That happened about three months ago.


Re-reading the text of the letter that arrived, Arsi sighed heavily.

The letter was a notice of non-adoption. In other words, Arsi has now fallen into the third Miyagi maid recruitment test.

"I thought I should have this time."

Read the notice of non-recruitment only again. After all, that was a notice of non-adoption.

No matter how many times I read it, it doesn't make me a hire notice. Arsi had repeated this act more than ten times already.

Arsi Ghar is an elf.

Born and raised in Seimrad, my father and mother are the biological elf species of Wood Elves.

He looks 16 or 7 years old on the outside, but his real age has just turned 50.

My parents are rushing me to go to my daughter-in-law, but Arsi had a dream.

That is the contents of the letter that I have been reading since earlier. Yes, Arsi wanted to be a palace maid.

Unlike maids hired by the average nobleman, soldier, or knight, you need to take a letter of introduction or an exam to become a maid in the palace.

For the most part, it is common for people who used to work for nobility to write references and take them with them.

But Arsi, who has no experience working as a maid, doesn't know anyone to write me a reference.

So I take the exam, but in this seimrad, the maid in the palace is actually a very popular profession among women.

Civilian daughters are the only occupations close to nobility and royalty.

For that matter, it's hard to work, but it's a dream place for the daughters of a small country.

Arsi was also born and raised in Seimrad a raucous young (?) As a maiden, I have admired the maid in the palace and even more the maid on it since I was a child.

I don't know how many times I've been in line in my own clothes to welcome foreign dignitaries and royalty.

All of a sudden, I was in that row... and it was only natural that I should think so.

But no matter how many times you take it, the result is this.

You can only take a Miyagi maid exam once every three years, unlike a soldier's recruitment exam.

It is a limit on the number of applicants for popular industry fatalities.

When I thought I had to wait until three years later again, there were tears in Arsi's eyes.

If that's the case, I might think that you should work somewhere noble and military and write me a letter of introduction.

In fact, there are quite a few female elves who fall into the exam and use that hand.

But Arsi's parents run a florist, and they have to help.

Even the maid recruitment exam has finally convinced me to go, my mother can't forgive me for that in another nobleman's place.

"Oh...... already. I was wondering if it was because of this shape?

Arsi, one of them, took a serious look at herself in the mirror.

Arsi is a little puffy.

That is really a little bit, on the level some men say that fleshy of that position would be more comfortable to hold if it were a human species.

But this is the land of the elves in the territory of the elves.

When it comes to elf women, they are famous because they are thin, and in fact seimrad women elves are mostly skinny.

The same goes for the maids in the palace, and rumors say some Po can't work in the palace.

Arsi, who honestly seemed to believe the rumor, distorted his face sadly.

You might think you should lose weight if you look like that.

But let me tell you something. If it's that easy to lose weight, no one will ever pay high and commit to the outcome.

Arsi, who couldn't lose weight in the corners, decided to try his best this time in the next three years.

To that end,

"Ok! Let's eat and go get some cake!!

I went out to the city to do something I should never have done.


Out of the city, Arsi entered the cafe she was looking for and ordered a deluxe jumbo parfait.

Also known as "fat-making diet".

As I cheeked happily through it, one male guest came into the cafe.

It is a human species, from hair to eyes to clothes, all black.

It is the darker skin colour level compared to the elves that is coloured.

When he saw the appearance, Arsi raised her voice. Arsi knew this man. I knew him well.

A demon mentor who was a human species but left the basilisk and helped his noble children.

The now rumored Nice Guy who was bought that arm and went from being a vagrant to a court demon mentor.

It is Keith Blockhound.

Arsi stared with surprise at Keith, who had a unique atmosphere, in a pitch-black garment that stood out even in the merchant Seimrad.

For Arsi, who admires his work in the palace, the country's important position, the court magician, is an admirer.

Besides, there is currently only one court magician, so there should be no going out inside.

Actually, it's all over...

My heart pounded by chance to see such an opponent all over the city.

(Sa, sign! I need your autograph!!

Arsi, who stood up in a hurry, as if she were the girl who ran into Idol, approached Keith, who had taken his seat when he held a pen and a handkerchief.

"Um," Arsi says to Keith, who asked for coffee and read the book.

Black intelligent (Arsi's perception) eyes looked up at Arsi.

"Huh? Is that me?

"Yes! Um... you're Keith Blockhound, the court magician, right?

"Yeah... Um, did I see you somewhere?

"No, wow, I... that, uh... Sign it!!

"... what?

Keith's thoughts stop for the first rare time in his life.

It's the first time in thirty years I've lived to be signed.

In front of Keith, who has solidified, the reddish Arsi is about to cry,

"Oh, uh, no...?

Keith, suddenly signed and crying by a girl younger than looking Aisha, remained bewildered,

"And don't you dare sit down! I'll listen!!

and recommended the seat in front of him and sat Arsi down. And I listened slowly.

It didn't take that long to finish listening to a series of streams.

I want to work in the palace, but even stunned that I keep falling or that I met Keith, the court magician.

Keith continued the conversation with Arsi as he was comfortable with it and relieved to find out why he had been missigned.

Arsi, who was nervous at first, also began to smile, breaking into Keith's words step by step.

Within it, the name also changes from Master Keith to Mr. Keith. That's what Keith said.

"So, Arsi wants to work in the palace so badly"

"Yes, it's a dream I've had since I was a kid... and I never want to give up."

Keith nodded back at the serious eye arsi.

By the way, Keith rarely uses a salutation because Arsi eagerly asked him to do so.

It's kind of unsettling to be used as a tribute by a court magician.

"That's amazing. I'm sure it'll come true if you're so fine and unwavering."

"I hope so... I'm in this shape"


I didn't really want to say it, but I talked about saying that I was pouting and that in the palace, all I get hired is a thin daughter.

Though I do think Keith is just a fine daughter in the palace.

"But Arsi, you're cute, aren't you? I don't think I'm as plump as I say."

"Kawah...... oh, that! When I take it off, the meat is amazing!! My stomach, my legs!

It was the first time in his life that a man had told him he was cute, Arsi went awry and explained that he was fat.

And I get embarrassed and eat the rest of the leaning parfait and delude it.

Without even knowing that the word and figure will ignite the lower species of beast...

"Make him wear it... heh"

"So, I don't want to give up, but I can't."

"Isn't that true? 'Cause one of the ways to make your dreams come true is in front of you."


to Arsi with his face up. Keith, as Nicole,

"Don't you think the court magician's references are pretty powerful?

"Huh?............ Yep!!!

Customers from all over the store looked back at the surprise. Arsi sits back in a hurry.

But the look and voice of surprise remained the same.

"Huh? Ah. Yeah? 'Cause I don't."

"It must be on some kind of edge that we met this way, right? I can help you if you want."

"Oh, no! 'Cause we just met and you don't know me very well."

"The enthusiasm was conveyed sooo much. Don't think anyone who says that should work in a palace."

Dreams come true? You had a dream you didn't think you could? This easy?

It was Arsi who couldn't keep up with the events that seemed to fool him about something.

Keith speaks gently as he swims his eyes and grabs Arsi's hand on the table that puffs his mouth.

"Opportunities don't come to life that way, do they? I could have been a court magician. I'm sure because I say so. It's up to him to take advantage of the opportunity and kill it."

It is the dialogue of a man who is keeping a woman alive and driving her crazy. It weighs differently.

thought of swallowing his spit. Arsi stared at Keith with a crying face,

"Really...... okay?

I asked for confirmation.

Besides, Keith nods and gives it back without saying anything.

Arsi wept in joy.

This is how my childhood dreams came true. Crying is normal.

Keith, who offered a handkerchief to Earsi in tears,

"Well, shall we have something to eat to celebrate? Luxury."

"Huh! Ah, Gusu... even though you can write me a reference! I have to thank you better."

"Don't think it's quite a thank you to be able to dine with a pretty girl like Arsi"

I can't say anything to the "cute" they say again and I turn my face red to the tip of my pointed ear.

The cafe had turned into a bar restaurant when it was completely open at night while we were talking.

Keith, who goes to ask for a meal, asks Arsi what he swallows.

"I don't like alcohol... if it's light cocktails or something"

"Well, in due course. Wait a minute."

That's what I said, staring at Keith taking his seat. Arsi turned red.

He's an amazing man who became a court magician with a human species, but he can't believe he's so casual and gentle.

Imagine if we could work together if we could be maids, or something, and Keith, who finished ordering, came back with two glasses.

Give one to Arsi and drink a toast.

After a few moments, the meal arrived and Arsi was completely crushed when he had three cups of cocktails Keith would bring over while eating a delicious meat vanilla grill or a raw ham salad or something.

"... Arsi. Daiji-bu?

Even if Keith speaks, he just hears a leak saying "Huh" or something.

Keith had a bad grin when he saw how it was

"I don't know what flavor it tastes like."

He muttered and brought Arsi into the inn near the cafe.

Let me tell you one thing, this is a permissible act because it is Keith. I hope you all never imitate me.


In a howling consciousness, Arsi was blurry, not even knowing if he was walking or sitting.

I feel kind of bad that I feel very good.

When I didn't know why, I was put to sleep on something soft.

The revulsion lasted a long time, making me feel like I was flying in the sky, but that made me feel a little worse.

"Hmm... Kimochi no... oh kay..."

When I called my mother because I felt at home, there were signs of someone sitting next to me.

Thinking she was a mother, the person began to make Arsi take off her clothes.

"You don't feel well... because this is painful"

Saying so and taking off his clothes, the opponent - Keith stared to lick Arsi's body.

It's definitely a little pompous.

A little extra meat on my stomach and legs, but I felt it looked good on Arsi and added cuteness.

I've only had thin elves lately, so it's been a long time since I've had a real pout instead of the richness of saying this.

Keith's groin also reacts honestly to a body that seems comfortable to hold.

"These daughters feel amazing when you hold them... Oooh, they're expensive!

Keith, who swallowed the saliva, removed Arsi's plain bra. Large-eyed meat-packed tits bounce out.

"Oh ho!... Yummy ~... Ooh! Ya ~ rake"

Laughing and rubbing her tits, Keith gently touched and licked a slightly larger teat ring on the tip.

Having her upper body naked and looking like only one pair of panties, Arsi was bored by the feeling of her breasts being caressed in her intoxicated consciousness.

"Huh... Huh... Huh? Huh? To... this?

Keith's tongue movement increased when he spoke to the sensation without understanding the explanation.

I bounce my erect nipples with my tongue and peck them with my lips.

Keep pinching your soft, dull breasts with your fingers as you make a sound and suck.

"I've got nipples. Oh, hot skin. Seriously, Mochi, no."

Bury your face in the valley of your chest and lick your breasts themselves as derodious.

"Huh!!...... Ugh! Mm-hmm!... nh... ha"

Keith's caress also gained momentum in the dull but properly returning reaction.

Squeeze her breasts, pull her nipples, move her up, down, left, right, and punch her teeth.

Just a little effort on the soft skin leaves the teeth shaped tightly, which creates eroticism.

Blaming his nipples, he spit on them and squeezed them with his fingers, Arsi's voice became high.

"Uh-huh!! Ugh, ahhh!!

"I can't believe I feel it even when I'm drunk, it's horny. It's pussy porn. You're cute."

Keith moved his hand to his belly and rubbed the meat around his belly.

When you're used to lean Nia, Aisha, or Berna, this touch is powerful to promote erection.

I rubbed my stomach many times before touching the grated crochet with my fingers stepped into my panties.

It was definitely wet there.

smiling satisfactorily at the moisture addition and subtraction I feel at my fingertips, glancing at the

"Huh?... Ah, huh? Keesu......?

Arsi, with her thin eyes open, stared at Keith and called his name.

"Ah? Am I awake? Do you want to have more fun..."

Keith moved his fingers wide and glanced hard at Omango.

The meatballs have large labia majora and feel good touching them as munchies.

If I poke it in here and piston it hard, that's all it takes to get more erections.

"La, la...... uhhh!! Ra, Ra, touch me...... Aah!! Ro, candle me like this... what the hell?

It was an arsi that would tear me to a completely incomprehensible situation.

I was unconscious if I was having fun eating, and the next time I was clear about my consciousness, Keith was attacking me.


"Oh, oh, me... what the hell is this? Oh, oh!! Yay, yay... Mmmm!! Keishan, stop touching me, I can't touch you!! Hino!!

Pumpkin meatballs increased the amount of honey, and clitoris was found pointy over panties as well.

"Ahhh, that's pretty big eyes... which"

Keith's hand tries to break into his panties.

I want to stop that, but my drunken body is finally able to regain consciousness and it doesn't move properly at all.

"Stop, Ra! La meh...... Ugh, I'll do it... please, come on... Hih!!

A small scream went up. Keith's fingertips touched an erect clitoris.