I made Leonora first because if I don't, she'll undoubtedly be in a bad mood and I can't take it back.

Aisha can cover as much as she wants depending on the word, and Berna can handle it in one cute way.

But Leonora is the only one who would go home stubbornly if he hadn't been the first.

That's why Keith chose Leonora for the first insertion. It is all intended. I really don't like it.

Ignoring Aisha, who cries and complains, Keith inserted an erect penis into Leonora's famous vessel.

It was difficult to move because Leonora would turn her hand around her neck and hug her, but when she gouged the tip in with the trick she was used to,

"Higi not good!! Mia!! Ahhh!! Ki, ki-soo!! Oh, oh! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!

He is Leonora, who completely forgot to care about his tense relationship with Aisha and his first choice.

But when the penis, which was actually totally different in thickness, merried into her vagina, she shouted at the spread sensation.

"Nah...... oh! It's flinching. Wow!! Come on, Keith, so... it's ripping. Wow!! Nha!!

Keith spoke gently to Leonora, who helped her arm and tangled her legs around her waist.

"It's okay, Leonora. It's okay."

Whisper to your ears, kiss your cheeks and slowly advance your hips.

Press and spread tight vaginal meat to reach the several ceilings of the Zaratub.

When I said almost everything, Leonora kissed me.

"Keith, please... give me a kiss, Nchu"

You don't have to tell me everything. Keith gave Leonora a sweet kiss.

I knew it conveyed my thoughts.

Besides, Keith chose me first. I knew it was me.

The thought wets Leonora's vagina and tightens it fine.

Keith swayed his penis small enough to finally get in in the thick kiss.

Keith and Leonora hug and kiss each other as the nuchonicha and mucous membrane rub sounds.

Aisha bit her lips at the appearance and wept in her eyes.

I always feel the remorse I didn't feel for having sex with Berna.

That's because the way it's done is mostly with what Aisha wants.

Warm, gentle and polite icharab lover sex.

Keith said over and over that he would only have this kind of sex with himself.

And yet now Keith is having sex with Leonora the way she wants it most.

"Liar... Liar Keith... Silly... Gusu"

Keith kept holding Leonora without consoling Aisha, who was crying.

The small hips shake bigger and eventually become a fierce penetration.

The piston spreads the vaginal meat violently, and the geese neck catches the meat and takes it outward.

Leonora raised her voice and wept at the irritation from her vagina, which was so strong.

"It's crooked!! Wow, in me! Keith, so yeah!! Yikes!! Haaaa!! Lame, Lame. Wow!! I got caught, and I'm so fucked. Wow!!

The feeling of vaginal meat being scratched by the geese neck bores Leonora.

Too much pleasure brings so much shock that Leonora's brain is burned to the point that she can't stand the flesh.

The amount of love liquid increases to the point where it drips over the sheets, foaming white and sticking to the penis.

Repeatedly kiss Leonora, which also adds more power, and push the tip deep into the back.

Junjung and I were poked and rubbed in the back of the vagina and Leonora asked Keith for words.

"Keith, oh...... Hiuuuuuu!! Please. Wow! Oh, I love you... I love you... Mia! Michaaaaaa!!

Berna spoke when she saw Aisha shaking fine in Leonora's dialogue.

"Dear Aisha... don't cry"

"Shut up! Leave me alone... Gusu"

"... if you have time to cry... I thought there would only be an attack"

"... to?

Keith, unaware that such a conversation was taking place, just shook Leonora and waved desperately to make her way to the next Aisha.

And when I tried to speak out if it was necessary to end it, my body was pulled from behind.


When he was surprised to see his torso raised while connected to Leonora, Aisha and Berna were there to hold his body up.

Suddenly disturbed by warm embraces and words, Leonora stared at the two people pulling Keith with tears in her eyes.

"Migurashi, I'm not happy!! The two of you who weren't impressed, I wanted to be alone for a while."

Leonora, who came all the way here and still hates the festival, the two of them glancing at Keith with their hands apart.

Moving to the side of Leonora, who lay still, the two began to rub her tits one by one without saying anything.



In front of surprised Keith and Leonora, Aisha and Berna continued to rub their breasts gnarly.

"Heh! I want no!! Heck, wow!! Kisu, Ra, Rasukehicha Oh!!!

"Wow... what is this touchy... really these boobs?

"...... what's stuck?

Each of the two caressing her breasts in a completely different way was surprised by the feel of Leonora's breasts, but she turned her gaze to Keith haphazardly.

"And I'll help you!! So hurry up and let this woman go..."

"Let's be cute, too."

Keith was surprised and excited by the two rubbing her breasts again.

Two beautiful women are rubbing Leonora's tits.

Then the vaginal meat tightens cutely with cum, filling both visual and tactile stimuli and increasing excitement.

His hips moved unexpectedly, causing him to rub his turtle head against the countless ceilings.

"Yuck...... porn......"

Unlike the expensive Keith, Leonora cried for stimuli from three places - and blame from a woman who wasn't Keith.

"Stop it! Stop it Hiya!! I want an elf!! I want no!! Wow, my mummy...... oh!! No wonder...... not good for one of the awesome!! Miuuuuu!!

Unlike Aisha and Berna's planted perverted elves rubbing against each other, Leonora had never seen anything like it.

If you're putting Keith's body together, I still couldn't think of getting my body beat up like this.

While they do it and panic, Keith pokes me in the back of my vagina and the chest caress with my thickened penis pistoned across the meat leads Leonora to Acme.

"Ya! No, I will!! Kissy, but no!! I don't even have to kick it!! Yikes, man. Wow!! Yes!! Keith!!

But Keith continued to blame the Gongon and the back to get to the next one as soon as possible.

The piston distorted Keith's face as he watched the two elves finally start licking their nipples and Leonora, bored by it, as the tightening tubzara vagina meat invited him to ejaculate even though he didn't like it.

(Fuck you!! Elf!! Eat your penis!! I don't like it!! You're getting more wet from a woman licking you!! This, this!!

Leonora, violently punched in the vagina by Keith screaming with a distraction she couldn't get out of her mouth, sucked nipples from left to right,

"Am I right!! Chikubi!! Shh shh shh shh shh shh shh!! I don't want to! Heck, wow!! This... No, but no! You're wrong!! Ahhh!! Yikes!! Yikes...... ahhhhhhhhh!!!

He gasped his hips and tightened his vaginal meat to make him tremble in a gummy fashion to welcome ACME.

Until the Ike moment, I've been like, "Keith!! Keith!!," he called the name of his beloved lower species.

The thought also passes to the vagina, where the Acme vagina is entwined in Keith's penis thanks to love, forcing him to squeeze out the seed juice.

I wasn't going to let you out. "Ha!" Keith gave a pitiful voice and leaked the sarmen, giving him goosebumps and making his penis jump in Leonora.

Bibu, Bibu, Dobu!! and as for the third time, his penis, which had caused a large amount of zamen to burst, was shriveled in boulders.

As I slowly pulled that penis out of the vaginal meat that wrapped around me, Aisha crawled her tongue there shortly after she rested.

"Ah? Aisha? Holy shit! Hey, hey, hey!?

Just now he crawls his tongue on the tortoise head, and Aisha tries to wipe Leonora's thick love solution off Keith's penis.

Aisha stares Keith in tears as she licks and cleanses the meat sticks that smell of other females,

"Nyu, chubby, chubby, chubby! Phew... what's a matte? You mean that's what you say you don't want to do to this woman and not to me!?

"Huh? Oh, no."

"What! Clearly!! Wow, he didn't think about me... then he did."

I wanted to at least activate it, but I thought that was an unadulterated situation as well.

Hold Aisha pretty full.

"That's not true, is it? You always think about Aisha, don't you?

"Don't lie to me! I will always be your last!! Cheater!! Fool Keith!! Silly......"

Keith feels Aisha's body there desperately all over her body and erects her penis.

It is a gut erection.

That's how I rubbed my slendered meat stick against Aisha.

"Aisha...... so don't you need me anymore? You don't want to be with me?

Honestly, Keith was in a better mood to take the day off.

But I didn't even show it to you every time, and to get Aisha in a good mood, I gently hugged her body and looked at various places.

Slowly kiss your neck muscles, make your tongue crawl on your breasts and lick your nipples.

I suck choo-choo like a child, then I raise my face and ask again.

"Aisha is the last one... no matter how much I look at other women, that's how you say you'll come back to Aisha in the end, right? Because I believe Aisha is the only one who can accept me to the end."

So forgive me for cheating, it's just the lowest dialogue that sounds like what that means.

But Aisha, confused by Guchagucha, who is so eager to say she doesn't want to let Keith go any more, couldn't poke her cuddling inferior species.

"Cheater...... cheating idiot! Lust Demon!! Scumbag! Keith or something! Keith I don't know... Ugh... how can I hate you!! I hate you!! I hate guys who say this but no!! I can't hate Keith. No!!

Hold the crying Aisha tight and let her hips advance and insert straight in the opposite seat.

All right, I'm gonna break in on your penis. "Ugh!," he said, shaking Aisha, who groaned gently, up from the bottom. Repeat the kiss.

"Nju, uju, uju!! I'm sorry, Aisha. I'm sorry about all this scum... but can I like Aisha? Can I love Aisha?

I didn't tell Leonora - I didn't exactly make her say it. I could hear "I love you," Aisha nodded over and over as she was shaken up in her womb.

"Nice!! Fine!! Wow, love me!! Just me! Mm-hmm!! Me too! Just Keith! Because Keith is the only one. Aah!! No, no, no!

The tundelemanco was transformed into a deledermanco, even sweetly tangled together. The meat was only shaped by Keith.

Drown Aisha there in a nasty act of having hug sex with Zutuzutu and licking her tongue,

(Ahhh, it's still the most chorusy and helpful...... I need to get it done early and go to Berna)

Not very much, but until a while ago, I was like, "Can I love you?" What a man's mood I was listening to.

It is the worst addition to and subtraction from the super.

Pinch and poke the mouth of the uterus with the tip and suck out the tongue as you rub your chest.

Between kisses, I just drool bullshit like "Aisha's cute" and "I want a baby with Aisha".

And Aisha reacted, and at the bottom of her heart, she said, "It's a lie! That's a scumbag inferior lie!! To tell you, my body is desperate for my vagina and Keith sees it.

And the words that come out,

"Ki-shu! Go for more! More hehe!! Keeshuuuu!! Ahhh!! Shikyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Mm-hmm!!

Aisha, the most damned woman, gave up thinking about happy liar sex and left herself to herself.

Then O-manko tries to greet Acme lightly.

Keith changed his position to normal when he looked handsome without putting this out. This was awkward.

Berna licked Berna's empty butt as she pressed herself against Aisha, who was kissing her.


Keith endured this ambush, but he couldn't stop kissing Aisha, not slowing his hips.

All the way from anal wrinkles to perineum and testicles, he was salivated and kissed and endured even when poked with his tongue.

Shake your hips just to make Aisha crazy without saying anything, kiss and make you expensive.

"Choo, choo, choo! Oh, ki-shu! I'm so proud of you! I'm so proud of you!! Mm-hmm!! Omako, I'm so sorry. Oh!! Nhhhhhh!! Yikuuuuuuu!! Uhhhh!!!

Berna's anal licking was added to Aisha's limbs, which cling with the greatest force, and to vaginal meat, which had acme cramps.

"Mm-hmm!! So, damn, whoa!! Ugh! Ugh!!

Bibi, Bibi, Dobi!! and ejaculated for the fourth consecutive time into Aisha's vagina.

When the blast was over and he was breathing away from Aisha, who was gude, Berna pressed against his body.

I kiss Keith's cheeks and neck muscles with my mouth where I was anal licking, and Berna says, "Yah meh!! I wanted to say," Before that,

"Beh, Beh, come on... please ~... su, right away uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!?

Berna rubs and stimulates with her bare crotch as she pinches her shriveled penis between her crotches.

Keith shakes his head with pity on the fifth stimulus that would have absolutely hurt if his penis hadn't been this dragon form.

"Berna, it's Mate!! Mate! It's an oak!! She's a good girl!!

"They didn't complain even first...... I was being a good girl...... so I won't wait any longer"

The penis, which is subjected to intense bare strands under pressure and unable to move, gradually regains hardness.

I try to activate it somehow, but I can't help but get a good erection.

Then Berna got up and poked her penis inside herself on the horseback.

"Ngu!!... Oh, oh! Your husband's... No!! Phew! Oh, no!

Berna rocked her hips violently from there, implanting everything all at once with a woot face.

Enjoy your penis on such a fierce and rough pooping style ride that your luxurious body may break.

"Huh! Huh! Huh! I was there!! It was all over. Aah! Mine! My grasshoppers are still here!! Ugh!! Ugh!! Whoa, whoa!

Push and decide the vaginal wall with the tip of the hardened penis and push it in with momentum near the mouth of the uterus.

Berna takes it to her chest when she holds Keith's hand.

Your hips will say nothing but lift your gasp shaking, but you will say blaming your nipples.

Keith, who is no longer fully activated, squeezes his strength and squeezes his nipples hard when this is the last time, pushing his hips up from the bottom.

Berna gasped happily with her tongue out of her mouth, being poked as small as Don and pulled to the point of stretching her nipples.

"Yes, no!! Chigguuuuuu!! Ugh! Ugh! It's not good! You're welcome!! Chigu no bother!! Oh, my God! Oh my god!! Whoa!!

Keith blames Berna, wishing she was quick and handsome, the least she could do when it gets intense.

I also put my strength into my fingers blaming my nipples, with no hips, no thoughts, just the momentum to ruthlessly break Berna.

"Mm! Mm!! Whoa, whoa! Jiuyu!! Joo-joon, oh!! Oh, oh!! Wow, wow, wow, no! Nho ho ho!!!

Berna's motion to put her hand on Jibu's knee and wave her hips up, down, left, and right is just a dirty bitch.

(this! this!! My manko pet!! You're abusing your husband!! Get your cheeks on your face!! Yikes!! Yikes!!

When she picked the milk free with her index finger and thumb on each of the milk rings, Berna erupted her love fluids into a dizzying pain.

The massive amount of Omako juice entangled in the penis further enhances the feel of vaginal meat and provides a strong stimulus to the turtle head and geese neck.

The meat stick, which was treated with great vigour in Berna's strong movements, begins to prepare for the fifth ejaculation today with blunt pain in his testicles.

"Ah! Whoa!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Gu!!

Berna, who dances lewdly on Keith, who looks up and raises his voice, remains coveted,

"No good!! Oh, no!! Gizzard!! Gizzard!! Great job!! Not good!! Awwww!! Gigi no no no!! Gigi no no no!!! Whoa whoa!!!

Finally, looking up at the ceiling, Berna poked her lips out and welcomed Acme.

My lower back cramps severely, and at the same time my vaginal flesh cramps.

On that double stimulus Keith's penis ejaculates as if he doesn't even feel it.

Dubby, dubby, dubby... dubby...

When the fifth shot, which had no momentum or amount, was fired into the back of his vagina, Berna fell on Keith.

Berna cheeks happily on Keith's chest plate with her face swayed by the acme finish.

Keith, who pulled a meat stick out of her like that, gently put Berna to bed beside herself.

(i) When you breathe,

"Yay, I did it... I did it, Grandma! I did it!!

Who are you reporting to?

But the person seemed very happy and dry, and cried.

It's finally over. Now I can go home. I can go home.

Keith tried to get up as if he were a returning soldier who could return home from the battlefield.

Then something tangled up in that leg. When I saw it, it was Leonora.

Leonora still smiles lightly with a cheerful face.

"Keesu... I'm so glad you're here... I'm so glad you're here."

"... Huh?

"Kai-su... Kai-su's soaked himpo, Wakuhishi cum hiccups. Konrohiro..."

"No, no, no!! Please stay and wait. No!! Yes, now, activate the magic!!

I couldn't do it with no strength in my lower back to shake it off.

So at least I thought it would be quicker to activate.

"How's that? How dare you... and how dare you! Just in case, ki-soo."

Yes, Leonora doesn't know about activation.

"Oh, oh! Wait, wait, wait!! Right away! It'll be over soon!

Leonora comes tangling her body with Keith trying to escape and escape.

That's when Leonora's body was held back. Yes, Aisha.

Aisha stares at Leonora with a crisp face.

Oh, Aisha buys me time to activate. That's what I thought was sweet.

"Here! Rock-a-buzzle! You heard me! Kishi no Ashinaga no Us!! Me too!! I don't care if you fill me up!!

"What the hell is that!! I understand!! Lai Yi Yi Yi Su, but best of all, Lai Lai Lai wow, I can't believe it!! Then you must want to have the most flaws! You don't understand!?

"Shut up! Rock it! Rocky!!

"No, I will!! You should come!!

I started pulling Keith's arms together.

This prevents you from touching the Ring-shaped Demon Blood Stone.

"Huh, both of you!! Hold on!! Stay with me!!! I'll fuck you right!! If you try to activate it properly...... uhhhhhhhhh!!?

Suddenly irritated by five straight penises, Keith screams.

As the three glances turned to you, I knew Berna was fondling Neronello and his penis with her tongue.

"Nra-chu... my penis Ramon... I can't give it to anyone... Nra-chu"

"Talk to me. Oh!! Come here!! That's nasty. You haha!!

"That's so lame!! It's too much fun!!

Even then, the work began.

(... princess... help)

Lying in bed, in tears, Keith begins to be squeezed out of the sixth shot.

Says this tragedy lasted until it ran out of its twelfth shot without being activated.