands and feet,

"I'm not yours, you're mine. Lady."

That's what I said, I pulled my penis out of my vagina, checked the sperm that would destroy it from the flesh-colored hole, and then headed to the bathroom.


Leonora, who regained consciousness, decided Keith was ready for a bath.

I've never had such a small bath! I don't know what to say, but it seemed like Leonora was happy somewhere.

"Nah...... why not!! Did you really do this Mr. Nia?!?

He sat in the bath chair with his face bright red and tears in his eyes.

When I say sit back, I put my legs on the seat with an M-shaped open leg and stick my hips forward.

If you say what you are going to do in such a state, it is pee.

Keith, sitting on the floor in front of Leonora,

"Yes! You are showing me everything!! So even Master Leonora... can't you?

I've never let Nia do a spontaneous pee scene.

But give me this far and I'll do whatever it takes. It was Keith who had a kinky desire for Leonora.

To Keith, who nicks,

(What the hell! What the hell is this!! This... I want to!!

Though, Leonora, unable to say she couldn't do it, stepped away from her face and put her strength into her stomach.

Then the semen inside flowed through the vaginal hole, and at the same time,

"Ha... Aww, Funya... Huh!

A warm, yellow ammonia smelling pee erupted from the urethra.

Leonora, who is being forced to spread Manko herself, to pee that once she got out she couldn't stop.

"Ah, ami ah! Come on, Mi! Micha, wow!! Kisu!! Micha, wow!!

He shook his head as he said something unscrupulous.

Keith, who saw a pee coming out of a beautiful pimp, gradually erected and went, taking a little bit of that bump in his body.

"Ahhh... oh... eh... that's awesome"

Eventually, when it stopped, a yellow reservoir of water was formed on the floor.

Keith stared at it thoroughly before rinsing it off with hot water.

Leonora saw how it was,

"Ugh... heck no!! Perverted Mage No!! Ah... what the hell are you thinking... Phew!? Fumi ah ah!!

Trying to complain, he screamed that Keith suddenly started licking the clit from his pee-painted urethra.

"Oh. I can show you around."

"What are you doing!! What are you doing!! Silly!! Too many perverts!!

Keith says plainly to Leonora who summons.

"I'm going to want everything about Leonora... this must also be because Leonora is attractive"

"You're not trying to do anything!? Nha!! So lick it!

It was Leonora who was getting scared of herself feeling something about being licked continually.

Keith, who felt a liquid that wasn't semen coming out of his vagina as he licked it, stood up and

"Dear Leonora... Um"

"Huh-uh... what can I do? Hip!"

He raised his voice to his surprise when he showed off his erect penis again.

"hey ahhh...... how many times does that happen!! Isn't that broken!!

"I think I'm broken by Master Leonora's beauty."

"Ugh... why is it my fault... oh"

He seemed to tell me that the tingly pulsating penis was still handsome.

When I see that, my uterus starts hurting again.

Fully fitted, Leonora still can't honestly say she wants it from herself, rubbing her thighs together.

"It's broken here...... would you please let Master Leonora fix it?

Keith smiled a lot closer.

As the tiny smell drifted, the leaning Leonora,

"... Keith is my thing... Lord... there are no specifications to take care of..."

I shrugged so small.

"Thank you. Dear Leonora... Bye."

As such, Leonora solidified to what Shite wanted when she was struck in the ear.

gradually distort the face,

"hey... what are you thinking!!!!

I yelled, "Huh? The princess did it, didn't she?" I couldn't beat a word of it.

To Keith, who will be royal, he says, "Ugh! Ugh!!" Wrap the erect meat stick with its breasts.

It is a pussy.

I gotta do this. I'm sorry about this tit. It was Keith.

His penis was completely buried in his chest, and Keith moved his hips quickly, stunned by that unprecedented feeling.

"Ooh!! What... yeah? What is this? Awesome......"

Leonora pinched a hot meat stick in the valley of her chest without even hearing her whining,

"You're deceiving me... I'm absolutely deceiving you. Wow! Mostly with Nia's little chest, this... I can't possibly do this. Wow!!!

You're using magic, aren't you?

I can't say that. Keith laughed deceptively,

"Dear Leonora!! Oh!! Kimochi, no!! Wow yeah eh!! This is great!!!

I just screamed and praised Leonora.

Leonora, who doesn't care what it is anymore, has no choice but to start moving her tits, as she was told, thinking she was being deceived.

New material for slurping and breasts, penis on tits, cum. Keith said, "Uh-oh!!," he barked, feeling comfortable.


Eventually, six times in total until morning, Keith fired at Leonora.

More than twice as many times, Leonora was blamed in the dorsal position and subjected to sperm in her vagina as she ~ grew at the end.

Same lusty demon, but a little tough on Leonora, unlike Aisha and Berna I'm used to.

Repeated fainting and awakening, the last one already has a vague memory.

It was morning when I realized it was time for me to be suspicious if I didn't return to my room.

When he woke up, Leonora was holding him tight in Keith's arms.

I accidentally said "disrespectful!! Death penalty! I almost said," but my feelings melted away at Keith's warmth and heartbeat in his sleeping chest.

Leonora, who had to go home but spent half an hour as it was, finally ordered Keith to return to his room with metastatic magic when he woke up.

Wear clothes with Keith, who agreed with his sleeping eyes, and go back to his room.

There was metamagic sickness, but that was worse for Keith, and Keith ran into the bathroom. Yeah! The sickness also shriveled in his voice.

When disgust disappears, joy springs up.

It's the joy of Keith becoming his own.

I had no intention of making Nia regret there anymore.

Keith has been around for a long time. Stay beside me and praise yourself, Fu, and... make me feel better.

The presence of others who affirmed themselves for the first time made Leonora dry like a child who received a treasure.

(I'll have to report it to your father when I get home and get a room with it...... good room for Keith to come in the middle of the night without anyone seeing him. I don't seem to like metastatic magic. Damn it! I can't believe you let me get this far!

Leonora wanted Keith's clothes and hair to be changed.

Eventually, when Keith came back from the bathroom,


To tell you what to think, Leonora broke her face.

But I make a twinkly look because it seems delightfully dry.

"Dear Leonora,"

And when I'm called out, I want to jump right at it.

But when I saw that Keith face, Leonora said, "Huh?," he muttered.

Keith has a sad look on his face or says he can't believe it.

wondering what it was, Keith approached the table and lifted the book on it.


Leonora has raised her voice.

The book Keith lifted was "The Cruel Execution of the World".

Leonora's face blued to Keith staring at it.

"Ki... Keith... it's... we"

"Dear Leonora... you were lying..."

Keith stared at Leonora with a crying face.

"You picked me up... to kill me..."

"No, I don't..."

"To kill me... until that happens... if you say so! If you want to die, I will!... I... Gu"

I often say to you that you are not willing to die.

By the way, I am aware of Aisha's face and tricks when she first found out about Berna.

This scene is perfect for acting reference.

"Keith! Listen!! Listen!! Me!!

"I can't believe I fooled you... I thought you loved me... how funny..."

Though you must be the one fooling me.

"It's not! I am!! I, Keith!!

"You hate me as much as you want to kill me, don't you? It's obvious... it's obvious... sorry. I'll disappear right in front of you...... Goodbye, Master Leonora!

Metastatic magic is activated.

Shh! and Keith disappeared when the wind rolled.

"Ah!! Wait!! Kee...... su"

In the room alone, Leonora couldn't think of anything.

Just staring at the space where no one was left, I was frustrated, and the door to the room opened and Donna came home.

"Hey, Mr. Cat, I knew it! No way there...... that? Miss, did you give it back? I need to hear from you... hmm? Lady? Huh!? Are you crying?

Turning toward Donna, Leonora wept a large tear from her eyes, sneezing her face,

"Why... why is this happening?... why is this happening?!!! Uh-oh!!!

I kept calling and crying like a child who had broken the toy I had just bought.

Donna, who doesn't know what that means, was just confused and fuzzy.

Meanwhile, Keith, back in the room, had no more spitting stuff left, so he repeated his air vomiting, and when it was over, he wiped his mouth.

"Come on, go to your room. I thought there was evidence that you wanted to kill me, but I didn't know there was a direct way to this point."

I whined to myself as I rolled through the "cruel executions of the world" that I had brought with me.

"It's so easy to fuck people in so many ways without knowing how to do it."

That's how I fell asleep in bed with the book.

The face is so tired of sex, but it seemed like a lot of fun.

"... Wheel Punishment... Were you going to do this!?

I saw a page with sticky notes and blued all at once.


"Ugh!! Ugh!! Yeah, yeah..."

It was Donna, who didn't know what to do, to Leonora, who kept crying even in the carriage home.

When you ask me why, you just cry and you don't answer.

I had no choice, so I stared silently at Lou while eating the sweets he had given me for souvenirs.

"Young lady... you want to eat one?

"I don't want to. Ahhh!! Uhhhh!!

I wondered if I could get to the country soon...... and it was Donna I thought while eating sweets.