About half a day to be rocked by a carriage. Keith, who slept all the way from Almas to getting to Seimrad, had pain in his body.

Because he slept in a weird position.

Neither Nia nor Aisha wanted to "knee pillow" Keith like that, but it wasn't either because he was in public, and as a result Keith came back to Seimrad vacillating his entire body.

Even when you come home and you're in that condition, you can't just go straight to your room.

First, we must report back to Mashua during the visit journey.

How splendid Nia was and how big a deal it was.

Of course I didn't report the most important night.

Keith returned to the room slightly floating to reward Mashua and Mia, who happily listened to her daughter, saying "thank you" and yet took care of her at her original job.

It was after midnight that Keith woke up next when he took off his clothes and went into bed without even taking dinner because he was tired and tired of traveling.

Waking up, pondering over the bed thinking about why I woke up, I immediately realized that was because the door had been knocked.

Because the door was knocked small again.

I also thought I would ignore it for a moment because I still have drowsiness, but I thought it would be troubling if it was a requirement to hear from Mashua again about the trip or something, and Keith got up with Noronoro.

"I'm leaving now... ~"

When I opened the answer door with a half-sleep voice, there stood one samurai. It is Berna.

"Is that it, Berna? What's the matter, sir?

to Keith, who scratches his sleeping head and asks, Berna let her gaze swim a little before

"I want to see your husband's face..."

"Kao?... Ah, mako, so go inside"

I invited her into the room and hugged Keith as Berna approached Totetote and sat down beside her as she sat down on the bed with a stretch.

"Huh? Be, Berna?

Keith was a little confused by Berna as her face slid over to the chest plate with no expression.

It was the first time that Berna had ever come directly from herself like this.

"Um, what's wrong?

Berna told him to squeal bossly as Keith spoke as he hugged him back as a courtesy he was once held.

"... leave a message... I don't like it"


"... leave a message, I hate it"

Even when it comes to voicemail, it is a high night or two. Besides, it's half a day in the carriage.

Even when you are in the palace, in some cases, there are days when you do not meet each other for about two days.

Keith pointed that out,

"Being in the same place and not seeing each other and going out on a trip is... different"

"... Really?"


Keith smiled a little and lay down on the bed holding Berna,

"Does that mean you missed me?

I asked an elf who was over forty years older than myself in my arms.

Berna stared at Keith with no expression, shutting up for a while and then inadvertently,

"... wow"

imitate a dog.

Scene and a moment of silence wrapped the place up, and Keith laughed Couscous.

"Ha, what is it. Are you imitating a dog?

He laughed at me. For jokes that aren't even my own. I knew you laughed.

The warmth twitched Berna's chest, unlike the voidness she had yesterday when she did it alone.

So I'll say "wow" again. Then Keith was laughing happily as if he had gotten into a bump.

Keith is the only boring woman like me who seems to have so much fun. Just your husband.

I thought so. Berna stuck to Keith's chest even more.

to the sweetening Berna. When Keith finishes laughing,

"Did my Berna hate leaving messages so much...... yes. Ok. I won't leave you another message. We'll be together forever."

Together all the time. I won't be another. It's just a word of mouth. Sole reassures Berna.

When he strokes his head and says so, he even thinks Keith can keep him like this.

Keith, on the other hand, was surprised by Berna's transformation.

Berna, who has been a wildcat I haven't missed since the beginning, is now a fine dog to play with.

One superior has become a lonely sweet dog on just one night's trip.

Keith himself, of course, planted it that way, but it kind of makes me laugh when it gets this far.

(I like the cat version too ~. Well, it's easier to fuck things over here...)

Keith, thinking about it, tells Berna to imitate the dog.

(... Wanna play... there is!!

That's what I came up with today.

Not very much, but I don't think it's the word of a man who fired four on three opponents last night.

"Berna...... sorry to make you miss me. So tonight you're gonna adore Berna a lot."

It took the words I had hoped for, and Berna's face broke slightly.

And as soon as I get up, I put on the collar I was bringing in front of Keith.

It's the collar I got from Keith, Berna's greatest treasure.

When the dock tag made a noise with Charan, Keith also got up and stared gently at Berna.

"Berna...... what's in the corner? Why don't we be Wang today?


to Berna tilting her little neck without knowing what it meant. Keith looked at her,

"Berna is my dog till this morning. That's why you shouldn't say a word, right? Instead, it's as sweet as a dog."

At last, he told me to pretend to be a dog because I don't treat people.

No one is usually happy to be told that. But it's Berna.

Keith adores me like my own dog. That is also most desirable for Berna.

Just asking makes my chest jump. My uterus gets hot.

I'm not happy with the perverse play I can do because it's time for two of us.

"Ya... I want to... be your husband's dog..."

"Berna. You shouldn't speak the language, should you? Any word from the dog?

"Ah............ er...... one"

"You're a good girl ~. Well, I don't like to dress dogs..."

Saying so, Keith quickly began to make Berna take off her samurai clothes.

When I could undress the structure of the samurai clothes that I was completely used to without confusion, I also took all the underwear and garters.

Berna, naked, stands in front of Keith without a shy bareback.

She has cute nipples upwards on her thin, thin body.

The shapes have grown slightly recently, as the unripe mature hair that has been removed has repeatedly been strongly blamed.

This fineness is very exciting as Leonora's busty breasts are burning in her eyes.

Besides, above all, the collar on his neck highlighted the eroticity.

Keith, satisfied with a glimpse, sat back in bed and spread his hands,

"Come, Berna. You can be sweet."

Niccoli laughs and says so, but suddenly she doesn't know what to do if she says so and Berna stares at Keith and solidifies.

"You just have to want to see the dog Berna thinks you love. Look, your husband came home from a trip, didn't he? And then what do you think the dog who was leaving you?

Berna lay her face down a little to think about the words, and then sat across Keith's leg sitting on the bed, giving out her little tongue and licking the owner's lips with a pepper.

Keith was confused by Berna's pepper attack, which he thought was about to follow.

Berna licked Keith's lips, her cheeks, her neck muscles when she licked her ears, and her fingers.

The groin begins to react to the tickle and at the same time to the tongue irritation transmitted from the finger to Berna, who starts finger ferra all the time.

Keith stroked Berna's head,

"Were you a good boy and left a message?

I spoke gently as I combed my fingers between my hair.

Berna put her owner's finger out of her mouth, with a mouth threaded with saliva,


I answered and nodded.

Keith, who saw that face swing a little,

(You're starting to feel like a dog or something. It's real.)

With even more thoughts now, I opened the front of my pants to Berna, who started finger fella again, to show off her penis, which was not yet bulky.

A gaze went over Keith's leg, where Berna was sitting naked, to a penis dripping with Darn near that girlfriend.

Finger Fella stopped, and when Berna found out she was watching it, Keith picked it with his finger. Let her pra her penis,

"Well, I'll give you some milk for the good boy who left you... Berna, you like Zamen milk, don't you?

She said it herself and put a funny dialogue into her mouth, and to Keith, who was niggling, Berna sat down from her leg without saying anything, round her back and contained her shriveled penis in her mouth.

"Hap, n, n, n, n, n, n, n!

He was sucked at high speed and licked his back muscle with his tongue, and Keith was about to raise his voice.

Even though I said I took a bath after holding Leonora, then it is a steamy penis that was rocked by a carriage for half a day and came back to the palace and stayed put.

Having put that penis in her mouth without any hesitation, Berna moved her mouth and head just thinking about the taste of dark milk coming out of here.

Dark, raw and smelly, it's the best simmering milk Keith has ever tasted.

Cowper came trolling to ruin when I applied it to my cum and tortoise head, accumulating saliva that overflowed in my mouth just imagining it.

Once his penis was out of his mouth, Berna stuck her mouth on the bell mouth while handling the saliva painted rod and sucked the cowper choo-choo and tangled her tongue on the turtle head again.

"Hey!! Yes, even more than usual...... did you miss leaving so much? You wanted some milk?

"Khu, Nhu, Lero-chu... Nhu... Wow. Lerochiu."

Keith licked his finger and salivated as he was adorable at keeping his word, so he snapped Berna's nipples.

Berna opened her eyes and screamed at the pain in her gully twisted nipples.

"Gi-hi!!...... Ajaw!!!

From his mouth, the saliva ruins when he releases the meat stick, letting it pass on to his jaw and Berna gives him a distressed look.

Once Keith loosened his strength and rubbed his nipples sweetly, he pulled again hard this time.

"Yikes!! Uh-oh!! Oh, oh!!

Berna, who was attacked with this impatience, raised her voice and became bored so much that she could not ferra.

And the more the pain is, the harder and sharper the nipple gets on the back.

"Berna. Your mouth isn't moving, is it? That's not gonna give you milk, is it?

Berna stared at Keith with the eyes she was feeling in agony but no doubt.

All you have to say is "wow," so you can't argue with it.

Keith was complaining when he found out.

More nipples!! Gyuuuu!! and twisted up, Berna's neck turned against.

"Hibi ah!! Ahhh!! Igi! Igi!!

"Ahhh, I totally stopped... I can't help it"

Weakening his ability to pick his nipples, Keith opened his mouth and went with a fully erect penis in Berna's mouth where he breathed.

"Because I'll do it for you. If it gets painful, tap your leg."

Keith, who put his left hand on Berna's head like a mild thing, began to move her head gassily.

Berna, forced to illuminate, vomited hard and spit saliva on a polar meat stick that was forced into the back of her throat.

Keith's groin is wet in saliva at once, and Berna is about to drown in saliva and gastric juice that also strikes back from her nose.

When I was nippled again in that condition, my whole body was filled with pain and suffering - and I started to get wet.

Berna began to wet herself.

That was never incontinent. Definitely a love liquid.

As if yesterday was a lie when I felt the loneliness of being left alone, today I felt Keith's, your husband's violent love, and Berna lit her face in trance.

"Ogbe!! Grrr! Grrr!! Ohhhhh!! Yabu, Yabu!!

The pain and bitterness of being raped through the mouth and throat rattles the heart and tries to seek more oxygen.

But I can't breathe. Breathing is interrupted by Keith's meat stick.

painful, and at the same time painful enough that my nipples are about to give. My body screams. The pee leaked.

I was so happy.

I'm the only one who can do this to Keith. I'm the only one who can accept this act of Keith.

I just think that makes me feel good.

Keith, who does it, also never stood his teeth, just intoxicated within Berna's temple to leave it to him to do the irama.

The sticky gastric juice and saliva tangle throughout the penis, rubbing it in the back of the throat and the unspoken paralysis rises from the waist.

Stick the turtle head into the soft laryngeal mucosa and rub the geese neck against various places in the cavity.

I get the feeling that I want to keep going all the time, but since Berna won't be gibbering up for long, Keith also takes his hand off the boulder and puts his penis out of his mouth.

"Absolutely!! Awwww!!...... ha! Ha! Ha!! Mm-hmm...... Ngu"

Berna looked up at Keith with tears, covetousness and a snotty face that was close to throwing him back up.

"Shh, excuse me! Feel good."

"... Wow... Nju"

When Berna replied, she gave her penis to herself again.

Keith is more surprised that he's a hell of a pet, and takes it.

It's not even a level of lewdness or anything. He is an elf pet willing to be totally bred to death.

Keith's expensive bounced all at once at Berna's appearance juggling her deluded penis.

"BE, Berna! Fine, yeah, smoke more... oh, wow... you're a good kid, a good pet with a good fella. It's good to have you."

When told that way, Berna, with her strength in her yukon mouth, even asked for milk that was in her balls licking and shaking her penis like a dog that really devoured bait.

"Oops! Mmmm!! Run, run, run! Ugh!! Ugh!!

"Oh, oh! Yum...... Today's wok is too good to lick!!! Ahhh!!

Saying something that was going to piss him off, Keith left himself to the ejaculatory cravings that were coming in.

The golden balls rise and push the milk up the urethra.

Even that feeling is clearly conscious,

"So... Berna! Out!! Milk, I'm coming out! It stinks raw and the milk from Cocumaro...... Aah!! Whoa, so, out!!

"Heh!! Nbi...... Huh! Mm-hmm... abuuuuuuuuu... ha"

A strong karki odor fell out of my nose just because I breathed lightly and seemed to cry.

Berna moaned it with her mouth and once she showed Keith she drank it all at once.

"Ngu, Ngu... Ngu... Ah, pu..."

Licking her lips with a wet tongue on the sarmen, her colorful, lustrous lips got dirty and tedious.

Berna, with her really dark flavored milk in her stomach, stares at Keith with her face still moisturized by the finish of the irama.


Back off again and barked like that.

The trick was so cute, the expression so luscious, the meter of excitement shook off Keith pushed him down to bed when he held Berna, who sees himself in a pompous face, letting him raise his ass and open Manko.

Keith, with his finger in his vaginal hole, which was sufficiently wet and ripe, spoke to Berna as he rubbed hard inside.

"Have you been jerking off with other male dogs while you were away?

Naturally, Berna knew there was no reason to do that.

Frowning at the feeling of being scratched inside, Berna nevertheless shook her head to indicate the designation.

I didn't like just answering "wow". I wanted to shake my head and show you there was no reason to do that.

But Keith keeps saying things mean.

"Really? I'd be in trouble if I got pregnant with a puppy on my own. As an owner."

I don't do that. Never.

In an unspeakable manner, Berna continued to shake her neck left and right as her usual faceless expression distorted her face like a lie.

"But I'm worried. Because Berna is a beautiful dog. Those male dogs have always wanted to mate... oh, shit."

Keith, who said so and sighed deeply, shook his head,

"I need to keep this right as a breeder... Berna, before the other male dogs get me pregnant..."

I stopped the finger movement and asked Berna with a humble grin.

"Are you pregnant with my puppy?

Berna's movements stopped for a moment. Keith did nothing until Berna reacted.

Berna, rebelling the words said in her head, slowly at first, eventually shook her head vertically many times.

In Manguri's position, he still nodded again and again.

"Is that okay? You can plant my puppy here."

"............ wow"

"Can you raise them properly?

"... wow"

"Well, shall we put some milk in Berna's stomach?


It was Berna, who only smiled and barked a little, but a little smile for her was nothing more than a great joy.

I would love to receive a child of a man who calls his child a puppy.

That way I feel filled more as a pet. I feel like my value in Keith is going up.

The daughter of an elf, who was supposed to be a noble species, had now become a completely inferior pet.

And that's what was making this elf happy.

When the owner laughs and pulls out the vaginal holes or fingers that only he knows the taste and feel, he licks the love liquid attached there to ascertain the taste.

"If you have a cute puppy, I'll keep it for you, mother and child."

When she told me what she wanted, honey overflowed from Berna's vagina.

I was losing my temper because I wanted it. Berna's body was complaining about seeding me quickly.

"But before that..."


Keith, smiling gently, took the lead and tailed anal plug out of the box under the bed.

"It's time for a walk, Berna. Let's go pee."

Berna's face hardened when she understood what she could be made to do.

But the mouth was smiling slightly.