"Whoa, whoa!!

Lou raised his face to his husband's voice.

The time is daylight, such a day when the pompous and warm sun invites drowsiness.

At the end of Lou's gaze, Keith, who has just woken up, stands with a cup in his right hand with his sleeping head.

Not to drink water, to give water.

At Keith's stare, there was a planting pot, where a circle of flowers blossomed.

He watered every day, and Keith raised his gratitude to the flowers that had finally blossomed.

"Oh my... how beautiful"

Keith gave a lukewarm look after stroking that petal, which was poisonous.

I pulled the flower out of the plant pot at once.


It's rare for Keith to grow flowers and not forget to water them every day. What kind of wind blows?

I just thought so for a while here, and Lou was a little surprised by that behavior of pulling through the moment it bloomed.

And as I stared at Keith, with a bad example grin, I began to chop those flowers to my desk without fixing my sleeping habits.

Lou resumed his nap with a sigh of relief, wondering if he was planning something bad again, I'm sure.

Keith, who was right, continued to fry the flowers, swelling his chest and groin in anticipation of what he could do with it.


A few days after a bad man made a bad plan.

Aisha was about to return to her room after a day's assignment.

Especially when I think of my plans for tomorrow, thinking that it didn't matter today either.


I was called out to whisper from the side.

At the end of his gaze, Keith stood in the shadow of the pillar.

"Keith. What's going on?

Leaning his little neck and Aisha approaching, Keith suddenly snatched those lips.

"Phew!? Huh? Hmm!... Ng, Pelo, Ng Chu... Chu"

At first, I was surprised by Aisha, but when I confirmed that there were no human eyes around me, I began to tangle my tongue from myself.

At the end of the intense saliva exchange, Aisha turned bright red, hoping to complain about it for once.

"and... suddenly what... silly things"

Keith held the body gently.

"I really missed Aisha. When I met him, I wanted to kiss him."

Aisha's red face turns brighter red on Keith's words.

It was hard to tell because it was brown, but it looked like a boiled octopus.

to Keith, who hugs him all the way in the shadow of the pillar. Aisha suppresses the desire to be so,

"Here... Speak to Berna and be in Keith's room"

It is a situation where there is no excuse if one comes around.

Then Keith blurred in his ear and

"... Tonight... I just want Aisha"

"... Huh?

Everything about Aisha solidified into the word.

"Just the two of us, can't we just spend till morning? Can't you?

"Ahhh... ahhh"

Aisha had never spent time alone with Keith since she realized Berna's weird relationship.

The first promise we made was that if one of us spent the night, we would report it.

But in fact, it was 3P every time I fucked him.

I didn't mind that, but there are times, of course, when I want to spend time with you two.

However, doing so would also allow Berna and Keith to spend time alone.

I know very well that I am, but Aisha didn't like it.

That's why I always thought it was okay for both of us to be together.

Yet I can't believe that's what Keith said.

I think Berna needs to be with us. On the other hand, Keith and I are alone. Glad! And some of me seem to get dry.

to Aisha, who is saying, "Ahhh," Keith said again,

"Me... I want Aisha tonight... only Aisha"

It would be the worst dialogue from the side.

But Aisha, who was told, raised her chest to say that Keith only wanted herself.

Worried Keith wouldn't understand that his heart was so beating that it was going to come out of his mouth.

"Fine... here we go. Just the two of us..."


"I'll report you tomorrow," he muttered to Berna in his heart, and Aisha went to Keith's room with her arm slapped.

The panties were already a little wet.


When I got to Keith's room, I smelled a flower I'd never smelled.

I knew immediately that I was burning incense from the smokiness.

"... what's the matter, burn incense"

To Aisha's question, Keith smiled,

"I burned it for Aisha. It's a guy called Mood Making. Did you not like it?

I've never done that before.

"... you, you didn't burn to call a woman other than Berna to erase that smell"

Nia and Leonora did come.

thrilled by the sharpness,

"That's not true, is it? Who else do you think I'm calling?

It was Aisha sending a jittery glance at Keith with a frigid smile.

Keith urged Aisha to sit in bed like that,

"I'll bring you a drink."

So I headed to the back shelf.

Aisha, sitting on her bed alone, was a little guilty but happy and nibbled at the current situation that she was the only one sought after.

But I think it smells strong nonetheless.

I don't know what plant I purified it from, but if I keep sniffing it, it smells like my head is moving.

It seems too strong to be kind of sumptuous in front of me...

Thinking that far stopped Aisha's thinking.

I didn't lose my mind. I just lost my thinking skills.

It feels like it's called a kind of trans state, very similar to the previous stage of hypnosis.

Confirming that Aisha had done so, Keith erased the incense that had been burning.

I try to get close to Aisha sitting in a depression and wave in front of her face.

No response.


Whimpering Keith made a gutsy pose at the power of that incense.

But here is the problem.

Keith, clutching the Demonic Bloodstone ring and necklace with his left hand, put his strength into the right hand where he grabbed the magic wand.


The light slowly returns to Aisha's eyes in front of Keith, who occasionally waits.

It was evidence of waking up and going that I was trans state.

Keith, who swallows his spit on him, looks up to Aisha,

"Ah... what?

Speak in horror.

Shortly after I woke up, I was still confused, Aisha, but as soon as I looked around,

"... Huh? Ah... I am"

I ran my gaze to see what was going on with me and my surroundings.

And looking at Keith,

"Master Keith."

That's what I said and looked strange.

Big success!!

Keith, who is going to be happy to jump up, smiles at Aisha with that in mind.

"I've been sleeping a little bit. Aren't you tired?

I tried to talk to him with words that I wouldn't normally use.

Then Aisha stood up in a hurry,

"Oh! Ha! Excuse me!! Sorry, I'm on a mission!!

I bowed my head as much as I could.

Perfect!! Perfect, Keith!!

It was Keith who shouted so with his heart.

What the hell did Keith do to Aisha?

You have to start with the flower you were growing to explain it.

That flower is a type of magic plant, and the official name is long, so skip it, but it is a so-called man-eater plant.

It was only about 20 cm in the state Keith grew, but when it grows, it grows nearly two meters and blooms more poisonous.

And pollen people and human-shaped monsters who come nearby.

The pollen contains an ingredient that lures you into the trans state, and that flower stretches out a cuneiform to the person who sucks it and falls.

It's scary from here, but when the pigeon enters the brain, the plant sheds its magic and makes its opponent think that he's part of this plant and can't move.

It changes self-awareness.

That's how it was a horrible plant that slowly sucked up nutrients and magic from an organism that thought it was a plant.

Keith extracted such plant ingredients and used them as incense to transstate Aisha.

By the way, that incense didn't work on Keith because he was magically making a membrane of air around his face.

It is a magic technique commonly used to avoid inhaling poison and the like.

That's how I magic Aisha, who made me crazy with incense, to change my reality perception, but I wouldn't be able to use such higher magic on Keith if I were supposed to.

The magic of reversing the perception of being with oneself comes out well in the story but is actually quite difficult.

It is a craftsmanship that a wizard, called a first-rate wizard, cannot do without considerable magic.

Keith accomplished it by using the ingredients of the plant and the magic of the Demonic Blood Stone.

It's the best place to use the magic of two Demonic Blood Stones to keep them for a couple of hours, and it's absolutely impossible to continue forever.

I can still enjoy it for a couple of hours...

Such a rewriting of Keith's self-awareness on Aisha meant that "Aisha is Keith's escort knight".

In order not to become bigger with reality, it seems to have flown from the cheap private room to the aristocratic mansion I used before with transfer magic to make it look aristocratic.

It was Keith who was already half erect when he thought he could play a real escort knight, albeit temporarily, with Aisha.

Aisha, who never dreamed she was in such a sight, was violently confused by the matter of falling asleep in front of her escort.

I've never done anything like this before.

Falling into self-loathing, Aisha nevertheless thought the task must be prioritized,

"We will return to duty immediately!

With that said, Bishi stands upright and tries to stand at the door away from the euthanasia chair he was sitting in.

This is what Aisha looks like to the person she serves, while Keith is within unwaking magic.

"No, it's over for duty time today. Thank you."

The clock placed in the room was already late at night.

Blue Aisha, who doesn't remember but falls asleep so much, bows her head again, "I'm sorry," she said.

And he grabbed his fist and said, "Excuse me," and tried to leave the room.

I thought I'd have to do some reflection when I got back to my room today.


Unexpectedly a voice sounded, and shortly after turning around, Aisha was held from behind.

I soon found out that was Keith. Aisha was

"Keith! Please don't... play"

Wherever I waved, I turned, but there was no power there.

"Play? Aisha says my feelings are playing?

"Ah...... no, no"

"I'm not playing... I'm serious... because I really feel... that's what I said then"

At that time.

Aisha blushed to the made memories that came out with that keyword.

I've served Keith for nearly ten years.

My husband I trusted and loved.

I should have sworn so to keep protecting this guy for the rest of my life, but that night, they crossed the line.

I became just a man and a woman.

It's Keith who created false memories that Aisha seems to like.

And the memories were making Aisha think out of it.

That includes Omake.

"So... but to Master Keith! My wife said... Berna."

What do you think? What's the story like this three-sentence romance novel?

If it was true, it would have been better to set it up as Keith as well, "a demon conductor who forced Aisha into a cage with the power of gold as his escort knight".

But to Aisha, who hasn't dere. That is dangerous.

If you suck, they could kill you while you're fucking.

If you embed a setting that is too distant from reality, the perception is too great and the magic is quickly done.

Not a little hobby, then, but let me call you Master Keith and hit him with a little guilty "escort knight and cheating play".

Keith remembers the settings he made in Norinoli,

"Berna is the person my parents decided to marry! What I really love..."

Turning Aisha around and staring with a serious face,

"Aisha... it's just you... it's just you"

That's what I said and kissed him.

"Ah... no, da... eh"

While kissing, he was called by Aisha for the first time, and Keith is somewhat more excited than I imagined about the feeling of obedience.

I purposefully make a noise and sip my saliva as I gently tangle my tongue.

When I thought I could females a staunch escort knight, my groin became stiff.

But Aisha, who I thought had come aboard, threw Keith away.

"Oh?" I think Keith, Aisha breathed roughly.

"Yes...... you shouldn't. Dear Keith."

Come this far. This resistance.

Boulder Aisha, Keith almost laughed.

I'm sure my nipples and my boobs are starting to moisten.

In fact, Aisha, who was quite kicked just by the kiss, nevertheless desperately pressed on with his last reason,

"No more..."

Feelings are spinning backward words diligently.

"This… I will no longer be able to face Master Berna. So... please... no more"

Keith shrugged "well," to the words and lay down his face.

I think you understood, Aisha, but Keith was actually enjoying laughing.

Because the more you resist, the more interesting this play becomes.

So Keith suddenly moved and pushed Aisha down to the floor.

to astonishment Aisha. Keith made a serious face,

"If Berna finds out, you can say this... that she was forced to attack me... that she was offended"

Bring your body a little closer.

"And... he said he was attacked again tonight... that's what I'm saying. You got it."

"No... no, no, no."

"Aisha's gonna get fucked by me now, right? That's good."

When Aisha's mouth fills, she moves like a fish, her eyes moisturize.

The power to resist no longer came from anywhere in the body.

"... but Keith... you're going to freak me out."

"... oh yeah"

It is the beginning of escort knight cheating play.