The day Leonora left, Keith slept until after noon.

Six times from the night before until this morning.

In a comforting tiredness, Keith woke up sleeping in a belly circle long past the evening, after the sky was completely dark.

I blur my heavy head over sleeping, take a bath, refresh myself, and then head to the dining room for dinner.

I felt so meaty that when I asked for the steak I ate it and went back to my room.

When I went back to my room and lay down in bed and read the book, it smelled slightly better.

It smelled like Leonora.

I haven't replaced the sheets, so the leftover incense is drifting.

I think it's somewhat of a noble scent, and when I'm leaning down and soothing,

"... your husband... what are you doing smelling your bed?


Lou was staring at Keith with his eyes like he was looking at garbage chips.

I can't say I enjoyed that leftover incense, which was fiercely cited with Leonora until this morning.

There's no doubt about it. The cat will tell Aisha and Berna.

Though I thought the world was over that I couldn't even trust the demon who used it.

"Oh... I wonder if I smell like an old man..."

I made a terrible excuse.

Even Keith can't think of any excuse for enjoying the smell of his own bed.

"... don't worry, old man stinks."

With that said, Lou tries to get out of the window again, which just came in.

"Oh, man. Where are you going? At this hour."

"I don't want to see your disgusting husband who's excited to smell himself! I'll be away so I can enjoy my aging smell!

Stuff! and to Lou, who made the noise and left, he said, "No! I can't say," Keith began to smell Leonora again in a pitiful mood.

"... seriously good smell"

Whimpering, remembering Leonora as she sweetens, she starts to depress me one way or another as she is.

But when he got up, Keith began to change the sheets in a hurry.

If Aisha comes suddenly in this state, he will no doubt be asked why, and he will be killed.

I changed the sheets as I developed goosebumps, and finally when I inhaled the smell just one more time to spare the remnants, I put it in the laundry cage.

I took a breath in the bed I cleaned up, and when I was thinking about drinking, I heard the wind blowing all the time.

What? And when I looked in that direction,

"Ha wow. My eyes swoop. That's disgusting."

A fluttering Nia stood.

"Ugh, wow! Princess!!

Keith raised his voice in surprise at Nia, who came here using metastatic magic.

Nia looked up as she turned her eyes to that Keith, smiling happily,

"Master Keith!

He jumped at me screaming.

Keith hastily activated the silencer prop to make sure the room was locked.

Nia hugged Keith like that,

"Dear Keith! Dear Keith!"

and follow me like a puppy.

But Keith augs his mind and makes a voice just a little angry.

"Princess! Didn't I tell you that metastatic magic should not be used on its own? This is dangerous magic, isn't it?

The truth is, as a result of confirmation, Nia is completely turning metastatic magic into a thing.

I don't care if this is in the middle of a zuccompany with Aisha, Berna, or anyone else.

I told him not to, but Keith thought it might be rare for him to break it.

Then Nia, who hugged Keith's body and buried his face in his chest, began to say something about a corn.

If you ask me often what it is,

"... because... Leonora's here... and I was worried"

Nia was squeaking like that in a crying voice.

Leonora came over, told me I shouldn't see Keith, even put Keith under house arrest in his room, and I still didn't have to worry.

Maybe Keith will follow Leonora.

Maybe I like Leonora.

I couldn't stay or stand when I thought so.

Yesterday, however, in front of the house arrest, I was afraid to go and meet him and complain.

And today, Leonora was busy spending the day she was late for her appointment, and I couldn't see Keith.

As a result, we had to sneak in at night.

Understand that, too, Keith.

"... were you worried I might follow Master Leonora?

Hold Nia's back gently and speak gently.

Nia nodded small in her chest.

"There's no way, is there? I have a princess... only a princess."

It is something I can well say with my mouth that said "It is only Master Leonora" last night.

Wouldn't that make your mouth rot? Come with me.

Nia, who honestly believed Keith's words like that, was so happy and came with tears.

stroking Nia's back and head over and over with force in his hand holding Keith together.

(So, how about tonight?

It is Keith who uses activation magic to restore the penis before considering the yall procedure.

Keith headed to the bathroom as he dared to wait to stop crying, wipe his tears and then let him sit in bed.

Magic yourself with the demon blood stone of the ring and return to your room.

The contents of the gold balls, which were empty, have already been banned from ona for a week and dripping with Darn.

I can get it out. I can get it out again and again!! Let me see it again and again!!

Keith turns to Nia, greasing him with such lowest thoughts all over his face.

At that time, I thought maybe even a drink would come out.

"Princess, can I have a glass of wine or something?

He looks like a minor but is already a fine adult.

However, I have never seen him drinking, so I asked him.

Nia shook her head with a puffy,

"Me, the alcohol... sorry"

"Oh, no, it's nothing to apologize for. Then even juice."

With that said, Keith thought it might be interesting to drunk him and attack him next time.

Staring at Keith like that, Nia was sitting right in the bed.

When I think it's Keith's bed, I want to try to smell it.

Make sure he prepared the juice. Nia inhaled the scent as she lay down on the bed for a bit.

I just changed the sheets, but the mat isn't changing itself, so I can smell Keith soaking in.

It's actually a mixed smell of Aisha, Berna, Leonora and of course Nia's sweat and love fluids held in this bed.

"It smells like Master Keith. Ugh."

But at this point, Keith revealed the sweetness of the stuffing.

Sure, Keith changed the sheets. But he didn't even replace the pillowcase Leonora had on his head!

Leonora's soft, fluffy white blonde pillow left the smell completely behind after being sucked off her sweat overnight and rubbed on her head.

When I held my pillow tight, I noticed it, and Nia said, "Huh?" He gazed at the pillow as he murmured.

It is clearly the scent of a woman who is not Keith's.

Besides, I remember this scent.

Yes, this is very similar to Leonora's scent.

My chest pounded anxiously.

Why, why? You still smell Leonora on Keith's pillow?

I have no idea why, but I know the situation.

Leonora had her head on this pillow......

My chest hurts. I mean, I was.

I don't know why myself.

Leonora was in Keith's bed? Such an idiot.

I think so, but all I can think of is the scene where Leonora is lying on Keith's bed smiling.

Keith brought the juice as Nia, not too tearful of shock, woke up and stared at the pillow.

And the moment I realized I had a pillow,

(... Whew!?

I spoke like a frog crushed in my heart.

It occurred to me in an instant that I had not replaced the pillow cover.

And I soon realized that Nia's expression had come to my senses.

Keith worked out a scenario in his head, desperately containing himself that seemed to disturb him.

It takes only 0.2 seconds to assemble.

Keith deliberately overflowed the floor with juice as he made his sad face.

Nia turns to Keith for the sound.

"... hime... sama"

"Dear Keith... Um"

"Notice... you've been shitted"

Saying so, Keith picked up the wooden cup he dropped on the floor.

And Nia, who was looking at him,

"I noticed..."

Keith lifts his face in pieces when he hears it.

"You know what I mean?

"... Leonora... did you come to your room?

"... Yes"

Nia clenched her fist a long time in response to Keith's reply.

Keith, who wiped the floor gently, sits beside Nia when it's over.

"Yesterday...... I was in metastatic magic just like the princess"

Nia is small when she leans down,

"I said no... I said I shouldn't see you... ugh"

He sounded like he was going to cry.

Keith goes on to tears Nia.

"Master Leonora... he really wants to hire me... he wants to take me to the country... he sat his pillow on his waist at that time, so the smell must have shifted"

It is Keith who only tells lies.

But Nia, who had no choice but to believe the lie, had her breasts moaned with the thought of Keith and Leonora, who were alone in this room to talk.

She is an innocent princess who does not know that is an emotion called jealousy.

Jealousy gives birth to unpleasant delusions.

I wonder what Leonora and Keith talked about?

Didn't Keith like Leonora?

Leonora and Keith... talk to each other pleasantly... so, so...

Is Keith still in this country to get ready to go?

Are you saying you're not going... to lie to yourself?

Nia, the first to experience all this vicious circular thinking, almost threw up in disgust.

I wanted to cry right now and tell Keith I'm a jerk.

But I can't imagine it might upset Keith the other way around.

Keith, who saw Nia so depressed that she was about to die, decided it felt good,

"... so I made myself clear. I have someone who wants to spend the rest of my life serving... and that's all I have."

That's what I said and stared at Nia.

Hearing the words with a bright blue face, Nia slowly raised her face.

Keith was there staring at himself with his straight eyes.

"I have someone who admires you from the bottom of my heart... so I can't go with you... yes, I did."

It was certainly yesterday that I said to Leonora, "It's just you" on the bed I'm sitting on.

How can you say the opposite so far without drying the roots of your tongue?

Naia, who naturally doesn't know that happened, stares at Keith with her mouth full.

Keith held Nia tight like that.

"Excuse me, Princess... I really should have let you know that Leonora was in my room, but I didn't want the Princess to know."

Here Keith leaves between, accumulates enough, then

"I didn't want the princess to suspect me... I didn't want her to suspect me."

You should doubt it.

Do not believe.

"If the princess suspects me... I... haha!!

"Keith. Well!!!

Nia's hand turned to Keith's back.

"Sorry! Sorry no!! Me... I want to... Ugh... Keith, you think so much of me... I don't... Uh-oh"

Yes, it took ah!!

Very much so. annoying ~.

Keith shouted so with his heart as he held Nia in his arms.

And I'm desperate to make a face that's going to be endlessly nibbled,

"That's okay, princess... that's okay! Suspicious... Unbelievable us!!

I say things that deliberately leave a thorn in Nia's heart.

It's like Nia who doubted it was bad.

Let's be guilty. Uh-huh. The crying Nia,

"I have to oben...... oben leek - no!! Uh-oh."

I held Keith with tears and runny nose as he deluded.

I am the worst elf to doubt Keith who thinks of me so much and thinks of me only!!

Keith doesn't deserve me!! I even think.

And Keith, who wouldn't abandon himself like that, held me tight, seemed like a prince.

So Nia cried even with the prince's chest.

Give your heart to the worst man in the Eight Beauties who wraps you up.

That's how I thought I misled Keith, pushing the crying Nia down to bed.

To Nia looking up in tears at the sudden events, Keith had a serious face,

"I only have a princess... and you are the only one..."

Pushed down by it, the princess nodded many times.

"Wah... wah... wah... ki-sama only... eh"

In the middle of the words Keith blocked Nia's lips.

We exchange long, deep kisses to taste each other's oral mucosa.

In Nia's mouth, it tasted a little runny.

Involving a more sticky embrace than usual, Keith, with her lips off, held Nia tightly in her chest as she lay down on her side and slept herself in bed.

I kissed my forehead and cheeks many times as I lay down in a hug.

"I can't believe you made the princess cry... I suck"

Whisper softly in your ear.

Then Nia shook her head,

"It's... it's me..."

"No, it's me... it's me"

"No... me... monkey"

Many times we both said it was ourselves we were bad and eventually we both laughed.

Couscous laughed and kissed again.

Lick Keith's tongue in a motion full of Nia's little tongue and go.

While doing so, Nia was thinking.

I want to do something for Keith.

But I'm sure that's to put an end to guilt. Isn't that something you shouldn't do?

But I want Keith to be happy, because that's the only real feeling that springs up about what's going on.

I thought hard, Nia, when her lips were apart,

"... Keith... let me do the honors."

I finally stared at Keith with the healed eyes of tears and said so.


"Yes... my... you will be by my side... thank you for saying that"

Actually, I told Leonora that, and I decided to stay beside First Nia because Aisha and Berna were there.

Even though it is, Keith doesn't care as if, "Oh! Can you do something more horny than usual?" I thought first.

Die. How many of you will think of this guy?

I thought that was the one to snort right away, Keith.

"Princess, I can't thank you enough for such a natural..."

"I want to! Hey... let me? Mr. Keith."

Let me be a girl? and no man will say cute and not let you!!

Keith nodded slowly when he smiled gently, enjoying the fact that he really wanted to look dodgy.

I'm glad to hear that. Nia gave Keith another mouthful.

Keith picked up today's menu from the porn list in his head.


Nia, who made him naked, and Keith, who made him naked, have hugged and kissed each other many times on the bed.

Naked bodies snuggled up with each other and rubbing each other felt very good together.

Nia, whose voice is about to leak, is exhaling from her nose and enjoying a kiss.

When it's over and his tongue stretches out of his mouth unfortunately, Keith wipes the saliva off his mouth.

to Nia, who seems to tickle,

"So you really want me to ask you a favor?

I asked him to make sure.

"Yes!" he nodded cheerfully to Nia, and Keith smiled happily, removing the little wrap from the little box he had on his pillow.

"Dear Keith, it"

"Yes, this is the magic prop I want to try"

Keith handed it to Nia.

In that wrap of just the right size in Nia's little hand is something I want to round and flatten.

Nia stares wonderfully at the

"Please open it"

And even if Keith tells me, I don't know how to open it and I'm confused.

When Keith, who laughed, received it again and opened it himself, he took a flat, round soft thing out of it.

It is a face Nia such as intrigue.

"This is the magic prop I made... right, I need to turn my penis up first to use it, princess, can you please?

"Oh, yes!

I want to know as soon as possible what magic props Keith says he made.

Nia, told me that it would be a favor to try that, wanted to fulfill the favor she had made quickly and got obsessed with her penis and snubbed.

"Ha mu! Pussy! Njizuzuzuzuzu!! Lerochyu, Lerochyu, Lerochyu! Chiuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

If it is just Ferra anymore, it is Nia who is better than Berna than Aisha.

"Ugh!! Kitto...... ha!! Awesome!!

Keith, delighted, said to a series of attacks in which Nia's tongue crawled around her turtle head, gently blaming the skin under her geese neck and rubbing her urethra with her tongue tip as it was "Ugh, no!" He raised his voice.

"Nchupu! Pussy, please, I need to ask you a favor from Master Keith! Haruchiuuuuu."

Nia continued to fella as she talked, assuming her penis was a willy instrument.

Eventually when your penis swells into your mouth moves and grows to its limit,

"Chipu! My dear Keith! My penis is so hot!!

Keith nodded at the coveted Nia around his mouth reporting happily.

And let Nia hold the magic prop that she wants to flatten in her hand.

"Princess, you can put that on your grown penis."

"Huh... Huh? You got this? Yeah?

I don't know why. It's Nia.

But when you try to do what you're told,

"Oh, well, pick a little bit of the tip with your finger, yes, so put it on so that the air doesn't go in..."

It's just a contraption, not a magic item that wears on a meat stick...... etc.

No, indeed, structurally it is a demonic prop.

The type of contraceptive that can be worn on a male organ made of artificial slime - let's just say it's easy to understand, a condom.

There's no way Keith made something like this. Various manufacturers sell them at large magic pharmacies there.

Yes, Keith is willing to enjoy condom play to a Nia opponent who knows nothing today.

Let Nia even hold a bunch of condoms out and pieces them and end up drinking them all at once!!

It was Keith with more erections just thinking about it.