Nia's Punicy Mokoliman Pushing a sensitive bean in the center of this with a gnaty tip of his thumb.

Do not step on it as strongly as you did in Berna, but touch it on the extension line of the caress until you are full.

Then Nia grabs Keith's ankle again, but there was no rejection there.

I'm just grabbing that leg that gives me pleasure and gasping for a cut.

"Hmmm...... uhh!... Phew, Phew!!

Keith niggled at the cute look of his mouth freaking out and shaking his shoulders.

"Princess, are you awake? You can't sleep."

That's what I say, I move my thumb cum, and I adore the clitoris that started to erect.

Asked by Keith, Nia squeezed her voice out of the pleasure gap.

"Oops!... HI!! I'm keeping it... Mmm-hmm!! I'm awake!!

"Oh, really?"

Then suddenly Keith stopped moving his fingers and stopped stimulating Clitoris.

Even though I said I stopped, my fingers remained pressed against the clip. I stopped moving.

And all of a sudden, the irritation was gone, and Nia said, "Huh?" and look strange.

And I stare at Keith, but there's just a gentle smile and an inferior guy staring back at me saying, "Shall I study?"

Nia could only concentrate on her legs while saying "yes no" but still hitting the erection clip.

I've been telling you scattered to stop, and now I'm hoping this will work again.

Nia, unable to control her body and feelings, was hearing Keith's explanation for feeling unexplained.

But his roughening breath and heartbeat interrupted it, and if he noticed, he was shaking his hips off himself and using Keith's thumb to play Criona.

It is an action that I do not know what it is called to be Kriona if I try to make it Nia.

But I got obsessed with this act of shaking my hips and pressing Keith's thumb where it makes me feel better in my groin.

"Phew... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Keith erected in his ocota at the appearance of Princess Elf, who uses the man's body to delay masturbation, touching that grown part over his pants.

Peeping masturbation is also exceptional, but repeating it makes me want to actually taste it.

Keith leaned his neck and spoke up.

"Princess? What's the matter, sir? Your face is red, isn't it? Anywhere."

Besides, Nia stopped shaking her hips in surprise. I suppose you know what I'm saying about doing things that aren't handsome myself.

"Oh, that! No... this is"

"This? What are you doing?

From the soles of Nia's feet with the touch, pass your fingers between your toes and gently rub the strands of your fingers.

"Hino!" Raising her voice, Nia leaned bright red in her face.

"Ah! Could it be... how many times did it hurt because I touched my crotch with my leg?!?

They say that unexpectedly, and Nia looks up but can't answer.

It didn't hurt, it didn't hurt. I can't tell you I felt good and rubbed it. Then Keith looked sorry,

"I'm sorry. How dare you call me and the princess friends with your feet..."

"I... no, this... Um"

"You'll be treated soon!

Keith puts his body out of the octopus and puts it right back in his head.

In the red light created by Salamander, Keith began to touch gently with his fingers as he approached Nia's Omango.

"Is this it? Does it hurt here?

"Hih! Mm-hmm!! No, don't want to!! Oh, oh!! Haaah!!

He touches me to pinch the part that was starting to get expensive and falls backwards.

Then it was remarkably easier to cum, and Keith squashed into the wet panties that appeared in front of him.

"Hap! Right here? Hi-yes cheeks?

A small amount of steamed love liquid drifted with a dark smell from Omako, which was warmed in the ocota.

And the smell of sweat mixing and exquisite irritates Keith's nasal cavity.

Keith savored his panties many times that he would have to lick this.

The tip of the tongue also conveys a slight feel of pointy clitoris.

"Uh-oh!! None, if...... NHIAH!! Keith. Well! I don't want to be there!! Mm-hmm!!

"No? So, this way?

Now push your tongue tip against your vaginal mouth to further seep the honey into your panties.

"Nmi no!! Yikes, Ugh!! Mm-hmm!!

When he hears a good boring voice, Keith lowers his panties with his accustomed hand and looks directly at the beautiful Omako.

Seeing in the red light, Omango excited Keith because he felt more obscene.

Keith shrugged obsessively telling Lorimanco to get in adult form soon, still beautiful and cute, even though he said he blamed him full.

From the corner of the pubic bila to the urethral orifice, then suck the clit and move the tongue up and down and lick it.

I salivated the cute, pimpy, playable clitoris and sucked it with choo-choo, spreading the flavor in my mouth.

"No, no!! YAY, YAY!! Uh-oh!!

Scream together. Legs open more, and you can spread to the limit in the table.

Little Princess Elf's soft, young lower body. He strokes the diaphragm from his thigh and sways the secret part with his tongue.

Put only the lower body in the ocota, and Nia doesn't know what to do with the caress being done there.

I almost fell asleep, and Keith woke me up with it, and that made me feel better and did something not cool.

Keith is healing me by mistake for it hurts, but that makes me feel better again, and I can't even say it's not anymore.

(He's a bad kid... he's a bad kid, but I want him to pepper more... ugh)

"I'm sorry," groaned Nia with a grain of tears, freaking her hips out.

Keith gently put his finger in his vaginal mouth and concentrated and licked the clitoris when he knew it looked icky already.

Then the motion of freaking out quickly grew larger, and eventually Nia,

"Ngu!! Gummy ah! Obena hi!! Obena hi no!! Keith Shima...... Awwwwwww!!! Ahhhhh!!

Acme was greeted with a gentle eruption of love liquid.

Carefully licked the dripping love liquid, cleansed it, and then Keith put his body out to those with Nia to sleep beside him.

I noticed Nia crying as I tried to ask if it felt good while wiping her wet mouth with love liquid.

"Huh? Oh, that? Princess? Huh... Oh, that! Does it hurt anywhere? Didn't you like licking it?

Nia shook her head crying at Keith in panic.

"No, I don't want to... I don't want to, Kimochi, not again..."

"Ah... really... then why are you crying?

I didn't think I needed to cry if it felt good. Then Nia pointed her wet face at Keith with tears.

"Naughty... and I don't want to... deceive you Keith... and I don't want you to... but I don't want you to, and you're so good again... and I'm so irritated... because I'm so frightened."

I mean, because he's a bad kid who made Keith assume it hurts and lick his crotch, and so he doesn't tell the truth.

Nia said she was crying because she felt sorry for Keith.

Even though Keith was bad at cheating from one to a hundred of those things, Nia, who doesn't know, thought she was a bad kid.

Keith, a bad boy in the true sense of being a healthy, overly ignorant Elf princess, had a gummy prank spirit inspired and erect.

I stroked my head over and over as I squeezed Nia, who trembled slightly.

"Good. It doesn't hurt, does it? You can lick me, but you're not crying because you don't like it, are you?

"Because I... am a wretch... and I don't want to fool Keith."

"No, you're not. Just to wake you up. I'm sorry I twisted my legs. Still, there's no way the kind princess who didn't piss me off is a bad girl, is there?

"But... so..."

"Did you feel like peppering your crotch? It felt good. It's worth the treat. If my favorite princess feels good even if it doesn't hurt, I'd be glad to lick it!

Instead of scolding the bad boy himself, a man who even tells me he'd be happy if he felt good.

You trick me into licking my crotch, but I'm not mad at you at all. A sweet prince who even tells me I'm glad I licked you.

A dark-haired, dark-eyed demon mentor appeared cooler in Nia's eyes than any knight or hero in any story. This girl has rotten eyes, too.

"Keith. Well."

Starting kissing Nia, who turned sideways with a loving face, Keith removed her erect penis from her pants.

I'm gonna make that look like Nia. Ugh. I'm starting to sissy. Nia noticed on the way to the kiss wrapped a meat stick with her thin fingers.

"Are you going to get your medicine?

"Yes, because I didn't get it out during the day"

"... Keith, why are you trying to do this yourself... it's my job to get medicine out of your penis!

"'Cause she cried... besides, isn't it really a crotch ache? Weren't you tough?

Rub the turtle head up with a supple finger movement and tickle the geese neck with your fingertips Nia said, "Yes!" He nodded.

"It really didn't hurt. Feel good...... I want to be more icky! So, Keith... fill my crotch with medicine."

I can't believe I've been able to do a good job of pornography so far even though I don't know what it means...

Keith burns up to Nia, who has no half sexual growth addition or subtraction, holding him while lying down and kissing him repeatedly.

Keith's thick tongue licks Nia's little mouth ravaging her, but she also moves her tongue in response to Princess Elf.

Even while he tasted each other's tongues in his mouth, Nia continued to blame the meat stick harshly with his fingers.

Cowper starts to leak as his penis freaking out over the feel of his fingers entertains Nia.

"Kisuhima, and I'm so full of tickles... I'm freaking out about your penis. Shall I continue medicating you?

"No, definitely with the princess's crotch...... please!

"Yes!... uh, I don't know what to do"

Keith pushed open the still wet secret meat to expose the vaginal hole as he turned Nia in opposite directions and stuck his butt out a little.

Keith slowly advanced his hips forward, saying nothing, as he pressed a red and black polar meat stick against the hickey pink meat.

"Uh-oh," Nia screamed small at the feel of her penis walking in with the nub.

It's a slow, polite, quiet hip-movement, so the feeling of not gasping heavily but spreading for that matter is strong, and Nia turns her face bright red and her mouth puffs.

Eventually, when he cut all in, Keith put himself and Nia's hips back one by one, which was out of the futon section of Ocota.

It's hard to tell them to stay connected inside because the ocota is small, but it's possible to hide the lower back area with the two feet in the futon.

Keith hides the joints with a futon as he feels the warmth of Ocota on his toes and quietly begins the piston.

It was on the back side so I let the front button of my bedtime suit go off and reached for Nia's cute tits from behind.

When you pinch the fallen nipple, which is splendidly erect, with your fingertips and move your hips, the vaginal flesh feels tight and the tortoise head rubs more.

"This... Awesome, Kimochi no"

The lower back movement is fine and small, but enough vaginal tension to compensate for it leaks that feeling to Keith.

He moves his hips while touching his nipples, and licks his ears. Nia began to leak her voice at these three blames.

"Nhi no good...... ahhh! Slowly...... rakuroki no hiya...... oooooooooooooooooooooo!! Koshkosh again."

The feeling of the vaginal wall being rubbed by the geese neck feels stronger than usual because of the tight piston.

Sex was not as intense as usual, but still Nia's vagina gives Keith goosebumps a different feeling.

It's more like saying you want to keep your penis in your vagina like this than saying you want to feel better.

"Princess...... Princess...... like this all the time...... Ugh! I want to put my penis in the princess."

Nia, told to do so between ear licks, even developed goosebumps on the breasts being touched.

Keith held me like this all the time and rubbed my crotch vigorously with his penis, or gently like now.

When I had the time I wanted to dream like that, I didn't think Nia needed anything anymore.

"If you say so... and if you say so... wah wah wah wah... wah wah wah wah wah wah"

The entangling vaginal meat changed the movement. I trembled fine.

Keith thought the degree of pleasure had grown, and used his abs to turn his lower back movements intensely into his eyes.

Place the hand that was touching his nipples on Nia's waist and blame him for pushing and rubbing his vagina cum with a tortoise head with a slight upper body floating and exhaling finely.

On a fiercely unusual piston, Nia said, "Hiaaah!!" He raised a stuffy voice and grabbed the futon with his hand.

Every time I get rubbed, I get jittered from the depths of my stomach! The softness diffuses throughout the body.

"Ah, ah, ah! Ahhhhh!!... Awwwwww!! Yikes!!

In the futon, Nia's own thighs were wet and soiled with genuine juice that had leaked from the junction.

Because of its genuine juice, the sound of mucous membranes rubbing against each other in the piston is also louder and can be heard over the futon.

Keith's face becomes distorted because he is also sensitive to very erotic situations and can almost ejaculate while waving his hips.

"Ugh! Not good!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Yi... Shit, I'm sooo... I'm so glad I got squeaky! No! No!

I also knew Keith from the tremor in his vagina, but I kissed him from neck to ear many times that Nia would tell me so.

"Chu, chu, chu... please cum. If I get magic, I'll give you medicine too...... I'll make you drugged in the princess, Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-

"Huh, huh, huh... Huh! Shihakura Yes, Ozakuri...... Ozakuri is not good!!

Cu...... Nia squeaks "ooh hikuri" over and over again at Keith's last way of blaming him for doing a piston that focuses on one blow at a time on tightening vaginal meat.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!! Aguuuu!... oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Ohhhhhhh!! (a) Gimme that!! Uh-oh!"

I had a vaginal squirt with the futon squeezed back against my gug and body. I was cramped for a while not only by my body but also by a genuine vaginal squid that was not crispy.

Keith, who himself loosened his strength to go in there,

"Aww!! Oh, oh!!... Gu!...... ahhh!!

I gave her a stuffy voice without saying anything. I shot cloudy out of my penis at once.

The ejaculation performed on the narrow, tight, spasmodic vaginal wall felt best, and Keith was about to relieve herself and stare into the universe.

How many times, as proclaimed! Dubby! Dubby!! And even if the semen that was shot out eventually came together, Keith kept holding Nia in his vagina and savoring the aftertaste.

Then Nia spoke to Keith in a rough breath.

"Kisu... Shima?

"... Yes?

"Wataruhiko no... no nappies... no morsels... no morsels, no morsels"

"Okay," Keith nodded, wondering if you liked ocota sex more than studying.

Later, when Nia Ocota is placed in the room, it will be discussed among the maids who saw it, and eventually Ocota Boom will spring up during Seimrad, but that is another story.