I was delighted and half depressed at myself for falling into Keith. It was the next day after my studies at the pool that I went home half the night.

I stretched my plans for a day because, after all, I ran out of energy in my body with sex.

On that day when I was extra, Nia and I talked without Keith while we were sleeping all the time.

It was a very enjoyable time with lots of chatter about the jerk and of course no other love.

Nightingale tried to correct Nia's sexual mistakes in the meantime, but realized that she didn't know better in the first place.

Nightingale was determined to learn the right sex education by the next time someone who was not sure would be wrong to make a mistake.

Keith also dropped off Keith, who was sleeping in a shell for the day after leaving until morning for the night when he would return.

"Now it's your butt," he whispered as he dropped him off. At night, he boarded the airship holding his butt down with a crying face.

It is a night of evil in the heart to Keith, who drops him off with the look of a child who has obtained a toy to enjoy.

Keith had a quick job waiting for him the day after he left at night. It is Leonora's study.

When I say study, it is not a study of the night I did with Princess Double Lori of Nia & Night Lori, it is a real study.

Keith headed to Leonora's mansion in the usual mood. As soon as he arrived,

"Keith!! Come on, magic on me!! Awesome more than Mr. Nia please!!

and was stuffed and pulled slightly.

Leonora was (thinks) made to look like Nia. I can't forget the Devil's Flame that day.

Magic flame of the red lotus burning in bright red, attack magic that frightens and scratches the beholder.

Not long ago, Nia, who could not use magic and was even called a faulty princess, is now called to be the best in the elf world.

It's not Leonora who can be shown that and kept quiet.

It makes no sense to compare to others. If only one person could look at themselves.

I noticed that, Leonora, except if the other person is arguing over just that one person.

Berna is fine, you can never beat Nia, Aisha, and Night's Eve alone!!

I'm sorry if I haven't beaten Nia by even one thing in particular.

He loses his charm, his love, his good character, his song. If only magic.

Leonora gave Keith magic instruction with a heart she couldn't even tell him.

In the meantime, Keith calmed down to Leonora, who sits in a chair and stares at me with a seriously enthusiastic face... my penis hurt.

He devoured Princess Lori to death. Humanity is what makes me want a big pie around here to fix my mouth.

He is a noble elf so cute that his busy face would die if he hadn't fought with Aisha in the noise.

Keith kissed Leonora keeping her chair close and saying what magic she wanted to teach.

"Hmm? Chu, Chu Pu... Huh, ah, what... Ki, Ki Sooo Huh... Huh, Chu... Chu, Huh!!

I reached for my breasts and rubbed them to implant five fingers, which also came across the dress claiming softness and abundance.

Surprised Leonora peels her eyes and tries to raise her voice, but the tongue that enters it does not forgive her.

Now Keith is replenishing what Nia and Nightingale have left behind with the power of the Demonic Blood Stone. In other words, it is fully filled.

There's no way Keith in that condition could keep his tits shut in front of him.

The finger moves bigger and the tongue is further poked, sending saliva into Leonora's mouth.

Saliva dripped from the edge of my mouth, and I thought for a moment I could stay like this, Leonora.

"Mm-hmm... Ugh! Already!! Keith! No!! Magic comes first!!

Snap out of it. I'm staring at you with a red, moist face.

I twisted my feelings with reason... or I felt so strongly about not wanting to lose to Nia.

"Wow, you know how painful it is to say you want to hold me! Me too... but now I need you to teach me magic!! What... after that."

At the end of the day, it feels like saying which way to do it after all.

Keith, who wiped his lips with his fingers, changed his perception that this was a medium strong thought.

Even if I can't force myself to, they'll already flush me out, but that makes later excuses so hard.

Keith decided that if it was because he had to teach from here on out anyway, he would just do it a little bit first.

"Sorry, when I saw Leonora's beautiful face, I couldn't keep it down... sorry"

"Oh, you don't have to apologize... naturally, fine"

Keith hugged Leonora, who seemed so happy to say so.

"Leonora, who is keen to study, is also lovely. Ok. Provide magic instruction! Let's do our best."


Leonora and that's how magic instruction began, responding forcefully to Keith with a hug from herself as well.

... though.

"... Uh-huh."

Wrinkled between his eyebrows, Keith roared loudly.

I'm not doing anything weird. I'm really worried about you.

There is one thing I have clearly understood when I try to ascertain Leonora's powers with regard to magic magic.

That's this titty lady is extremely "mediocre" as far as cotto magic is concerned.

I was so uptight to say it, I thought I was pretty good at it, and I wanted to improve there, but it's not, it's so normal.

If you look at the amount of magic inherent in trying it, it's there because it's your species elf, albeit less than Nia.

That would be simply more unsuitable than remembering.

I tried the attack system and it's normal, the healing system is normal (this is as good as Berna is), and I still can't use metastatic magic and other complications.

To be clear, I am no different from the demon mentor of the human species who is there in the habit of elves.

This was a new discovery for Keith, who looked at Nia and Roana and mistakenly thought that nobody and he were an amazing species who was good at being like "dragon killers".

It was a discovery, but I don't know how to say it because Leonora at the time is inflating her big breasts even for free on expectations.

Normal, right? It is not possible to cross Master Nia. Good luck with normal! If I said that, I would definitely get clean and violent.

But in fact, that's the truth, and I can't go beyond saying that Leonora backfired Nia like a chunk of talent, including porn.

Keith, who was a Orthodox Instructor in a massive sorcery Order. That's why I know that hurts.

Talent is something that cannot be crossed by effort. It's a gift from God. Keith knew the pain of what he didn't have.

It's hard to say because I know.

Did Keith feel distressed? Leonora said, "What's wrong?" He asks.

With a bitter smile, the scene was deluded, and I thought I'd let the rabbit do all sorts of horns.

There are extremely many kinds of magic magic, and one of them may glow. That's what I thought.

"Yes, I want to see a lot of things, so let's do something else! I would love to see more of Leonora's great technology!!

"Yeah... I don't mind... wow"

Leonora tried everything Keith instructed, although she wasn't convinced of anything.

Summoning magic - I don't like it. Spirit magic - normal. Spell magic - normal. Buddhist magic - normal.

Leonora came here and noticed that Keith was worried about his lack of talent.

I guess I can't cross the Nia no matter how I scratch it with my power, my technology. I guess I can't get close.

Leonora also noticed Keith couldn't tell.

And when I realize it, I feel miserable.

I knew myself that I had no talent. I can't catch up with Nia.

Leonora clearly understood, "Oh, you can't win," when she saw Nia work out the flame-based magic that the elf species didn't like at that unveiling ceremony with so much power.

Still, if it's Keith, maybe this Keith can do something about it. I made that wish come true.

But when he realized it wasn't possible either, Leonora burst into tears in her eyes.

"It's sloppy... Wow, it's just Mr. Nia... me, something I haven't"

It is Leonora who grumbles so Keith doesn't sound like a year-old (looking) girl.

I didn't realize how Leonora was doing, and I was worried about what Keith would do when he tried it all out and found it all normal.

I don't know if I can do anything about any one of them thoroughly, but it's not realistic if I tell you clearly and for a year without doing anything horny.

Normally I would take a level above average in a class twice a week but it would be finally. Without porn.

I can't stand Keith like that.

I figured it was hard not to be able to dogan with short-term concentration like Nia, and at the end of the day, I tried.

"Leonora, try to enhance that one"

"Huh?... ok wow"

Reinforcement is the foundation of the Enchant system. Increases the strength of an object and makes it less fragile. Unlike defensive magic, it reinforces the substance's natural power with magic.

I couldn't help but give him the teaspoon that was nearby and make him do it.

I didn't have to teach you how to do it differently than Nia did, so I received the spoon I did and scanned it with magic - Keith opened his mouth.

I was worried about Leonora on the very stupid side and I said, "Duh, what's wrong?" I was about to speak up.

Without responding to that either, Keith continued to look into the spoons Leonora had enhanced.

Strength, material composition, how magic is transmitted and overall made. Look at all of them,

"Or... too perfect... I've never seen such a perfect enhancement"


Reinforcement increases the strength at the molecular level by removing magic from the whole world without changing the components of matter.

When the bad guys do this, the magic biases and one place becomes brittle, or vice versa, too strong to break.

Some of them may change the material composition itself, but Leonora's enhancement was perfect.

Besides... besides. Keith was watching, too, but Leonora did it as soon as she received it.

Normally, if you're going to do a high level of enhancement to this point, you have to read the material configurations Keith wants to do and completely understand the building blocks of that object.

Yet Leonora did it as soon as she received it. Even professionals did readings that took three to four minutes in an instant.

"... be, Leonora"

"What is it?... Keith, I'm scared..."

Leonora pulled slightly on Keith staring at herself with the look of something horrible.

But Keith doesn't care about that.

"Here, this! Now try to enhance this!!

Hand me the pen and ask for reinforcement. Leonora nodded at it as she sat back.

I received it again and immediately began to strengthen it, and it was perfectly done again.

Trembling, Keith removed a vial of vigor from the bag.

"This... just the outer bottle. Can you only strengthen the bottle apart from the lid and contents?

"... probably. I think we can do that."


Yes, and soon.

It is difficult to strengthen only some of the connected objects without a fairly skilled demon mentor... or I can't do it without specializing in the Enchant system.

There's something I can tell you for sure. Leonora is a genius when it comes to enchanted magic.

If you're bad, no, you're definitely over Nia or yourself at this stage.

(I knew you were a species elf... you were a species elf)

Keith, who had an unexplained admiration, even tried to strengthen his attributes and improve his physical abilities one step after that.

Do all that lightly, and it lasts a very long time.

Normally, the enchant loses his magic, but I wonder how efficiently he is sending his magic over 10,000 times. Even the first spoon remains fortified.

Keith wiped the sweat off his forehead, trembling that it was a terrible talent.

It is just a prank of God that this best-titted lady of her own who cares nothing about others is superior to the Enchanted system, which is magic for others.

Keith told the story with excitement.

Of course I didn't tell him that I was the best, but Leonora also had properties, and he said it was better than anyone I knew.

so cordially explained, I waited for the reaction,

"I don't want to."

"... with YEAH... that's a nori!

I tried to delude myself with a used gag but it was futile.

"I said I don't like it!! hey, why should I... this me enchant be the best in plain magic!?

Are you kidding me? I thought you'd be happy.

Keith drowned a cold sweat, hardened unintentionally by Leonora's usual yelling voice.

Seeing how it goes, Leonora further abhors her temper.

"I can't believe you're enchanting! Raising power over others... why am I so plain!! What I want to use is... what I want to do is big, flashy magic like Nia!!

That would be in character. and Keith puts in a penetration with his heart.

"People give me fear and respect just because I saw it...... I do that magic! And yet I'm not convinced of Enchant!

"Even though I'm not convinced, it seems true... clearly Leonora is a bit of an attack system or something..."

"I know that. Wow!! If you dare to ask for it there. Oh no!! Keith would... Keith would convert this enchanted system to awesome!!

"Or he said it was too much to buy!! I say enchanted and flashy on boulders... oh, no, but enchanted is a great application, so"

"No need for plain magic explanations!!... Wah, I am!!... like Mr. Nia..."

Keith thought when he saw Leonora getting up and leaning down.

Sure, there's something about supporting magic that conflicts with Leonora's character.

But Keith can only polish this up if he has no other magic traits.

Above all, there's no way I can do anything that I can't do without having this terrible talent in front of me as a magician.

Unlike Nia, who remembers and absorbs Don magic even if left alone, Leonora has to teach and go.

Having so decided, Keith thought I'd teach him one thing about the excellence of the Enchant system here.

Keith, who himself rose from the chair, kissed as he approached Leonora, who leaned down.

Leonora responded to it, reluctantly saying it would be a comforting kiss, but was surprised that Keith suddenly hugged her.

"Nchupu, pu, what is it? Keith, what?"

"Leonora, you don't even know the splendor of the Enchant system... even though Enchant says it's the most popular magic in Imperial Capital and such!!

"Huh? Oh, really?

"Yes!! Very popular with my brothers who are dying and in need because they don't have a bumpy grandfather or stamina!! Any guy can get intense sex strength and stamina like a pornstar as long as it takes an enchant!!

"........................ Huh?

"Enchant...... it's a horrible magic that turns a weak boy into a beast...... if you put it on a normally beastly man like me it's a call to the Warcraft!! Come on Leonora!! Let me show you how incredible Enchant is now!!

He understands that he is a beast.

Such a Keith was skipping to bed despite holding Leonora.

As a matter of fact, I was letting you strengthen your body and stamina when you were trying to figure out how far you could go earlier.

In other words, Keith now has ten times more health and stamina than usual (our ratio).

That Keith has ten times more sex health and stamina. That is,

"Ya, hey, ah!! Keith!! Wait, stay calm!!

"I can't wait and I'm restless!! Until Leonora realizes the charm of Enchant...... I can't do it normally today. I'm in a great position and I'm crazy!!

Normally, I would have given him the opportunity to test a position that he couldn't think about his hips and body.

"Hih, hiaaah!! I don't like that!! Normal! Normal is good Wow!! Ahhh!!

"Ohhh!! All kinds of acrobatic while standing!! I think I can do anything. Ah!!

What are you going to do with the trauma?