With the promise of a match, Keith took Night's Eve back into the room.

Of course they are naked.

I don't care how you say a guy who stirred up a girl about eight years old in her groin carries her around in his arms, it only drifts with a criminal odor.

Keith, who put a nightcap to bed in that condition, tries to cover himself with a nightcap on the bed.

I didn't think it would be a problem because I already did the vow magic in the bathroom.

But Nightingale controlled it with her hands.

I wonder if he's still around this time of year. Keith took a few big, deep breaths at night.

"All right! That's good... call me!

This is the first dialogue I've ever heard as a voice before sex.

I laugh unexpectedly at Keith and say, "What's wrong with you!" Nightingale turned bright red and barked.

"No... I thought you were cute at night"

"Ugh, shut up! I don't care if you say that... Pfft, pfft, pfft."

Suddenly I was overlaid with my lips and the nightcap was confused.

If this had been the beginning of the usual body shaking, Night Shake would have shown resistance.

But this is a battle. Keith and I are fighting each other.

That's what I think at night. So I also tangle my tongue from myself wondering if I'll lose.

"Nchupu, raju, raju, raju... raju"

As the sound of licking and sucking each other's oral mucosa sounded, the nightingale was desperate,

(This is a fight! This is a battle!! You can't lose. Bye!!

I told myself that and devoured the kiss.

With that kiss, he couldn't help but notice that his body was starting to light up.

At night when he thought his face was getting hot because of his breathlessness, he let go of his lips once, but Keith came over there again and overlapped his lips.

"Huh! Mahu, hey, hey, hey, hey, mahu's! Hmm! Chu, Chu Pu, Chu"

Whenever I move my little tongue to be aggressive, Keith's tongue moves nero and tangles and licks around.

I guess it's also because of moving it from me and tangling my tongue from me, Nightshade thought it felt good to kiss me for the first time.

My first kiss was obsessed with relieving the pain of a torpedo, and since then, Keith has forced me to feel sick.

But when I say kiss from myself, my body reacts to the feeling that my heart gets hot and I can lick the mucous membrane of my mouth.

When I figured that out, I thought it was Keith's trap again, but if I feel good with a kiss, Keith should feel good too.

Then move your tongue more and make him feel better. And I diligently intertwined Lerolero with my tongue that I would endure.

"Lero-ju, Lero-ju, Lero-ju, Cheu-ju, Pu, Cheu-ju"

Keith picked his nipples softly after deciding that his body was getting warmer and warmer.

"Npu!? Pfft!!"

My nipples are suddenly picked by my body, which was starting to sensitize me, and at night I lean back gently.

In anticipation of her lips leaving, Keith moves her mouth straight to her nipples and gently licks her milk wheel.

When you salivate on a small grain of nipple and insistently lick just the milk wheel without licking it there,

"Hmmm!! Yikes...... Uhh!! Oh, ahhh... Ugh!!

The raised voice gradually grows stronger and louder. I guess it also works that I told Nightingale that it is safe to raise my voice no matter how much because I have sound insulation magic when I enter the room.

I can clearly tell from the physical changes as well as the voice that seems to feel good.

The nipples of the nightclub were starting to stiff and pointy. The little girl's flesh is definitely showing sexual change.

Keith got more excited about the porn and blamed his nipples even more intensely.

When you finally play your pointed and trembling erect nipples with your tongue, your body will react with joy.

"Ugh... ugh! Huh, fumi not good...... hmmm!

Every time it irritates a cherry blossom hue on a flat chest, the body of the nightclub scratches the sheet with finesse.

Keith extends his tongue from there to the floating flank of his ribs, pressing the feel of his lips and tongue all over his body.

At night, the lips pecked at various places and misled themselves that the blackness was about to turn into comfort.

There's no way. This can't be happening. It doesn't feel good because he made me like this.

It was a night when he was completely developed all over his body and knew all about pleasure points and how to blame him, but he had no reason to know that.

Eventually, when Keith's tongue reached this earthen end, Nightingale finally raised her voice.

"Oh, shit! Hitoya-soo!! Yeah, because of the addition and subtraction!

"Yes? Why are you cowardly?

Keith turns up at night without knowing the meaning of the word, and he shows his fangs and roars with a bright red face.

"Why do you attack the Lord all the time!! It's not a battle to be attacked unilaterally!!

Keith replied with a laugh at the words.

"Then why don't you attack me at night? I'm not resisting anything. Me?

"Heh?... Yep, ahhh"

An attack would mean that Nightingale caresses Keith.

"Oh, no... because"

"This is a battle, so it's natural to blame it and try to favor it, right? If you don't want to be hit, you can do it."

I came here and began to realize that this was Keith's inferior trap.

This makes me crazy many times with my mouth and hands, and finally Keith ejaculates and wins.

I can't let you do that. I don't want you to. If I lose this, I will have to live and be pissed off all the time until this inferior species dies.

Shame on you, I don't like it, I feel sick, I have to finish it tonight!!

Nightingale bit her own tongue when she so decided. Then Keith was given a mouthful of blood flowing from the wound that was immediately healing when he woke up.

"Hmm? Ngu...... hey, iron smell...... what are you doing?

"Hmm, now your lord can get you out as many times as he wants this evening...... its, it is!! Wow, the winner of Non is now an unwavering thing..."

"... does that mean you can let me in as many times as you want?

"Hami!? Chi, chi!! I'm not... uh, 'cause if I don't get out, I'm not gonna lose... so, you know..."

Keith clutches to his ear at night.

"It's wonderful to have an unwavering night for that victory. Then I'll do my best to win the battle."

"Why, thoroughly...... kuuuuuuu!!? Oh, Ami Oh!! Shh shh shh!! Suddenly not good!! Shhhhhh!!!

Keith blamed the weakest part of the nightcap, his tail.

The tail of a nightclub is usually a sturdy enough organ to be used in attacks, but when it is sexually stimulated and then blamed, it turns into the most sensitive spot on the way.

Keith, who had noticed it during the last scatter, handled the tip of his tail and at the same time touched the clitoris.

At the same time, the little body of the nightingale can't stand the stimulus, and falls into bed.

Still, Keith did not stop blaming him and abused his tail costly and crisp.

"Ugh! Uh-oh!! Hi-ki-yo!! Whoa, my body, whoa! It's because of me, then no... your lord is more tough. Bye coward!!

"Master Nightingale likes to get his tail costed, doesn't he? I'm going to do this ~ guy-guy-guy. Look, if we do the cli together, it's more"

"Khiahi! Himiaaah!! Oh, oh!! Stop, stop! Stop it!! Tail, I'm going nuts!! Tail, if you do that, it will break!! Hiu!"

At night when the stimulus is too strong to force the legs, the crotch is made to move the hand that was rubbing the clip into the vaginal hole.

It was already quite humid there and the meat had heat.

Touching Yin Villa with her fingertips, which had not yet spread at all, and scratching her vaginal mouth softly, Night Village let her hips float wide.

Build up until your mouth is full of saliva and drape it over your tail to increase the rate of rubbing.

When you put your middle finger in a vaginal hole that is completely grown up except for the appearance of blaming it with your penis over and over again, you can't stand to tighten it up with the cum.

Keith blamed her vaginal mouth, tail, and both of these gently.

Night cunt seems to prefer gentle eye blame, so I gently rub the meat cunt tangled in my finger with my finger belly and pull it out repeatedly, and when I hand knock my tail,

"Hiya! Hiyaaaa!! Hi, hiccup! Shiru!! Shiruko Bye Aaaah!! Uh-oh!! Wow, me, oh, oh!! Uhhhhhhh!!!

First of all, the nightfall was over. The vaginal meat tightens the middle finger intermittently, so I figured that out.

"Yes, Master Nightingale. It's the first time. Shall I let you do it again?

To a mean looking voice, Nightingale glances at Keith as he breathes into the aftertaste of Acme.

"Yes, now, Nashi... because you cheated..."

"I'm not shifting. Normally, I just made Master Nightingale crazy. It's in the right way. You saw my victory."

"Fucking hell!! So, who's your lord... let's go... you can't lose!! You can't lose a head-on battle!! Guh."

The night he woke up shaking Keith's hand off, he put his penis in his mouth as he stuck his face into Keith's crotch barn.

And read and reproduce the way you fucked earlier and the way Keith feels good with his heart.

"Nah, nah, nah! Cum, cum, cum, cum, cum!!

"Uhh!! Xaw, all of a sudden...... hiccup...... whoa whoa!!

Don't even realise you got in on Keith's ruse, and the nights were even delayed by Fella.

Believing that I could win if I rubbed it, I decided in my heart that I was going to defeat Keith, and I kept shaking my hard, gambling meat stick.

(Ugh... you're disgusting!! But...... but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Beiro cha bu bu pu!! and Keith was excited to look down at the erotic little one squashing into the meat stick with a very nasty sound.

My daughter, who until now looked terrible and was illuminated, is now crawling her tongue on a pole or turtle head herself.

tremble unintentionally at the height of my planning, as well as

"Ahhh... I knew the long-lived species would be choro... oh no! Oh, that's awesome."

A tiny tongue twitches the tiny bits of his penis, and his mouth, wide open all over him, moves up and down to handle it.

The tongue and mouth usage is still awkward, but still out of step compared to just now.

Keith received a fella with admiration as to whether the Divine Promise Eye had such a use.

I inspire myself that the night I do it is more than the smell of a troll's gut, as I almost puke at the taste and smell.

Keith's breath grew progressively rough as he crawled his tongue with Veroli and Nettori that way.

I really started to feel it. I look up and my face is flattered with pleasure.

I was delighted with the look on his face. Keith is going to love it!! Keith is about to lose to himself!!

The tongue becomes even bolder with joy, licking the geese neck around from the back muscle, twisting the bell mouth.

"Wreck, Wreck, Wreck, Wreck!!

Blaming enemy weekpoints is fundamental to the battle. I think so, so I worked hard at night.

I even worked hard on Ferratio to take Keith down and grab the win in this hand.

When the golden balls rose and the turtle head swelled into the bread, he could see that he was about to ejaculate, and at night he shook his tail unknowingly.

They react when they are happy.

When it comes to the diagram of a little girl waving her tail joyfully as she waits for Ferra, there's something inside that makes it harder for Keith to indulge in the magma that comes up.

When the roots of the rod hurt like it was going to stick, the nightclub began to do a hand job there.

"Ah, gu!! Oh, wow... no, oh!! Out!!"

"Fubi no? Fubi!!? Ugh!!

Keith spurted out the increased quantity and momentum of semen with the blood of a dragon during the night when he was licking only the turtle's head.

Big, Big, Big, Big!! and Keith himself was surprised by the semen that erupted as many times as ever,

"Bunny! Ugh, uhh... uhh, puh!... Rahishu! You asshole! Bob, Gube, you drank again... yeah."

It was entirely my fault, but the night I spit out the inside of my mouth in a trash can that was nearby with tears in the amount and intensity, I laughed right in my face though.

"Did you see that! This is what Non is capable of!! That's two to one!! Non's dominance!

"Heh? Does bathroom's count, too?

"Of course it is!! Hmm! If you're gonna admit to losing now, I'm gonna break the law enforcement pact, but I'm gonna kill you half a dozen times! What to do...... fuhia!!

Keith suppressed the winning night and let Manguri pose.

Let him spread his legs from there to lick his butthole to his vaginal mouth and cries with terror.

"Oh, my God! I didn't know you were gonna move. Oh! Ugh, oh! Hiyah!! Not now! Not again! Oh! Ahhh! Ahhh!

Thus Keith let the nightingale agitate twice with his fingers and tongue, but he also ejaculated with his hand again after taking a counterattack.

We ended up continuously in a short time with each other, so with a little tiredness,

"Now... three times at a time, Master Nightingale"

"Ugh... Ugh! I'm not a fool, I'm practically a fool! Ahoy!

"It's better that way."

The two continued to fold into bed and kiss each other as they said that.

With tongues that licked each other's pussies, they swung through each other's throats.

It was as if that was a good word between lovers, and Nightingale didn't realize at all that what she was doing was an act of love.

He didn't know at night that his tail was entwined with love on Keith's leg.

It feels good. I thought Keith came up with a body and a mind.

"I knew the showdown had to be decided by rubbing the genitals together...... this is the real thing"

"If I say a genital confrontation or something, I'll bump..."

"...... well then, the nocturnal nursery is my gambling penis, it's a battle!!


Nightshade didn't seem to care that Keith was abandoning herself again at some point.

On the contrary, he's trying to spread his legs and try his last showdown with Keith, feeling more natural that way.

The little arm wraps around Keith's neck and kisses him when he finds his penis touching his vaginal mouth.

(totally done, well)

Keith, who giggled heartily that it was according to the plan, gently kissed his lips back at night and proceeded with his hips gooey.