The night when he washed away the semen that had reached his belly and soaked himself in the hot tub and warmed his body, he wept all the time during that time.

If I go back to my room after bath time, I will be scattered with purity.

Besides, the opponent is much weaker, inferior, nasty, and a man of the human species who doesn't even love the nightfall.

Just thinking about it makes me cry endlessly.

The subdragon species - especially the 'noble bloodline' - are growing remarkably slowly.

We can only grow up to roughly ten years old over a thousand years.

But beyond a thousand years, in just one night, the body grows rapidly and becomes an adult.

And then it takes 2,000 years to grow old.

So it is not until after the age of 1,000 that the subdragon species find their connection.

Wait until your body is of reproductive age. This is normal for the subdragon species.

But what you call a dream is not something that can be stopped.

How the hell am I supposed to connect with someone I say I am?

How will you love, marry, and marry that other person?

I can't stop thinking like that. Naturally, that's true for night-time blisters.

A man stronger, more noble, more proud, and more gentle than himself.

I don't care about race. So long as I recognize the man.

Girls of other races, who were close to each other, grow up and fall in love and die giving birth to their children.

I've seen the sad sights of being left behind so many times, but sooner or later, I'll have someone I can love. I give my first time to that person, and I give birth to a child.

Though it was the only thought to comfort myself that only that thought would be left behind for the Nightshade.

The dreams of a girl of the dragon species crumbled miserably.

From now on, Nightingale is held by someone she doesn't even love, someone she despises, on exchange terms, and loses her virginity.

Besides, it's in this body that you haven't reached reproductive age.

"How... did this happen... Non... what did I do wrong?

That's what Keith groaned at night in the bathroom where he was alone because he went back to his room to get his bed ready.

Nia can now use magic. It was the human species that gave it that.

Keith's evil deeds poured in after using the power of the Divine Commandment Eye a little bit, even though he was using some strange evil methods.

You can't leave an outer road like this alone, it burned in righteousness, as usual, and I tried to get you out of this country.

That's all. That's all.

Nothing is going to annihilate the Wicked God-calling Wizard created by the mad Wizard, nor is it going to kill a nobleman who tries to gain immortality by sacrificing his children.

I just wish I could have driven the third-rate Hecko Demon Instructor out of the palace - out of front of Nia.

Yet it seems so if you are aware of it.

"I... you got it..."

My father always said, "Don't overtrust your power. Always think they are better than you and challenge them to battle".

Then the appearance of parents and sisters runs through my head.

Drop a big tear in the pompous and hot tub,

"And so... Kakasa... Nesa well... Takura no... Uh-huh"

Nobody's coming to help. Alone in the bathroom. The crying face belonged entirely to the child, and he could not feel majesty or anything.

That's when the bathroom door opens and Keith peeks into his face.

"I'm ready for bed ~. Please get out before I turn you upside down"

I couldn't even look back at Keith, who said softly, and he kept quiet at night.

"Are you going to take a bath until it's morning like this? I can't give you back the jewels."

"... go now... wait"

"Yes, yes."

When the door closed, Nightingale washed her face with hot tub water and went up from the bath.

I can't cry anymore. Crying faces definitely don't look good to Keith. I decide that, wipe my body, wrap the bath towel around my body and leave the bathroom.

The moment I left, I forced my legs out and into the room, and Keith, wearing only one pair of pants, sat in bed and waited.

In a standstill nightfall,

"This way please ~"

Keith, who gave the invitation, had his groin stiffened with a sunny look.

I can clearly see that the meat bars are also getting bigger over the pants and seeping through the lead.

I think there's an array in there that was just gripped, and now I'm going to put that in my crotch.

(I could die... even if I die, I could rip it)

I know enough to say that my body is a toddler. You haven't reached your reproductive age.

I've been taught that sex in that state is dangerous.

Scary, but more scary that the Ruyi Jewel isn't coming back.

I'm about to cry, and I'll never turn to Keith.

As he approached the bed, Keith held him up and put a nightcap on his limb.

The next moment I ride, I am taken a bath towel and left naked.

Keith and the night when he was forced to hold him while his bare skin was still on his face, he expressed his disgust.

Don't look at me like that.

To Keith's words, Nightingale missed her gaze,

"I can't... I won't let you like my face..."

"'Cause you look like you're raping me. I don't like it."

Say what this is other than rape.

Unexpectedly, he almost screamed and the nightcap bit his lip.

Become such an inferior consolator. If that had happened with the jewels, I would have definitely chosen death.

But at night, he's just a kid who can't even commit suicide.

(Don't cry! Don't cry!! I would cry and please such an inferior species!!

Still desperate to indulge in the tears that come to mind, Keith grabbed his jaw and turned up and kissed him.

He touches his lips gently and presses them from there.

Since his head was fixed with one hand, he could not escape, and at night he had to take a kiss in silence.

Eventually, the tongue is stabbed into the cage, and the necho and tongue and palate are stirred out.

The nightcap held his fist and endured the sickness he was unfamiliar with no matter how many times he went through it.

Keith's lips detached in it, trying to go from cheek to neck muscle,

"Ma'am! That's not a promise! Pledge magic on yourself first!!

That's what Nightingale shouted.

I'm absolutely sorry they took my virgin and couldn't get it back.

"Yeah, that's good."

As Keith lifted the magic wand he had left beside his pillow and worked out his magic, the Night's Wand, which remained on his leg,

"If you take away the virgin of Nong, you can trade it for it. Then call me! Not right away!! I told you I would replace it, but not right now, or nothing like that!!

I hear that, Couscous. I yell at Keith, who laughs, bright red.

"Are you listening?! Say that right away!! I swear!

"Yes, yes... uh.“ I swear here. I'll get a virgin from Mr. Nightingale and return the jewels to Mr. Nightingale immediately at dawn. "… Is this okay?

The words Keith said at the end of the magic wand are small letters and floating round the universe.

The night when I rebelled in my head the words I had just heard, I nodded several times, and then

"Fine, just put that on yourself!! Hurry up!!

"Wait a minute ~. This is pretty dangerous magic, isn't it? If you suck, you'll break your mind."

"If the Lord keeps his word like that, he won't have a problem!!

"Totally forceful......"

Keith unleashed a chunk of letters floating in the universe towards himself.

When the light plays, and there is a light noise, an engraving of the pledge emerges on Keith's wrist.

Making it look like a nightfall, she nodded.

"Hey, okay...... now, heh!!

In the middle of the words, Keith licked the nipples out of the night.

cherry blossom colored nipples on a straight flat chest. It's really small like a bean grain. I picked it with my fingers and irritated it. Yuku.

I go with a gentle, sticky hand and abuse Punipni and milk-free where I still don't see any shards of femininity either.

"Ya, stop! Hino... Oh! Chikubi......"

"Don't do it, will you? I even did the vow magic right at night, so I'll get a virgin from here, as promised."

"Then I wish I could just stick it in there!!... Wah, don't flatter Non's body!!

"It hurts if I stick it in your manko that's not even wet, right? I don't want Master Nightingale to hate sex, so I have to get it wet enough here."

That's what Keith said and started licking his nipples at night bending his neck.

Milk rings with a light colour of flat chest. I put it in my mouth and suck and pull "cum".

The nipples screamed at night at the feeling of being pulled.

"Hiaah!! Oh no!! Don't suck, Shiro!! Oh sweet bite!! I'll play it with my tongue. Oh!! Make a toy of Non's chest ah!!

Whatever he does, he'll complain, and Keith decides to ignore the cancer and keeps licking the milk wheel with his tongue.

The light-colored milk wheel was a slippery puni completely different from the reptile feel of his hands and feet, besides being sweet, so it looked like he was chewing gummy.

I persevere in the circle of the milk wheel many times, and when I salivate, I suck it out with zip. And as I was licking again and again, my nipples began to harden in it.

"Ha wow...... Phew!! Hmmm!!

It makes a weird noise that leaks your breath out of your nose because it withstands irritation from your chest.

Hearing that sound, Keith releases his mouth and blames the other nipple.

If you let go of your mouth, pinch your salivated nipples with your fingertips and leave them to maintain hardness.

That's how he salivates and erects both nipples 10,000 times, and Keith kisses his face the night it starts to turn red.

From the side of the ear to the cheek, from there to the lips.

When I gently glanced at the tip of my tongue with my fangs still small, my mouth opened so I put my tongue in there.

"Phew, Phew, Phew, Phew, Phew... Pew"

I get goosebumps on my body at night on a kiss while my nipples are pinched with my fingers.

Nightingale herself noticed that it was slightly different from her earlier disgust.

(Why not... why is Noon such a bastard...)

If this had been total rape, there would not have been such a reaction.

But when you decide to accept it from yourself when you say you are forced, and you receive a caress that is not made abusive, the gap in your mind receives it as pleasure.

(No!! No. Bye!! To such inferior species!! Being groomed...... Bye!!

Back to back with the cry of the heart, the body and brain react with a little joy to the pleasure information that they did not get for eight hundred years.

Sleek tongue. Fingering to develop and pinch nipples.

A loud voice almost leaked between the kisses, and Nightingale moaned her own thighs.

noticed it. Keith let go of his lips and

"What are you doing!... Ahhhhh, I bled out because I used those nails."

I couldn't tell you that I was about to raise my voice to my comfort and my mouth was torn to contain it.

"Ah... my legs itched..."

To an overly obvious strength, Keith smiled bitterly, healing magic with the magic wand he had placed.

Even if the wound healed, the blood that had come out would remain, so Keith licked and cleansed the blood as he unloaded it from his leg at night.

"Ah...... ugh!

It was a night when I voiced the feeling of being able to lick my thighs, but it was Keith who was more surprised than that.

My penis is in better shape than usual.

(Hey, what the hell!!... Ah, dragon blood... so awesome dragon blood!! Like when I was a teenager.)

Keith felt his penis so repetitive that he seemed to reach the umbilical in his pants that he thought this would look good as many times as he wanted until morning.

There is no reason to know that his blood is doing that. At night, Keith's tongue screams as he moves toward the diameter.

"Hia... don't... shake... hia!!

of thin thighs. Keith was touched by the dragon Manko he saw for the first time in his life, having sweetly chewed the punny interior and licked the diaphragm from it.

The shape is almost the same as that of a human or elf species. Of course.

But I was so young and so poor that I couldn't believe he said he had lived eight hundred years.

Compared to the plump labia magna, the surprisingly small pubic villa is about as thin in pigment and slightly darker than normal skin.

The inner organ in there is a light peach color and you can just see the mucous membrane that still seems soft with no meat.

"Eight hundred year old lolimanco...... damn horny"

The night I found Keith carefully observing his genitals, he tried to endure it at first, but he couldn't do it.

"Yes! No. Bye!! Don't look!! Look, Shiro! Fucking trashy cunt human!! If you see any more, I will kill you!!

Having grabbed his bumpy leg, Keith deliberately opens his big crotch and opens his big book.

"Uh-oh!! No!! No! Yes!! Don't look!! Hino!! Don't smell it!!

Keith was close to his face and smelling it as Nightingale tried to cover his hands.

It has a sweet and sour aroma. Again, compared to the elf species, the smell of the female hole was intense even in such a little boy because of the carnivore.

"No, but... yeah, I don't hate it"

The perverted man who smells his nose really close to the little hole leaks that sentiment and keeps observing the part where he's about to get wet.

Then a reptile-like nail ate into Keith's scalp. Since it was the child's power, it was painless or irrelevant, but when I raised my face, I could see the face of the nightcap biting down my teeth and staring at me with tears.

"Try more than that! I will make you regret your life!!

I wonder how many times before this dialogue has frightened and kept many of them alive.

That only sounds like a kid's fortitude now.

Keith, with his face off, smiled.

"No, I'm sorry. I've never seen a dragon breed before... but if you don't observe closely, you may not get a virgin."

"What difference does it make to a human species?! You idiot, take the day off. Say it!!

Have you ever seen a human species?

"Huh?... Oh, so there is."

"Then you won't understand. I don't think so... what a noble species, so it's the same as a human species."

Obviously, I have not been able to say clearly at night that I have not even seen my own properly.

"So make an observation..."

Keith tries to observe again at night when he shuts up.

"No! No. Bye!! Stop it!!

Keith sighed at the night when he shook his head and refused.

Bring a suggestion to Night's Eve as you are about to nibble at its thought-provoking splendor.

"Then please explain it to Master Nightingale. I'm watching away."

"Shh, shrimp?

"Yes, this is a description of the subdragon species."

In other words, I have to spread the word and explain that this is the place.

"Can you do that!" He tried to bark, so that Keith could not say anything at night knowing that he would just put his face close to Manko again.

From earlier on, I felt that only "worst" or "super worst" choices were left in the nightclub.

His face is distorted by what has to be chosen from among them, and his widened pink dragon Omako hole narrows cuddly as if it were cut.

"What do you do?

It was only Keith who would let himself choose at night.

This was still many times better to be forced to scatter purity.

Guzzled by the sickness and tear gland pain that seemed to throw up, Nightingale said small.

"Non... explain yourself... then let go of my legs"

Hearing that, Keith releases the leg of the nightcap and turns his body away a little. Just about every human being in between us.

Nightshade fixes his posture, spreads his legs to the M-shape in a no-nonorous motion and spreads his manko himself.

"Hips, it's easier to see them sticking out a little bit more."

"... Eww"

Hip forward as you were told, and make it easier for Keith to see.

Keith, sitting around and watching it, slowly stimulated the meat stick himself from the top of his pants.

"Please explain."

"... this is the genitals of Non..."

"I can't believe it's genitals. Please put it in a more shattered and understandable way ~"

To the inferior Keith everywhere, he couldn't even afford to stare at the earliest, and at night he wept and whimpered,

"This is... Omako Bye... Gusu... Ugh..."

Point your finger at the spread Omako and point to each location.

"Here it is... ku, in Clitoris... so here it is... in the urethra... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! I don't like it anymore. Oh!!

Beyond the limits of patience, the nightcap closed his legs and cried out in abundance.

"Why then... why are you so far away? Aah!! Ugh...... no more then!! Oh, uh-oh!!

Keith felt somewhat guilty and excited at the same time at night when he wiped one tear after the other with the back of both hands to cry in a girl's seat.

(crying loli...... still good wow)

You can't make me cry when I'm a Nia opponent, so I rarely get to play like this.

Keith, whose excitement grew endlessly, thinks he'll just screw it in now, and gently hugs the night cuddle.

Keith cuddled up a little girl who cried as she remained erect,

"Don't be abusive, but you tried to kill me first, didn't you? Forgot?

I spoke to him to teach him gently in the ear.

"Gu... Gu... that's when the Lord takes Nia"

"Maybe, but then all of a sudden, you don't have to ignore each other and get out or kill him? Don't you think I'm wrong?

You're the one who's wrong.

I wish I could go in like that, but the night I was abused and toddled, I couldn't think about it well.

"Bye... Bye!"

"I defended myself in self-defense and took a little revenge on Master Nightingale. This is a legitimate right."

"... but I don't want to be abused anymore... then"

"Okay. If you say that much, I won't abuse you anymore. Apologize to me instead. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Then I'll be nice."

Apologize? Even though it's not bad? Not a single thing?

Compared to the bitterness of an abusive heart, if you can apologize, Nightingale stared at Keith with her eyes wet in tears,

"Wow... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... then stop abusing me"

"Yes. Copy that."

Keith says so and kisses herself softly at night.

reach out to Omako between gentle spitting kisses,

"If you don't get it wet, it hurts, so you touch it, right? It won't hurt."

Make a proper first call and then start touching it.

With his left hand holding the shoulder of the nightcap, gently and politely with his right hand, he strokes with a clitoris wrapped around his foreskin to stimulate its contents.

"You can speak up. The noise in this room should not leak outside."

The silencing magic prop broke, so I kept the line open.

As he exhaled in his ear, Night Xu, stimulated by the clitoris over his foreskin, was relieved that Keith's gestures and tricks had become really gentle.

That sense of security relaxes the body and increases its sensitivity.

"Ahhh... ahhh..."

A slightly felt sexual stimulus. There is a moment when my back moves tight.

Seeing his tail react at the same time, Keith grated the hand he was holding his shoulder and gently stroked the base of his tail at night.

"Hiaaah!! Hmmm!! Yah! Ahhh!!

Keith simultaneously attacks Clitoris and his tail, both, when he finds a weakness in the appearance of a night-time squeal that lifts his voice and turns his throat as soon as possible.

"Uh-oh!! Ahhhhhhhh!! Stop it, stop it, get your tail so shiny... Bi, Bin Kan."

"Master Nightingale's wheezing, she's so cute... let me hear more"

"Soon...... hey! Huh! Huh! Ugh! Ugh!! Tail, clitoris, don't go with me!! Come on, if they do!! Mm-hmm!!

The contents of the clitoris only slightly slipped the head out of the foreskin.

Keith strokes Sokiko, who came out with a wet fingertip when he spits on his right hand, at high speed.

"Uh-oh!! Ahhhhh!! Suck it up!! This! Weird thing about the sushi goes up...... HI NO!!

For the first time in 800 years of my life, my sexual pleasure is too strong for even a few things, and I get tears.

Keith suddenly stopped his finger at night when his mouth gasped. Then, the hips of the nightclub move out all alone.

"Master Nightingale? You're hipster, aren't you?

"Ah? Huh? Oh! No, that's why... Ugh!!

"Then I should be honest, is this the place? Is this the place?

When Clitoris' foreskin was peeled off slightly and rubbed hard, Nightingale opened her eyes and made her hips jump.

"Haaaa!! Mm-hmm! No!! No. Bye!!

Keith holds his body about to fall as-is and slowly puts him to bed.

Stretch your legs to make them feel a little open. And I take my pants off myself and make the meat stick pop out.

Show more ferocity than a bathroom in the shade of nighttime blood. Treat it lightly before Keith sleeps next to nighttime.

Supporting his body with his elbows, he mocks Manko again as he kisses the nightcap.

Now I stroked him to tickle around the vaginal hole a little below.

Give him a sweet kiss and slowly loosen his vaginal hole as he shifted his mouth from it and licked it.

Clitoris also repeatedly kissed her again and again to keep her consciousness focused and not to make her nervous.

"Huh... Ugh... Ugh!!

Her voice changed from a severe gasp to a faint voice that seemed to echo.

When I look at it, the tip of the tail is shaking fine to the left and right to please.

(Will my body react first if I've been a virgin for over 800 years?)

Even though I don't change my mind about saying I don't like it, my body gradually becomes irresistible.

The paralyzed body doesn't try to move at all, as Keith wants to take the pleasure he gives.

Keith didn't say anything at night just kissing her over and over again to give her a confused look at the physiological reactions happening to her body.

Eventually, the honey becomes so clear from the vaginal mouth that it becomes zero.

Apply that all over your fingers and still blame only Clitoris.

That's how I boosted my response before putting my finger in my vagina.

"Ah!! Gu......"

Eight hundred years old virgin, never even had a finger. That was not the level of tightness.

It was a small, narrow hole to the point where I was really anxious to get in for a moment, but the softness and flexibility are jumping through.

(Oh, it looks good, this... yeah. Take it)

Keith decided to go in because he was about to ejaculate even if he left it like this.

"You can insert it now, right? Is that good?

The night he deluded around his mouth with Keith's saliva, he looked anxious, but once he nodded,

"Besides, if you don't mind... this is my jewel, Kayashan, right?

Keith almost laughs at me wondering if I'm still anxious even though I did the pledge magic.

But I answered the question with a serious face.

"Yeah. I'll pay you back. So please say it properly again. He said he'd give me a virgin."

Keith, waking up, spreading his legs at night and entering the penetrating position, said so as he drooled the lotion over his penis, just in case.

Nightingale looked to Keith with a heartfelt apology to her parents, ancestors and sisters for what would happen now.

"The Virgin of Non... belongs to the Lord..."

The little dragon breed princess uplifted her white skin, trembled in despair, and released words accepting a man with her legs spread and scorn.

Dialogue to say he will bring in the man himself, who was told again.

Keith rubs his lotion-painted penis against the underdeveloped vaginal hole of the young dragon as a single tear conveys his cheek as if it represents scattered purity.

(Congratulations, I want to hang out with the subdragon species! Well, I wonder what Dragon Manko feels like)

I didn't mind the girl's frivolous thoughts or anything like that, and pushed my hips into the wet middle meat.