The dress I wore for the unveiling ceremony made Nia's pity stand out even more, but it was hard to take it off.

I'm not sure what to do to sulk. I struggle. Still, when I'm done taking it off, Nia shows up in her panties and bra looking just like Garter.

Nia was supposed to be used to it, but as soon as she knew this was the way to make a child, she was embarrassed and distorted her face to shame.

Even that look is adorable and Keith repeatedly kisses the cover as she takes off her clothes too.

It sounds like a tututucci and a birdie twirl, and every time Nia's arm touches Keith's arm or back.

"... Princess, please tell me if you don't like it? I'll stop soon."

Nia shook her neck left and right to Keith, who spoke gently.

"I don't know... it can't be. I didn't want to be Keith's daughter-in-law."

Keith swallowed his saliva in a series of statements coming cum in his groin.

It's like a dream to be volunteered to be seeded by the princess of your species Elf, who still looks like a young girl.

Keith began to adore Nia's body as she felt blood flowing through her doc and penis.

Beginning with an ear-to-neck kiss, take it off with care not to break your fancy bra so it doesn't get dirty.

Slowly lick and go along the rim of the milk wheel the nipples that still remain submerged.

First from left, then to right. The milk rings of those who have not licked go the same way with their fingers.

"Fuki-ku!" Nia, who leaked her voice, gripped the sheets in a grip at the tickle and tightness.

And exhale, inquiring in a gap of pleasure.

"... Ah, Aka-chan, to make it... is it titty and smooth?

Keith remembered, with his tongue out, that you kept fooling me without explaining anything.

I thought this would take some time to happily embarrass sex education. Keith stopped blaming his nipples and made Nia take off all her underwear.

Then he also takes off everything he's wearing and shows off his half-bud penis.

The penis I heard healed felt somewhat strange with its shape intact.

Feeling stared at, Keith stands up and takes his penis near Nia's face to explain the lie.

"It looks the same, doesn't it? I can't even change the shape of my penis to a boulder...... but the contents are male genitalia. It's an organ for making babies."

"... is it different from before?

"Well, the biggest difference is that the part of this medicine that was in it has changed, and the salmon, not the spirit medicine, is now made"


Nia tilted her neck unaware that she was developing a very nasty dialogue.

Keith, who took such an ignorant, pure Elf princess's hand and made her touch her scrotum,

"That's right. It's a salmon. It's made here, and it comes out instead of medicine. When Zamen enters the place where the princess's crotch baby comes out, Ike's magic makes the baby."

Keith almost laughed himself out for a series of lies he didn't know where to start.

But Nia, who believed Keith, was eager to hear it and nod.

"The... zammen? how do you get out?

"I'm with your meds around there. If you lick it or touch it with your hands... even though it blended perfectly with my body, I couldn't change the way I said it."

Nia said to Keith, who looked itchy, gently touching her scrotum and meat pole with her hands.

"I'm glad! Then I'm good at it! I can get you out full of Dear Keith's Zamen!!

Don't laugh at me!! Never laugh!!

Keith, who turned to heaven and shook his pull, enjoyed the laughter by biting his lips.

A princess who's good at letting you out is too awesome.

Keith, who managed to endure, held Nia's hand, continuing to stroke her penis.

"That's heartfelt! Then you can make babies with a princess."

"Ah! Huh... well, yeah"

I think that's what he said about serving the salmon, and Nia blushed.

Now I have to explain that Nia's body to you. Keith sat back in bed and let the princess open her legs.

"Princess, there's a part behind this hole that always puts your penis in it called the womb. If you flush the salmon in there, the baby can do it, right?

"Um, is that where your pills always come in as trolls?

He knows what it's like. Keith nodded yes and gave it back.

"But you have to put your penis in here as usual to do that, right?


"But it hurts a little when you put it in like this normally, doesn't it?

I gently put my finger in my vagina that wasn't wet yet and it felt rubbed, and Nia nodded cocklessly.

"So I have to loosen this place up. It's the same way to relax."

"Huh? Really?

"If you touch your body or crotch, your stomach feels hot and wet, right? It's a unique phenomenon when a woman does an ecstasy... actually, I have to tell the princess something."

"What... what is it?

"Actually, Ike is a way to accumulate magic that diverts the way you make babies… that's a move to make babies."

"... Huh?...... fumiaaaaah!!! Hey, hey? Huh? Yep Yep!!!

Nia's head whitened to a confession of shock.

Ike's moves to make a baby? Do you always see yourself in front of Keith? So much?

"Hey, hey, why don't you tell me!! Ha-ha-ha! Wah, I'm always there!!

"I thought the princess would be ashamed."

"It's obvious!! Oh no... me... ask Master Keith to do that all the time... ummmm!!

"The magic that accumulates when Ike is meant for babies, and it's the usual array that circulates it into your body. Because that's the easiest way to teach women how to build magic."

When I sent magic to my penis if I were to say so, I remembered that my penis used to say magic to make babies.

That's why I was so embarrassed to say that I was being made a way to make babies without any explanation, that I was going to die.

"My crotch gets wet or hot because it makes it easier for me to get my male organs in and get my samen out of my womb. It's the same with my penis."

Nia was on the verge of exploding her head to explain what she didn't know. Of course, it's mostly cod except for some of it.

How Ike makes babies? No, if the method of sending magic itself is with baby making, that might still be the case, nevertheless......

Nia, who turns red and gets bored with embarrassment, had a grudge. I looked at Keith with my eyes.

"Also, no more secrets! You can't hide it from me!!... Master Keith is going to make a baby with me... I have to tell you everything!!

If I take a lie from this man to Nia, there's nothing left.

Not knowing that, Nia barked like a puppy, but Keith laughed and said yes and still went on explaining.

"My crotch gets wet when I'm Ike because of my male genitals... to make it easier to put my penis in, the only reason this place gets warm is because my womb starts to get ready to make a baby. Do you understand?

"... Ugh, yes"

"Princess, I'm sorry I've been hiding everything. You're a bad man to hide things from a princess. I am."

I don't know how to react to a bunch of shock facts, Nia said with a slightly obstinate face.

"... if you have nothing to hide anymore... I forgive you..."

"You're so sweet, princess... even I'm such a bad person yet... do you love me? Baby, will you make it with me?

Nia hugged Keith as she nodded without saying anything.

Nia couldn't stop loving him, even though he was a terrible man who had been keeping things from me and embarrassing me.

When Keith tells me he wants me to love him, or have a baby, I can't think of anything else.

The still small, poor, young body had been turned into a completely submissive female before she knew anything. I thought that was love. It was Nia.

"... then, Princess, can I wet your crotch? I'm ready to put my penis in."

"... you know, Dear Keith... I'm gonna make a baby... so I was wondering if I could feel better? Isn't that a bad thing?

That's what I'm saying when I say I do squeaks. And I feel guilty. She was a young princess.

Keith whispered beside his ear as he grinned and stroked Nia's head.

"Okay, Princess, it feels so good to make a baby. That's both men and women. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be so many people in the world."

"Really? … but Master Keith."

"I got my penis healed too, so I actually think it'll make me feel better. It's exciting."

"I hope you feel better...... I would love it if Master Keith was as good as I am!

The inferior man restarted his blame by shoving Keith's lies down to bed with no fine dust or guilt on Nia.

My penis was perfectly fine with Nia's unconscious erotic remarks, which I was told many times.

Expressing his overflowing thoughts with caress, Keith sucked Nia's fallen nipples together with her milk wheel as she twisted them at the tip of her tongue.

"Well, well, well, well! Chipu, Nchu!! Chubby chubby!! Get lost."

Nia meditated her eyes and bit her lips on the intense nipple caress that suddenly began making a nasty noise.

When I thought this whole thing was a way to make babies, I couldn't help but wipe the embarrassment and guilt.

But the feeling was sinking in his back. The nipple swells out of the inside and rises pinned.

Keith blames his tongue from various angles for hiding sensitive nipples and erects them so much that they seem to rip off pink cute nipples.

I squeezed it out cuddly in search of breast milk that sucked like a baby and wouldn't come out when it plumped up, including even the milk wheel.

"Huh! Ahhhh!! hey hey hey!!... Ki... Shh!! Hey! You chickenshit!! Phewah!!

"Princess, if I could have a baby, they'd suck more, wouldn't they? Can you stand it?

Remembering Aunt Roana, who was breastfeeding on Erne, Nia nodded with her moist eyes.

I want to be such a fine mother myself. Let it definitely become.

to determined eyes. Keith happily resumed nipple blaming. makes a sweet bite of puffiness, gently pinched with teeth and bounced with tongue.

I take my mouth off and pick both my saliva wet nipples with my fingers and squeeze them away.

To severe nipple abuse Nia made her hips jump with a voice similar to that of a scream.

"Yes, no!! Kissima, ah, ah!! Mm-hmm!! Boobs come on!! To Aka-chan...... I can't give you boobs!! Phew, Phew, Phew!!

Keith got excited that Nia was still being fooled, but at least she only knew about the baby.

It inspires Keith's sense of accomplishment to become a female elf that Nia, who was ignorant, knows little by little.

I wanted to get into it right now, but if it wasn't enough, I'd move my body to Omango.

Keith, who placed his cushion under his hips and made Nia's Omako open with his butt floating, called out there wet with nipple blame.

"Unconscious Manko... I've finally become a child maker... I've never been so happy to open it."

Nia didn't hear a lousy whisper. "Huh?," he turned his gaze.

"For the first time with the princess... I thought I could have sex making babies... and she said I couldn't be happier"

"... I'm glad to see you too."

Keith smiled back at Nia laughing nicely and snubbed all at once to keep her slightly wet.

Apply the saliva stored in your mouth tongue to the female organ remaining young to further teeter the pink mucous membrane.

Naia's Omako, who has already been developed and hung up while saying she's new to sex, began to feel submissive to Keith's usual blame.

Sip the nectar coming from the vaginal mouth, mix it with saliva and apply it to the pubic area. This time I drooled over the clit because my saliva increases even more to Billa's adorable eroticity.

Peel the hidden pink nucleus from the foreskin and lick and push the hidden area with your tongue.

"Kuhhh!! Mmm!! No, no! Oh, ooh, ooh, ooh!!

The tongue tickles the urethral orifice and moves downward as she grinds and abuses the clitoris with her thumb.

From now on, the first self-conscious seeding will be carried out by loosening and licking the beloved Manko hole with the tip of the tongue, causing it to enter.

Moving and licking the narrow vaginal path satisfied with the softness and flavor of the vaginal meat that tightens the tongue sweetly, Nia's hips jumped on the cushion.

"Himi no!! Ahhhhhh!! Oh, oh! Uh-oh!"

The feeling of saying I would make babies was making me feel better than usual.

Overall, Nia felt the back get hotter than usual after blaming Omako for his growing sensitivity.

(... where the baby can be... it's on... Dear Keith!

My body is also trying to respond to Nia, who I can see is looking for seeds as consciousness.

Buju! and a dark, viscous love liquid from the back propagated his tongue and fell zero out of his vaginal hole. The clitoris I was touching is about to rip off, too.

Release your mouth and look at the whole manko. It is congested and moves up to the vaginal meat, resulting in a perfect pregnancy.

(That's it when you're conscious...... elves are awesome!

Keith took the cushion from Nia's waist with emotion and advanced his hips to the center of his leg where he let it spread.

Push the tip of the penis that grabbed its roots with your fingers into your vaginal mouth and stop it with it slightly in place to knock your body forward.

He put his hand next to Nia's body and stared at it in an anxious way then, like he was expecting Keith and I to have our first sex at birth with a moist face with a rough breath on the cunt.

"... Princess... are you sure this is a dream thing... with me?

If you don't mind, I can tell you a lot about that dialogue by now.

But Nia really thought this was her first child-making sex and muttered "yes" as her heart was about to burst due to tension.

"I... am Nia, Master Keith. Master Keith said he wanted to make a baby with me... me... me too."


"... make a baby... you'll be my daughter-in-law, but there's no princess... hey, call me Nia"

If I called it that before, I'd have a nosebleed. Nia wants that from me.

Besides, Keith tilted his neck.

"Then I don't have a date either. It's Keith."

"Ha... ah, the... it"

"... How about Dear Nia? I can stay like Master Keith."

Nia nodded happily at the suggestion.

"Dear Nia,"

"Master Keith."

They overlapped their lips in the mood like they had called each other's names for the first time. And as it was, Keith advanced his hips.

The warmth was not half as warm in the pregnant manko, where the wetness was swallowed more intensely than expected, and the puffiness and vagina strained the meat bars without gaps.

Warmth and compression. Desperate tightening of the vaginal orifice and the condition of the uterine orifice when it reaches the back.

It was all transformed into a pleasure organ for only one male to ejaculate.

Insert "Fugiu!" Nia stares at the junction with tearful eyes and hugs Keith.

"Yes... I did... I... I'm ticklish... Phew!!

Keith shook his hips gently into the back of the adorably stuffy Nia and stuck his tip at the

"Hime... Master Nia, can you tell by the tumbling in the back? Here it is, see."

"Fumi!!... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"Yes, this is the entrance to the room where the baby can be. If you push the tip of your penis here and serve the salmon, and Master Nia makes an ick,"

"Akahi-san... Akahi-san... Akahi-san"

Keith shouted as he shook his hips out kissing Nia again, a dream like even a treasure could do.

"Dear Nia, will you go? Penis... I'll move it to get the samen out. And Lady Nia... let's make love for the baby."

The princess of the elf shuddered her body and murmured "hiccup" as she put her mouth to heel for the lowest man seeding remark.