Aisha tried to return to her room satisfied that the day had ended without incident.

I'm with the ladies at the end of my assignment, so I'm with them until I'm on my way, but these days I get caught up.

Krone and the others want to leave Aisha and Berna alone.

And I can stare at it with some excitement as I stare at it far-flung.

That's not all, soldiers and servants are sent a gaze that says, "I knew it," and the maids see it with weird eyes.

What a real love letter I got for my new maid before this.

The contents read "Please make me the same sister as Mr. Berna" and I got goosebumps for real.

Aisha looks like this and the contents are perfect maidens. I have no taste in you at all.

"... it's all Keith and Berna's fault."

So when I vomit stupidity, Berna has a flat face,

"Right. I'm sorry."

I bow my head next door to the dust. As for Berna, I'm happy that not a single man has spoken recently.

After all, your husband is a genuine pet elf who always thinks he will have the best hands available.

Those two walked down the hall with Tobotobo, and Aisha went to her room. Berna accidentally sounded on her head when it became a split path to the quarters.

We both immediately realized that was Keith's story and changed the way we walked face-to-face.

Apparently, they're together today.

When Aisha knocked about the room, the door opened and Keith turned up.

Keith's expression is somewhere dark, and neither Aisha nor Berna can help but raise their voice "Ah".

Keith called out to the two worried people, "Go ahead," and let them in the room.

I knew Keith would show his dark back to the two of us who would look at each other again and then go into the room.

When I got here, I couldn't help but ask straight Aisha.

"What's going on, Keith? Hey, is something wrong?

"... tell me"

Berna also asks worryingly, but Keith says "nothing" and doesn't answer.

"It won't be anything else! Call me out of the blue and look at me like that!... I can't help you if you don't tell me what happened..."

"Whatever your husband is doing… I will do everything in my power to help you"

Aisha and Berna had completely different expressions but their thoughts were together.

If Keith committed a felony and had to leave this country, he was going to arrive even if he was guilty of the same crime.

Even if Keith was dyed in the path of evil - evil enough, but still Aisha and Berna would follow the same path.

That's how now these two elves are stained by a guy named Keith.

Keith shrugged back just a little to the way the two looked like that.

"... pretended"

"" What?

The voice of the black and white elves was hammered. I didn't know what words meant when I heard them for a moment.

No, I know what you mean, but I didn't know what was bothering Keith because of what it said.

"Pfft... Pfft... Huh? Is Keith here?

"Yes... I think I've eaten too much lately..."

"Yeah... well... hey!! Why do you look so serious with that!!!

Aisha barked. It is an increase in weight to such an extent that I did not feel it at all when I was recently held.

I can't believe it's getting so dark and bothering me.

"You are a woman!! This... I lost you worried, you idiot!!

When Aisha turned around a lot, the boulder Berna also had an atmosphere of saying she was a little jealous. Although the expression is faceless.

"My lord, there's no change in appearance, so I think that... I care too much"

"That's right!! Don't say bumpy about a few kilos more guys!! Man, what a piercing place!!

It is Aisha who says things like an aunt in the country.

"And whatever Keith is fat, I'm fine."

Berna nodded at Aisha, who I accidentally fell in love with.

"Yes. I'm fine, too. If your husband..."

"That's not true."

To Keith's whining, they said, "Huh?," he hammered his voice again.

"That's an absolute lie. You two stay young and beautiful... and I'm sure you'll throw me away when I'm fat."

Aisha was angry at this word.

"Don't be ridiculous, idiot!! You don't have to know if that titty bitch and think me or Berna is just looking at Keith!!

Don't forget to dis Leonora even in such a short dialogue. It is a boulder Aisha.

"... yes. Me...... I will always be by your side even when your husband is old. I'll take care of you."

And after all, Berna was heavy. Berna is genuinely willing to care for Keith, who has grown old.

"That being said, anyway... younger and cooler guys than fat old people..."

"Don't say it anymore, idiot!! Idiot!! I'd be pissed if I said any more!! Don't be angry!!

"... Changing your husband's appearance won't change me... just your husband all the time, will it?

I sincerely appeal to the two expressions. Keith wonders if it's time.

"If you say so much, please meditate your eyes..."

"What? Huh... why"

"Fine... or can't you?

Aisha was a little confused, but when she looked beside her, Berna had already closed her eyes, so she would do the same.

There is something gusty going on, and after a while I hear a voice saying, "Fine."

When you two open your eyes, there's...

"... so who are you!!

Fat Keith stood before Berna, who shouted Aisha and silently opened her mouth with Pocan.

No, it's not just fat Keith. It is true fat Keith who has made changes to the finer details since then.

The rough difference is that it thickened the entire body hair and retracted the hair instead.

All I had to do was get a little old for today. Simply put, he's becoming a fat bald father.

Keith makes a pitiful look at the two of them hardening into too many events.

"See, I knew it! That's how Aisha and Berna do it...... you can't love me so much!!

to the word. The two were hacked off the curse,

"No, no!! Wait a minute!! What the fuck!!! What's going on?!

"Your husband..."

"It's just hallucinogenic magic... more than that"

"That's not true!!... Kiss, Keith... you don't... you can't be that much!!!

Keith swelled his fat cheeks further to Aisha calling out his fingers.

"I don't know!! If I keep gaining weight like this, and what happens to my head!! In fact my father was bald!!

I can't argue with you when you say that. But I think nonetheless.

It was too ugly and tough. He looks just like the most loathsome type of senior official in the country of the human species that Aisha occasionally comes to the palace.

He's a middle-aged senior official who watches as he licks the elves around and also turns a nasty glance at Aisha.

Keith is turning into a man who looks like he wants to hit you by accident. I feel sick and about to cry.

I can't ask without expressions, but the shock was in Berna as well.

I wonder if that Keith is going to be like this in the future. First of all, that scalp sucks.

to the two in shock. Keith said again, "I knew it," then

"You're dumping me like this... so... so give me a gasp that the elf colored man holds me and I have no life!!

"I read too many weird books!! Ha, I did stutter...... that's all!! I'm just surprised you suddenly changed!! It's Keith... I'm fine."

That was like telling yourself.

"I'm fine, I'm absolutely fine," he repeats. Next to Aisha, Berna was thinking of something.

Keith gave those two the most important case of the day.

"Well, if you say you're fine... can you flirt with me like this!?

When I heard Keith's heartfelt cry, Aisha and Berna understood everything in an instant.

Oh, this guy wants to fuck himself in this look today......

As soon as I get there, all the words just now seem white and sigh out.

"Hey, what is that sigh!! Are you trying to say something!?

"Hey... Still no..."

"... kind of got annoyed"

If that's the case, I honestly wish I was. I can't help but get tired of hanging out with Keith.

The black and white elves, who had come completely used to it these days, turned to Keith's side when they looked at each other.

"You want to get excited about offending us with that look, don't you? Totally...... you're the same pervert!

"If that's the case, then you should have said so from the beginning... no hassle"

My bald father, who is about to be pushed down by the bed, is not left pushed.

"Yes, okay? In this appearance......"

"... that's what you want... I'm going out with you... because it's Keith."

"So if your husband is satisfied... I don't mind"

"Really!!? Well, then..."

That's what I said. I had a bad feeling about Keith bringing out the magic wand. I did, but it was already too late by then.

Keith was still better.


"Ugh... what is this... how can this happen!!

Aisha's cry woods the room, but the voice was younger than usual.

I have no choice. Because now Aisha is being revitalized and made young.

Keith, who suddenly took out the magic wand, misted his sleep, and when he woke up, he was like this.

That said, I'm not eight or nine years old like I was before. You look a little older, eleven or two.

Aisha, the brown girl, was forced to change Keith's special spobra into matching panties.

He's a pervert. It's been a while since I've looked next door cursing him with my heart that he's really a pervert, and there's Berna sitting a little bit about the same age.

Berna is a beautiful girl with a white, twinkly look, and the bra and panties are the cute, ribbon ones for girls to wear for the first time.

(Why am I here and Berna is arr... I wish I was cute too...)

Aisha has no sense of crisis whatsoever when thinking about it in this situation. It's time to be a real nasty lady knight.

Keith, bald fat, was getting ready for the magic prop with a cloak of pants, away from the two beautiful girls sitting in bed.

Of course, it is a copy of the magic prop. I made it for today.

The last time I enjoyed fat play in Nia, I thought this was the time and prepared a lot for its execution.

Fine hallucinogenic magic details, make underwear for Aisha and Berna - because it's perverse no matter how you buy it - and rebuild the magic props.

Until then, what Keith wants to fuck is a whore-flavored sex shoot with two beautiful girls, after all.

"Well, are you both ready?

After the installation of the magic prop, a fat vulture with thick hair sits between the two beautiful girls. And he holds his shoulder and shows it perfectly with demonic props.

The pants already show a sticky and erect shape, and the way such a man holds the shoulder of a rotten girl in underwear is too inferior and obscene.

"Look, Aisha and Berna both pieced towards that demon prop? Here."

Aisha seemed to stare at me unexpectedly in her humble voice, but before that Berna was piecing as she was told.

I thought this pattern would make me the only one to get rid of it again. Aisha makes a piece sign with her pitiful face and sees the demon props as well.

Keith, content to do what he was properly told, kissed Berna's face as it was.

Cheeks to lips, somewhat greasy Keith's lips and tongue ravage the poor Berna's temple.

Berna desperately tries to respond to it, but her little tongue can't cope with her thick Keith tongue.

"Huh... Ru, Chu, get out... whoa!! Humph...... chu"

A beautiful girl elf with blonde hair and a somewhat annoying feel seemed to have her lips offended by a bald fat man nearly tripled in volume.

With his lips salivated and defiled by Derodero. When Berna finishes kissing and breathes, there is a bald father, not a familiar Keith.

Somehow in a complicated mood, Keith turned to Aisha this time.

Aisha escaped a bit to the pressure of her suddenly approaching bald father, but gave up and overlaid her lips as her face approached.

A brown, yancha-like spobra girl kisses her bald father with her lips close from herself on top of each other.

Keith's tongue was inside Aisha's chest as she sucked on her lips with Tutsch.

"Ru, Chu, Pu, Chu...... Chu, Ru, Ru, Ru, Huh"

Keith's hand stroked Aisha's spine as she accidentally leaked her voice to Keith as she licked her mouth to tickle.

Normally, the delightful act was also somewhat complicated in this way today.

Keith, who also enjoyed kissing Aisha, was satisfied and stood up slightly from staring at the demon prop to take off his pants.

Bin! and when I saw my popping penis, Aisha and Berna muttered "ugh".

Keith's hair was all over there as a result of his attention to the fine details.

Naturally hallucinating, but with a definite pubic hair-filled erection penis for touch and appearance.

With his legs slightly spread and feeling, his father Keith, who took the hands of two beautiful girls to that hairy cock, let him hold the meat stick that was erecting.

Unlike the usual penis that is shaved, the feeling of the hair and the protruding tummy on it stimulates the hands of the two.

"Aisha, Berna...... sicco? Why don't we chill out, and then chill out?

It was Aisha and Berna who were starting to feel like they were being pranked by some really strange father.