"Pool? I had a pool!?

Keith nodded to Leonora, surprised. Today is your study day with Leonora.

We headed to the mansion. When we could quickly fight one battle from the kiss about the room, the two took a bath together.

So Keith told Leonora that he had rebuilt the pool when he was talking about various things here these days.

Leonora looked sorry to hear that.

This opens up the difference between the palaces of Seimrad and Almas again.

But it's Leonora, so I'm going to make the best of it.

"Ma...... well! Because there is a beautiful lake in my country's palace! You can swim there, so there's a pool!

The vainglorious lady was adorable, and Keith moved her arms from behind to her chest and touched her nipples.

My body still smokes and I react sensitively to nipple irritation when I let him get as much ACME as I wanted in the first fight just now.

"Nha!... Phew... ki-soo"

"Oh, so Leonora can swim? Good swimmer?"

Leonora nodded in her gasp as Keith inquired as she pulled or pushed her nipples and breasts worth pinching as funny.

"Oh... I won't. No!! Hiyah!! Ha... from time to time, Naha!! Mmm, mm-hmm!! Good for you. Wow!!


Born and raised in Elf Territory, Keith was beginning to wonder if Elf was a bad swimmer.

If that's the case, Leonora and I can porn in the pool without stinking... I thought Keith rubbed up his hard, erect nipples hard.

"Then why don't you come swimming next time? With me at night because I have the keys... right? What do you say?

Leonora answered with a constant voice and desperation when she kissed her neck muscle and whispered in her ear.

"Ohh......!! Phew!! Oh, yeah!! I'm coming. Wow! Keesh...... come on, so, oh!! Huh!! Yup."

"Really! Looking forward to it. Hey, what swimsuit does Leonora have?"

"Nah...... ah, ah!...... KISUE, YES, DON'T mess with it!! No...... Hmmm!!... Euch."

Leonora, who has looked back and kissed him intensely, licks his lips off, and Keith looks naughty.

"Chu, chu... Leonora, you felt better earlier and you got shitty again... I can't believe you don't like it even though it's so beautiful"

"Oh, that's Keith!... You made me a bad daughter... so you have to take responsibility!!

Keith nodded "Yes," kissing Leonora thickly, who turned her body and hugged her in the form of a face-to-face seat.

From there, we played World War II in hot water.

That's how Keith returns to the palace when the libido quenching of her name, which she calls her study, is over.

Promise was to pick Leonora up tomorrow night with transfer magic and go to the pool with her.

Keith couldn't help but look forward to seeing what swimsuit Leonora would come in after all.

Is it a bikini for Orthodox after all? Or dare you, a piece?

Leonora's the reason you're here, but whatever it is, you're going to see those boobs in your swimsuit.

"Really, I'm glad I made a pool ~"

When Keith, floating and skipping, arrived at the palace and returned to his room, he had a visitor that night.

And the next night.

"... why?

Keith drowned a cold sweat at Leonora's angry, trembling whine.

I looked up at Keith, who was leaning down, and I glanced at Aisha next to him.

"Why is that disrespectful woman here!!

"What's wrong with being on the palace property I serve? If that's what you're doing, this trespasser in the middle of the night."

"Yes! Who is the trespasser!! I am officially invited here by Keith!!

"... hey Keith, you can't let a suspicious person in. That chest is too painful. Must be a new magic weapon or something!

"Hello!?... This, you brain miso muscle gorilla woman!! What is suspicious about my chest?!

"Everything!! Everything is suspicious at a time when I'm wearing a weird swimsuit that highlights such a valley!!

The Leonora swimsuit Aisha points out is white front zip type and the chest is too bold to open.

As much as Keith unexpectedly saw twice when Leonora came out of the strip yard to the power of the mighty valley.

Leonora, the boulder, thought this was anything, but he was wearing it with patience to embarrass Keith because he was happy.

Yet. Oh, and yet. Instead of just the two of us, for some reason, there is a disturbing bug number beside us, rubbing nasty brown skin against Keith.

Aisha was wearing Bolero today, not Bandu before this. This one was prepared for Keith without losing.

Aisha, staring at Leonora with her chest against Keith's arm, was giggling damned at being able to get in the way of this night.

I went to Keith last night and asked him to train me to swim again tomorrow, and he said a little tomorrow.

Knowing that he was going to Leonora's during the day, Aisha sensed everything with a lightning bolt running on his head.

Then I figured I'd interrupt you no matter what.

"Okay. Then tomorrow I'll practice alone! So give me the keys."

"Heh!? Ah... Huh? No, you can't! How dangerous it is to be alone! If I drowned."

"Well...... then I'll have Berna escort me! Berna said she could swim, yeah. Let's do that!

"Ha ha!?

Keith can no longer be honest when it comes to it, and Leonora honestly confessed tomorrow.

When I heard that, Aisha said, "Then we'll have fun together!" And this is what happened.

Keith brought this to the pool without mentioning it to Leonora at the time.

I had promised both of them that we would get along, but I thought it was too soon to let them see each other because they were two people who dislike each other every time.

It was Keith who sighed at the two of them who were still hustling and arguing.

Another elf came over when I heard a petting noise from behind thinking I was going to do it.

Berna, of course, but Keith fell in love with the way he looked.

A thin, busty, barely round buttocks, Berna appeared flat in a black transcendent microbikini.

Berna, walking in with Tech, begins to flex in that figure to further nail Keith's gaze.

Leonora and Aisha, who noticed Keith staring at a point, turned that way and opened their mouths in amazement.

"BE... BE BE BE, BERNA!! What are you doing!? What the hell is that outfit?

"Oh, oh, you!! What is this nasty swimsuit?! Or is that a swimsuit? Stop playing a little flexible gymnastics!!

"That's right, Berna!! Look, I can see it!! Because I see butt holes and stuff!!

I slowly fixed the bra where I could see my nipples when I stood up without any movement on Berna to the two words.

"Why are you so normal!! There will be more shyness or panic!!

"That's right! You are crazy!! It's absolutely crazy ~!!"

"Get dressed!!" "Get dressed!!

Berna, pointed out to Aisha and Leonora, who for some reason are very close,

"I'm not willing to change this because this is what your husband gave me. Besides... I don't have a bathing suit other than this"

A gaze turned to Keith for both of us on the words.

"Keith Ugh... you're the guy..."

"Oh, those nasty swimsuits... what are you thinking?"

"No!! Well, because... I didn't know you were going to wear it..."

What Berna is wearing is certainly the swimsuit Keith gave her.

The next day I raised my swimsuit to Aisha and enjoyed myself in the pool, I gave it to her, "Let's go see her next time, shall we?"

But I didn't expect to be able to wear that in this multitude of places. Berna, she is a terrible daughter.

Aisha approaches Keith ghoulishly, ready to think he'd be pissed off.

"If you want to see something like that, say so! Wow, even I got one... I could have worn it this time!

"The one you got, too? Keith!! Why didn't you just give me my bathing suit? That's crazy!! I'm not convinced!!

"Hmm, that's such a difference in intimacy! Keith, first me, then Berna, so it's you in the ass!

"Oh man!! Besides...... chi, no!! Absolutely not!! Isn't that right? You're really prepared, aren't you?!?

Berna was ready to go into the pool with her wrists and ankles turned and her neck turned, even while she was stuck and in trouble.

(My Pace!!

Keith, who puts in a penetration with his heart, can't help being blamed by the two of them any more.

"Oh, please calm down, both of you!! I'm here at the corner pool! Let's swim, shall we? Enjoy!

Aisha and Leonora looked at each other in those words and then said, "Hmm!! ♪ And that's the way to go. ♪

The relationship hasn't changed at all.

"Yakuza... what's going on..."

It was Keith holding his head, but he deserved it, so I can't say anything.


Going into the pool with two people who dare not ignore each other, Aisha turned to her body for a sweet voice at this sight.

"Keith... it's still frightening... tell me how sweet you've been"

"Oh, oh... yes"

"Before this!? What was that a while ago!? What happened!

"Hehehe, I taught Keith how to swim“ just the two of us "even before... and then... Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

"Ah, Aisha...... frightened...... laughing frightened"

"Hey, dude!! What have you done? What did you do to Keith!!

"I will!! Keith did it for me... by the moonlight pool..."

Leonora wept at Aisha, who groaned and coveted the memories of both of them.

"What is it!! Why not!! Keith!! What are you going to say!! Aside from me, my righteous wife, a woman while I'm at it!! I won't forgive you!

"Who's the bitch!! If you say that, it's you!!... Well fine! Keith, leave the woman alone for the rest of the day. It's swimming training! Look, let me go."

Leonora twisted her face and bit her teeth as Keith was pulled by Aisha, who wrapped it around her arm.

Then I came up with something.

"Caa! Keesu... I'm frightened... please help me"

imitate a clumsy drowning. And where my legs get to.

"Huh? Leonora, you can swim... you're good at swimming..."

"Ah? Um... duh, I forgot!! So Keith."

Leonora pressed the arm of the one Aisha hadn't grabbed in the valley, which was made in the liberating part of the front zip.

I rubbed it many times, licked it and pinched it, and I have experienced a lot of breasts, but when it comes to the gap made of swimsuit like this, I feel the look and feel change.

Blah, blah, blah. I'm super excited.

Delle ~ ~ Aisha will look like she bit down Leonora and the bitter bug that gave Keith a proud smile that stretched all the way under her nose.

And the two staring at each other,

"Hey! Don't push that nasty breast on Keith!!

"Ahhh, the poor lady wants something."

"WHAT... THIS, GET OUT OF THE POOL ASAP!! Your milk drips and your water gets dirty."

"I'm not answering!! I'm not leaving and I'm not leaving!! I'm still pregnant."

"Nah, I thought you were a newbie monster with milk even if you weren't pregnant."

"Hello!? Bu, impudent!! Why are you being so disrespectful?"

Bye-bye. Fortunately, Keith got off the spot when the two of us talking to each other let go of their arms.

If I was dating, I'd lose my nerves.

"Nah - why are you so unfriendly..."

It's all your fault. But he wasn't aware of it.

Trying to see what's going on a little further away,

"... Belle... what are you doing?

I bowled with Berna going through the water with Chappie.

Berna in the microbikini stops and tilts her neck.

"What... I was swimming"

"Swimming... isn't that a dog?"

Berna was indeed swimming. Get your head out of the water, crawl on all fours, and move your hands and feet desperately.

The poor elf in the microbikini swimming doggy looks just too surreal and gaggy.

I thought you were kidding for a moment, but Berna answered in wonder.

"Me... this is the only way I can swim"

Keith hadn't seen an elf that could swim properly after all.

As he sighed again, Keith turned behind Berna and grabbed her hand gently.

"Berna is certainly a pet, but you don't have a pet problem until you swim. I'll tell you."

When he heard that, Berna nodded "yes" after being silent for a while.

"And you look great in your swimsuit. Lovely. Porn, huh? I'm glad you're wearing the bathing suit I gave you, Berna."

I won't forget to praise you. Berna didn't say anything to the vertigo, but it's still lit up.

That's how I try to teach you how to swim.

"Kola!! Berna again ha!! Why am I so desperate to protect Keith from this monstrous milk from the side...... BOW!! Boo...... it's deep here!!

"That's right!! Keith tells me you're a pet! On Pet Minutes...... hey!! Don't grab it!! Don't grab it!! Boo...... I'm drowning too Wow!!

Keith and I were trying to open our mouths to the sight of each other grasping each other. But...

"Takeshi!! Boo...... Boo!!

"Ki, Ki Su!! This woman took me... by me!! Guba."

"... Your husband, isn't that dangerous?

"Ah...... oh! Right!! Hey both of you!!

Keith managed to help Aisha and Leonora pull each other's legs up.

Keith was silently rubbing the backs of the two elves spitting out the water he lumpily drank by the pool.

I thought it was dangerous, but I didn't expect it to be this dangerous.

Then Leonora glanced at Aisha as she pumped water out of her nose.

"Oh, you know what!! Wada Lottery is too much!!... How dare you!!

Asked about it, Aisha argues as she pumps water out of her nose.

"Ugh!! You can put the sauce on the bottom of the water!! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho."

"Want to give me something to say!?...... Keith!! A woman tried to kill her real wife!? Do something as a husband!!

"Bullshit!! I'm sinking it!!

"Look, look!! You heard!! Yay!... you barbarian!! Barbarians!!

"... oh!! Enough!! I get it already!!

Aisha and Leonora stopped talking and turned to Keith for a sudden cry.

Keith takes a breath and says after staring at the two as Kyotons in turn.

"I see you two are not close!! I know enough!! It was a mistake of me to tell you, let you listen, let you get along!

"... now what? I can't be friends with a woman like this, this world is over!

"This is our dialogue!! I can't believe the princess of an elf as noble and beautiful as I am against an Oriental neck hunter."

"Ancestral Cumulative Idiot!! What nobility! It would be a high chronic mistake!

"What? Yeah!!

"Stop. Yeah!! Please don't!... Enough is enough. I just didn't want to use this hand, but I can't help it!!

Keith says so, putting Leonora to bed on the floor where she laid the towel and pressing her over it.

All of a sudden, Leonora, embarrassed but superior that she was chosen, not Aisha,

"Ki, Ki Su... No Wow... the savages will make our love work"

Almost at the same time Aisha roars "Ugh," who looks sorry for her.

"Berna!! Come here, please!

"What?" "To?

Berna, leaning her neck, comes to the voice of Hamo Aisha and Leonora.

"Okay, Berna, please hold Leonora's arm. You can't let go of me, can you? Whatever happens!

"Hey, hey, Keith! What... ah! Here, let go!!

Keith held Aisha, who was lying beside him, on his knees as he sat down on his head side holding down Leonora's arm to make sure Berna was held down.

It is a craftsmanship made because it builds muscles.

As I sat near Leonora's waist, who rammed as she slept the amazing Aisha, I took that arm while standing on my knees and began rubbing the breasts under my eyes together.

"Hia!! Miuuuuu!! Hey, what? What is it?? Keith, what..."

"I understand you two are not close. So here's what I have to do! Now I will make Leonora feel better with Aisha!!

"" Huh?... Yea Yea!?

Brilliantly, Aisha and Leonora's screams overlapped.

Meanwhile, Keith rubs Leonora's chest over her hands from above Aisha's hands,

"I'm going to adore Leonora and put her penis in this state! What if you do! Doesn't it look like Aisha is inserting it into Leonora!!

Neither Aisha nor Leonora solidified due to the inferiority of the awesome idea. But soon,

"Nah, I'm so sorry about that!! No, I don't want to!! No way!!

"That's right, Keith!! Oh no... why me!!

"We're not good friends. We're bad! That much I tried to get along...... bad for the two of you who made that a waste of effort!! What the hell."

Increase the speed and power of rubbing your chest to make Keith feel Leonora.

With Aisha on her legs and her arms held down by Berna, Leonora, unable to move at all, was flaunted with those soft breasts at will.

"Hih! Phew!! Oh, stop. Yes!... no... kuhi-no! Heck no!! After my mummy.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

"Hey, why am I a pervert!! This...... Keith let me do it!! Hey Keith, come on, this is not good!! Hiya!!

As Leonora opens her eyes in a gap of pleasure in her sudden voice, Keith is rubbing Aisha's chest sitting over her and crawling her tongue on her neck muscle.

"Here, come on! What are you doing!! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, no, no!

Aisha sticks her finger against pleasure. Then Leonora raised her voice to the strength of her fingers.

"Hey!! Oh, my God! Wow! Bye!!

"Oh!! You... not Keith! Here, hiaaah!!! Stop it! Don't lick my neck!!

Then Keith sounded mean,

"Are you sure you don't want to? If you stop, I'll rub Leonora's chest and lick her neck, right? Is that okay?

I whispered so that Leonora wouldn't hear me. I don't want that to be all. Aisha said nothing and shut up and was inspired by it.

"Oh, no... Aisha needs to rub it right for you. Otherwise, I'll stop. I'll take Leonora."

"Wow, ok...... yuck...... gusu...... I don't know if it's a hissy inferior species...... fuhhhhhh!!! Hmm... you know what? It's so soft... I don't know what to do."

"That's right. I'm looking for a place to feel better about Leonora... you're good, Aisha."

"Even if they praise me...... Ugh!! Ah, Bubba...... nipples I blame you like that"

Aisha rubbed her tits with a move she wanted Leonora to do, when she realized she could rub it the way she did.

"Phew!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! I want no... heh! Mmmm!! Stop...... ahhh!!

"Nice. You're starting to feel it. Berna, please keep licking Leonora's neck. Because my ears are particularly weak."

"... awed"

"Because I'll make you look right cute when you're done"

Berna, who was being obstinate, also began to crawl her little tongue into Leonora's neck muscle with that word.

This is how the odd 4P started.