"Not at all!! Sister Ka is always oh bye!!

Nightingale continued to vomit her stupidity about her sister as she puffed.

The next morning, when Keith and Nightingale fought a spectacular battle, the two returned softly to Ka's room, still asleep from drunkenness.

By the way, the second battle played in the morning combined this with another draw.

"Damn!!" he said at night, but that face seemed a little happy for some reason.

That's how you look at Kazan when he wakes up and says he was here all right.

It is a night when she is a completely bad daughter.

Those three were having breakfast and we were talking about what we were going to do.

"... wait a minute!... yeah... yeah... hey, can you believe it, asshole!

Suddenly Kagi started talking to herself. Keith and Nightingale soon realized that was what was happening.

In front of the two of them, Kagi continued the conversation.

"Ugh! Back!! Ugh, we had an affair!!... of which... Huh?... Yeah, yeah? I don't think so, because Al... but..."

Keith somehow figured out, "Oh, this is a pattern that ends after you say you love me."

Because the smell of this Kagi is the same as Aisha's!!

"Ho, tell me you really love me!! I love you about us! Best in the world...... oh, for fuck's sake, dude, don't say it right no!!... hehe"

See? I thought so. When I looked at the nightclub, I held my head and ate the bacon for breakfast.

"Then I only want to forgive you this time!! Just this once?... you know... when I get home, I'm full of... hugs, okay? Etsy, too? Our new underwear."

"Sister!! My voice leaks!! Yeah, let it be!!

to his sister's words. Still, Nihella laughed and waved, Kazan

"Farewell, I'll be right home! Let me get you a bedroom. Yeah, yeah, I like that."

That's what I said, cut up my readings, and when I looked over at the two of them, I put the seemingly refined food in my mouth from one end to the other.

And chew the mougu, then pour it in with soup,

"We're going home. Sorry about the night."

Get up, just to be clear. It was Keith as well as Nightshade who panicked about it.

"Oh, that! It's good to have you back... to tell King Mashua that I brought you back..."

"Oh wait... uh, paper, pen, paper and pen... now yeah"

Kagi hands it to Keith by writing a word with a pen on the paper napkin of the meal: "SUMMAHEN".

"I showed you this. I'm not convinced. And then, well, the nightcap is appropriate."

"Wah, no!? Why would you do that?!

"What is this! One moment please!! I, King Mashua, will piss you off. Absolutely!!

"Oh no!! Ugh!! We are nowhere near the same now!! Uh-oh and ho, so darling is leaving us!! Don't go home. It's gonna shrivel."

Nani. and they were about to penetrate, but by that time Ka Hao had instructed the steering room to return to their homeland.

The crew quickly turned the ship to the country with a heartfelt face when they could return to the country where their families were.

As the boat moves out, Nightingale and Keith rush to the Nightingale boat with transfer magic.

"Ho ho ho ho!!" he waved to Keith, who throws up his freshly eaten breakfast, and his sister at night. "Stop being such a stranger - I'm the best of you -" he went back to the sky singing.

And the story goes back to the beginning.

wiping napkins at angry nights and spitting mouth,

"Ugh! Yabe...... I gelo wiped it with a letter to the king!!

and panicking Keith. Such a pitiful look on Keith at night.

"I don't know what to say to Mashua..."

Keith and I returned to our private room after instructing Gallo, who came, to change his destination to Seimrad.

But as I came up with it, I gave Gallo instructions again, and I looked at Keith and laughed lightly.

Keith tilting his neck, but the question cleared up quickly.

ship across the street, and where Keith was brought,

"Ugh... wow..."

It was such a fine natural hot spring that my voice leaked unexpectedly.

A hot spring in a cliff about five minutes from where the airship was mounted, with Keith flying.

It's in a cut off place where even monkeys can't come. There at night the monkeys held it. When they descended with Keith,

"It's a hot spring that Noon made when he fought Loggia all 100 years ago. It's not the only secret water."

"... Is Loggia a Patriot Loggia? Of the heroes of the Balsen Empire?

"What? Does he take such a big name? You're a good muscle man, aren't you?

The Patriotic Ghost Loggia - a legendary hero who was the son of a slave but defended his country from the invasion of the great country of Crucia.

At the end of the day, it was considered a mystery, but I didn't know the Nightshade was fighting and knocking it down... and now I get a cold sweat on my luck.

At night in front of Keith, who is thinking about it, he hurries off his dress and dives into the hot spring when he is naked.

He even seems fine to be naked in front of Keith anymore.

Stand up in the hot water, show your thin body,

"Keith!! One more fight here before I go home!! This is the victory land of Non! I don't feel like losing because I have good luck!! Ha-ha-ha."

That's definitely an invitation to sex, but I'm running out of words that night cunts are a battle. So Keith got on with it, too,

"... I'm going over the legendary hero now!! Ugh!!

I also take off my clothes and go into the hot spring, hugging and kissing the nightingale.

The night cuddled to Keith's upper body and sweetly tangled up to his tail to devour the kiss.

"Kifu, Natsuki, Rasuki, Rasuki... I, Kifu are the best... Rutsuki, Chipu"

Call conditional reflex "like". Keith gets up and rubs his cock out with his penis as he strokes his cock at night like that.

Now, when those two are starting to indulge in sex by the name of battle, in Seimrad.

"Ugh... Ugh... Keith. Well... Keesa. Well"

Nia was crying to me in her own room.

They took Keith away in front of him for an entire day already, during which time the message remains unknown.

I immediately informed Mashua and said, "I'm fine. Leave it to me," but you won't be anxious and anxious.

Because Nia knows. That Keith has a very important magic trick and that he is being chased by the Order of Evil after it.

I don't know how many times I've thought about telling my father that. But they say it's an absolute secret, so I can't tell you.

But if Keith was in more danger because of what he didn't say. If I had been tortured... and my penis ripped off my body.

"Ahhh! Keith, well... I... Uh-oh! What do we do, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

You can't let me into the crying Nia room, with the troubled samurai and Aisha.

Aisha still wanted to travel to find Keith, but she couldn't even guess.

Most importantly, it's not like the next taker won't be after Nia.

(Keith... you would definitely protect Master Nia... you would say that)

Touch the ring again that you may not have touched many times, Aisha calms herself down.

Then the door of the room gently opened and Nia turned up.

The samurai try to speak up, but before that, Nia...

"Aisha... I just want to talk to you two... can you?

"Huh? Yeah. Okay."

When she enters the room, Nia sits in bed and lets Aisha sit next to herself.

Aisha gently shook her trembling little hand. Then Nia looked with tears at the escort knight,

"Oh, you know... Aisha, so I'm telling you... you can never tell anyone else, can you?


"It's a promise! Never say it!! Promise me!!

"... Yes. If that's what Lady Nia says."

Nia decided to snort at the words. Keith's secret.

For Nia, Aisha is indeed the same for her sisters. Simply being together is longer than my father or mother.

So only to Aisha... I thought I could reveal a secret even if it didn't have to be everything.

It was impossible for a young princess elf to carry any more secrets alone.

"... Master Keith knows why I was caught."

Aisha's face solidified in amazement at the sudden confession.

"Master Keith, you have dangerous magic tricks. That's what they're after from the Sorcerer's Order... so..."

Aisha sensed everything here - I was curious.

That's why Keith suddenly gave himself the Devil's Sword Gilead, and also because of his intense cheating habits.

I'm sure Keith gave me the Devil's Sword so that Aisha alone could protect herself at that time because she was being targeted for her life.

And the cheating habit must be intense because "I raise the fever on one woman and don't let her be considered important and held hostage"!!

Yes, it is. I'm sure it is!! That's how it's decided!!! Yet I...

Nia jumps into Aisha's chest, which bites his teeth,

"Wow, I... I knew... that Master Keith was in danger... and yet no... uhh"

"Dear Nia... No, if you're going to say that, I couldn't move a step either, while I was beside you then... I... whoever says I am!!!

The two girls holding each other tight kept making endless mistakes.

Meanwhile, around that time, the samurai pet was cleaning her husband's room.

The king's orders were to destroy the room if there was any clue.

At the time of making it, I was glad that Nightingale had destroyed the demonic props in the photograph.

That's how they clean up the vandalized indoors. Its face is bright blue and is likely to fall even now.

"Beh, Mr. Berna. I'm going down... I'm going back to my room."

Turning to Lou's words, Berna was even more faceless than usual.

"No... when your husband came home, the room stayed like this... this... hey... backwards"

That's all Berna got into the floor. And I cry out like a child.

"Mr. Berna!!

A grain of tears pounds on Lou rushing over.

"What do I do, my lord... you're dead... I, I don't... Uh-oh"

"It's okay! As I said earlier, when your husband dies, I know who I am!! I'll tell you because I'm a demon!!

This is a true story. By the way, being a senior user demon makes it possible to move shadows and go to my husband, but Lou can't do that.

Lou sees Berna's expression like this for the first time and doesn't know what to do.


"Look, look! You can touch the meatball!! Pumpkin!!

"Ugh... if you die... I die too... I don't want to live No"

"Don't say that!! Oh, that idiot husband...... damn!

Lou jumped out when he gave Berna a handkerchief.

To be honest, I didn't want to make a debt, but when I got here, I couldn't help it.

"No more... I don't want to see anyone's tears... I want everyone to smile!!!

The place that rushed that way was in front of the eight hundred houses in the city of Seimrad.

There was one big tiger cat sleeping in the sun. Lou speaks to the cat in cat fairy language.

"Meh, Kat, you. Meer, Kat, you. The same loyalty to my companions with meatballs, the same love"

Then the tiger cat opened his thin eyes and glanced at Lou.

"... what can I do for you, kid..."

Low, the voice of the fierce warriors frightened Lou, but

"... I want to use the Cat Fairy Network."

"... follow me"

Lou never follows his will to the sly motion of the raised tiger cat.

Well, on the other hand, around that time, the lady had her arms suppressed by Donna in the mansion room.

"Yes!! Let go!! Let go!! Wow, who says I won't look for Keith!!

"No, that's why I'm looking. Where are you going?!? I don't even know where I've been, but I'm going to find you!!

"That stuff!! The power of my love should guide me!!

"I don't even have one. Stop relying on the Force!! Otis is the one where your daughter gets lost!!

Extremely special, but more than that, in Seimrad now there was an agreement to refrain from going out to the nobles and others like them.

Because the kidnappers always show up once, and they don't know who they're after.

So Leonora, a princess of one country, though a small country, should not go out in particular.

The Mansion is surrounded by soldiers that Mashua specially put on.


"Keith!! Keith is waiting for my help! I can hear you!! The voice of Keith calling me!! There's a voice for help!!! Keith, I'm coming now!!

"Lady!! That's a vulgar fantasy!! Don't go!! Don't ask!!!

"Ha-na-na-na-na-na, good, good!!! Uhhhh!!

Shake her big tits all the way. Leonora kept listening to her darling Keith.

Keith, who is spreading confusion on people that way, said what he was doing at that moment.

"Ha-ha-ha!! Ugh!! Night!! Nightfall!

I was waving my hips hard.

In the station valve state, hold the body of the light nightcap and continue rubbing the vaginal wall toward the back with it inserted.

An exceptionally thickened meat stick rambles and scratches around the young vagina.

Keith's neck with his hands around him and his legs and tail tangled in his body at night seemed to feel good about it.

But I can afford Keith because I've already ejaculated him once with a fera.

"Heh, heh! Mm-hmm!! Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm! Oh, shush!! No way!! Oh, my goodness!! Oh, uh-oh!!

The little body of the nightclub trembles in the pleasure of being poked straight through the mouth of the uterus from a vaginal wall rub and each time the gut rises.

"Keishu!! I like it, suki-yah... I love it, come on... uhh!! Huh!!

Keith asks as he slows down and kisses his hips.

"What do you like... is it me? Or my penis?

It was a night of confusion between rough breaths on the first question asked, but somehow soon I knew how to answer it.

"... it's up to Keith himself... this ampontane... chu, chu pu"

"Thank you, Nightshade. Glad to hear it. I like it too."

Divine Proverbs Eye tells me that the likes are not lies.

At night when he learned about sex because he was inexperienced in love, he did not know that there were various "likes" of a man.

So somehow I knew that word wasn't a lie, and I didn't even know what it meant for my vagina to cum tight and my uterus to come down.

"Ahhh!! Why not? It was so tight!! What the fuck!! Come here, come here! Again!! Stupid!! Ahhh, ahhh!!!

There is no fine dust in the disgust like when I first cursed at night. It is a sweet curse.

Keith waves his back hard as he hears the words, making him blame the night cunt.

Repeatedly kissing with the vagina back blamed and rambling your penis up,

"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Kita!! Kita!! Ahhh!! Keishu, ahhhhhhh!! Ki-shuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Uhhhhhh!!!

He let his little body bounce in a grand way, and the station valve fuck ended the night.

Keith soaks properly in the hot spring as it is in that state. My hips, arms, and legs were so weak that I couldn't stand.

Then, at night when I was breathing in the acme, the chirp swept sweetly like a gobbling cat.

Keith was a good boy. When I gave him a good boy, all of a sudden his hips started to move obscenely at night.


Surprised Keith laughs at night with a cheerful face.

"I think... what the hell? You'll see... hehe, on my heel, Nguyen Chu"

He blames me for keeping his penis tight kissed with an ACME vagina that was about to ejaculate in the station valve.

Keith stared contentedly at the night when he kept thinking it was a battle even though he was doing something totally horny and moved his hips as well.

Thus, at the same time, the battle will be carried over again at the same time.

"Huh! Mm-hmm!! Keishu, Keishu!! Phewah!!

Keith giggles like a dragon on his side now, touching his nipples at night, calling his name and hugging him.

There was an outside road where I had no idea what to do with my four daughters crying worried about me.