Keith pushed down Leonora, who took her to bed, holding her back.

Leonora throated at the tickle and closed her eyes as she licked her neck out of her lips right across the top.

I do feel more powerful than usual, but what I do is the same caress I always do.

I'm fine with this. It's not a weird way to blame me at all. Relieved Leonora had decided to complain when this was over.

I can't believe you put up with plain enchants without teaching them some flashy magic about the looks you deserve.

(It's just Mr. Nia! Keith has to think of me first!!

I don't think Keith has had enough love for himself lately, even to give that brown disrespectful daughter a super conspicuous demon sword.

I said I would forgive the affair, but that doesn't mean I can neglect myself, my rightful wife.

I wasn't sure about that. I was deciding to absolutely complain to Keith.

"Huh? Heh, ahh!! Nha!! What, what is it? Keith, Ahhh!!

Keith's blame was so intense that he couldn't think about it.

No, it's faster and longer than usual than saying it's intense.

I slammed the dress down and rubbed my breasts exposed, and the movement of my fingers stroking my nipples. And there's a tongue movement in my mouth that goes licking it.

It's almost twice as fast as usual, and it lasts a long time.

I've been blaming you for a long time, but it can't go on at this speed.

Originally, the muscles should be tired and interrupted once, but the fingers keep playing the nipples all the time, and the tongue moves reluctantly and licks from the milk wheel.

Leonora's body is fine and freaked out by a storm of blame that never stops.

"Keith! Hey, this!!... like this! Hino!! Himiaaah!!

"What do you say, Leonora! Strengthen your body to make blaming so long and fast! You can keep moving as much as you want!! Look, look!!

"Ahhh!! Yikes, you shouldn't!! Oh, breasts like that!! Mochi...... Chiku Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Wow!! Nguyu!!

While Keith was talking, his nipples, which kept bouncing all the way left and right at his fingertips, were stiff, erect and red.

I've been moving my fingertips all the way for over three minutes now, and it's like I'm being blamed for some weird toys.

Then that's definitely Keith's finger, and it can also make a difference in the way you blame him, not monotonous, like a toy.

Now I lick my nipples again, which has been hard enough and bounced too much to hurt.

This is how Keith spent twenty minutes blaming it on his nipples alone without taking a second off.

Still not tired, but Leonora came first.

The nipples that kept getting rubbed and licked continued to give Leonora, the owner, a huge swelling around while being erected by the bin, a ginger irritation.

Abused with unusual finger and tongue movements, Leonora stares into the universe, drooling with covetousness.

"Oops... that's mahi-woo... Chikubi... Momo mahu"

Physical freedom was no longer advantageous for the furious nipple acme, which began ten minutes after he was blamed.

For the first time in my life I felt it in my breasts. I thought the shock was too strong to say how I felt and my body would break.

"Stop," Leonora repeated time and again with an acme that sounded like a zung in the back of her uterus.

But Keith doesn't loosen his hand repeatedly blaming Enchant for his virtues.

Leonora, who majestically wet her panties with love liquid in a third squid, besides incontinence, dazzled her limbs and relieved herself in bed.

Keith strokes and kisses her pretty acme face.

Even though I blamed him for all that, he was not attacked by any muscle pain in his arm, jaw, tongue, or anything. He is fully powered.

"Thanks to Leonora's enhancement, right? You can still blame this much!! Awesome, Leonora!! Nchu."

"Chu, Chu Pu... Shi Yu, I understand... from La, already, today haha"

"What are you talking about!! This is the real deal!! The beauty of the enchant is from here on out!

"Hih... Yah, do it. Wow... do it easy"

Keith takes off his clothes in front of Leonora, who tries to escape but has no strength in his body.

There is no change at all in appearance, but muscle strength, stamina, and overall physical strength have increased.

When poorly enchanted, the muscles themselves become enlarged and can become gorimacchios while the magic is applied.

However, in Leonora's perfect enchant, enhancements were made without changing the appearance. Exactly a professional move.

Keith, who made Leonora take off her dress, opens her legs and spreads her fingers wet pimp manko on the dero with pee and love liquid.

When I gently rubbed a pink secret crack filled with a darker smelling love liquid with my middle finger than I could imagine, I heard a nechonecho and a nasty sound.

Leonora shook her head with a pair of ears, fearing she would be blamed for a long time of high speed again,

"Kisu, you've stopped... Wow, wow, wow, wow... wow, wow"

"Don't worry. I told you, didn't I? He said he'd show you something different. I don't blame you for fingers!

Saying so, Keith stood up on the bed and lifted Leonora's body.

Normal Keith can't say how much he started working out.

Lifting his body upside down, Keith squashes into the smell that appeared in front of him when he puts it in a position that even the pile driver is likely to decide.

Leonora, who was cummed while standing, has a mild panic about the way she blames her in the weird position she was told.

I tried to make a scene, but before that,

"Ki! Fuhicha, oh, my penis, it's all peppery on the kao!! Phew! Ki-soo!!

Because of his 69 posture, he naturally hits an erect meat stick on his face.

When I complained about it, Keith gained momentum on his tongue licking Manko and sticking his hips forward.

He says, "Go ahead," silently. Leonora had noticed that, too.

"This! This is so sweet!!... hey, let's go! Ah, hum! This, Kao no... Ugh!!

The meat stick was freaking out and red and black erect dripping the beast odor away.

I can even tell from the way the meat stick looks that he's going to want me to play fera.

Blood came up on his head, and Leonora, who was getting depressed, got kind of clammy, adding up to the pain left in the core of his body in continuous Acme.

"Oh, my God, this is so... watta hi... ahhhhhhh..."

And in the end, Leonora started 69 standing.

Drop Yurufu's hair on the bed and pour in the penis that hits her face while reddening her face in many ways.

It's not a romantic sight that Leonora has fantasized about or dreamed about. He is feisty while being upside down and licking Manko. It's an act you wouldn't normally experience for the rest of your life.

But I didn't like Leonora because even this painful act made me feel good.

The big chest drips upside down and hits his face, so Keith narrows his spotted mouth and sips back and forth so that it doesn't get in the way.

He puts his shoulder over Keith's knee, which is slightly bent, and then lets himself cum.

In the feeling of vomiting blood rising on the head, the residue of love fluid and urine dripping from the crotch is transmitted from the lower abdomen.

Do inferior behavior in a posture that can only be described as inferior. Though I don't think I deserve to be this royal.

"Nguyen, guyen! Pup, pup, gup!! Ngu!! Pfft, get laid, get laid... I'll tease you. Wow."

I immerse myself in Ferra like I'm drunk.

"Leonora, it feels good. I've never dressed like this on a boulder before... I've never even done it on Nia or Aisha... it's my first experience."

Keith's first time. I was happy with that word too. The bitterness disappears in an instant, and pleasure prevails in the feeling of bowing.

"Cuckoo! Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh!

"Wow! Fella wow!! Oh...... Leonora...... great!! Beat it!!

Keith was in no pain at all while still standing and physically hard.

No legs, hips, arms at all, no muscle fatigue. Magic fully supports the whole body.

Thanks to that, I can cum while immersed in fera pleasure.

Pull your mouth on Leonora's hairless manko meat and crawl your tongue into the secret cleft as you suck it off.

I gently tickle my perineum with my tongue poking my cries and vaginal holes around. I sipped and drank all the seeping love liquid.

That's how he stuck his hips out, licked around his turtle head, and got drunk with Leonora's mouth moves as he handled the rod part up with his lips.

The soft feel of the breasts hitting the legs also made me feel good, and my desire for ejaculation came in despite being in such an unnatural position.

Keith replaced heaven and earth without putting Leonora on her bed as her hips became itchy.

The position of the station valve makes one look at oneself and overlay each other with a fiercely dirty mouth.

"Chu, Chu, Chu, Chu, Chu, Lei, Lei... Phew"

When she breathed, Leonora was shaking her head gently like she was upside down.

"Kai-su... Wa Ta Hi, Wa Ta Hi No"

"You're making me feel so much better thanks to Leonora's enchant. Thanks, Leonora."

"Kisu, I can almost understand you... please grate me... usually, I want you to grate me"

"This is normal during enchantment. You're going to give me a position that I rarely can do right now."

Leonora didn't like the fact that expectations were beginning to arise in fear.

I felt like the guy who said Keith was going to change himself everywhere.

Last time we were even made to kiss each other, and this time we have this weird sex.

I heard that a lot of nobles and royalty have special tastes, but I didn't think I did.

(Oh... me... Keith is going to freak me out... Ugh)

With that in mind, the body doesn't show any willingness to resist.

Keith holds me back and makes me look like my little one is making my parents pee on me.

Keith's hands spread his legs and the hairless secret area was forced to open a large account. Say it's a room with no one but you two. This is too shameful.

"Hiaaah! Ki, ki-su!! Oh, my God! This, nasty. Wow!! Hicha."

I try to cover up Omango with my hands and hide him, but Keith licks the back of his ear while in an unscrupulous position, so his spine is fuzzy and powerless.

"Hii," Keith screamed, pushing the tip of her more angled erect penis into her vaginal mouth.

Even Keith's just vicious strengths had increased twice as hard as usual.

Keith breaks in while unloading Leonora slowly toward herself, saying that this would not even be intermediate.

"Mm, no!! Miuuuuuu!! Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Wow! Oh, whoa!!

Leonora roughed her voice to the feeling of being skewered with piles.

It was pierced by a rear station valve by Keith, who spread his legs and became crotchy.

Omango is exposing the connections to a space where no one is present while the accounts are opened up in a grand way.

The penis pile, which increased in hardness and strength, was swallowed up by Leonora's still young, immature meat.

Eventually, when it all went through, Keith rocked his body to make sure he had no strain at all on his hips, arms or feet.

"Higiu!! Yu, yu even get irritated!! Mm, whoa!!

Keith niggered at Leonora's cuteness as she raised a nasty voice like she'd never done before and put her strength into her arms.

"Leonora, what do you say? It's amazing, isn't it? Please take more power and keep yourself. Otherwise, it won't look good."

"I don't want to go. Wow!! This is... this is such a beard!! Nope. Wow."

"It's not nasty. Leonora, so you can. It's a particularly eclectic and lovely position. It's just Leonora. Aisha can't do this."

Aisha can't do it? Special to yourself?

Leonora's spine popped in the dialogue that pinpointed the weak spot when told. Keith shook his hips out in anticipation of the moment.

"Oh!? Ooh, ooh! I can go, this is totally cool!! Kimochi no... Leonora you can come!!

"Yes, no, no!! Don't go!! These, yeah, yeah!! I'm fucked. Wow! Nguyu!!

The penis protrusion into the vaginal meat on which I weighed further stimulated my brain burned with Leonora's nipple acme.

The stiff, already murderous Keith's reinforced penis rubs from the bottom to pierce his pants and vagina. Each time a large breast rammed around Balumbarun and up, down, left and right enough to tell from behind.

Leonora has the illusion that her vaginal meat can be torn for a moment in intensity, and even Keith's penis tip floats on her stomach.

Of course not, but it was a piston so intense that it seemed so.

Keith, who does that, is usually absolutely free of bitterness at the rear station valve, which is breaking his hips. Besides, he was thrilled that his penis pleasure was tremendous.

Positioning is a difficult position, but you can spare a lot of vaginal ejaculation.

"Thankful!! I knew Enchant was the best magic!! Yahoo!!

"Higi no!! This is not good! Koshichi, come on. Aah!! Ohhhh! Oh, oh!! Chitsuya!! My ooh!! I'm scared. Wow!

Words are the tangles and subtractions of the back vaginal meat. Keith shifted his appearance in front of the bed to reflect the joints there.

"Look, Leonora. Look at that. The part we're connected to. Leonora, are you delighted with the meat?

Leonora said, "Hey!," he screamed.

"You have to see it. Ooh! Look, look."

Leonora because it shakes and becomes more irritating,

"Wow, I get it. Wow!! I will, I will!!... Mm-hmm... konn."

I see my little vagina hole tightening up regardless of my willingness to swallow a meat stick.

Besides zero white and dirty foaming love liquid, Clitoris is erect in the bin. It is the right shape to call it an unpleasant female organ.

"Wow, this... wow"

"It's Leonora's enchant's shame that Omako seems to feel good and my penis is getting erect with a vascular vacuum. What do you think? Did you see the beauty?

I guess it won't end unless you tell me you understand. That's what I thought. Leonora tried to snort, even if it was a lie.

He said that he would stop being such an inferior and likely to be destroyed.

But Keith laughs contentedly at Leonora, who snorts weakly.

"Good. Now, you can make Leonora crazy in this position you understand!! Zamen Now I'm shooting up!!

"No!! Oh no! Yes, no! Wow, that's a lie!! Nfuuuuuu!! Keesuuuuuuu!! Ugh, no!!

Leonora's body enters into the fierce hips shake that has begun again. Then the extra manko meat tightened and Keith had the pleasure.

"Ooh! Mankosu Awesome!! Manko is amazing!! Look, Leonora!! Look at that!! It's tight!!

"I don't want to be seen. Wow!! Auntie Kisu!! Wow, wow... they don't frighten me. Yep! Mm-hmm!!

Rub the mochini vagina up with a reinforced tortoise head and scratch it with a geese neck.

Increase the speed by putting more effort into your hips and legs that do not freak you out at all, no matter how hard you move at the same speed.

This is what you are trying to do, despite being in an unscrupulous position.

The intense tightening of the cracking vaginal meat shook Keith's stronger hips.

"Come on, seriously...... ahhh! Wow...... Enchant is awesome!!

Leonora also came out coveted in a different way than Keith, who drools.

It has also been a hundred million years since he gasped too hard and his throat shut his mouth.

My body comes out of its power, and instead, a wave of acme comes from behind. I took a leak with that. The rest was about to come out.

"Kee... sooo, please wow... no higgies!! Ohiko, oh my goodness...... NHI!! Nhimi no!! Oh, whoa."

"Huh? Ah, oh! Fine, go ahead! Iki as you pee!! Because I feel amazing."

I mean, tell him to get in bed. Leonora shook her neck left and right, understanding it with a head that was sumptuous.

"Do it. Wow, it's easy. Ooh! Mmmm!! Bedo, ha."

"It's ok! I'll clean it right up!! Magic and clean!! So."

"Wow... wow, wow, wow... where are you going, I can't even get rid of you anymore... this is so awesome, UMMMMMMM!! Mm-hmm!! You're being held captive. Yes!!!

Leonora tried to enjoy the yellow water leaking out of the urethral orifice to its limits, but when Acme visited with her, she couldn't afford it.

Keith's penis thrusts up his bladder precisely to irritate him in the middle of not knowing which to enjoy.

"Also, already Ugh!! I'm fucked. Wow! This, morahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu!! No, no, no!!

"Leak it, Leonora!! I leak it!!! That's how good the enchant is!! I know how good this best magic feels!!

How do you know how good an enchant is with pee-leaking acme?

to Keith, who throws up a completely unintelligible line, but Leonora,

"Ugh, no, no!!! Yes, that's okay!! Lame, Lame yeah!! Damn it. Wow!! Oh, fuck you. Yeah!! Whoa!! Ooh!? Ahhh."

Pusha! Chororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororoi

It is Leonora, whose overwhelming sense of emancipation is accompanied by the feeling of ACME, which freaks her out and makes her cringe face dazzle.

"Hiccup...... Reimahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Whoa, whoa! Mm!! Oh, this is not good for Ike, Kuhi-no-no!! Ugh."

The feeling of urination accelerated the ACME and the fine skin continued.

I'll put a piston on that acme vagina. Keith is at his limit.

"Wow yeah!! Komanko!! Even such moves in the habit of celebrities!! Whoa, whoa! Oh, oh!! Whoa!!

Kime ejaculated as she stood, and Keith shook her hips at the comfort of her vagina, ejaculating like a marking to the most zala crust of her vagina.

Big cum! Big cum!! Bibi!! Dobi!! and even the power of ejaculation had increased. At the same time, Keith accidentally took Leonora into his arms by saying that the pleasure of shooting up was increasing.

"This is... it's gonna be no good... magic that's gonna ruin one... whoa!

Falling into bed with him, Keith and Leonora, lying down connected, fell to fold back.

"Muggle," Leonora, who felt Keith's weight, cried, feeling the smell of pee she had made into bed without even being able to resist.

"Momo Hino... Ugh, I can leave you alone Wow..."

Keith on his back lifted his body a little as he shrugged and cried - moving his hips.

"Hmm? Nhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

"Ern properly! I can still go!! You can still do it!! Enchanted awesome!! You know Leonora too!! I know, sir!!

Leonora shook her head in the smell of pee as she began to rub her acme vagina with more semen nuggets.

"Wow, I don't know. No!! Konra-no-ji-jin...... I know. Wow!! Nmiaaaaaaa!!

It is Leonora, who was committed without being plucked six times after this by a runaway Keith.

Needless to say, I hated Enchant.