Keith was excited to see Berna stop working at all on the unexpected substitute offered.

I can't wait to see how this dm pet reacts.

Berna is rarely surprised without a facial expression.

What happens if that suddenly your penis appears erect in a vicious form?

Looking forward to watching how things went, Berna suddenly got up and wrapped Keith's meat stick in her hands.

And he worked out his magic and began to cure it.

A penis with no plunder wounds, wrapped in warm magic, makes me "howl" at the comfort,

"No, no, no, what are you doing, Berna? Why the healing magic?

To the inquiring Keith, Berna answers with her face up.

"Your husband's penis, it's getting weird. It must be an STD."

Where was the sweet and fragrant voice just now? Keep healing your penis with a serious face.

Suddenly Keith, treated to STD, blocked Berna's hand, not knowing if she could laugh or grieve.

"No, Berna, this is not a weird disease."

"No, it's a weird disease. Let it go and I'll give it to you. I'll definitely cure you."

Keith laughed a little bit as he said that and tried to cure magic again.

I'm with Aisha in deciding she's sick, but from there, she handles it completely differently.

Berna is definitely tightening her mind when she heals herself against Aisha, who cried to go to the doctor.

Again, I think Berna is actually more solid in the root part.

If you think about it, that's natural too, Aisha and Berna only look about two years different, but their real age is twenty years apart.

It's about children and adults, in terms of human species. Naturally, the idea of something should also be firm.

Keith took Berna's hand and pushed her down to bed as she kissed her.

"Nh, chuh, puh, peh, shuh-shuh-shuh-shuh-shuh-shuh-shuh... your husband! Please don't! You have not finished treatment!!

I've never seen Berna yell at me with vegetables.

Under Keith, who surprises me the other way around, Berna burst into tears in her eyes.

That's not tears when Keith is abusing you.

One was a girl's tear when she feared she was scared.

Seeing Berna on that face, I knew it was mean that this Guess did it.

"Are you angry because I don't want you to keep your penis anymore? Is this the only place I'm worth it?

I say such horrible things deliberately, with a nigga.

That's what I asked Keith if Berna was kept just because she wanted me to do something sexual.

Speaking of such words, Berna returns a healthy word when her face is pitifully distorted and tears are zeroed out of her eyes.

"My penis... even if I give it to you, I will always be beside you... I will take care of your husband"

"But then you won't be able to reward me anymore, will you? Can you stand porn pets who masturbate in people's rooms like that?

Then Berna saw Keith and whispered softly in his ear.

"If your husband's there, I'll magically burn mine... I don't think you'd be cute other than your husband..."

Keith had a cold sweat coming out of a statement that was somewhat sick on too heavy.

"That's how we stay together forever. But... you can't stay with me when you're dead... so I'll cure you. I'll definitely cure you."

With more power to cuddle, Keith nearly choked on Berna's dog guts in many ways.

(Damn it, it's heavy as always...... but I can't enjoy how intense that is without being as heavy as Konko)

Keith, with a bad face, cuddled Berna back and began to explain the lie, as exemplified by example.

"Berna, you don't have to worry... this isn't really a disease"

"Liar... it's a lie"

"I'm not lying. I changed it in a certain way."


"Yes. I applied magic pills and stuff all over the place. And you see, this is how I made my snails and luster better."

Cross over Berna's body and take her erect penis to her face. The smell of a beast poking his nose attacked Berna.

"Really...? Aren't you sick?

"Yeah. And healing magic on that evidence wouldn't make a difference, would it? First of all, even though you're suffering from a strange illness, you're not going to attack Berna. I wanted to make Berna feel better."

Berna becomes faceless to Keith, who says so.

Is that it? Did I piss you off? You wanna slap me like Aisha? and Keith to get fit, but Berna has stretched her tongue and touched the penis in front of her without saying anything.

Berna, who lifts her neck and licks her back muscle with her tongue tip, cleverly drinks the starting juice that comes out of her.

"Berna? Aren't you mad?

"... a little, angry... but more than that... I'm glad I'm not sick. Get lost, Pelo."

Because of the opposite, I can't do what I can with my hands unavailable, so I keep licking my cock that I found out was not sick with my little tongue tip as a terrorist attack.

The act, knowing that he was not ill, seemed to entertain Keith by licking and trying to heal him.

Keith, whose pleasure gradually rises to the stimulation of his tongue repeatedly reciprocating, holds his penis by his hand and inserts it into Berna's mouth.

When he could see Keith trying to get in, Berna opened her mouth and accepted the meat stick with her tongue out without defying him.

When Ella's tense geese neck touches her mouth and tongue, the intense sexual odor becomes flavorful and fills Berna's throat.

"Oops...... oh, take a turtle head like that...... whoops!!

Berna, with her tongue tangled in her tortoise head, thicker than before, tastes her penis in her mouth with a snap.

The penis, whose smell and flavour had become several times thicker, made Berna's heart hot.

For your own good. That's what Keith told me. He modified my flesh for me.

I'm sure even Aisha would be vomiting those words.

But that's true for Berna if Keith is going to tell me that on two separate occasions.

So believe it. Believe it, light your body on fire.

Keep Berna and take all the acts of this lovely master with joy.

"Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Hurray!! Mmmm!!

Saliva and air mixed together, and the horny noise intertwined with his penis in a fierce way.

At the same time, the amount of pleasure that comes up from your penis increases.

"Oh wow!! Ngu...... ugh!

Faced with pleasure, Keith felt her penis swell.

That Berna was with me, and even the previous condition was painful, but my jaw hurts when I swell even more with this penis.

(dude... it's getting so fat... this is awesome)

Whimpering with my heart, I think that if I get offended in the back of my throat for this... if I get blamed hard for my vagina,

Then the womb starts to ache juicy and I can't stop it.

Berna, with her penis out of her mouth, tongued out like a dog and breathed hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha repeatedly,

"My penis, my pussy, my throat... my penis, my throat."

Keith laughs and presses himself against his face without saying anything to Berna, who believes in what she says for herself and says "mine".


A thick, meaty, polar penis that suddenly comes to the back of his throat makes Berna's eyes open.

"When it gets painful, you slap your legs right, right? Is that good?

Berna, unable to reply, nodded small with her meat stick clasped.

Thirty men across the poor, luxurious elf move their hips forward with Zunzun, shortly after seeing the nod.

The intense lumbar movements that seemed so intense that I didn't think about Berna at all entangled a large amount of saliva in my penis.


With a face on the verge of suffocation, Berna utters a voice on the verge of suffocation, overflowing with covetousness from the edge of her mouth.

Its face swings sweetly in pain, moisturizing its eyes happily.

Berna opened her legs to the M-shape as she was Illamachio and continued to abuse Manko even herself.

I finally peel the clitoris that recently approached the crowded size and rub it to scratch it at the tip of my nails to strengthen it.

Masturbation with Keith offending the back of his throat felt so good that it was going to leak.

Zero love fluids from the vaginal hole, turning the clitoris bright red, the female elf receiving the illusion felt the bitterness of Keith's visit every time he moved and the happiness of the collar dock tag not being overwhelmed by the sound of a charachable swing.

Keith, on the other hand, was paralyzed by the feeling of the tip of the tortoise head rubbing around his throat from his mouth.

Berna's mouth manko is filled with thickened penises, and just a little bit of saliva rips right out of her mouth.

The saliva tangled between the rod and the tortoise head and the sticky gastric fluid from the back of the throat further increases the feeling and strengthens the lower back.

"Oh!! Damn, I feel..."

Physical pleasure, of course, but more than that, Keith was also excited by the footage of Berna slurping a black meat stick in his face with a big mouth.

I wanted to bring him as far as ejaculation as I was concerned, but Keith pulled his hips out in a hurry as Berna's face gradually turned red.

Berna, now able to breathe, stares at Keith with tears, runny nose and covetousness, breathing with Zehezech.

"Damn, you're telling me to let you know when it gets painful, right?

"... Ngu, ah... Ra, I want you to do more"

"Are you going to let me kill Berna!?

There was a female elf staring at Keith with an unfortunate face as she stepped down from the Berna she was crossing and put in the penetration.

"You can't look like that!

"... teasing, it is... even my penis..."

Keith was a little thrilled by his cuteness, the first time he had ever heard such a melancholy obstinate voice.

Keith's thrill is a sign that he wants to get into Omako.

"Not with your mouth anymore..."

With that said, Keith moves between his crotches and begins to scowl at Omako.

Pick and pull the crisp that is bright red and insert your finger into the vaginal hole.

Meat holes that are already wet have been tightened with cum wrapped around their fingers.

"We can fill it up here. So, that's it, right? Can't you?

Berna scratched her vagina, "Hih!!," he took a breath and nodded again and again with that face.

"Stay... I want you to stay... quickly, my penis"

I don't know about mine...... but let Berna take off her clothes and make her naked.

Of course, the knee socks are left on. I want you to feel safe.

Expose yourself to thin nudity and let Berna hold her own legs when she looks just like the Knee Sox.

Keith starts crawling his tongue from narrowed anal when Mann Anal is fully exposed.

Slightly pigmented excretory organs are deluded and licked and slipped with saliva.

Keep going through the perineum to the vaginal hole. I don't feel Berna at this level of caress, so this is one way or another to increase Keith's excitement.

Enjoying the flavor of Berna and wetting it thoroughly up to the vaginal hole with saliva, Keith stabbed his fingers in both the anal and vaginal at the same time.

"Phew!! Ugh... Gu!!

Finger in and out is fiercely rampant. Rub with force to the point of damaging the inner mucous membrane.

"Oh!! Mm-hmm!! Gee!! Gee no!! Nguuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Doing so increases tightness and involves vaginal meat and intestinal folds on the fingers.

Waiting for Clitoris, who has rubbed too much and turned red, to get so erected and rubbed that it looks painful.

Keith stopped the finger piston and turned it into an act of scratching with it in the back, his mouth closing and scowling the clitoris.

"Ohhhhh!!! Ugh!! Gghhhhhh!!!

I don't mind a fierce scream, I pinched it with my front teeth and bit Berna's sensitive pink nucleus with considerable force.

"Ugh!! Give it!! Give it, give it!!! Mm-hmm!! No way!!

But out of Berna's vaginal hole screaming like that, Keith's fingers were wet with a thick, viscous love liquid overflowing.

Smelling a dark female, Keith reached the limit of her patience as the tension on her penis became so painful.

"Berna, it's mating time."

With tears in his intense crippling of the words, Berna held her own legs and remained in Manguri's posture,

"I want you to put it on... I want you to put it on..."

I'm going to petition you with a face that looks hung up.

At the request of Berna, the petitioning dog, Keith was inspired by his heart and dick and determined to go all at once.

When he stands on his knees and presses his turtle head against Berna's wet vaginal mouth, he advances his hips without hesitation and without a gentle voice.

Scratch the red ripe vaginal meat and the stiff meat stick progresses Znull.

Keith further threaded his hips as he reached the mouth of the uterus all at once.

"Yikes!! Gihi no!!! Ah, agu!! Aguuuuuu!!!

Berna stood back in the right voice saying she would suffer more than say she would be bored.

The body tries to move up to escape the attack on nature and the back.

I can't let him get away with it, and I catch him with my shoulder.

The small, luxurious elf is caught completely by a man of the human species and poked even the mouth of the uterus into a gorilla without being able to move.

The vagina, which was used to Keith's meat stick, thickened nearly a turn, was pushed and spread to it, and each and every inch of the inch correspondingly entangled with it.

Keith slammed his once pulled hips to the back with all his might when he was just used to a boulder-thick vibe.

Basin hitting hips and butts!! In the sound of saying, Berna's "Ngaaaa!!" The screams mixed.

Keith's spine popped in that tall voice.

Keith, with his strength in his ass, lets his hips back and forth even more violently. It was as rough as the mating of a true beast.

"Berna!! What do you think, my changed penis!! Do you feel good about Berna?

Berna turns her hand around Keith's back.

Keith got caught up in a body that he realized he couldn't escape.

"Ooh!! Oh no. Don't follow me like that!! Getting stuck!! Shikiuuuuuuuu!! Ngi ooh!!

"Huh? 'Cause I'm putting it in the back of that polar vibe. Berna, so I need to do this. Look!!

In a seeding press outfit, he gets his hardened penis in the back and hits me in the hips with the momentum I think it will break my pubic bone.

Berna continued to be bored, feeling the shock of her head whitening each time, not knowing if that was pain or pleasure.

"Wow! Whoa!! Oguru!! Oggoooooooooooooooo!! Shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh!! Oh man, I'm scared!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

"Not again!! You're making such a noise! I knew Berna had to have a penis!! You must be a penis more than me!?

Berna shook her neck left and right again with her nasty stuffy face.

"No!! No. Ugh!! Oops! You're still teasing me!! Not yet!! It's your fault!! Mm-hmm!!

"But isn't the vibe better? Thicker than mine!! It's Ibobo, and no."

"No!! I like it!! Ohhhhh!! Oops!! Too much pounding!! Too mundane!! Vibes are no good either!!

Keith's meat stick sticks stick hard and big to the limit in Berna's appearance of a series of penises.

"Hogi no good!! but what the hell!? Oh giggles oh!! What the... Toys!!! Oops!! Ohhhh!

Berna, who was cool and somewhere shadowy when we started and fit in, isn't there anymore.

There are just a series of dm female elves who want to be horny and inflict more pain. And that's Berna's nature.

"If you like penises so much, please tell me penises are the best!! Love your penis!! He said he loves penis sharks!!

"Oops!! Oops!! Oh no, no! It's not good to hammer!! Nguhhhh!!! Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

He crawls his tongue on Keith's neck and cheeks as he presses on, licks his sweat and Berna lumps the taste of his husband to every corner of his body.

Keith gently leaked his voice into the feeling of Berna's tongue crawling.

My penis was already about to ejaculate in my vagina.

The feel of the uterine mouth felt on the tip and the softness of the vagina jaws hooked on the ela. The sticky love liquid was the only momentum that seemed to melt my penis.

When I heard the horny things that forced me there, and I could lick my neck, I couldn't do it anymore.

Keith speaks as he pokes into the boring Berna downstairs.

"Berna, she's cute. She's so cute. I'm happy to have a cute elf like Berna!

Then the vagina tightening her penis trembles sweetly.

As I've known for a long time, Berna can be told she's cute.

I usually just say, "Really?" or "That's not true," but in this situation,

"Come on! Don't say no!! I can't... Mmmm!! Mmmmmm!!! Yikes, Ig's hanging in there. Oh!!

"It's so cute!! It's obvious, isn't it? You can't think of my pet except Berna."

"Higi no good!! Please!!... but it's not good!! Messing around! Oju messing around!! Whoa, whoa!! Whoa, whoa, whoa!!

Rather than a verbal reproach...... Berna, completely wandering with praise and reproach, is filled with a sense of well-being and attacked by light acme in every word she can speak.

With a sense of happiness about wanting to die Iki as it were, the brain drugs were dovadoba and made Berna ahem.

"Oju-zan!! Ojuju, you're so confused!!! Holy shit!! Shit!! It's awkward!! Mm-hmm!!!

In a heavy confession, Keith, rolling out an ejaculation piston with a seeding press of momentum to crush the womb that came down, withstood the pressure of the golden balls that crept up.

"Yikes!! Berna!! Hurry up Yikes!!! With a nastier face!! With a face that only shows me. Yep!!!

"Ahhh!! Ugi no no no no!!! Ooh!! Shhhhhhh!! Oh, whoa, whoa!! Whoa, Gida! Giddy-oh!! Oh, my goodness!! Hey, hey, hey, hey. Yeah!

Keith, who increased the pressure to pressurize as he was told and compressed Berna at full weight, released his sperm into a vagina wrapped around a geese neck and tangled with nettles.

"Agu!! Shit! Shit, shit!!! No!! also, leaks!! Let's Zamen...... damn it!! To Berna's little manko!! Not good for dm!! Ahhh!"

Zamen concentrated in golden balls, dubbing, cumming!! and jumped out with the paralysis of pleasure conveying the urethra.

Keith had an unstoppable grin on his ejaculation as he felt his uterus embrace it, but beneath that body Berna was also experiencing acme.

Keith pressed me and I couldn't even breathe satisfied with my lungs getting louder and I couldn't raise my voice.

"Uhhhhh!!!...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Phew, ugh......!!

Biting Keith's jacket and freaking out only her vagina and hips grandly, Berna finished her squirting.

Keith called out to her, breathing loudly, as the post-ejaculatory aftertaste also rose there from Berna, who was on the verge of fainting due to lack of acid.

"Are you all right? I thought it hurt somewhere... Wow!

Then Berna grabs Keith's collar and pulls him over and presses him.

And over and over again I kissed my cheeks and lips edges,

"Nju, pu... my penis... my hippo... mine... you're here now... you're here"

I'm going to snatch at you with your stupid, stingy face.

Unwrapping Berna's hand, Keith, who woke up his upper body, threw it on the floor when he took off his jacket, which had left a tooth shape,

"Honestly, it's hard to take care of an exasperated pet Danner...... but it's the owner's duty!! Berna!!

The naked man and Niso's elf started the second round in a room where the dirt still remained.

The cat's eyes squealed through the window at the look of it.

"Che... this is what happens in the end... Eppe"

Spitting and discarding, the cat's eyes disappeared into the darkness at night.