Keith was walking around the city of Seimrad that day with a dark look on his face.

I didn't know this was gonna happen. I thought that was over.

That thought has been repeated in my head ever since that letter arrived.

Keith didn't have the option to say he wasn't going.

If I don't go, I'm definitely getting into the palace.

Then there will still be a path I can manage to go from myself.

Keith thought so and was headed to a designated location in heavy footsteps.

It is also the finest inn in Saimrad.

The rank is even higher than where Roana is always staying.

We talk to the front desk, then we turn down the boy and head to the room where he was taught.

Before the knock, I get a little nervous and rummage the scenarios I've prepared.

Door opened from the other side as I was doing so.

There, Leonora stood with a full smile.


The elf lady held herself with her sobbing eyes to the black magician who spoke like a sniveling voice.

"Keith!! I missed you!! I missed you!!

"Oh, me too, Leonora."

Keith rushes indoors so he can't be seen around.

Leonora has stretched her back and kissed Keith, who closes the door with her back hand.

A soft lip touches Keith's lips and the tongue is inserted.

Keith looked indoors as he kissed and looked for Donna. But apparently there were only two of us here.

Leonora, who had become so passionate about Keith in relief, conveyed her love with an intense deep kiss as it was.

Feeling his overbursting chest on his chest plate, Leonora smiled shyly after kissing him until his breath was painful, comparing to Keith holding his hips too thin.

The face felt no fine dust or arrogance when we met.

There's just one maiden elf in love.

Leonora turns to Keith's chest and speaks out a sweet cat.

"I missed you... all the time, no, I missed you... Keith"

Aside from the number of times, it is Leonora, who has only had three physical relationships but is completely falling in love with it.

Seems like a missed time is a thing that nurtures love.

It turns out it's possible for Keith to be making the perfect man Keith in one delusion.

Because the delusional disease is also seen in Nia.

(Damn, an elf princess is... choked and horny)

Leonora came happily sweeter when I stroked her head.

My groin rampage stick hurt because I could push my chest so hard.

He started expanding in his pants so he could sue Leonora's killer big pie to pinch him and treat him quickly.

As Keith, it was the mountains that wanted to do that, too, but first,

"Um, Leonora? I'm glad you said you missed me, but with the important requirements I wrote in my letter..."

Yes, that's what Keith cares about.

A few days ago, suddenly, it was in a letter sent by Hippoglyph Express.

'Keith has an important story to tell. I really want to see you. "

When I read this, I wow "I got you pregnant!?" Or Keith seriously freaked out.

Keith is careful what he says.

When you fuck a woman, perform an unauthorized in vivo magic scan first to find out if the woman is ovulatory.

Kim out in a bang if you haven't ovulated on it, and use contraceptives if you have.

It is a natural preference as a man.

But there are some things to say just in case.

If he did, Keith would have to take Leonora and become a fugitive.

Mostly from the face of Aisha and Leonora's country.

So Keith, who had no living comfort in the past few days, was forced to take a trip to the designated inn.

Is that your father? Am I finally a parent too!?

To Keith, awaiting words at the heart of the convict awaiting sentencing, Leonora grinned in full.

"They found it!!

That's what I said.

Did you find him?

Leonora continues further as Keith leans and confuses himself with a question mark on his head.

"Already! That's why they found me!!

"Ahhh... uh, what is it?

"Hehe, you're a dull man besides my heart. Saying you've been found is naturally how Keith became the princess of our principality!!

Keith has solidified in front of Leonora, who confesses his dream-like dialogue.

Princess. Keith is the princess. A human species becomes a princess in the land of elves?

Keith was finally worried that his brain had been hit by too many dreams, but Leonora's eyes were toasty but decent.

"He said he could catch up with the library, fish for historical material, and even decipher ancient elf literature!! I finally found it!!

It's the first time I've studied that. I'm scared.

Leonora continued, regardless of Keith putting the penetration in with his heart.

"With this method, Keith can take over your father's title without any problems and become a princess...... my husband. Wow!! Ha ha!!

Leonora jumping was as dry as a child who received the gift she had been waiting for.

But if you try Keith, this is a big problem.

If there is such a way, Keith must go and marry Leonora after thinking about it from the convenience of the deception he's been through.

If you come here and say, "Oh, I'm joking about Leonora," or something like that, Leonora could definitely bring it to the International Court of Justice.

That way everything will be under daylight, the death penalty or the life of a fugitive.

I'm sorry to hear that, but if you get on with Leonora's story, Nia will definitely be pretty.

I don't know what will happen in that princess's case, but it won't be a good result. Definitely.

Exactly a four-way song. It is an eight-step blockage.

Keith was in trouble. Troubled, I sweated on my forehead and decided to listen and see how to do it in order to buy time.

Maybe we can find a hole in the way to get in there and break the story down.

With that in mind, Leonora, who saw the troubled face,

"... Keith, could it be, you're not happy?

"Huh!? Oh, no!! Glad!! I can't believe there was such a way!!! No, I'm stuttering too much... or I'm having such a hard time for me... thank you, Leonora."

Keith says so and grabs Leonora's shoulder, who rebuilt his expression.

"Oh, of course... it's for Keith and me"

Keith continued, all right, to see how Leonora could illuminate.

"But what do you call that method? Of course, for Leonora's sake, I don't think it's a waste of my life, but if you ask me."

"Yes! Of course!!

She was thrilled like a child to show off her hard work research assignments in front of the teacher, but with the look on her face she said she was looking forward to it, Leonora spread the contents of the bag she had brought on the bed.

From the mess, hold as much paper as a hug and show it.

There were all kinds of letters written in detail there.

And I said, "Look into it and say, but if you find it, I think it's that easy."

"... heh... so, what's this?

"Keith, you must be a magician, right? Look, don't you get it?

"Yes, no, I understand. I understand..."

What was written on the paper Leonora spread out. Those who live in this world could not have known that.

What is written there is all the name of the "Legend of Life", which is inscribed in history and continues to live today.

Those who are truly old, but do not receive true death. Ruler of the night darkness. Demon King of the throne.

That was the name of [the true ancestors].

Not those who have converted from the warm-blooded, but also fearful beings that are also said to be spoiled gods or spirits of old gods.

It is said that in the past every family of darkness fell down before its existence.

The name my mother speaks to the commandments to my children. A monster that is annihilated with a hero Tan whose father teaches a sleepless child.

Why those who live in every light fear darkness.

Keith or not, it's a name that you can't possibly live and know in this world.

"... So what's wrong with this name?

"It's a simple story! I just hope Keith defeats the whole thing in this!!

"... what?

Are you all right, you elf?

That's definitely what Keith would have said if they weren't Leonora.

But when you're managing to swallow that word,

"Killing the true ancestors is one of the feats! It was written in the literature that the person who did it married the elf of your species and became king of that country!!

That would be a whole collection of world old stories, not literature!!

My cheeks moved pimply in front of me wanting to penetrate unexpectedly.

Certainly there was no such thing as a story in the ancient days. That's for sure.

But it is an ancient story of warcraft and phantom beasts running through the sky and the land.

This is the story of a time when divine weapons were still scattered all over the world.

There's no way a fool is in this world to believe something like that and sell a fight to a true ancestor.

That is, of course, Keith.

Even though he made a law protection pact with Nightingale, Keith's strength would dictate that he would be killed as soon as he went to talk to him.

What are you dreaming about, these titty elves?

Keith rushed to recreate his expression when he was about to stick to that gaze.

"Leonora... if that's the way it is, I might get a reputation that doesn't suck when I marry you"


"But... unfortunately, I don't have the strength... to kill my true ancestors with this body, no matter how hard I get"

Then Leonora laughed happily couscous.

"Keith. You think I'm gonna put Keith in danger without thinking about it? Don't worry!!

Leonora, leaning back with her big chest stretched further, lifted a twisted object from the baggage spread out on the bed to the sheep's leather.

And I showed Keith what was in it.

"... what is it, no nails?"

What Leonora showed Keith was an old rust nail.

Leonora lifted that rust nail with a flat voice,

"This is the nail of the culprit."

All of Keith's thinking abilities stopped.

Blame nail...... Blame nail!!? I leave Leonora unexpectedly.

A nail of blame is not just Keith, nor the Sorcery Order to which Keith once belonged. It is a class S magic prop that not a single one would have seen in any sorcery Order in the world.

No, if I say so, ranking this is not bad in itself. Because this nail is a substitute for the beginning of all sorcery.

When the gods once ruled over every creature - God extinguished the creatures with simple things.

Because we fought back, because we didn't listen, because we fornicated, because we worked stealing, because we killed each other.

For that reason God flooded, caused an earthquake, caused the angels to hold their swords and annihilate all living beings.

It was like a child's eclampsia that would break if he didn't like the sandy castle that had been made.

But there are creatures who have defied it. Yes, the dragons.

They started a battle with the Titans and heroes of all races, hand in hand and freedom with the gods.

That long and endless battle still leaves its claw marks in craters, caves and volcanoes all over the world.

But the battle was too favorable to the host of God.

Combining heroes of all races with dragons and giants makes that number less than a third of God's army.

It was the old wizards who gave the dragons, who began to be pushed in numbers, the means to regenerate their lives.

For the first time, the Wise Wizards of the Divine Age work together to create a single magic prop.

That was [the nail of the blame].

By implanting this magic tool in your brain, your nerves force you to take your roots down and take your rank as an embedded organism to the next stage.

In other words, let it 'deify'.

The deified increases his physical and magical abilities to a level where he can fight God, even if he is only human.

It's an impromptu superman fabricated magic monster, so to speak.

And it is said that there were many supermen, and that their fathers were free to leave the gods.

But for those who believe in God, the nail is no more than a sign of rebellion against God, and is therefore called [the nail of the blame].

Ancient demonic props that we don't even know if it actually happened. The legendary weapon Keith has only heard in jokes.

Leonora, who flattens it out, proudly offered Keith.

"We're going to use this to deify Keith! That way the one or two true ancestors!! There's nothing to say!!

"Stay, stay, wait, Leonora!! Duh, what's wrong!? Such horrible demonic props!!

"I brought it from my country's treasure trove. Anyway, it's mine, so there's nothing wrong with it."

There are problems.

This [nail of blame] is a forbidden weapon that concealed its manufacturing methods by the wizards committing mass suicide as soon as the war with the gods ended.

They say we can't keep the peace after that.

It was also in the land of Leonora only that an unused bottle, which the elf species had, had been deposited by virtue of the benevolence of Leonora's father.

Bring out the magic prop flat. This titty elf, I knew it sucked.

Leonora stuffed Keith in a cold sweat.

"Sa! Keith, you stab this in the head and deify it!! That's how you defeat your true ancestors and become a hero and marry me!

"Hey, wait a minute, Leonora!! If my memory is certain, the nail of the blame shouldn't fit anyone!!

Yes, this is the sole drawback and greatest weakness of the nail of the culprit.

The nail of the blame only confers its power upon the purified. If the evil man uses it, the man will go mad or he will suck, and he will be tougher “something” that is neither superhuman nor biological.

Evil One - yes, it is exactly about Keith!!

If Keith stabs this nail, there's a 100% chance he'll be tough on something.

Leonora smiled and said away to Keith pointing that out.

"It's okay. Because I love Keith. It should definitely fit!

Love clouds people's eyes sometimes.

Leonora kept thinking of Keith by herself for too long for a period she would not particularly meet.

As a result, I had assumed that I was good enough to make this inferior species famous in history. No, love is a troubled disease.

Keith is desperate to shake his head and deny Leonora suffering from such a disease.

"No, no, no!! I can't!! I'm not that awesome!! He said he wasn't the chosen one!!

Leonora filled Keith with further distance to refuse with all her might.

"I want to. It's okay!! Trust Keith I Believe!!!

"You sound like a quote!!? No wait, you can't. I really can't!! Oh, oh!! Leonora, please stop!! Ahhh!!!

Leonora, who hung on Keith on the bed, pushed the nail against Keith's brain.

The face shows the madness of a maiden who goes mad in love.

"No!! Stop, I can't! Murie!!! I can't get in that thick!! Such a prick!!!

"Safe little Keith!! It hurts for a moment!! Makes me feel better!

"Liar!! Absolutely lying!! Oh, oh!! I just got into it!? Ah, ah, ah!!! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, ahhh!! Lameh yeah!!!

The person says the dialogue that has made many women say so far.

It was Keith crying that the punishment might have hit him.

It's over. My life's over. Is this how it ends......

That's when I almost gave up while I resisted.

"Kolaaaaaa!! Keith Ugh!! Finally, the scene of the affair……………?

Badang!! And when he made a noise and broke through the door of the room and stopped to see the person who appeared, Keith shouted the name of the person with a face like a captive princess whose hero appeared just before he was eaten and killed by a monster.

"Ah! Aisha ah!! Yes!!

"... what?

Keith, Leonora and Aisha that will solidify.

Behind that Aisha, he handed the chip to the boy Berna had guided and called out, "Thank you very much".