It wasn't fear, it was Tokimuki, that Aisha felt in Keith's words that she would offend herself.

So much Keith is asking for himself. He only loves himself.

I was so happy with the thought that I was going to cry now.

I always liked Keith.

Long before Master Berna, I've seen Keith.

I don't remember when and what the beginning was now, but still only this feeling is true.

So I want to rejoice.

I want to call Keith's name from the bottom of my heart and hug him.

And I want to dedicate all of my body to Keith.

But that's something you shouldn't do.

If I do that, I'll never be able to go back to being Keith's escort knight again.

You can only make a mistake once. But twice... the second time...

I can never stop thinking.

Yet Keith came under pressure to swallow Aisha's feelings like that.

"Do... ah!

He was kissed by a thin, beautiful neck muscle, and his tickle gave him a voice.

Aisha's body won't listen to me, even though I can run away from it.

No, you're not. Your body is moving exactly the way you want.

Just like Aisha wanted Keith to love her more.

"Aisha... Chu, it smells good..."

I was smelled around my ears from my neck and Aisha's face stained red with shame.

"Oh, please don't! At the end of the mission... the sweat."

"It smells good. I want to smell it all the time..."

"Oh! Oh no... Kuh!

Keith can smell me.

I feel like it's always been done for some reason even though it's supposed to be the first time.

It's embarrassing, but I'm also glad that you kind of love everything about yourself.

I miss that feeling so much.

Doing so, Keith's hand began to cleverly take off his uniform.

Shortly after I raise my voice of resistance, my chest is opened and my blouse is removed, exposing me to breasts wrapped in brassiere.

Still, Aisha couldn't hide her breasts, wondering how dumb and mundane she looked.

That was even when the front hock of the bra was removed.

Aisha raised her voice, "Ah," when she showed her nipples slightly stiffened with brown boobs that bounced out plump.

"Beautiful... so... beautiful, Aisha"

When they say that, they can't do anything.

Keith gently stroked her nipples slightly darker than the skin on its tip, looking at Aisha's beautiful and well-balanced breasts.

"Hia!! Hmm...... Ugh!!

to Aisha, surprised by that feeling that suddenly came as she shook her neck left and right,

"You're getting stiff, did you want me to touch you?

It was Keith who said a kind but terribly nasty word.

Aisha moved faster to shake her ears and head,

"No!... Ugh!! No!! This."

I try to find an excuse but I can't find it.

Of course. I actually want you to touch me and make me quail.

But I can't honestly tell you. Keith puts more of a chase on Aisha.

"No? Oh, you wanted me to lick you"

"Huh!? Oh, no!! Dear Keith!! Oh, no! Ki, hiaaaaa!!

I touched Aisha's nipple tip like Keith's lips kissed her.

Even though that's all, the tingling from Aisha's nipples runs to her spine.

"Oh!! Oh, no!! Ahhh!! Phew!! Cucumber!!

Keith's caress grew even more intense, even though his lips just touched him and he screamed.

Pinch your erect nipples with your lips and lick your tips with your tongue tips as you move them in creases.

That's how you lightly irritate both nipples, and now you're not even putting a wheel in your mouth! And sucked it up.

Steamy breasts in my bra for a day taste like sweat.

Regardless, Aisha was the best at keeping her voice down in Keith's tongue movement as she enjoyed herself.

There are other servants in the mansion, and Berna.

If I raise my voice, they'll find me.

When I thought so, I remembered the silencing magic prop Keith had.

I don't remember when or where I saw it, but if only that one.

"Ki...... ahhh! Master Keith!! Madogu... I can get away with it... Ugh!! MADO GOOD!!

Keith raised his face from his nipples to the petition.

"Are you a silencer? Why?"

"What... because it looks like"

"See? Well, Aisha wants to raise her voice more and gasp. I want you to blame me harder."

Why are you saying that?

"No," Aisha said small, tearing in her eyes, feeling like she was being frustrated.

"No... me"

"You want me to activate the demon prop because I want to gasp big, right? No?"

"No... no"

Then you don't have to use magic tricks.

Keith, smiling, began to blame his chest again.

Now chew a little bit, chew sweetly, but no! and wet it with sucking saliva.

"Akiyu!! Kee...... Yikes!! Why not?! Damn!!

Aisha stared at Keith as she blamed him, but his sensitivity to the movement of his fingers and tongue just kept getting itchy.

I should have just spent the night, but they seemed to know all about my shell, and Aisha started to get confused.

That got stronger when they started blaming me down there.

Keith's hand extended into his skirt and slipped across his panties.

"Ahhh!! Kyaaaa!!

A crocheted part of love fluid seeping in and a little touch of comfort and a hard, pointed pubic nucleus slightly above it.

Aisha exclaimed, touching that part that would let Keith know she was ready to accept.

"Ugh!! Yikes!! Keith. Well! Damn it! There!!

"Aisha, if you speak so loud, Berna will come, won't you?

"Hih!? Ugh!!...... Ugh!!

Keith, enjoying watching the enduring Aisha, only focused his scratch on Cri.

Speaking of over panties, Aisha's slightly larger pubic nucleus conveys it with pleasure information with exceptional sensitivity.

"Ah! Ugh!!... uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

"You're going to find me. Where I am offending Aisha... where Aisha is offending me and gasping..."

"Sooo!...... na!! hey...... ahhh!!!

Finally, Keith's fingers went into his panties and he began to squirt the cli directly.

The hardened pink nucleus was twisted and crushed with the fingers of a martial bone man, bounced off, and abused scatterly.

"Ugh!! Uuuuuuuuu!!!

Keith sucked his nipples, rubbed his chest, and greeted Aisha, who couldn't say anything and just turned his hips against him.

The sensation of Acme creeping into Aisha's spine came up in three simultaneous attacks.

"Ah!! Ahhh!! Master Keith!! Keith, well!! Oh no!! No soo!! Come on! Aah!!

Ungently held and still abused.

With disloyalty and guilt and the fear that someone might find you.

That's what I'm trying to do.

I don't like this. I want you to be gentle and crazy.

But the desire to stop is getting smaller and smaller.

I want to squirt. Hold me gently.

Only feelings you shouldn't have in your mouth swell beyond restraint, and at the same time the waves of ACME strike out loud.

Without knowing why, Aisha repeated against herself, "No," and

"Aah! Aah!! No, no, no! No way!! Ahhh!! Sorry!! Kee...... uhhhhh!!!

I moved my hips up and down, and they peaked.

"Ah... oh... I don't know..."

With a twitchy head of pleasure, Aisha stared at Keith, who annoyed herself.

If you love me, you told me it was just Aisha, why do you do this?

If you really love me, you should hold me gently. Yet......

I don't know, but I feel terribly sad, and Keith woke up physically as Aisha was clogging her chest.

And take off Aisha's panties, which relax, and roll up her skirt to open her big crotch.

Keith broke his finger into Aisha's flexible vagina, who didn't know what he was going to do and just tried to raise his voice to the embarrassment of his nasty outfit.

Without a voice, without any acknowledgement.

(a) Touching the sensitive vagina just scratched 27615; Keith begins to stimulate the steepest point by bending his finger, as he is used to.

That was just a caress to make me crazy.

"Higi!! Aggyu!! Ahhh!! Shit oh!! What the fuck!! Holy crap - no way!!!

Suffering from the overly strong pleasure of being able to scratch the carpet and blame her vagina right after Acme in tears, Aisha continued to scream at Keith.

"Konnyah!! Wow, about me!! I love it!! He said he's ashamed. Yes!! Yiguuuuuuu!! I said no!!

Then Keith didn't loosen any finger movements,

"Oh, I love you! But Aisha wasn't the one who didn't live up to that feeling!! That's why I decided!! That's why I said it!! He said I would offend you!! My body and my mind are going to offend Aisha!!

"Shit oh!! Ugh!

Keith says it's bad that he gave up his disobedient love and didn't reveal his true feelings.

Keith says this is the punishment for not sinking into love.

"Says I love you!! He said he feels the same way I do... Aisha won't tell me so... Aaaah!!!

Keith's fingers moved rampantly faster.

"Yikes!!! Whoa whoa!! That's it!! Amy! Amy! Amy!!! They're gonna come. Whoa! Stop - Soo Soo Soo Awwwww!!!

The vaginal canal is scratched in a mess and the vaginal steeplechase is pushed into place.

Still, Aisha screamed desperately at her body trying to make her itch like a reflection.

"Kishima!! Listen up! Listen up!! Fine!! Really loose!! Fine!!!

I scratched my vagina and my fingers stopped moving.

"Ha-ha," Keith stared at Aisha as she raised and lowered her chest.

Aisha put out her mouth the feeling of being so abused or in terrible eyes, but still not disappearing.

"... Keith... I like you... I'm asleep..."

"... it's a lie... lie because I don't like being made like this"

"No... I've always liked it. I'm sorry... but I'm a... I'm a... I'm a... so"

Aisha spinned her words, overflowing with tears.

I can't believe it's so painful to tell the truth.

Keith pulled his finger out of his vagina and held Aisha tight so he could understand the pain.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry! I... can't stand to be spent that night like I didn't..."

"Wow... I... just that one night... that's all"

"I don't like that!! I am!! I've been with Aisha forever... forever..."

"Master Keith."

Aisha's hand turned to Keith's back.

A hot embrace begins.

It was Aisha and Keith calling out their names as they hugged each other's bodies.

Eventually, Keith,

"Aisha... sorry for the rambling... will you let me start over?

I whispered so gently in my ear.

Aisha nodded "yes" after a little silence.

Hearing that, Keith smiled happily and got up and carried Aisha to bed in her princess's arms.

As his body sank into the soft bed, Keith took off his clothes and crouched between Aisha's crotches.

The legs are gently opened and the pussy is stared at at at a breathtaking distance.

"This place in Aisha... looks so nasty and beautiful... and what a good smell it smells like"

"Keith!! No..."

Aisha almost closed her legs unexpectedly to Keith's words, but before that, Keith's tongue started licking there.

"Hia, Nkiu!!

Large labia from the diaphragm, and small labia where Villavilla is exiting.

Softly pecking a wet pubic villa with a love liquid with her lips, she licks her inner organs with her tongue as terrorist.

The mouthfeel was so gentle and polite that it instantly boiled Aisha's body.

"Oh, hey!! Mmm!!!

"Pechu, n! It's okay, Aisha. You can make a sound. It won't leak outside."

Aisha nodded small when she activated the silencing magic prop.

Keith sank his tongue inside to respond to the snort.

They lick me around to heal the vagina I was scratching until just now, and I lean back unintentionally to that feeling.

Still, Keith put his tongue to the limit and moved his tongue to make sure he was softly sure of Aisha's contents.

The more the love liquid overflowed, the more I defiled Keith's mouth.

"Uhh!! Ugh!! Mi no!! Oh, Kisu, Sama!! Keith, well!!

Aisha put her hand on Keith's head.

"We admire you!! Ever!! Ever!! Oh, I liked you ah!!! Ahhh!!!

Keith put his face away from Aisha's body, which was about to peak again as he exposed his mood.

In front of Aisha staring with her moist eyes, Keith takes off her bottom and exposes her erect penis.

"... okay? Aisha."

Now he checks properly.

to Aisha, who nodded with joy even of them, Keith said,

"... if you like... I want you to tell me... that you want me"

Turn your gaze.

Aisha, whose heart swings in that expression,

"... Keith, I want you... Keith, give me everything you need."

I didn't know. Aisha's legs were up and in a position to open her crotch and welcome a man in.

The vaginal mouth has been cracking and keeps flowing love fluid.

And even the wet pubic billa was moving for Keith.

The woman's part was out looking for a male who said Keith.

"I'm glad, Aisha..."

That's what Keith said. He didn't pick his penis with his fingers, rubbed his turtle head against the pubic billa, and shoved it straight into his vagina.

"Ugh!... Oh, in Kittoto Aisha"

Aisha reached out as she looked up at Keith, who raised her voice.

"Ugh... Ugh! Kee-sama...... please! Please stop!!

As he was told, Keith covered himself in Aisha and held his supple body tight.

"Isn't it heavy? Isn't it painful?

Aisha smiled and shook her head at Keith asking.

"No...... oh!! Ku... Keith... is a blessing."

"Aisha...... Nchu"

Aisha responded without resisting Keith as he kissed her.

In the meantime, the penis, which had been delivered into the vagina, slowly began to slide.

The piston, which began terribly slowly before and after, eventually goes a little faster.

Munchkin punch! And when the water sounded, the gasp began to mix with the sound of Aisha's breath saying, "Ha-ha-ha."

"Ah! Ahhh!! Ugh!! Ugh!!

Aisha developed goosebumps all over her body and continued to feel her penis in her vagina as she was desperate for Keith to move slowly from body to body.

The geese neck rubbed up the vaginal wall, and the tip section shoved up the back. "Ugh! ♪ And I turn my throat like a groan ♪

"It's cute. Feel more, Aisha? More!"

When the angle of blame can be changed, a different stimulus comes, and every time it changes the tone of the scream.

Keith to Aisha, who completely melted his mind and body into the feeling of being tender,

"Feel good? Aisha."

Ask a confirmation question in your ear.

Many times Aisha nodded small and clung her legs around Keith and all over her body.

"Aisha! Aisha!! This is what we will always do!! Ever!!


Words like I've heard before.

That's my favorite word.

When they say it, it's a joyful word for the heart.

"All the time...... hiki-yu!! Ever!! Mm-hmm!!

"That's right! Ever!! Aija will always be with me."

Keith loosened the piston there.

Move slowly to circle only the hips so as to scorch,

"Me and... let's sin... the indecent sin of incest"

Keith's words are released to remind me of what I forgot.

Yes. This is a sin. Betrayal to Master Berna. It's a betrayal of chivalry.

Aisha's joy of pleasure in suddenly overflowing thoughts replaces her with guilt and pity.

Still, the body that was squirting used ACME's fuel as a fierce emotion, even for its pity.

"Oh!!! Ahhh!! Sorry no!! Sorry good!! Bernah!! I am!! Oh my god!! Ahhh!!!

Berna, who trusted me, and

"Father!! I am!!! This is crazy!!!! Uhhhhh!! Ugh!!

I shook my vagina as I apologized to my father for teaching me chivalry.

"No but no!! This is it!! But!! But ohhhh!! Oh Keith. Well!!!

Aisha was just trying to greet Acme as she held him desperately against the only person she could snuggle with.

"That's okay!! You can yip!! And get pregnant!! My boy!! My child, the Lord!!!

"Akiyu!!! Uggie no!!! Ahhh!! Ahhhhh!!

A female escort knight is hired for physical purposes.

Because I have faith in enduring that commonly said murmur.

And because I have the temper to show you otherwise.

Yet I have myself betraying it.

Aisha, reminded that she had betrayed even herself, in despair,

"Ugh!! Uh-huh!!! Oh, oh, oh!! Iku!! Yikes uuuuuuuu!! Ugh!!

"Say it Aisha!! Pregnant my child!! Say Yikes!!

"Ha... Ugh!! Haramuuuuu!! Keisha is just right!! Me! Ow! Ahhh!! HARANJUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Keith's hips were snuggled together as he floated forward to welcome him further into the back, and Aisha was finished.

Keith, who repeatedly pistons on his finely spasmodic Acme vagina, also developed goosebumps and ejaculated.

Momentum is good!! Booby!! and to the child itching at the mouth of the womb, I understood that Aisha couldn't do it anymore.

I am no longer a knight. She said she had become one woman.

Then you can't live if you don't find someone who wants that woman.

"Kee-soo... sorry... oh, kee-soo..."

Keith, holding Aisha tight as she became such a child, combed her beautiful silver hair with her fingers.

(... I knew Aisha would fall!!! I love cholo cute already!!! He's a knight! Manko Knight!! You were a virgin until you often met me. Oh!!

I called with my heart the lowest statement I had endured.

Anyway, you have to play the aristocratic man Aisha always liked.

I can't say any of the usual hazy dialogue.

As I was about to say many times along the way, Aisha's transition from hateful blame to blame, and the compulsion to speak to make the female conscious.

Precisely the best scenario for cheating on play with female knight Aisha.

Later, it is a dimension that says you can enjoy incest seeding play to this fallen female knight until time.

(I knew Aisha had to be like this!! Sasu is my exclusive female knight.)

Keith, who was glad, still held Aisha's body together while his face stifled, took off the uniform he was wearing to enjoy the knight's play.

Naked in his upper body, Keith began to rock Aisha, dressed so horny that she remained on, in the opposite seat,

"Glad to hear it, Aisha. You're giving birth to my child... me and Aisha's!

I said it so that I could understand. I hardened my ejaculatory penis again in my vagina.

A penis that gradually regains hardness to Aisha's eroticity.

I felt it in my vagina. Aisha hugged Keith as she roared.

"Ha... don't... take me... I ha"

"Oh, why don't you do it!! Mine!! Just mine!!

Omako Knight No!!!

And Keith, who shouted with his heart, began to prepare for a second shot.


That made Aisha crazy in a face-to-face seat, and it happened on the way she was about to ejaculate herself, too.

Keith, who was obsessed and waving his hips at Aisha's blurred face unlike Acme, did not notice.

Aisha was attacked by a strange sensation that made her consciousness seem sumptuous and immediately began to awaken.

And shortly after I woke up, I was terribly confused.

Is it Master Keith holding himself in front of you? It's Keith, isn't it?

Is that it? Are you Keith's escort knight? Why, with Master Nia's escort knight?

Huh? That? Master Berna? Ma'am? What's that? Is that it? Hmm?

"... Hey, Keith"

"Uhh!! Aisha!! My escort knight. No!!

"Hey here Keith!!

I binta to Keith, who is obsessed and works hard.

"Oops!! Hey, what are you doing, Aisha!!

"What are you doing... hey, what is this... what's going on..."

"Huh?... Huh... Aisha? Do you know who you are and where you are?

"I am Master Nia's escort knight and not your escort knight... this would be an abandoned noble mansion. Came forward."

I woke up.

I made it magical.

"... why did I ever think of you as my lord? You had this place as your mansion? Berna and you were the couple, and you assumed I was having an affair?

Besides, he remembers what was going on.

(Do it, do it...)

Cold sweating Keith honestly confessed it all, thinking of excuses, but just pissed off even if he poorly said it.

The magic I did with incense, this was the play, it's all.

When she finished listening, Aisha leaned down silently and eventually began to utter her pompous words.

"... is that right... is that right?"

"Well, do you understand? Hey, it looks like Aisha had a lot of fun too."

"Fun? Right... I had so much fun giving me time to worry about how shitty I am as a guilt, despair and knight..."

That's what Aisha told Keith in a low, earthy voice.

I thought it was like right before this was killed anymore. Keith was

"... Um... I can't believe I'm about to ejaculate in a little while. Can I go on?

An expression free Aisha broke my nose bone with goopan.