Nia, intertwining netonettes and tongues on Keith's erect meat stick that kept her asleep, looked really happy.

The smell of tween through the nose and the taste of fine and slight urine that spreads all over the inside.

I don't know that's the taste of a child or pee. Nia thinks it's purely the taste and smell that the penis itself is giving out.

And Nia was starting to like the taste and smell.

I don't know why this is happening, but when my head is crunching and I smell my chest rumbling, the area gets very hot on my crotch.

Doing so will make your penis harder and make you want to take your medicine, and also put it in your crotch.

She puts her penis in her crotch and goes in and out to get her medicine out. Of course when Keith looks at me then, I wonder if I'm happy like this.

I want to stay like this forever, and I think I want you to do more.

I asked Keith if she had become an addict to your medicine once and she laughed and said "I'm fine".

So without any hesitation, Nia enjoyed her penis.

Keep on loving Keith while he compliments his penis in moderation to avoid burdens.

"Ha pu, n pu, n pu, get lost... penis, I'm starting to get cocky... black and no. It's apple! Hehe, I was wondering if your medicine would come out soon."

It just reminds me of that dark, sticky, karki smelling medicine's unique flavor and it overflows my spit.

At first it was bitter and stinky and I didn't like it, but now I like it about next to chocolate.

Wanting to taste the flavor quickly, Nia dared to start moving her mouth.

Rub the tip of your penis against the inside of your cheek with a rub on your mouth and crawl your tongue on the meat pole.

It's hard to put it in your mouth because it's getting thicker, but I try my best to handle the root of my saliva dripping down my cheeks with my fingers.

"Huh... oh... ugh"

Keith's groan leaked. My hips come to mind.

Then the amount of cowper increases copo to make it stick more in Nia's mouth.

When Nia puts her penis out of her mouth, she begins to lick the wrinkled ball bag that she was told was the part where the medicine was made before.

It was interesting that the balls inside would cum when I carefully tucked each wrinkle at the tip of my tongue.

Even while I do that, I won't forget to give you a good boy and a good boy with a penis stick.

Keith's breath gets rough as he strokes the tip, which became sticky with saliva and a run ahead, with a gnaw in his palm, and rolls the balls with his tongue.

Does it hurt? I panicked and kissed the rod part again and again, thinking,

"Please don't hurt Chu, Chu Pu, Penis, or Keith. You're a good girl, aren't you?

That's what I'm gonna say, then I'm gonna put it in the back of my throat to the limit.

Spread your mouth all over it, gently tangle your tongue and stroke.


Move your head up and down slowly so as to narrow your cheeks and squeeze them out.

The move was really as obscenely skillful as a planted whore.

It is by no means the kind of mouth technique that the princess of your species elf's still unbearable can do.

However, he drank clear liquid that seemed pleasantly zero and his saliva, which washed away the meat stick, to ferrathio.

Nia knew that that pill would pop up dopey almost from the look of her penis, which had swelled into bread and had grown harder.

"Ngupu, pu! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Heh, your penis smells amazing. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

Dyed his white cheeks bright red, his eyes trong and Nia smelled the tip.

The smell was so thick that I could tell that the medicine was coming in.

With a turtle head in the nose mix, Nia grabs the meat pole and handles it up at high speed.

I deliberately drool my saliva from the edge of my mouth, lubricate it and lick the rod part with cicosico, and the tortoise head with my tongue.

Keith's exhalation became even rougher on the simultaneous stimulation, and eventually he said, "Argh! The medicine was released into Nia's mouth with her voice.

Big time! Big time! Bullshit!! and the raw, odorous liquid popping out towards his throat, all stored in his mouth, Nia turned upwards to keep his mouth free and zero when squeezed up to the last drop.

I don't swallow for a while and enjoy the taste and feel of the pull in my mouth for a long time before pouring it into my stomach.

Nia smiled thinly as her eyes wept over the feeling of hot sticky liquid slipping through her throat and the intense smell coming out of her nose.

"Ouch... that was a lot... not good and not very good"

Wiping the end of his mouth with his fingers, he saw zero residue from the tip of his shriveled penis.

"Ah, medicine...... it's a waste"

Nia chu sucked the contents out when she put her lips on the bell mouth after ejaculation.

As I was licking Retretto and Turtle Head around behind my tongue, my core came into my shriveled penis.

"... this time I have to send magic... I have to ick..."

The taste of the medicine lingered in my mouth forever, and that seemed to drive Nia crazy.

When Nia, who took off her dress, was naked and crossed over Keith, she pressed and rubbed her cock against her crotch, which began to harden again.

Sweet irritation comes when the clitoris, labia, and vaginal mouth are rubbed by a gotten meat stick.

I don't even know his name for bare strands. Nia's face was slutty as it delayed pornography.

Lift yourself up with a hard meat stick with a slit look as you breathe.

There is no honest, healthy, poor Elf princess there. There were only female elves captivated by pleasure without knowing by the inferior species.

"Ahhh... Huh!... here, kimochi no... uhhhhh!! Heh, heh... ki-susa well."

Seeing Keith's sleeping face, Nia sliding her hips back and forth for pleasure, eventually gasped at the feeling of Clitoris coming pointy rubbing on the meat stick, overflowing with honey.

When Nia's movements are mixed with the sound of a love liquid nicho, the slip increases the speed and the amount of honey increases even more.

Keith's meat stick was also completely erected back into the motion and repeated the more difficult it was to hold between Nia's crotches

Let go of the hand that was accompanied by Nia, who let his hips float a little, bing! and stood fiercely.

Erected the fallen nipple and reddened to the tip of his pointy ear, Nia hands her hot penis again, exhaling and lowering her hips.

The tip of your penis hits where the baby comes out on the crotch and the heat is transmitted.

"Magic...... I'll send...... I'll fill you up with iku...... I'll fill you up with iku ahhh!! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

A thick stick penetrates into the body of a little princess elf and reaches the back.

It was Nia tearing at the size of her crotch that seemed to tear her apart, but her hips were already small but she was starting to move.

"Ah, ah! Mm-hmm!! Dude no... shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Huh!!

Moving her hips up and down slowly back and forth with a distressed look, Nia picks her own nipples with her fingers and starts rubbing her cunny.

Sensitive nipples combined with irritation from the vagina gave the brain miso unstoppable paralyzing pleasure.

"Homicha! Homicha! Whoa, whoa! Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh! Boobs, cum, cum, no!! Nmiaaa!!

The love liquid thickens and sticks, entangling in the meat stick with the vagina.

Vaginal meat increases tightening and twists fine to look for a place where your hips feel good.

Eventually, when a goose neck strained part of one of the vaginal walls was scratched, Nia's back flexed gluttonously.

"Ahhh! Here! Not here!! This place is not good!! Ahh! Ahh!! Kimochi, no! Kimochi no!! Pussy no!! Uh-oh!!

I shake my body trying to even rub the same spot and squirt.

I'm starting to wonder if that's really because I want to send magic to Keith, or if it's simply because I want to do Ike.

Only the truth of just saying it feels good dominated Nia's mind and body to make her dance on Keith more obscenely.

"Ah, ah, ah! Huh, huh, huh!! Kissy! Kissy!! Kisssssssssssssssssssss oh!!

"What is it, Princess?

Nia's movement stops perfectly in the voice that suddenly returns.

His apparently grumpy face stared at Nia as he slowly pointed his gaze at Keith.

Nia's complexion changes from red to bright blue.

"Ah, ah... Master Keith..."

Keith spoke softly to Nia, who hardened without saying a word,

"What are you doing... Princess"

"Um... I... Keith... you know"

"To me? What do you want from me? Please be clear."

Keith's voice is angry no matter what he hears.

I gotta tell you, he said he was sending magic to his penis. And you praise me for being a good girl - don't you think you can do that?

You can never be allowed to flirt with your dick on your own.

When my cravings disappear and my pleasantly wandering head calms down, I just think so to Nia.

I say it's because of Keith, who planted it all until it was like that...

Nia excused herself with trembling at the "shouldn't" she had done.

"To Ochi Po Po Po... stay, stay, stay... give it to me... because I haven't done it in a long time"

Scared of what Keith would say, vaginal meat tightens her penis with cum.

Not showing any reaction to it, Keith spoke to Nia in a lower voice than usual.

"On your own? Don't wake me up? You think it's okay to do that!

Nia's body trembled victoriously. Tears twitch in my eyes.

I had never been yelled at like this by Keith. Nia cried because she was too sad to say she was scared.

"Ohh... I have to... I... I don't..."

Keith raised his hand slowly as he woke up his upper body.

Getting slapped!? Keith hits me. But that may not be the only thing I can do.

Keith gently hugged that body to Nia, who closed his eyes and stood up.

Whisper in a serious voice to Nia, who trembles small.

"I'm sorry, princess... yell at me. But, you know, your penis is a dangerous magic trick. You shouldn't be fooling around where I haven't seen you, let alone putting you in your crotch, right?

"Ugh, Higu... Ugh, Gu... sorry no... sorry"

"What would you do if something happened to the princess? Promise me. He said he wouldn't take the liberty of poking his dick anymore. He said he'd only squirt with his penis in front of me."

"I will... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Keith, holding Nia tight, now has a gentle voice,

"I'm not angry, but I don't forgive you. I'm just yelling because I'm worried... will you forgive me for yelling at the princess?

I kissed my ear and whispered so. Nia looked at Keith with tears and snotty nose.

"I'm so embarrassed, it's no wonder..."

"So let's forgive each other, shall we? I said I forgive you, and it's a kiss to make up. Then we're done talking about this."

Nia, who thinks she's totally bad, can't think of anything more about the kind Keith words.

It's like a fairy tale prince to worry about himself for doing something wrong and kiss me again.

No, it's a prince. Keith is the only prince that God gave me Nia.

With that in mind, Nia continued to gaze a trillion times over at the inferior species that had once cast the magic of sleep on Nia and scattered her body.

When the two "forgive" words synchronize and the kiss begins, Nia's vaginal meat comes down the cuddly tight womb.

Keith, who felt it, shrugged with his heart as he tangled his tongue.

(I can't believe that princess is going to attack a sleeping man... I knew that elf women were too intense in female nature)

I complained by giving it to the top of the shelf even though it was definitely my fault.

The truth is, as of Ferra, he was awake, and he was excited to see Nia hanging out with a flicker.

And by daring to see it through to insertion, and then being angry, I planted a guilt of playing alone in Nia.

If you don't even remember "patience" little by little, it's not something you can always enjoy being run wild with an oak.

That's why I tried to tell you once, Bishi, and left you alone. This is also a ruse.

It would be perfect if I reminded him that it was better than playing alone later.

Keith stays connected to Nia, pushes her down to bed and takes the shape of a normal position.

When I completely took off my pants and also took off my jacket, I was covered in Nia.

I still lick my tearful eyes softly off my cheek,

"Princess. I think your penis definitely feels better with me than alone, don't you?

"... ah"

"I'll prove it now."

Keith puts his hips rough, but politely, precisely poking only at Nia's vaginal steeple.

Scratch the narrow vagina open with a thickened meat stick and press the tip of the turtle head from a point on the vaginal wall to the back of the vagina.

"Ah, ahhh!!

Kiss the neck muscles with more hips on Nia, who starts to get bored. And shake your hips fine.

"Ugh, uh-oh!! Ki, Ki-Shima!! Shh, suddenly yummy!!! Ami ah ah!!

"What do you say, Princess? Would be totally better than using your penis alone!?

I did feel completely different. With the power of a rough man, he keeps poking the weak part, and blaming the womb for coming down.

This kind of stimulus wasn't very much, but I couldn't do it alone. Nia, reminded of it, nodded again and again.

"No! No! No! Oh my God! Konno Ugh!!

"Which do you like? Princess which one do you prefer!?

"Over here! This one is sooooooooooooooooo good!! Better than one, I'll have Kisushi Zuozuo no!! Kimochi no!!

You may get angry, you may hate me... that's what I thought. The fear and disconnect was increasing Nia's vaginal sensitivity.

Nia's hand wraps around Keith's neck and hugs him.

Turn your hips to draw a circle with a deep poke in, cringe with one hand, and kiss.

Even if Nia is bored by the dizzying simultaneous stimuli, she never interrupts the kiss and brings it to the brink of acid depletion.

Release your mouth and lick around the cheeks and ears of Zehezehi sayin 'Nia.

"You don't feel so good alone, do you? I have to..."

That's how I get hooked up with Keith trying to imprint me.

"Yes... I will, I will no longer... I will not be alone. It won't happen again..."

"You're a good girl, Princess."

Keith restarts his lower back movement with his hands next to Nia's body, satisfied to give him a stroke of his head in reply to the obedient puppy-like princess.

Like stroking your vagina slowly and intensely.

From there, he repositions himself slightly, lifting Nia's legs and putting them on his shoulders to the side, and when he hips back and hits a round, beautiful peach butt from the back, Keith reveals his true heart only slightly.

(This! This!! Even though it's the only tranquility!! You're the only one to take a break, but no!! I can't believe you attacked a man!! I don't remember raising you to be such a bitch!!

I grabbed Nia's butt and headed back for the full piston.

The womb that was coming down was pounded hard, and Nia said, "Fugi!?" He raised his voice.

Still, Keith repeated his penis attack to abuse the body of a small, luxurious Elf princess.

"Ogi! Higiu!! Keesu!! Hey!! Unstoppable!! I'm so glad you're still here! Nbi Ooh!! Ooh, ooh! Ooh!!

With his legs and arms gushing on all fours, Nia sued desperately.

Every time your uterus takes a powerful blow, you lift your gut, your stomach even shakes and you say, "Ngi! I can't stop screaming."

"Elf bitch!! You Doskebe Elf!! Did you know!! My grievances! Yesterday's Fear!! Got a little idea!!

The words that scream small so as not to hear are entirely eight hits.

That's how much sex twelve times yesterday was a fear for Keith.

In an attempt to heal that fear, I tried to get some peace - and that Nia attacked me again.

We can't get Keith's pride back without this much vengeance.

But there's no way I know that. All of a sudden, I just thought Keith was mad at Nia for this trick.

"Would you like a treat? Come on!? I have to go! I have to oben - sooo oh!! Mm-hmm, mmm, mmm!! Don't be ridiculous! But... ah! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

When vengeance is filled with Nia crying and apologizing, the desire for ejaculation increases.

So cover from behind, touch the nipples clitoris and concentrate on the sensation of your penis.

Satisfying the man's instincts with the ejaculation he could do of his own free will, Keith sweetbited Nia's ear.

"Homiaah!! Ahhhhhhhhh! Hey, hey! You're a fool!! Oh, oh!! O-nagu, that's not good!! Happy to be Ig!!

There was tightening of the vaginal meat to the penis, and I could clearly see that it was being ejaculated.

(Princess Doskebe!! Bad boy bitch!! Bad boy!! Punishment! Zamen Punishment!! I'll defile your womb because of it!!

Shouting with his heart for words he could not speak, Keith does most of his revenge.

Try to make Nia crazy by roughing up her vagina with a swollen turtle head and a goose neck on her bread.

The semen that spits on the acme vagina has a different flavour and lid.

That's why I said I could indulge in ejaculation. Enjoying the sweet time I couldn't yesterday, I try to get Princess Elf to blame me for screaming.

Naia, who was finger-picked with a clit and nipple, licked her neck, and scratched with a goose neck with a huge strain of vaginal meat, received an acme, lightly incontinent, unable to bear it.

"Grandma! Ohhhh!! Gideon!! Yikes!! I'm sorry! Kissy! I'm sorry. I have to. No! also, unobtrusive ah!! I have to be sorry. No, no! YAHHHHHHHHHH!!

Keith also rubs on Nia's spasmodic ACME vagina, which ends with a weird scream, and brings it into ejaculation all at once.

Rest assured that Nia, who shakes her body fine, has heard nothing more,

"Bitch Elves!! Whore bitch elf!! I don't give in to bitchy elves!! Your!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!! Grrrrrr!!

I poured my thoughts on my three daughters into the body of a gentle elf princess who had nothing to do with it.

Angry ejaculation gained momentum and polluted Delodero from the vaginal wall to the mouth of the uterus.

Big, Big!! Dobby, Dobby! and when Keith exhaled into intense ejaculation with tinnitus, Nia was still small and apologizing for "obena hiccup".

revenge healed...... or eight. Keith, whose heart cleared in the

"I'm not mad... my bitch princess"

That's what I said, stroked my head, and slowly pulled out my penis.


"Aren't you really really angry?

Keith smiled bitterly, returning "I'm not angry" at Nia's seemingly unknown enquiry several times.

After that, I took a bath of Nia, fixed my bed and made her change, but in the meantime, she kept apologizing.

Even though I said I wasn't angry, I couldn't believe Nia, who was terribly blamed.

Explaining that it's been a long time since I've made it strong doesn't convince me.

The feeling that I must be angry didn't seem to go away.

"How do you know I'm not mad at you?

"... uh, ah... well, that's... ugh"

"I won't be mad at the princess. I would be careful if I did something I shouldn't, but I would never be angry with you."

Nia, who doesn't know the truth, gets anxious about those overly kind words.

I decide in my heart that Keith will never do anything to piss me off again, that I won't hate him, and I just ask him one last time.

"... Aren't you angry?

"I'm not angry."

That being said, nature and the two overlapped their lips.

Your time to study that day with a gentle kiss - was supposed to be over.

As Keith tried to get out of the room, Fraser stood in front of the room perfectly upright like a stone statue.

Surprised Keith and Fraser bow his head to Nia, who was coming to drop him off.

"Master Mashua is here for you. Dear Nia, Master Magic, may I have your way?

It was Nia and Keith looking at each other.

Still nodding and responding, Nia takes Aisha to Mashua's office.

Was there anything wrong? Did you find out what the big deal was?

Aisha also had a nervous, hard look on Keith, who thought a lot and became silent.

Aisha understands that Keith has troublesome things to hide if he finds out.

When I thought about wielding the Devil's Sword if I had to, but taking him away, I was Aisha, who once again knew that I was truly disqualified as a Nia's escort knight.

I conveyed that feeling of Aisha so that Keith could also draw the magic out of the Night Hall at any time.

Fraser knocks in front of the office and waits for a response.

After the voice was heard, Fraser opened the door and urged the three of them inside.

The first person I spoke to was Nia.

"Father? What is your business…"

So Nia's words stopped.

I don't know what it is. Keith and Aisha turn their gaze, and there,

"Mr. Nia. Long time no see."

Leonora, smiling with a smiling face, was gracefully drinking tea following Donna.