He makes a petty noise from the stripper, looks at Aisha, and Keith says, "Oh!" I raised my voice.

A white bandu bikini suits my brown skin amazingly well and looks like I'm out of the picture.

I know very well that my chest and buttocks will look naughty and fleshy in my swimsuit at the back of my tight, wasteless body.

If you're a man, you can't help turning around. Keith sipped a saliva on a beautiful brown silver-haired girl elf walking in with her body,

"... Aisha, what is that swimsuit!

"Huh? Is this... weird?

"Weird, what happened to the bikini I gave you!! That bikini haha!!

Aisha mumbled her expression when Keith said so.

"Fool! Can you wear that!! What is that... Wow, you'll see it when it moves!!

When I came to the pool, the swimsuit made by Keith Mora, which Keith gave to Aisha, was a microbikini.

It's to the point where the critical nipples and Omako hide, and I can't abandon the possibility that if I move a little hard into my eyes, I'll slip away.

Keith was giving it to Aisha.

"Ugh!! I didn't know you had such a hidden ball if you thought you would receive it quite honestly!!...... Damn!!

I thought Aisha beat Keith, who seemed sincerely sorry, but I also regretted not getting any more praise than that.

This bathing suit was purposefully made by Berna for today.

Keith regrets it without praising it, even though the designs and colors were also prepared in corners by specifying them in detail for Berna.

"Fool Keith...... Hmm"

He was a whining Aisha, but Keith stood up exhaling "fu" when he regretted one thing.

"Well, okay. Aisha in that look is also pretty cute to say...... Would it be better if I could just see it?"

Suddenly praised for not even preparing her mind, Aisha was about to get bogged hot air out of her face.

I let my mouth awake and I don't know what to answer.

"Ah... Ugh, yah... then, silly!! Keith is what those swimsuits are!! You're filthy!! Heh heh!!

Aisha pointed out to Keith wearing a low-rise boomerang by way of example.

It doesn't illuminate like before, but it still makes me want to turn my back on too much mock-up.

"It's okay. Nothing, I'm not showing it to anyone but Aisha. You see, let's get started."

To Keith, who said so and offered his hand, Aisha looked around and held the hand as she clogged the words.

Walk along the poolside illuminated by the light of moonlight and pale magic made by Keith to the stair-like entrance.

As Keith went down first and waited backwards, Aisha hesitated only a little before going into the water.

Aisha, who walks in in raw warm water and squeezes Keith's hand, crosses her waist at a depth of

"Yes, okay! Don't let go!! if you don't... if you don't, it's me!! It's terrible."

"I know. I won't let you go."

"Say that and you... wow, you're fooling me! Ah, uhh... Ko, ooh!!

Keith couldn't help but laugh at Aisha, who panicked more than he'd ever seen before.

Aisha, who saw it, distorted her face tremendously,

"You're going to let go!! I'm willing to let that face go with a prank!! Wow, I'm up! No more!!

"I won't let you go!! I don't trust you."

He doesn't seem more scared than Nia, but he's still completely freaked out about drowning.

Sometimes I thought it was cute to say this, while Keith held Aisha in his arms, who called him drowning in a place not yet as deep as drowning at all.

"Look, we can't let this go, can we? It's okay, I'm definitely grabbing it."

Aisha nodded with a crying face at Keith, who spoke gently, to his chest.

Aisha can't even be forced to be like this. Because Aisha has never swimmed before.

It was when Keith found out about it that he was rebuilding the pool.

I had Aisha crush the bones of the evil dragon and they were warming up in the bath with me when I got back to my room.

"... hey, pool... if I fix it... its"

"Huh? Is it a pool? Right, when you fix it, call Berna and Leonora too and have fun with them!! It's gonna be fun."

"... Oh, you call that woman too... Ugh... I'm not going"

Aisha turned puy sideways in the hot tub she was in as she was facing each other.

"What?... Um, eh? Why?"

"... anything"

"Why not? I'm trying to rebuild the pool because I thought I'd have fun with the corner Aishas."

Aisha answers nothing to Keith in a pitiful voice.

Keith had trouble with it and couldn't say anything, but after a while Aisha told him to whine.

"... I don't want to look unusual... because I'm gonna laugh"

"Huh? I don't know... Huh? Aisha, can't you swim?

When Keith said so, Aisha glanced at him once, but soon he leaned down again.

"You know I've never seen the ocean..."

"So, but about the river..."

"Father... because I was born with a bad back and couldn't swim... he just couldn't teach me to swim... and I, a desert nation... don't lick a desert nation"

Keith gave him a good boy, a good boy, who wanted to give Aisha a kind of asexual stroke that was unusual and obstinate.

"What the fuck!! You're making fun of me!! Come on... well, that's okay... he said he couldn't swim... keep up the flirting in the pool with an exquisitely titted woman, you idiot"

"Aisha's not gonna go, but you're not gonna enjoy it, are you? I don't like it without Aisha."

"It's no use trying to get in the mood! Wow, I... absolutely"

"Well, I'll teach you. How to swim."


Thus the promise itself is actually Keith and Aisha, who were ahead of Nia.

Keith brought Aisha in this way as part of that second round, confirming the addition and subtraction of pool sex in Nia.

But you have to teach before you get scared like this. So Keith started teaching seriously.

But why are there all these elves around me who don't like swimming?

Keith blurred with his heart that he might not be able to porn properly, but still did just teach properly.

"I can't help myself. So, don't think I'm going to swim. It's just floating. Puka."

"No... Murray... 'Cause, wow, buh!!

Keith hastily held up Aisha, a toy if he drank water.

"Why are you drowning in a place where you can stand on your knees? You can stand up."

"Ho! Laho!! Don't make it easy, you idiot!! Laho!! Hey."

"Oh, look... are you okay?

Aisha said to Keith, who mops his back, "Enough!," he exclaimed with half a cry.

"I can't swim anyway! I've been a kanazuchi my whole life!! Let's go...... ugh."

"Why are you like such a child when it comes to swimming!? It's a big job so really!! Right?"

It must be my first experience of not moving my body the way I want it to be.

"Just one more time," Keith asked, grabbing Aisha's hand to go home. It's not something you can hate about the pool like this.

Aisha came looking hard, but Keith said he would never pull back and stared gently without looking back.

"Just one more time. Let's do our best, huh?

"... why are you so enthusiastic... I don't know what that means"

"Aisha and I might even go to the ocean now, right? I hate it when it's not fun."

"Hmm... because you want to do something nasty anyway"

He is Aisha who knows Keith very well. But even Keith knows Aisha very well.

Keith, who approached him and placed his hand on Aisha's cheek, laying his lips gently on top of each other,

"If you really don't like this one time, let's go back to your room. If Aisha really doesn't like it, I won't be forced to. But only once. Right?"

Aisha, calmed down a little by the kiss, thought silently and then went on to say "just one more time" instead.

"I'll do it again... another kiss... you should do it..."

Keith deliberately gave him a sweet, long kiss for cheap.

Eyesha follows Keith's instructions with great care when she exhales and says "yeah" after her lips are apart.

"Aisha can't force herself. Look, even swordsmanship is basic, right? Aisha told you not to push."

"I know, but... it's not gonna be easy."

"I'm holding hands, so Aisha kicks the floor and pulls her powers out. So, if you think it's dangerous, you can put your foot on it. Let's do it slowly."

As I was told, Aisha grabs Keith's hand and kicks him in the bottom of the pool to try to pull himself out of it.

But I'm scared and I'll put my foot on right away.

"That's fine. Slow down, Aisha can do it."

I tried over and over again looking at Keith's face smiling.

Then it became a little longer to be floating within it.

"I can do it. Awesome! Boulder Aisha!!

Whenever he could do a little, Keith praised him with great praise. Aisha tried to do the same thing with some pleasure despite the smell.

And a few times, Aisha was able to move on with a little float, even though Keith was holding her hand.

"Ooh!! Isn't that awesome!! You did it, Aisha!! Awesome!!

"If so, silly...... don't praise me for this position!... I'm ashamed to say no."

"No, this deserves praise! Awesome!! Aisha has excellent motor nerves after all. You can also snort that your body is beautiful."

"Your body doesn't matter...... don't compliment me on weird things"

Keith continued his words as he slowly retreated without stopping to pull his hand.

"It matters. Thin, supple hands and feet! Tight, limp hips! Yet feminine and plentiful breasts and butts!! You have a great motor nerve because you have such a perfect body."

Aisha has been embarrassed by Keith, who for some reason is only praising him today.

I come to the point where I say I've never been so praised. Not knowing what to answer, Aisha concentrated on kicking her leg.

At that time, Aisha slipped once when she kicked and tried to relax before, but Keith couldn't even put her face on the water because she was holding him properly.

"Are you all right? Doesn't your leg hurt?

Still, Aisha shrugged as she looked worried about Keith.

"Dude... why... are you so sweet today? That's weird..."

Hearing Aisha's inquiry, Keith looked kyotoned, but smiled immediately.

"Because you've been bothering Aisha with all kinds of weird plays lately. See, being an old man or being a child. I thought it was bad for me to hang out with my hobby."

"... sticky... because it's"

"I'm glad to be able to thank Aisha for accepting any me. Thanks for everything, Aisha."

"Ha... ahhh..."

"It's cute today, Aisha. That hairstyle looks great on you."

To get into the pool, it wasn't the usual ponytail, it was Aisha who made it into a sinyon.

"It fits that cute swimsuit, too. Aisha is so handsome and cute! Super beautiful."

"Also, no more!! Let him concentrate on swimming. Idiot!!!

Aisha thrust Keith away when, for some reason, tears came.

I couldn't stand to be praised any more. If it wasn't in the pool, I could have turned it upside down.

But Keith said, gently cuddling his body as he approached Aisha again, doing something fucking insane to scratch up his wet hair in the water.

"You promised not to let go. I'll never let you go, Aisha."

Moment Aisha screamed "hiha".

Say I worked out at the pool at night. I feel good there. I do this to my favorite Keith.

It is a sight I have always dreamed of. I thought there would never be a romantic scene like this.

And yet Aisha was about to fall when she thought she was actually playing that heroine role right now.

When I look up at Keith just in case I manage to fall, my favorite magician is smiling, who has a different vibe than usual with his hair stroked behind him.

Besides, my body is getting squeezed, and I look like a good man, I guess because my eyes are rotten. I repeat, my eyes are rotten.

Keith said to Aisha, who's going to lean down, "What's up?," he called out. Then,

"... Keith... Tomorrow... no more muscle... you can stop now"

"Huh? Why all of a sudden?

"... so... because if it gets any cooler... if Keith is any hotter... trouble..."

It is a concern. It is an unwanted concern. It is a mistake to a great extent.

But I meant what I was saying, Aisha. I'm seriously anxious.

If Keith cheats or tenders a woman by example, who has been more successful in the summer, the elves that go with the colors will definitely come out.

Especially if the pool is released. Keith must come in every day and fish for women.

Keith gave Aisha such a sense of anxiety more power to hold when she spoke up and laughed.

"Aisha's the only one who says that about me."

"That's not true! Even Berna...... even that titty bitch!! He thinks it's cool about Keith, so..."

"But I'd be content if Aisha only thought so. As long as Aisha thinks I'm cool, I don't care what anyone else thinks."

See you later. I'll say that again.

It's absolutely crazy today. Aren't you telling me to do something wrong again and delude it?

Don't you want to play weird again, please yourself, and then you're gonna have it?

It was Aisha, where all the evil pushes floated, but somewhere in my heart I had myself thinking that if we could both make this time alone, even if we were fooled, it would be our destiny.

The female knight, who is completely naked, has begun to provoke her mind and body in the pool.

I want you to hold me. I want to be pierced by this darling man as he is. Female instincts were seeking Keith in the womb.

Aisha hurriedly hugs Keith back as her painful uterus and vagina nearly zero honey.

"... Keith, hey, let's go back to your room..."

"Huh? I'm still on my way."

"... me... oh, you know... me..."

"Is it possible you're not feeling well?

He looked at me worried and said, "I want to! Aisha got in trouble because she couldn't say."

But if you're being held like this by the body you made me work out, my body is really getting hot and I can't stop it.

I fully understand that she doesn't like it. It sucks to lust while you teach me to swim.

(It's Keith's fault... yes, it's Keith's fault!... because it's weirdly sweet today... it's Keith who did this to me. That's why I'm making you take responsibility!!

Having made a terrible excuse for herself, Aisha lay her hands around Keith's neck and pressed her lips.

Inserting a big sucking tongue, Aisha turned her tongue from her own side and tangled it.

Chapchap, making noises with Lerolero in the shaky water and tangling his tongue. Aisha eventually stared at Keith with a howling face when she let her lips go.

"No more... Cancer... I can't... Keith, please... please"

"... I can't say no if I get kissed so hard."

Keith's groin touched Aisha's body as she pushed forward to press her hips. It was already starting to harden there.

That's what I want fast, and Aisha gives me an indelible look.

"If you use metastatic magic, it makes you sick... yeah, let's go over there. Just because the moonlight is beautiful."

Keith pointed to almost the same place he held Nia.

Aisha, who knows nothing, says, "Nobody's coming, right?" She nodded and replied after confirming.

Keith couldn't stop being about to get laid when he went up from the pool.

I didn't expect it to go as planned so far.

I've been playing weird to Aisha all these days, so I thought it was time to feed her.

I've always asked Icharab's favorite Aisha for a chance to play sweetly.

I didn't know that was coming at this time. Keith was purposefully playing a disturbed man when he realized that he was on his way to teach him how to swim.

And be careful not to overdo it. That is the best thing about Aisha.

Aisha, unaware that it was a lower species of thought, was put to sleep on a towel laid on the floor with water dripping.

The thighs are rubbed together in a slice.

Covered in a brown elf in such a ready swimsuit, Keith began kissing that brown neck muscle, whining with her heart "You can have it".