I tried my best to get rid of the dirt that wouldn't fall inside Nia and did my best to deodorize the magic to get rid of the smell.

Keith went back to his room once he decided to stop doing everything with the momentum then.

Activate to get tired and sleep before heading to Nia's room.

In addition to Nia, the room featured Aisha and Berna, as well as other accessories to match the dress the samurai had tailored to wear to New Year's Eve ceremonies.

Say hello and head to Nia and Mashua's room as soon as possible.

Keith spoke to Nia, who was now able to summon the ancient spirits, but still looked anxious or dark-faced.

"It's okay, I tried so hard. I'm sure you can."

"... yes, right? Yeah! That's right! I worked so hard with Master Keith, I'm absolutely fine!!

"Yes," she said to Nia, who raised her face and told her to tell herself again and again. That's the intention! "Cheer up.

"Um... Dear Keith, Until you go to your father's room... Um, even if you hold hands..."

"Heh? Oh, yeah. Of course."

Keith, who gently returns it, put out his hand and wrapped Nia's little hand all over it.

Nia, who seemed happy, felt courage and energy gushing from the back of her body.

Aisha, on the other hand, staring jealously at the two of them from behind, had completely forgotten that it was really a scene where she had to be angry.

That's how they got to Mashua's room. The three ask Fraser to go indoors through the conversation.

The main elf species that spend time with their families over the years, just like the Holy Tree Festival, do not host particularly large parties.

If you are in the great Donelusian kingdom among the elves, for example, you call your ministers and military personnel to party with your family, but in Seimrad you see a glitzy new year scenery every year without it.

So again today, Mashua, who was thinking of the last words to speak to his subordinates, and Keith, nervously in front of Mia, who was being consulted, began to explain.

What Nia told me because she wanted to use ancient spiritual magic, and that she worked desperately hard to master it.

When I asked, Mia said, "Nia, you mustn't bother Keith, right?," he said gently.

Mashua nodded at it too, but Keith ran out of words, "That never happens."

"It is also my pleasure to give magic to the princess. I've never felt annoyed before."

That would be so much fun to fuck.

I didn't know that. My mom and dad were purely impressed that they were thinking of my daughter.

"So be sure," Keith bowed his head to the two who were impressed. Nia, who was watching, also gives Mashua a a serious look, "Please, Father".

"But... that magic is for Nia"

Keith told Nia that this was his chance to do the magic of summoning the ancient spirits.

I was nervous, Nia, but clearly this princess is a genius. I will not jerk off twice what I did once.

I let him summon the ancient Spirit in front of Mashua and Mia brilliantly.

to parents solidifying in surprise. Nia is

"I did my best!! Me... I did my best! So."

Please, Mia rushes over to Nia, bowing her head.

"It's amazing... Nia, it's amazing. Well done, I'm glad to hear it."

Mashua also came there and stroked Nia's head,

"Oh, really... I don't know this far in this short time..."

After that, I turned to Keith and did what I couldn't possibly do as king. I bowed my head.

"Thank you, Keith. Thank you so much. As a father, not a king, I thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Both Keith and Aisha were surprised by this, but Mia lowered her head herself in tears, and Fraser watched it flat.

In this way, Nia was able to get recognition, and the parent-child performance was realized at the new year's ceremony.

Keith, relieved, returned to his room as he left Aisha with his three parents and children.

At the end of the year, there will be no special voice calls to the subordinates - it is done together during the Holy Tree Festival - and today we will be completely free.

I put him out to Nia until this morning, and now Keith was called out on his way back to his room saying he could finally rest.

They called me "Keith" in a very low voice, and when I turned around, Roana was looking at me in the shadow of the pillar.

"Ah? Roana? What's the matter, sir?

As he approached him, in the shadow of the pillar, Roana hugged Keith.

"Hey, hey, what's up, all of a sudden"

"It's not all of a sudden... I've had a lot of breaks around the corner... and I can't see you at all"

"Yes, no, no, no, no. It's magic to the princess."

When I said that, Roana looked like a jerk.

"With that said, you must have really been close to that escort knight's daughter... yes, you should have a younger daughter anyway..."

Keith whispered in his pointy ear as he smelled his hair when he hugged him from himself as well, thinking the way he was obstinate looked really mature.

"There's no reason. I've been really busy. So I thought I'd give Roana a reward she could put up with a lot."

Reward. When she heard the word, Roana reacted to her body as if she were a strangled dog.

Slice your thighs into a keith in a slice, swallowing the saliva accumulated in your mouth and increasing the force to cuddle.

"I'm sorry...... because Keith won't be here to see me, miss me"

Keith, who had just come to see Mia's mother, her sister, laughed with pleasure as she was surprised that her sister, Roana, was delving so far.

"Okay. I'm sorry, but I can honestly reward you."

Keith said so, taking Roana to a certain place. It used to be a toilet with Aisha and Sita.

"This is where you do it?" I was surprised Roana, but as soon as I entered the private room and kissed her, she burned up and tangled her tongue violently.

Her face is lit by the feeling of her tongue, which does not involve Lucholcho, and Roana is excited to say that she is doing this in the bathroom.

Roana, who kisses Keith from the top as he sits on the toilet seat, had already begun to moisten her.

"Fuchu, um, Roana, which one do you prefer? Sex and reward, if you like either, I'll do it for you, right?

"Okubi, okubi, okubi, okubi, okubi"

There was no more majesty when it first suited the sweet nagging voice. There was just a woman who wanted to have a wandering relationship with the person she liked.

With her hips slightly behind her, Roana opened in front of Keith's pants, taking her penis out of the inside and salivating towards it.

Roana uses both hands to cleverly handle up the saliva that fell off the meat stick as she spreads it with a nullity on her own hands.

"Here!! Fuho!! Oh, oh!! Ha!!

This is what mature women mean!! Keith exhaled unexpectedly at the fingertips that seemed to

"How do you feel? Feel good?

Keith replies with a groan to Roana, who smiles and asks.

"Nah... Ro, Roana... too used to this... this! Hey, it's good!! Ah!"

Keith, who accidentally praises Roana for her handjob, couldn't contain the cowper overflowing from the tip.

Even in the meantime, Roana drips her saliva regularly and lets the meat pole harden and swell.

As the turtle head blackens out with cowpers and saliva, Roana confirms her hardness satisfactorily and whispers in Keith's ear.

"Jubilee, right? Hey, reward me."

Keith gently touched Roana's meat hole with his hips up, remembering his fear that he had awakened the 300-year-old slut.

Roana's vaginal hole, which raised her voice small in the cut, was not sufficient but moist and wet.

Keith said he could do this. He shifted the crochet portion of Roana's panties rolled up his skirt to the side and aligned the tip of his erect penis in the honeyhole position.

You don't have to say anything. Roana lowered her back, exhaled and buried a meat stick in her.

"Ha... Huh!... Ahhh! Keith...... Ugh!!

Put your hands on Roana's hips and bury them all.

"Ha... I knew it, it's getting so fat... nah, it's falling apart... ahh"

Besides not being a vaginal blame since I got my butt on you, we were both feeling tight because it wasn't enough wet.

But Roana turns her hand around Keith's neck, kisses him, and goes up to herself as she deludes it.

As Roana releases her lips and looks at her jitty eyes as she kisses her around there thinking she's used to it unlike Aisha on the boulder.

"Now you've been thinking about the other daughters..."

"Iyadana, Sonnawakenaide Show"

"... silly... sayin 'man"

Roana started to move her hips up and down when she said so. He shook his back obscenely to make himself feel alone, as if he were kicking other women out of Keith's heart.

The menstrual vagina also accepts fat penises flexibly, quickly rubbing them and changing the shock they can spread and thrust up into pleasure.

Roana honestly accepts that a feeling similar to sweet paralysis runs up from her vagina and kisses her repeatedly.

Keith felt Roana's vaginal meat increase the amount of love fluid and tangled her tongue as she reached for her breasts and rubbed slowly.

"Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh"

Roana began to feel genuine and let go of her lips and gasp as she concentrated on blaming her kiss on her breasts, leaving the hips shaking to Roana.

"Ah, mmm...... mmm!! Mm-hmm! Oh, uuch...... uuch!! Ahhh!!"

Keith, with her hands around Roana's butt from her breasts, grabs the butt tab with both hands to help with the piston.

Roana screamed as she moved her ass up and down and pushed her hips up as she sat down, rubbing at a different angle than before.

"Hiaah!! Mm-hmm, yeah, ahhh!! No, ki-su, ki-su!! Tough, tough oh!! This, ahhhhhh!!

"Why not? Don't you like being strong?

Roana shakes her neck to the side in Keith's inquiry.

"Suki...... Hmmm!! Just like...... ahhh, ahhh, no, uhh!! So... more, more... I want to be like this."

Keith laughed and kissed Couscous at the age of 300, who raised her voice sweetly as if she were a girl.

Then he takes his lips to his ear and whispers, "You're sweet," and shakes his ear.

When Saho's ears were licked, his vaginal sensitivity also increased, and Roana kept waving her hips with her spine zoomed.

"Kisu!... Keith!! Hold him tight... he's gibberish... huhhhhhh!! Hmm, uhhhhh!!! Keesh, uh-oh!!

Her vagina shuddered small as she let go of her hand, which was grabbing her butt as she was told, and poked her hips up with Roana in her arms.

Looking icky, Keith releases his tongue from his ear and returns it to his lips, licking and coveting it to devour Roana's insides.

Already from inside Roana, the love liquid was flooded with drooling, wetting Keith's groin in moisture.

The stick of meat thrusting up is donned out as she shows a reaction to the feeling of trembling and tightening on the vaginal wall.

Vaginally choked by an eggy geese neck, rubbed and poked, Roana left herself to the waves coming from the depths without overwhelming her pleasure.

"Ahhh!! Mm-hmm!! also, uhh... no more dah... yep!! Ah, ah!!! Keith, KISUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

With her fingers firmly on her back, Roana greeted her vaginal acme with Keith's shine on her.

My vagina is gnawed all over my mid squid and I'm ejaculating on my penis. Keith poked his hips up against that vagina and ejaculated inside Roana, who used his cramped vagina like an onaho.

"Phew... ugh, oh. Oops...... kuuuuu!!

Dobby, Dobby, Dobby!! and semen released from the raised golden balls ran through the urethra and polluted Roana's vagina.

Keith and Roana kissed each other again and kept jiggling as the mucous membranes shook happily at each other.

Then, all of a sudden, Roana hacked up her face,

"What, Erne!? Oh, uh, now? Mother, right now, I need to use the bathroom... Huh? Oh, yeah, right, I'm sorry. I'll be right there."

Suddenly, when I said something to Keith, he pulled out a meat stick, stood up, wiped his groin with toilet paper, and looked sorry for Keith.

"I'm sorry, because Erne's calling... I'm so sorry"

That's what I said. I left the bathroom.

"... wow... I became a mom in an instant... I can see a woman ~..."

Hopefully Keith walked out of the bathroom when he wiped his groin.


As I took a breath and walked down the hallway towards my room, Berna walked in from the other side.

It's a palace with fewer people because it's the end of the year, so when I follow you out loud, Berna notices and rushes over.

In his hand was a box containing demonic spirit stones. I guess it was on the way to replenishment.

"Is it your job? It's tough."

Berna says yes to Keith smiling and shuts up.

As usual, Keith, who had a long physical relationship, realized he was grumpy at the owner's account.

"Duh, what's wrong?

"... I heard you dated Master Aisha"

"Heh? Ah, oh. Yes, you did."

"... so I thought you could take me for a walk..."

A walk is that array that goes to pee naked with a seal and tail on it.

I consider such a thing to be the same as a date, Berna, which has become a tremendous thought in the last six months.

Keith was slightly surprised by it,

"Oh, 'cause, you see, I think you know, I, uh, magic the princess."

When I made an excuse, I checked that Berna wasn't there, and then I approached her and leaned over.


I'm scared of this girl.

Berna stares up faceless at Keith, who pulls it off a bit.

"To other bitches...... I give you penis milk...... I have none?

Keith's groin hurts so murky that he just put it out into the terribly lewd language of the luxurious Berna.

"... I'm on my way to work, so it's just your mouth, right?

When I said that, Berna said "wow" and nodded.

Guided by Berna, Keith took off his pants on the spot, going to a small room nearby.

Then Berna stands on her knees on the floor and helps.

The dark horny odor of Roana, which had been inserted until just now, drifts puffy as I lower my pants and pants.

Berna looked up at Keith,

"... my share of milk... is there any left?

She asked me worryingly.

"Yeah, there's nothing left at all. If it's for Berna even if she doesn't stay, hey!! Oh, hi."

As soon as he heard the words for Berna, the pet elf contained a dirty meat stick in his mouth.

Though I wipe it once, I just put a meat stick in my mouth that still tastes and smells like Roana's female honey and move the nettle and tongue.

The thickness of the meat gradually increases when the sensitive turtle head area is intensively licked. Berna then twisted the thickest bite of the goose neck with her tongue tip.

Berna stashes her saliva in her mouth to knock out the smell of the other bitches from this meat stick and sips it herself as she applies it.

Every single one of the blood vessels, every wrinkle, was carefully licked and eventually, by the time it was completely erected, Roana disappeared from the meat stick and Berna was the only one.

I keep drinking Cowper, who came smiling just a little bit happy that he was faceless.

"Ohijinhimanoji... Nha, Re, Nero-chu, Ee-chu, Nh-chu... Oi-hi-no"

Keith shook his hips just a little as he put his hand on his head to Berna, who began to pinch his repeated penis to the back of his throat.

Berna then moves her gaze from her penis to Keith, leaving her hand open and just clasped with her mouth.

Then you pull out the power in your body,

"Ro, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

I'm going to take the back of my throat rape.

There's no way Keith won't answer such a favor, when he holds Berna's head with both hands.

"When you get to the right limit, tap your legs."

He called out and waited for Berna to snort before slowly poking his hips in.

"Ooh... ooh, ooh, ooh... ooh"

The slow intrusion, which was more painful than poking hard, instantly moistened Berna's eyes and vomited hard.

That's how Keith put the feel of his throat in until he felt it tipped in. He stopped his hips there and waited for a while.

Berna's face gradually turns red, tears overflow from her eyes and runny nose.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."

A choking voice leaked, and Keith pulled back and pulled out her penis as Berna tried to slap her leg at the limit.

"Buh!! Oh, oh!! Ha! Ha! Ha!!

Keith closes his salivated penis to his face as he opens his eyes and strokes Berna's breathing head.

Then Berna sipped it in her mouth again before she could breathe, sipping her saliva and swallowing it down to the back of her throat.

"You're a good boy. Berna is really a good girl."

Satisfied Keith now grabs his head hard and pistons his hips hard as well.

Whenever the heck and hips move dumbfoundly, Berna's throat says, "Ogu, oogu!!" and sounded like he was dying.

However, Berna at the time was causing that expression to wander in suffering and was beginning to get her groin hot and wet.

I want to be hammered into a straight line towards my stomach like this. I want this mouth and stomach to be Keith's Zamen toilet.

Berna was endlessly excited by the delusion of being done so.

I keep putting up with it, whether it's going to suffocate, whether my stomach fluids go up and my tongue gets bitter, or it's going to be bitter and leaky.

"Berna!! Can you still go? That's amazing, Berna!! Berna Awesome!! It feels amazing!!

Keith's voice made Berna endure more. I was so expensive that I thought I could faint like this.

In fact, there is a splash of chickens and sparks in front of me, and I can't seem to think properly.

(Chi... I'll lose it... Chimochi no...)

Berna was genuinely incontinent then.

Keith's excitement rose when his panties and skirt spreading urine wow,

"Oh, this, yuck...... Berna!! I'm going to faint...... but oh!! Oh, now Ike!! From Ike, good luck Berna!! Berna!! Berna ah!!!

With that voice Berna tried to pour the released semen directly into her stomach, keeping her sane.

But on the way up, I swallowed a great deal, and the salmon popped out of my nose.

When Keith pulled out his penis in a hurry, Berna, roughing her breath with a moist look, made a nose lantern with semen and was puffy.

The smell of incontinence and water had reached Keith from under his sitting feet.

"... porn... yes, but it's cleaning again..."

After all, Keith, who was too fucked, approached Berna in a state of relief and, not to be afraid, started where he wiped his face.