Berna was off work that day.

Berna, who has no business leaving the city in particular and has no hobby for saying this, has been cleaning the room ever since she finished breakfast.

Cleaning is Berna at work. If you mean it, if it's about your own room, even if you take a bathroom, it'll be over by lunch.

Keith should be busy today because he's studying Nia.

So there was no reason to push him, and Berna went out to the courtyard when she made lunch.

A little past lunchtime, in an unpopular courtyard, Berna's chosen place is under a tree where she peed on a memorable walk play.

Berna began eating a vegetable sandwich for lunch, sitting with a cheerful face on the ground where herself and Keith's pee were absolutely seeping in.

Berna, an elf-middle preference who originally says she hates meat, is vegetable-food-centered unless recommended.

That doesn't make my breasts bigger, and my body doesn't flesh better.

In that case, I regret that I should have eaten a little more now.

That would have given Keith more service.

But since it's definitely my stomach, not my chest, that I'm going to be full from now on, I didn't like that, and I don't like the raw smell of meat.

"... I can drink as much of your husband's semen as I want."

It is Berna who speaks so tightly in the courtyard because no one is there.

Keith's samen taste many times fresher and more eggy than meat.

But Berna kept licking her thick penis and she overflowed her mouth just remembering that flavor that was eventually released.

Keith hasn't been adorable to me since I went to attack him with Aisha when I thought about it.

Berna herself is busy because the guests were here, but Keith would have attacked her anyway.

And yesterday, Aisha...

I slept with Keith yesterday.

He has reported to me.

It was a little regrettable to think Aisha was first after all that happened.

Because I don't know that's the thought of the inferior man who wants to create the Demon Swordsman and measure his safety.

"I guess I'm tired of it..."

When I squirmed bossly and put the vegetable sandwich in my mouth, a voice was heard from the top of the tree.

"Mr. Berna. Hello."

Looking up, there was Keith's demon Lou everywhere.

"Mr. Lou. Hello, what are you doing?

Lou, who came cleverly off the tree to Berna's question, let his nose cum,

"Someone marked me here in my territory before!! Uh-oh, it's okay today!

Whatever you think, it's obviously Berna, so I was a little thrilled, but with the original faceless look, it's completely hidden.

"Mr. Berna, what are you doing? I'm not dressed as a samurai today."

Berna was wearing personal clothes today because it was a holiday.

Even so, it is no less dressed than a samurai garment, a plain colored blouse, a cardigan on a skirt, and a knee sock.

"I was having lunch because it's a holiday...... how about half if you don't mind?

"Are you sure?

"Yes, go ahead"

"I'm going to get laid!

Berna offered Lou one of the vegetable sandwiches, which did not contain an onion system.

I put the rest in my mouth myself watching Lou eat it looking delicious.

This one and one, in fact, the owners are the same.

One and one, kept in the same inferior species, proceeded to eat in conversation without any other love.

Within it Lou starts a voyage about the room.

"So what? This is really happening now!! It smells like sulfur all over the room, and some of it is moldy!! What the fuck!! I don't want to go back for a while."

As a matter of fact, Keith hasn't cleaned up the room since it was destroyed at night.

Moreover. After that, Keith summoned the demon god in his room.

In order to create Aisha's demon sword, the room was contaminated and dominated by sulfur and mold because of the demon god who called it by stretching the A-rank junction five times and stretching it up to the Pentagon junction with the placement of demon spirit stones.

The room itself has not been cleaned up, although the demons and demons have removed the dripping magic vegetables themselves.

That's not how I get to sleep.

But Keith has a blast of sleep in it.

When I was in the Sorcery Order, I was able to sleep in every environment since I was lodged in to remove a building contaminated with magic vegetables.

"He's out of sleep and lust."

To the boo-dropping lou Berna leaned her little neck,

"Should I clean it if you don't mind?

"Funya? No, that's not what I said!! Your husband should clean that up!

"If your husband's room is dirty, it's my job to clean it. I will."

Lou stared at Berna, who stood up saying so, with troubled eyes.

It is pitiful that such a good elf is liked by that rotten outer path.

I'm sure I can get married normally and be a normal good mother.

"Mr. Berna......"

"Oh, but your husband is at the princess's place at this hour... you should ask at night"

"Then I'll open the key!!

As for Lou, I'd like to at least let him clean up in the absence of Keith and make him suffer fewer poisonous teeth once.

"Really? Thank you very much."

Berna bowing her head and Lou with her troubled face headed to Keith's room together.


In a nutshell, Keith's room was hell.

The excess magic of the nightclub has broken every corner of the room, and the magic props that were out there are crudely broken.

The magic vegetarian of the demon god who called it in there seeps in with the smell of sulfur and makes me nauseous.

The deodorizing magic prop is broken, so the odor cannot be eliminated, just open the window and deal with it.

The boulder Berna also opened her mouth for a moment and solidified.

More than that, it was Lou, a cat fairy with a nose that worked better than a human or elf species.

"Fuck you! Aah!! It stinks or it hurts! Aah! Bunya aah!!

This room was tight on my nose where I could smell magic and even magic.

to the beating loo in tears, Berna said,

"Please go out while I clean"

"You can't say that. I'll help you."

"No, because it would be tough if you made a bad addition or subtraction. I'll call you when I'm done."

"Mr. Berna... you're too kind."

Sobbing in tears, Lou left the room with his head bowed many times.

In Keith's room, where she was alone, Berna took off her cardigan, rolled her blouse sleeve and began cleaning the room when she wrapped a handkerchief around her mouth.

The cleaning equipment was borrowed from the person in charge when he came to the room.

I'm really glad I brought you all sorts of assuming it sucks for once.

Berna cleans the room by putting in more temper and speed than her own because she is in the main position.

The figure was as quick and gorgeous as a leading dancer.

And there's some more eroticism than that.

A beautiful blonde elf is cleaning for me in her personal clothes. Some guys will get excited even if it's not Keith.

Especially since it's Berna, I guess I'm definitely not after it, but the absolute area peeking from Niso goes too pornographic with the thin legs.

It's definitely the level Keith was attacking.

I don't know what to say while I'm doing this. Didn't that dirty room start cleaning up?

The interior, which was close to hell, has become clean (dirty enough) to the room level of a man living alone, and the smell to the level of a hot spring stripper.

It is precisely Berna, the sorcerer of the dirt room.

With a sigh of relief, Berna lowered her back to the bed, taking a handkerchief that was wrapped around her mouth, she lay down on the bed making sure no one was there.

Keith's smell was the only bed he had replaced with a sheet on a boulder because he was soiled with tear blood and love liquid in his arms at night.

Berna, who sucks it all over her nose and looks "ha," actually didn't want to do this the whole time she was cleaning.

Just doing this makes me happy to feel wrapped up in Keith.

"Oh, my goodness."

Berna, who buried her face in the sheet and spoke out, noticed that an object from inside the duvet was showing its face.

Those were the pants Keith took off.

No. Absolutely not. I think so, but I reach out and lift my undressed pants.

The darkened odor seeps through Keith's pants that were wrapping his vicious penis.

Berna, who was just watching at first, couldn't stand it and smelled it from the outside.

"Sooooo... Oh, your husband smells..."

I haven't been adored for the past few days, and the feeling of saying it was just Aisha was breaking Berna a bit.

When I'm not satisfied with the smell from the outside, I enjoy the smell of the part of the back that was directly hitting my penis.

The smell of an extra thick pharynx pierced my nasal cavity.

"Phew! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Berna understands a lot that it's starting to hurt so much that she can clearly see it, but it doesn't make her feel any better if she works hard with her hand.

So I pulled the safe magic equipment out of my bed that I had unearthed in the middle of cleaning, even though I didn't think I should.

It is a vibe with ivo.

Having taken off her panties, Berna sits it on the bed with her crotch and pushes it against her vaginal hole.

"Bad things... I'm about to... I shouldn't..."

I know I'm trying to do the worst.

But I was given an oak, and on top of that, I found out that I only adored Aisha. Omako rushes me to get started.

I really want to feel better. That feeling overflows, and if you find out - you might be able to punish me.

To the fallen m elf it was not above this sweet temptation.

"Whoa... whoa... whoa, whoa, no."

Berna shrugged like that, not telling anyone, pushing the vibe into her vaginal hole all at once.

"Whoa whoa!!!

I feel Keith shoving his pants up my nose at the same time as I raise my voice and choking because of the smell.

Manually scratch the wet vagina with a regular scratch and poke it towards the back.

"No!! Ugh!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I don't leak my voice because I activate the portable silencing demon prop I used to get Keith, but Berna, still gasping with the beastly voice of the slaughterhouse, felt good and lonely at the same time.

"Ohhhhh!! Oh no!! Don't you adore me? Ahhh!! Ugh!!

Even though the cleavage increases vaginal sensitivity, that cleavage won't let you cross just the last pleasant line.

Berna licked Keith's pants with a crying face when she found out how she could not welcome Acme alone.

"Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! You have to... oh... oh!

Elves masturbating with the smell and taste of Keith were imaginatively punished full by their owners.

He gets his butt slapped, his nipples snapped, and he gets his cock fucked in the back of his throat.

And then they'll pierce your buttocks until they don't come back.

'You're a bad pet. Can't you even be satisfied with the openings? I can't believe you haven't made it this far. "

The delusional Keith scolds me with a frightened face.

"Oben ahi...... no!! Obena hi no!!! Ngi no ooh!! Oju-zan oh!!

Ibo the vibe scratches the vaginal wall and stimulates everywhere.

I couldn't imagine in the stimulus. I even switched on the vibe.

Berna stood back as the demonic props moved around her vagina endlessly.

"Ohhhh!! Uggh no!! Oju-zan oh!!

"Ah, I'm tired... suddenly I don't have class visits"

As Berna gasped, the door suddenly opened and Keith came in.

No, it's not a strange story. Your studies are at the end of the day, and this is Keith's room.

That's why Keith was surprised to peel his eyes off.

When he came back to his room, Berna was on his bed.

It's better not to be surprised.

"BE... BE?

"Ah... Oh, my goodness..."

Keith thought when he put his pants on his face and saw Berna with the vibe stabbed in his manhole.

I can't believe it, I'm trying to think deeply after I punish you.

Anyway, I tried to do a lot of things to Nia today, and all of a sudden, Mashua brought Fraser in and told me to show her the study landscape.

There was no prank in that state on the boulder, and I seriously taught floating magic. Nia took it honestly because I know where it is.

My penis and Ike are taught to be Keith and his own secrets.

Keith, who eventually came back with the contents of the golden balls hoarded, just saw a horny Berna there.

Berna staring at herself with Trotlo's face, with one emotion wondering if she had fallen so far, yeah, nodding, and then approaching, Keith let her avoid her own pants that were on her face.

"What are you doing? You smell like dirt. You smell like a real dog."

Berna, staring at Keith, was happy to be scolded, smiling just a little.

"Oh hi-chan... oh hi-chan... oh hi-chan"

Berna pulls the vibe out of her groin and offers it to Keith, who is wet and curly.

"I can't believe you're sniffing... a bad boy who says that needs a tight one"

Saying so, Keith didn't receive the vibe and took the box out from under the bed.

It was a box containing demonic props and other items in the process of production, which were even more defenseless because they were in the process of production, and most of them had been broken by the magic of the nightclub.

But normal porn tools without magic were safe, so this time I'm going to use them.

Keith took out a regular shackled and hammered clip from inside.

They are both substitutes made for Berna.

With Berna sitting on the bed behind her back and shackled, she unbuttoned her blouse.

"You look cute in Berna's personal clothes. I can't believe such a cute elf is masturbating with one hand of pants in a man's room..."

I open the front, telling him to do it, and I push the bra up.

Slippery white skin and milk-free appearance. Cherry nipples are already erect and trembling in anticipation.

Keith, licking there, attached the clip he had hidden to Berna's nipple without saying anything.


The force of pinching and the weight of pulling down to the point where I think my nipples will fall off a thousand times.

Keith supported me as I was about to fall into pain.

"You wanted me to punish you, didn't you? You can't fall down."

"So, Gyu!! Agi no!!... you are not... no, no, no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no...

Every time the hammer shakes in pain, irritation increases. So he drowned a cold sweat, distorted his face, and Berna stared at Keith.

I didn't expect such intense punishment.

"Ojo... Ojo... it's kinder..."

"Do you order for punishment? Ahhh, I wonder how long I've been such a bad pet!

Berna speaks to Keith, who turns that way.


But no matter how many times I read it, it doesn't look at me.

Hated me. I'm not mad at you, I hated you.

That makes me almost cry.

If you do something wrong and you don't punish me, I will place an order with you.

Berna, ashamed of herself for what a bad pet she is, apologized over and over with a cry.

"Dear Sir... I'm sorry, no... please come here..."

Berna leaned down in tears as she apologized to Keith, who still wasn't for me.

I thought Keith hated me more than a sore nipple. My heart hurt multiple times.

Then suddenly Keith leaned down and peeked at Berna's face and kissed him.

I think I kind of smelled like my pants, but I don't mind kissing them, then I ask gently.

"Patience... you can do it, right?

Berna nodded over and over in that face.

"Whoa... hang in there... That's why it's so hard."

"You don't think I hate Berna, do you? Didn't I tell you I'd keep it for life? I mean, you like that all your life, don't you?

to Berna, who shows her sobbing face,

"Well, I'll treat you just a little bit more, won't I? I really don't want to, but it's up to the owner to keep the pet."

You don't want to. I really hate being a geez.

Keith put Berna, who had a nipple clip, to bed with her belly over her own thigh.

The hammer drips down according to gravity and further abuses the nipples.


Still, I didn't have the slightest dust to tell Berna I didn't like it anymore, determined to put up with it.

Because I feel like Keith would be more adorable if I put up with this.

Keith, who turned his skirt and stroked his round ass,

"I'm going to pen your butt. I'll do it ten times."

I was honestly scared to get my butt slapped in this nipple state.


"Thank you... Kubiwa, put it on..."

I felt I could stand it if I did.

Keith, who tuned his thoughts and transferred his collar from Berna's room, made him put it on.

Becoming a relieved face, Berna silently waited for the spanking to begin.

"Well, let's go..."

Keith's hand waves down his breathtaking Berna's ass.


The spanking, which was so powerful that the butt tabs turned bright red in one blow, made Berna turn back to the pain.

Then the hammer of the nipple hangs, causing Berna the following pain:

Ass and nipples coming in a row.

Even though this was the first time, I thought of this nine more times, Berna was going to burn her head off.

"Ugh... Ugh..."

Still, Keith relentlessly adds a second and third shot to Berna, who doesn't say a word to stop.

I go to the poor elf who came to clean the room and masturbated about me, with pain to say I don't know.

Normally this is just violence. But this relationship. That doesn't apply to this Berna and Keith.

In the fifth butt slap, Berna brought the love liquid out of the hole, and in the sixth, her face swayed and her voice turned to gasp.

It's Berna's wheeze, of course.

"Ngghhh!!! Whoa... whoa!

It was like the end of a monster.

My body became accustomed to pain and began to change into pleasure.

"Honey, you're too good for me, Pet."

When he added the seventh shot, Berna leaked a little to the feeling of too much.

"Uggh no!!! Huh!! Mm-hmm!! Oju-zan oh!!

Berna is no longer bored with pain when the nipple clips twitch and shake and gravity pulls down.

I just bark and scream in pleasure.

"Berna!! How about this punishment!? I hated that much at first...... what is that voice!!

"Agyu!! Don't be ridiculous!! But because yeah!!! Higi no!!

"This is how you feel, so you can't go against me anymore, can you? Do you mind?

"I won't back off!! Saara no!! Oju, ooh!!!

Eight, nine shots and the shock that came on, distorted Berna's face nasty and protruded her lips.

There was nowhere there was a cute elf looking good on the faceless look that was eating lunch under the tree.

There are just stuffy bitches weighing on their nipples and getting their asses slapped.

"That's the last time!

With the pleasure of ending, Berna felt liberated and lacking and chewed her lips, ready for the sheets to squeeze and shock.

The end binta swinging down its butt had the power to turn the reddish Berna butt tab to near purple.

"Ho, ho, ho!!?

Dropping his saliva and puckering his mouth, Berna gudded with her whole weight on Keith's leg as it was.

When I put that Berna to bed and took a clip of her nipple, it stretched and left marks of pinching.

"Well done. I'm done with the punishment."

Berna smiled happily as Keith praised her and stroked her hair.

Apply healing magic to that body. The healing magic performed with dragon magic instantly erased Berna's body wounds.

Keith, staring satisfactorily at her post-healing body, decided to treat her erect penis with Berna.

"Berna, after the punishment, it's time for your reward."

The scar slowly caused the body to leave a lingering aftertaste of pain and pleasure even as it disappeared, Berna said as she mouthed Keith.

"Broom...... penis?... will you penis...?

He asks me in a rubbed voice with too much wheeze.

"Yeah. It's my penis. Besides..."

Keith took off his pants and pants as he sat down and took out his erect penis, making it look like Berna, which turned black and vicious.

"For Berna's reward, it's a special penis with a very good snail"

Berna's movements, which were fragrant, stopped pitting.