In her own room late at night, Leonora had tears in her eyes.

Because I thought Keith betrayed me.

At that time on the terrace Keith said he would take the book with him at night.

And yet, wait no matter how long you wait, don't you come?

Though he said he practiced corners, apologies, and changed the dress from one for the party to the simpler one to thinner makeup.

The reason, of course, is that Keith can ask for it after he apologizes.

If Keith asks... no, if he asks me, now I'm gonna be honest with him and tell him not to leave.

Saying I had decided to go that far, but there's no sign of it coming at all.

"... lying... you were... heh"

The back of my nose brings tears up as a toon. Leonora sipped.

Now Keith even lied to me. It's over.

That might be the only way to do it.

That's how I said it on the terrace then. I can't help but hate you.

So I must have hated coming to the room.

I should be blamed for thinking that, but I thought I was coming. Leonora lay in bed again in self-loathing.

Let's go to sleep. Let's go to sleep.

Because then I'll see Keith again in my dreams.

I'm in a good position to be satisfied with that right now. Leonora thought so and closed her lid.

Then I said on the bed, "Buffoo!" and something fell off.

When I opened my eyes, there was a book there.

Obviously due to metastatic magic, Leonora took the book.

That was still the "cruel execution of the world" Keith said he would give it to him.

Leonora laughed vainly.

"No more... you don't even want to see my face... hehe... ugh"

To say that this book arrived in metamagic this way would mean to say so.

Keith doesn't want to look at himself anymore. I don't even want to exchange words.

It's natural to put it that way. It's obvious.

I felt like I wouldn't even meet Keith in my dreams anymore, and Leonora started crying.

Then I realized something was sticking out from between the books.

When I sipped and pulled it out, what a letter it was.

The envelope reads "Dear Dear Leonora". Leonora hastily cut the seal and removed the contents.

Leonora hurried out of the room with her shoes on as she glanced through the text and opened her mouth with a pocan.

Reminds me of the placement of guards at this hour and runs through the hallway to avoid meeting anyone.

The face was full of crying, but a very wonderful smile.

I even rebuke the text of the letter held in my chest with my head.

'Please forgive my disrespect for giving it back by means like this while I tell you I'm going to give it to you. To say that I didn't want to see the face that you said on the terrace, I took a way to say that if I went to see you and you were offended. I just got to see Master Leonora, who looks fine... No, I won't lie. I want to see you again if I can make it happen. I want to meet and cuddle. I want you to call me Keith again. I don't expect this terrible desire, this to come true. But let me dream. Tonight I will be waiting for you under a giant tree in the courtyard of this palace. Of course I don't expect you to come, etc. But let me dream. Dream that you might come...... Love to Master Leonora, from Keith'

Waiting!! Keith is waiting!! Keith will be waiting for me!!

It's a scream and the heartbeat proves how it feels.

The beating heart of thrills and early bells was going to pop out of my mouth now.

Run for it patiently. Because I want to see you soon. Because I want to meet you and jump into Keith's chest.

That's why Leonora ran.

I was so in the way of my big breasts running, but I ran without even worrying about it.

Under the blue and white moonlight, when you see giant trees, there,

"Ha-ha-ha... Kee-su... Oh, Kee-su!

Leonora reached Keith's place whispering.

Leonora, breathing so hard, also stared at Keith, forgetting to say that she had never been born with such a run.

to Keith, who solidifies with a surprise look, was Leonora near crying out,

"Come... did you?

My mouth betrayed it again as I tried to say yes to Keith's voice.

"It's pathetic that the guards caught me thinking I was a suspicious person... so I had no choice but to come and give it to you."

That's not what I'm trying to say. This is not the attitude I want to take.

(No... no, no, no!! Wouldn't be!! What are you talking about!! Stop... please stop)

That's what Leonora of Hondo shouts, but everything about her who's lived 47 years doesn't forgive it.

My darling, Keith was waiting for me, and Keith was waiting for me.

"Besides, if you invite someone from another country to catch a cold, it's an Armas name break... don't you have anything to say common sense about being overnight in a place like this?

That's the only way I can say it. I let Leonora despair of herself.

I don't like it anymore. I don't like myself like this. I can't even tell someone I love them. Something about myself.

If you think so and distort Leonora's expression so she can't be seen off Keith's face,

"You're sweet... really, Master Leonora"

I heard Keith whining.

Kind, like yourself? Turning slowly to his face, Keith was smiling at Leonora.

It was the same look I always had in mind in my dreams.

It was a facial expression that I thought affirmed and acknowledged everything about Leonora and loved me.

Seeing that face, Leonora couldn't bear it any longer.

"Heh, heh! Absolutely. It is rude to call me, the princess, at such a time."

"Yes, you're right..."

"So... so uuch... if you think it's bad, hold me tight!!

"... Huh?

"Or don't get me wrong!... because the wind is a little chilly at night... so"

Leonora leaned down wondering what she was talking about on such a wet night.

I wish I could tell you that I want you to hold me tighter and more honestly.

It was Leonora cursing herself with her heart, but her body was wrapped in warmth by the sieve.

I immediately realized I had been held tight. Because I smelled Keith.

"Ah!... Oh, oh, Keith"

"Name... you called me... I'm glad"

Words whispered in your ears. When the hot exhale tickled the sensitive ears of the elf, Leonora couldn't contain herself anymore.

Turn your arms around Keith's back and cuddle back thoughtfully.

The warmth, the heartbeat, the smell. Everything I couldn't get in my dreams enveloped Leonora.

"Keith......!! Oh, it's more... stronger"


Nodding Keith was impressed by the feel of a breast implosion pushed against her chest plate.

It was the same new material tits. There is half no angular softness and elasticity in the ravioli.

(Oh, shit, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya...

I don't know that my beloved inferior species is thinking of that. Leonora was drunk at the happy hour she finally visited.

But I heard guards looking around from far away.

They approach us as we talk in pairs. This was unexpected by Keith, too.

I thought it might fly with metastatic magic, but before that, Leonora said,

"This way..."

That's what I said and pulled my hand out.

While running, Leonora was happy to think that this sight was as she had dreamed it would be.

It's a dream for the two of us to run through the meadows on a moon night.

Leonora, who turns 47, is actually no less a maiden than Nia because she is a princess elf.

Leonora took Keith straight into the stone building.

Keith asks Leonora, who stops inside and breathes.

"Um, what about here?

"It's a festival built before Almas was founded. I hear you used to pray for Morgwood here."

It was Leonora who would happily explain.

If I could have brought Keith to Almas, I could have come to the place I wanted to show him.

"Um, but the soldiers were here earlier."

"This place is still a temple for once, so it's off-limits except for clergy or royalty. So I'm worried."

"You put me in a place like that?

To surprise Keith, Leonora lets her gaze swim, then looks upwards.

"It's special... Keith... thank you."

"Yeah, I'm glad. Thank you."

"If that's what you think... again... hug me. That's an order."

Keith gently held Leonora again, keeping the hand he was holding.

Only then does Leonora seem to wander into happiness.

I knew Keith would understand. No matter how much you say you've twisted things, no matter how badly you behave.

Only Keith understands the feelings behind it.

The fact that it could be reconfirmed had immersed Leonora in happiness.

I've always wanted to do this. Leonora could not help wishing that in the temple where the moonlight was shining from part of the crumbling roof.

"Wasn't your body or something broken this past month?

Leonora's fortitude bug comes out again in Keith's voice that seems worried.

"Nothing... I lived very normally... you think there's something you can do just because you won't see Keith? I hope you're not complacent."

At the same time, in the mind.

(Noah! Stupid, stupid!! What are you talking about! At times like this, I honestly say I didn't see you and I didn't eat through your throat! That way you can think of me as a pretty girl!!

I know, but I can't. It was Leonora.

In contrast, Keith said, "Really?"

"I... it was painful. That way... I've been thinking about Leonora."

Other than thinking about Nia, Aisha, Berna, and Roana.

Naturally I don't know that. Leonora had her chest tightened like a cunt, and she shouted like a cat, "Fumiaha" at so much Tokimuki.

As it was, Leonora looked up at Keith with her moist eyes.

All I have is a kiss. This is the only kiss I have left. Even dreams have always been. Kiss me after this.

And now it's time to keep dreaming. I want you to.

That's what I thought. I was Leonora meditating on my eyes, but kisses never come.

In this situation, when Leonora opened her eyes thinking that, in this position, there was Keith with a skewed face.

I thought I'd done something again, Leonora.

"Excuse me, Master Leonora... I... I am!

I was surprised that Keith screamed like that and let go of his body.

Because I didn't know why.

"Ki... Keith... what is it... I'm something"

"No, it's me!! I... I'm really a man who doesn't even deserve to see you like this! Yet I can't believe I'm sweet about Master Leonora's kindness and hugging her like this again...... I am!! I'm the one!!

Leonora asked bewildered.

"What is it? Qualifications... Keith"

A little silence comes, and Keith begins to whine out of his misery.

"I... still have a relationship with the princess, thinking of you..."


Leonora knew that too.

When we met in the hallway, when we were stared at on the terrace, everything was telling an eloquent story about it.

But I don't care about that. Thus Keith came to see himself again.

That's all I need now. There was a dilemma that I couldn't successfully tell you about, but Leonora thought so.

Keith turned to Leonora like that. He had a pitiful face.

"I'll walk you to your room...... let's go home"

"Huh!?... sooooo..."

"I'm not qualified to meet Master Leonora, but at least I am... come on"

Leonora shook Keith off trying to grab his hand.

"I don't like it! I'm not going back!!

"Lady Leonora..."

"We still have something to talk about!! Lots of things I didn't say!! And... and..."

I haven't been able to say I'm "sorry" yet. And yet you can never go home.

So desperate, Leonora tried to hold Keith back.

"So, not yet..."

"I am!!

Leonora's body shook victoriously at Keith's yelling voice. Voices echo throughout the festival.

When it subsided, Keith had a painful look,

"I... I held the princess just now..."


"The pain that Master Leonora told me I never wanted to see your face again... to delude my fear that if you hadn't come... I had a princess... I don't deserve to hold you tight to me like that!!

Leonora's movements stopped. Words don't even come out.

Keith has been holding Nia. In this country, on the grounds of this palace, Nia was held by Keith.

The sight is reproduced like a swirl in your head.

In Keith's arms. Nia's face, delighted to see the woman's face in those warm arms, was clearly visible to Leonora.

I felt Nia mocking herself. Keith said it wasn't going to be Leonora's thing, and he said, "Forget the hopes you've wasted."

That's how you take Keith, who thinks of you so much, Nia.

You have all the stuff Leonora wants, and only one really important Keith tries to take away.

"Terrible... why... why"

Leonora bit her lip and gripped her fist hard.

Even though the facts were the opposite, Leonora snorted into tears when she believed Keith's words and thought of Nia as if she were a bad girl.

I don't want to give it to you. I never just want to give Keith away. No, I can't give it to you.

I don't care how much I can't beat Nia anymore. But Keith can't just lose when it comes to Keith.

So determined, Leonora stepped forward and kissed herself as she stared at Keith in silence.

"Ha-chu... eh... Pe-chu, get lost"

It's not a light girl's kiss. It was a thick adult kiss.

Leonora, who was only required in her dreams, stopped waiting any longer.

If you don't want to give it to me, if you can't give it to me, I'm gonna have to go get it from myself. I have to cuddle from myself.

"Chu, Lai Pei... Chu, Ngu, Chu Ru"

Intertwine your tongues and taste Keith's saliva.

Leonora sent her own saliva like she would have overwritten Nia with her own flavor on her lips.

Leonora stared at Keith with her eyes open as she finished the kiss long enough to make her breath painful and let go of her mouth.

Leonora said to Keith, who solidifies with a surprise look.

"It doesn't matter who Keith... holds... because I'm the one in front of you right now."

"Leonora... sama"

To Keith calling his own name, Leonora made up her mind.

"This body... must make Keith feel better than the others."

That was something Leonora didn't want to admit.

Even though you have a bad personality, even magic and song are hard-working and you're alone, your body is growing richer than any other elf of your age.

I hated Leonora's body as if inviting a man to rejoice was a first-class product.

But not now. This body makes me a weapon. It makes me as much of a weapon as I can fight Nia.

Leonora pushes Keith with her boobs that she just seems to have deliberately modified that demon.

"With this body... I can't believe I forgot about the others..."

Speak the best of inviting complaints.

But Keith pathetically distorts his face.

"... no... no, no... I can't believe I insulted Master Leonora"

What would you say if you did something about rape the first time?

"With Leonora!... I'm allowed to call you that now..."

Leonora squatted slowly to the ground as she screamed to block the words.

Coming to just the position where his face hit Keith's groin, Leonora braved herself to take her pants off.

My penis pops up as Keith's voice sounds like a terrible wax saying, "Ah!"

I was already half-baked there.

But more than that, what perplexed Leonora was the scent of a female drifting from her penis.

It's not just the original penis smell of the beast. There is a slutty scent of what someone else would have done before.

I understand it smells like Nia, Leonora, but I don't actually naturally think that's the thing that even applied to the female juice for the other one.

"Dear Leonora! What!?

"... so it's Leonora... call me that."

Leonora swells her cheeks up as she rubs her red and black, horny water-scented penis with her thin, supple fingers.

I've never seen it before, it was some childish and adorable look.

"Rao... Nora"

Leonora smiled only slightly as Keith called her name and threw it away as prompted by its face,

"I can't believe the smell of the other women on Keith... I'll clean them up."

I started licking and cleansing my penis applied to Aisha and Nia's love solution.

Keith, who got it, said, "Wow!" He raised his voice and shouted in his heart.

(I only let other women shave their penises with female juice!! Oh!! I'm glad I didn't let the princess fella ~)

It sucks to have it at all.