A nervous faceted Nia sticks her hand forward and says, "Uh-huh!," he growls and builds his magic.

When the concentrated and dense magic eventually let both hands glow thinly, Nia put the magic language on there.

Fire magic I'm not good at, but thanks to my hard studies over the past few days, I can now handle it normally.

Magic power was instantly converted into the power of fire, creating a red lotus flame bullet in front of Nia's body.


Nia unleashed a flamebullet with a terrible pitiful voice for the sorcery she was using.

Flamebullets that went straight into the pool in a straight straight straight line exploded the water surface causing the giant water column to rise.

Nia laughed nicely at the rainy pool water coming down from the sky, Keith applauded, and Aisha shrugged.

There were three of us rehearsing the magic ceremony today.

Finally, we brought Aisha to the pool to see that she should have eyes because it was an upcoming presentation ceremony in a few days.

I'm glad that Nia held hands with Keith.

"I did it! Success!!

"Yes. Well done! It's amazing!

"... well done!!!"

Keith and Nia freaked out at Aisha's voice, which shouted with a resounding voice throughout the pool.

Keith speaks to Aisha, who breathes roughly with a bright red face.

"Uh... Hello Aisha... Dear? What did you do?

"What's wrong with you and some of this, you idiot!! Hey, what is that?

Keith turns his gaze alternately to Aisha, who still points to the wave-beating surface of the water.

"Uh... with the magic for revelations..."

"Are you stupid!? Are you nuts!! Why is the magic that Master Nia reveals to his men for interpersonal attacks?

"No, I'm not. That is magic for sieges. Break down castle doors and walls."

"It's even worse, you scapontan!! What are you teaching Master Nia? What are you making me do?!

Keith said to Aisha, who steps on the estate, "You couldn't? I don't really understand it."

"I bet you can't!! What King Mashua wants is to blossom like this or call a phantom beast or something!! Who taught you attack magic? I said!?

"'Cause it's not flashy"

"Right. That's flashy. What an idiot! Oh, my God!! What world has a fool teaching attack magic to a princess in one country!!

"Aisha, that sorcery, uh... you say," Oh, my goodness, this cucumber!

"Ooh, that's a good name...... INAF!! It's Inaf, Master Nia!! Oh, my God."

Somehow the character started to collapse, Aisha sat up with her head in her arms.

Keith and Nia were looking at each other and tilting their necks, not sure how serious it was.

"If I can't believe I taught and let Master Nia use such dangerous sorcery... Keith... my lord will be fired. It's the worst prison I've ever had."

"" Yes!?

One word Aisha said finally figured out the problem and blued.

"So, so, so, but this is the first time you do the protective magic, and then the safety precautions go off."

"That's right, isn't it? I remember this magic perfectly! That's why I'm not worried!

"It's not a question of saying that… it's a question of teaching Nia magic."

As for Keith, from the time he was in the Sorcery Order, when it came to revelations, flashy attack magic and the market had been set.

So when Mashua asked me to do it, I figured out which attack magic to use first.

It is the perfect mistake that has embedded the sense of the Order of Magic in the Elf princess.

Nia horns at Aisha with the look on her face who says what to do with Keith who is going to look like she's fucked.

Silence ruled the place, but eventually Keith took a big, deep breath.

"I have no choice. If this happens, let's turn it into another sorcery."

Nia and Aisha's gaze turned to Keith, who said lightly.

"Mm, I can't... I only have a few days left, but I can't believe I've had another magic in such a short time"

"That's right! If you force me to do it and even injure me, that's the one thing that matters!!

"That won't happen. It's okay to remember that. I'll divert the flame magic I just used to think of something safe and then flashy. That would save you the trouble of remembering, wouldn't it?

Nia and Aisha gazed at Keith smiling nicely.

I'm a little suspicious that's possible. But Keith said, "It's okay. Believe me," they said, creating a sense of security in their breasts.

Keith, who had earned complete trust, decided to take the two of them back to the palace.

Keith was troubled in his heart by the gaze of Nia and Aisha, who trusted him as he returned.

In front of the two of you, I made a snug, letting you do it. I made a targeted statement, but I haven't actually thought of anything.

I have no idea what to do with flashy, safe witchcraft that converts flame-based attack witchcraft.

Still, when I look at an anxious princess and a female knight, I'm such a cool thing to say. I'm a poor magician.

Nia stopped her legs as she grinned on her face and suffered with her heart.

I turn my gaze to what it is. There,

"... Nightclub... Nightclub!!

A princess of the subdragon species, Nightingale was following her companion from across the hallway.

Keith gets bogged down from behind by Nia, who runs with joy and courage.

I never dreamed the night would come in this situation.

Princess Elf and Princess Dragon, hugging each other, laughed ticklishly.

"What's the matter, suddenly! You came to see me?

"Oops, because I told you that Mashua was going to do a magic presentation ceremony for Nia. I thought I'd go check this out."

"Ha ha! Uh-oh!! Thanks!!"

Aisha and Keith approached the two floating men.

The night I stopped to see Keith, he bit his lip to keep it from thrilling.

"Hey, I have to apologize to Nia, my sister was ki before this... she took the Wizard on her own. I'm so sorry."

"Yeah. I'm not... if Master Keith will forgive me"

"Not at all," said Keith, who received the gaze of the young beautiful girl princesses, laughing back.

When I hear that, Nia and Nightingale smile at each other as if they were in shock and start talking again.

Looks like a cherry blossom space could be created, and Keith, who had one problem, quit the spot saying it wasn't the other way around.

Head down and then walk down the hallway toward your room,

"I don't have to come at a time like this... if it was a different day I would have enjoyed it no"

With a depression of his mind, he nevertheless kept figuring out how to apply flame magic.


Returning to the room, Keith kept looking for anything that could be applied by spreading the Magic Book from one end to the other.

But I can't find anything good inside. In the first place, the flame system is attack-specific and difficult to apply otherwise.

I wish I had kept it in the wind if this were the case, but I thought it would be different this time because I showed it at the first disclosure.

Keith scratched his head at his thoughts, which came out of his mind. 27615; Keith wanted Lou to serve tea.

But I immediately remembered kicking myself out because I wanted to concentrate, and I couldn't help but brew myself.

When you're breathing and drinking cold with hoohoo,

"Not at all the same."

I suddenly got a voice and swallowed it up.

"Ahhh!! Ahhhh!! Oh ho!!

Seeing those who spoke as they coughed, there was a squawking night in the bed.

"Ya, Night...... hey, what are you doing?

Long dark hair on the forehead, double horns on the head. The night in the Oriental dress missed the red bronze eyes.

"Take the liberty to go to people's rooms again! It's not like you can't go in there. At least get it right."

"Why do you have to come into Keith's room... surprise attacks are a constant means of battle!

By "night", I mean sex.

I'm glad as Keith that you've come to invite me so straightforward, and I'd like to taste this Lori Dragon up right now.

But I can't right now.

I have to find a way to apply flame magic by tomorrow, but I can't get my hands on it.

Keith, who is about to shed a tear of blood, said, "Whoops!" and leaked a gasp of anguish.

Then Nightingale sighs "ha".

"Don't think about it. You're gonna say that because you're gonna start teaching, Ampontan. In most cases, there is no flaming magic in the forest elves."

I wondered why you knew everything, but if you think about it, the eye of a night bird is a god's eye. I can see everything with a glance.

Saved Keith the trouble of explaining it. "It was," Keith said in a pitiful voice.

"It's good to be flashy... there's no better way to beat the flame system in flashy terms... is it mostly the elf princess who is flame magic... the romance of a man"

"There's a bunch of assholes around here, you bogeyman."

Lori, my daughter curses me. Keith says with her heart, "Thank you!," she wept.

After a brief look at such an asshole demon mentor's condition, the nightcap missed his gaze several times.

"... why don't we let the flames set off against the sky and call the Flaming Dragon? They're made of magic. I like fire. I'll feed them."

"... Huh?

"You really should make some flame flowers and launch them into the sky, but because flame-based magic is hard to control, Nia won't be able to do it with a burning blade. Bye... and the scales of the Fire Dragon are beautiful, so just let the sky fly for a while is flashy to look at. You can say that Mashua and his men have been able to create enough dense magic flames to call the Fire Dragon."

"Well, then... Oh, but I can't call you Flaming Dragon, can I? Even if you can call them, you can make them obey."

The proud dragon clan does not easily respond to summonses, and does not listen to what they say even if they do. This is the basis of summoning magic.

"Ahoy. Who do you think Noon is? That's not their top species, is it? If I don't ask you the wrong way, you'll obey me."

Keith is moved and moisturized by the fact that Nightshade has prepared the perfect plan to this point, and hugs him through the night.

"Night ~ ~!! Thanks!! Glad to hear it ~!!! For me ~!"

"So, who did it for the Lord!! Idiots take the rest of the day off. Say it, asshole!! And if I fail, Nia will be in trouble!! So... so what?"

It was a night when I was about to hug thirty men with their faces red and clutched to their little breasts.

It is the night that I wanted to be like this for more than a month that I never met. I'm about to become a total no-good daughter.

Nightshade read Keith's heart with a divine commandment eye as he did so, turning his face bright red.

"Fuckin 'hell! Who loves the Lord!! So, if you love it, then you saved it... asshole, asshole!! Too much thoughts and mistakes, you rotten fool!! Fix it Ampontin!!

Keith stared from the top as he pushed down the nightcap into bed rolling out a pokapoka punch that didn't hurt at all.

"Then why did you help me? That's how Nightingale taught the princess directly, and she could have crushed my face. Why?"

The night they poked me in the pain, I was like, "hey!?," he said, raising his voice, then swimming his eyes and pampering his mouth,

"Ki... Keith is a rival of Nong... I want to defeat him by proper means... Wow, Nong doesn't like the means to be palliative, unlike Keith!

The night the silk thread-like brunette spread on the bed and rocked her tail, she said so, silencing herself.

The more I said, the more I felt I filled the pot. Then Keith turns his favorite Nadenade into a nightmare.

The night I was about to get honya just to be touched on the head, I almost burst into embarrassment, but before that Keith buried my face in my young chest.

"Ah... oh, what are you doing... well, ahoy..."

"... thank you. I'm really happy for you. Night's Eve is all about me."

"That's why I'm here!! Wow, I... I ha."

"You're a rival, aren't you? I'm still happy about it. Thank you so much......"

When I put my ear on my small, flat chest, I found my heart rattling with tremendous speed.

Even Keith was embarrassed to find out about it. At night, I tried to peel it off, but his arm caressed the head of a man on his chest unknowingly.

Keith eventually raised his voice when that intimacy lasted only a few moments.

"To meet the feelings of such a night... I will do my best to hit the upcoming battle! That's all you have!!

Gabba gets up and freakishly takes off his jacket, and the night he's blown away the romantic atmosphere along the way becomes a pocan.

But soon, I was not more ashamed of you, and I felt right, and I woke up at night.

"Call me! Now it's time for Non to win! I'm gonna win and let you break the law enforcement pact!!

"That's not going to happen!! All right, then it's the first battle in the bath!


Keith had a downward grin when he saw the night when he began to take off his dress and thought he couldn't help but chulo the long-lived seed.

Cherry blossom nipples on a straight flat chest and buried in the center as a jewel. Even though the tip of his hands and feet was a dragon, Omako took him to the bathroom with an erection of a Lori dragon showing a red slit with a soft puniman.