Aisha, who had been thinking about Keith all day that day, didn't get into the mission at all.

Fortunately, it was good because nothing happened, but what would have happened if something had happened?

It is Aisha, whose self-loathing increases even further when she thinks about it.

I can't even honestly apologize to Keith, and even the mission goes up in the sky.

How many times have you screamed with your heart that you can't do it at all?

In particular, Aisha has nothing to do with this.

It was weird magic on its own, and it even made me have sex in that state.

Even if I broke my nose, there's no reason why I should be blamed.

No, but as for Aisha, when I think Keith is mad at me for it, I can't stay or stand anyway.

I think it was too much to break my nose for anything, or I should have talked to him a little more and told him.

On top of that, what if Keith doesn't forgive me for staying like this?

If Keith doesn't like such a violent woman anymore, What if I think it's just Berna or something? Or so I think.

If Keith can't give me a hug, a kiss, or "I love you" anymore...

That's never going to happen, but once I thought about it, Aisha almost collapsed into the idea of overflowing.

Keith. Keith. Keith. Keith.

That's what I've been thinking, and I think that Keith chose me even though he could have tried that magic thing.

Even Berna was able to call other women, but she called me.

That means that you wanted to hold yourself the most... and yet.

It is Aisha who is in a psychological state of a woman hooked up to a totally bad man.

Let's apologize.

Be honest with me and forgive me.

If Keith will forgive you, put up with a little bit of dislocated sex and intense too!!

That's the cheapest thing Keith has ever seen.

So determined, no woman. When the assignment was over, Elf went home to her room, took a bath, changed clothes, and then headed to her darling man's room.

Knock about the room while being careful not to be seen by anyone along the way.

If you couldn't let me in, if you told me to go home, I thought maybe I should cry on this occasion.

Still, I have to take a step and knock on the door and wait for a response.

After a while, I heard a man who looked half asleep, and I cried, "It's me."

Soon the door opened. Aisha, who became a very crying face of joy, looked at the man who was in it,

"... who... you"

That's what I said in a low voice.

There was a young man in the room, a boy who looked fifteen or six.

With a clove of pants, his upper body is naked, scratching his head.

young man's peculiar unfinished still thin body. Seeing that boy, Aisha thought for a moment,

(Keith! To the male whore at last!?

It was incredible.

that in the sex relationship, Aisha doesn't trust Keith at all.

Especially since he was offended by his seven-year-old body. That's stronger.

But soon, with dark hair and dark eyes, he looked familiar. And in my voice when I call you Aisha,

"... Keith? You."

Turns out the boy is Keith.

I didn't know what they were saying for a moment. Keith, but I remembered that I was revitalized and rejuvenated.

"Ah! Um... and dare not go inside"

Hurry up and put Aisha inside the room and close the door to make sure no one sees her.

Aisha stares at Keith weaving his bathrobe, which was left nearby,

"... hey, why are you looking like that?

Ask in surprise.

Keith, cramped with answers, can't tell the truth.

"No, you know, using the Demon Blood Stone, I'd be young if I did all kinds of things... until the magic builds up in the stone..."

"... does all that mean a lot to the other woman?

It's kind of a very sharp Aisha.

'Giggle!' said Keith, making a flat expression while simulating the

"What are you talking about! Isn't that why? I don't like it."

I laughed at Aisha with a very frigid smile.

Aisha, who was given a completely untrustworthy smile, narrowed her eyes even more.

"The Demon Blood Stone has magic... you're telling me that you could rejuvenate me and Berna up to the age of seven, but you've used up all your magic to make Keith that age? Isn't that strange?

Very sharp.

Only today, Keith says to Aisha, who shows a well-known detective how to deduce, "Giggle! 'and sounded a phonetic.

"... because before that I had tried all sorts of magic with demonic blood stones"

"Who was that person you tried? What magic have you tried?

It's a high-pressure, intimidating eyesha gaze to the point where she honestly wants to gell her mommy anal play against Roana opponents.

Don't lose, me!! and Keith screaming with his heart over and over again, but his face is drawn and his mouth is pimpled.

The expression told the whole story very eloquently.

Aisha, staring at it, felt her anger gushing with two.

I must have thought it was up to Sita to use some weird magic against this woman again.

Besides, he was deliberately younger. The other guy may be a rich madam.

He approached me pretending to be a young boy and might have fallen for saying "ma'am".

Or are you dealing with a 15-six-year-old girl?

I may have approached him pretending to be the same age and poisoned him with poisonous teeth in a gap that allowed him to be concerned.

Aisha, whose delusions only swell endlessly, feels like any of them are true and her anger grows.

Leave yourself so troubled, Keith is with a woman she doesn't know... again.

When I thought so, my anger reached its pinnacle and turned to pity.

I don't care who I am to Keith. It's just a lust processing tool.

Keith was getting tired and annoyed when he couldn't tell himself he was a pet, like Berna.

So I wanted to do some weird magic and feel like I was holding another woman. That's right. That must be right.

Aisha, who imagined Keith's thoughts on her own with such terrible self-contained thoughts, wanted to cry.

But I absolutely didn't want you to cry here.

"... go home"

When I whined, I tried to leave the room.

I put him in my room, and he turned his thoughtfully suspicious gaze on me, and he told me to go home if he thought I'd been looked at.

Keith grabbed Aisha's hand, which is very unintelligible, but I didn't think he should leave here.

"Please wait. I thought you had some business to attend to. Nothing yet."

"Enough... Enough, let go"

"No, it's not good. What is it? On what business?"

Then Aisha glanced at Keith and waved away.

"I told you already!! I can't believe you're worried about me!!


Keith makes a dumb noise about words that are too unintelligible.

"Tired of it? Me? To Aisha? Why not..."

In Keith's inquiry, Aisha breathed, "Gu!" and swallow.

"... I... can't honestly follow anything Keith says like Berna... and I can't be the jerk Keith wants me to be... and I'm gonna get my hands on it right away"

The last one was Keith, who I think is definitely in trouble.

"So I got tired of me... changing me with the magic of thinking of myself as someone else... so you wanted to do something naughty... you didn't want me to be a woman"

What this same annoying smell......

Keith thought calmly once, desperately indulging in the fact that he was going to look weird.

That's why Aisha thought she used that self-awareness alteration magic because Keith was tired of talking to the woman she was talking to.

I'm tired of Aisha's contents, but they thought she was such a bastard Keith because she's in good health.

I can't believe it hurts me to think about it so much.

Keith, who sighed, couldn't help but use his head in full to think of an excuse.

its build time is only 1,08 seconds.

Keith approached Aisha softly, who couldn't stop crying.

"It's terrible. I can't believe I'm tired of Aisha... was that how they thought I was?

"... tight... you must be"

"There's no way. Aisha may get tired of me, but she'll never get tired of me."


Words came out that seemed to convince me again, but Aisha shook her head and denied it.

"I don't believe you!! Believe it!!... Wow, I'm not into your lust processing anymore..."

"Aisha... I can't tell you what I was ashamed of earlier."

Aisha raised her face to a sudden serious voice.

Staring at Keith with a face with tears telling her cheeks, her sincere gaze returns.

"This look...... what do you think?

"Huh?... how..."

"Do you like it? Well, I think it's a good idea to date Aisha, so I'm practicing."

"... huh?

Keith spread his arms open to show Aisha what a sixteen-year-old looks like.

"Aisha, when you were going on a date before, you said you'd be jerking off because if they saw you walking with me, it'd be a rumor in the palace, right? But you don't know me for this, do you? You can date Aisha in grandeur with this, right?

"... wah... for my...?

"Yes, and... Aisha is so young and cute, because she's my old man... at least just because she looks... haha, that's kind of funny..."

Expose the embarrassing truth you've been hiding.

Aisha almost stumbled on Keith, who spoke with such a look.

But I'll stay. There are still important things left to do.

"That magic... then what was that magic! How could you do such magic to me?"

"Right now, there's Berna in my relationship with Aisha, right? Because that's what happened to me at my mercy... that Aisha doesn't really like it. Because with that magic, when we're together, it's temporary, but Aisha seems like it's just me and my two lovers. That's what I thought...... sorry. It's like trying something without saying anything... you should have just said it right, right? But if I don't succeed, I'm just gonna make you have weird expectations... me."

It's all for Aisha. It was all for me.

Aisha cried like a child, smashing her face into the “truth” she could properly hear.

Keith was thinking of himself. I was never tired of myself.

On the contrary, he was studying magic to give me more time to spend with myself.

I was glad to hear that.

And what a terrible thing to do to suspect Keith and break his nose thinking of himself so gently.

"Ghizu...... Wow, Oben...... so, again for you...... uhhhhhhhh!!

Keith, who hastily activated the silencing demon prop, hugs Aisha, who cries down.

"I'm not gonna dress up and say it right. It's my fault. I hurt Aisha. It's my fault. I'm the bad guy who made Aisha, my lover, cry so much."

"Come on... bitches... Awwwwwwwww!!!!

It is a dialogue that often comes out of the mouth of a man who was daytime scattering Nia opponents with a series of lover statements.

This man must be broken somewhere after all.

I'm just peppering about what I just came up with and trying to bring it into sex again.

Keith was sniffing Aisha's nagging smell,

"Oh wow, nigga!! You outdoors!! Buzz yourself with Aisha!!

I woke up to the argument between the two of them. Lou tried to burn his wrath and fly to too bad a sight.

And Keith tried to puff the smell of another woman and tear her apartment apart.

The incense used for self-awareness altered magic was placed on the nose column and assumed to be "You are a plant".

Leaving Lou alone, who assumed it was a plant and became a catfish, Keith gave up Aisha, who kept crying.

I consulted with my body as it was, and once I slept and nourished myself, I come to the conclusion that two more shots are possible today.

Here Keith came up with a certain prank.

"Hey Aisha... I'll give this magical incense to Aisha"

"Gu... Huh?

"There's only a few more left, but I can use them for about one time. Use this to turn me into Aisha's favorite style."

Keith said that and gave Aisha a completely different incense.

Besides, I got it from the clerk when I bought the incense furnace.

Keith tried to use it to pretend to be magical and have fun.

He is indeed an evil man with a twisted heart.

Not knowing so, Aisha received what she thought was a magical incense,

"This... no, me"

"That's okay. I don't want to use it anymore because I hate Aisha. But anyway. You can make me whatever Aisha wants, right?

I didn't like it when I was used, but can I use that the other way around?

Keith strongly recommends "Come on, come on," to Aisha, who is gripping.

For the time being, I can make Keith the way I want.

If you say your heart won't attract you at all, you'll be lying.

"Are you sure? Don't you like it?

Keith kissed Aisha softly as she leaned her little neck in tears and asked.

"I want you to do that. I'd love to be the man Aisha wants."

"Yes, even Keith now... I love it"

Aisha, who is sobbing and being a little honest, has said that.

So Keith held Aisha tight,

"Thank you. I love Aisha the most, too."

I whispered so in my pointy ear.

"Huh," he said, and Aisha follows Keith.

Damn, looks like we're gonna have great sex tonight! and niggling Keith quickly began to prepare the magical incense of lies.

Aisha, who knows no magical procedure, was taught a lie.

When the incense worked and became flimsy, I told him all I had to do was tell Keith's body what to think while pouring a little magic into him.

I almost laughed at Aisha, who was listening very seriously, but walked into the bathroom with it.

Because I said that incense should be used in the Chamber.

After about ten minutes, I go inside, turn off the incense, ventilate, and instruct you to do the magic.

That's how Keith, alone in the bathroom, waited for the hour with incense, excitement about what setting Aisha would fulfill and come.

No matter what setting they say, don't laugh, I swear I'll let them play it perfectly, after all, with just a little erection.

The door eventually opened as he withstood the smell of smoke and also enjoyed coughing.

Keith hurried and pretended the incense was working.

When he saw Keith, 16, sitting in the bath chair with a boggle, Aisha took a breath and stood in front of him as he ventilated.

A state where you can make people think the way they want.

Swallow the spit overflowing in your mouth, gently place your hands on Keith's head, and let the magic flow.

I don't like magic, but I can do it to this extent.

And as he breathed, "Huh," he began to put his thoughtful settings into his mouth.