"Shit... Shit."

Leonora turned to Keith, who spoke to him to ask him how he was feeling.

Look at that. Keith only calls his name again. Then Leonora angled further around her neck and turned her face away from Keith.

Keith scratched his head with a bitter smile when he saw how it was.

It is in the hot water pool of Palazzo Seimrad that there are two of them now.

Leonora, dressed in a regular sea bread Keith and a holterneck bikini, sat each on a poolside deck chair.

Leonora was totally in a bad mood with enchanted sex that day.

It's seven straight shots in a pee-painted bed on Leonora, who has a high temper at any rate. I can't help feeling ill.

Omako meat that has completely swollen into a severe penetration, and breasts that have become too rough and bright red.

Keith kept getting pissed off from the midst of healing magic after these two.

"What are you thinking! Yes, there are limits to how appealing and desirable my body will be!!

"Oh, my goodness."

"Do it in such a fierce and weird way!! It's broken!!

"So heal magic now."

"I'm not saying I just need to heal!! Auntie or Keith!!


"This body... it's not just Keith's chest and crotch, is it? Me and Keith's child, which will soon be born. It belongs to the next Princess Almas. Wow!! Take that!! Take that!!

That's how Keith gets scolded and reprimanded for saying the last thing he doesn't want and making him furious.

"But, you know, Enchant liked it, right?

Something sounded like a pussy cut.

"Kiko...... no way...... no wow!!! Oh, my God!

It turned out to be a situation where I had to forgive Leonora for being completely obstinate.

Talk to me again and again and send me a transfer magic to your letter.

I was given the opportunity to apologize immediately for doing it because I did something unfamiliar with the words of love.

At any rate, Keith, who invited him to the evening pool, prepared and prepared a deck chair where he enjoyed Nia and the evening cuckoo scattered.

This is the formula for making a romantic evening here to delight Leonora and measure her mood recovery.

In order to do this, it doesn't start with you not pointing this way anyway.

"Leonora. Ah. Um."

"... I don't want to talk to your aunt or Keith!

"Oh, don't say that. I'm really sorry."

"Something I don't feel sincere about the words! I don't know!

Instead of saying you're angry, "You were angry, weren't you? It creates an atmosphere that says."

The truth is, I've forgiven you a long time ago, and the fact is, I've had to get angry somehow because I've been out of here seven times and I've been gone 12 times.

But I'm still trying to get him in trouble because it's hard to forgive him easily.

Keith also continued his questioning in the pool for a while and somehow found out about it, so he made a sweet voice and moved next to Leonora.

"Leonora, I'm sorry! When I'm with Leonora, I have a bad habit of running wild... and I've been patient here for a while... when I get all that power"

"Are you trying to tell me it's my fault?

"No way! It's all my fault! Sorry!!............ will you forgive me?

Speaking out disgusting like an abandoned puppy, Leonora seemed to grumble for a moment, but with a strong heart,

"Not so easily! That's all they did. Apologies are more polite... hey!

Leonora screamed when suddenly she was pushed down by the back of the deck chair.

Keith, pushed down by surprise, stares at him with a serious look from above. Leonora glanced at his face a little.

"Are you going to attack again...?

"No way... let's apologize for sex with sex"

"That's what you say you attack!! What I'm asking for, huh? Phew, Phew, Phew."

Even then, Leonora tried to resist the sudden start of the kiss, but closed her eyes and let herself go when she found out that the kiss was not a rambling thing like this one before, but one that she loved gently.

In addition to the sound of water flowing through the pool, there was an intertwining sound with mucous mucous tendencies in the pool.

Eventually, when it was over, Leonora was dyeing her cheeks thin. Not a bad kiss right now. I mean, it's my favorite kiss.

"The way I love Leonora...... I'm going to know. So let me make amends with that. Can't you?

"Ah... uh... the"

"I won't if I can't. You don't have to forgive me. Because Leonora hated me and I did what I deserved... but just know this. You're too fond of Leonora for that, aren't you?


"I love you too much, my thoughts go wild. That's about it for you...... chu."

The last word is kissing without daring. That's how I waited to hug you with my heart.

Then slowly Leonora's arm rose and circled around her neck,

"Huh, is that it? Are you out of your mind? I've been told similar things before, on similar occasions.

"" Huh!!

Keith and Leonora's screams combined. Looking back as we let our hearts say bakubaku to each other, there stood Aisha with Berna, the gyto-eyed.

"Ah, Aisha! And even Berna!!

"Hey, what are you doing, you guys!

"What... around the night! One of my natural tasks as an escort knight!! How long will you guys hold each other?

Keith tried to stay away from Leonora to prevent the situation from getting worse, but his arms and legs became tangled before him.

"What are you looking around for! You're not wearing a bathing suit like that!! I don't like it, Daimyo. Didn't you come here to dairy with your thin maid daughter there?

"Nah! Why am I dairying Berna!! I don't know what that means!! Or stay away from Keith, you dripping breast bitch!!!

"I'm not drooling!! Excuse me! Well, fine, I know you do, don't I? As much as a guard knight who serves the princess of Seimrad is“ female ”! Yu meh. Wow."

The maneuvers Berna used to avoid the crowds of men are still caught in the tail.

So much so that the maids of Leonora's mansion are making noise as they raise their career-carrier yellow voice.

Aisha stares at Keith by distorting her face about it. All I'm saying is it's all your fault.

Keith is not the only one who can complain with his eyes that Berna is also an accomplice, but Berna is the usual faceless face.

Both Aisha and Berna wore regular bikinis today, by the way. That microbikini was sealed by Aisha.

Aisha glances at Leonora in a bikini,

"Dema. Oh no!! I... I like Keith!!

"Ahhh, what color Mr. Black Elf was the last time you rubbed and kissed my chest in this pool!? I won't tell you I forgot!!

"Higi!! And Keith said," Do it. "

"It seemed like a jolly breeze to me. Wow."

"Oh shut up!! Even you who say that were rubbed by me, Ann. You were gasping!! You must be the one who got his tongue tangled first!!

"Nice! Please don't argue. Yikes!! So, who said anything about you!!

"This is our dialogue!! I mean, come on, let's go!!

Keith stands beside Berna, away from Leonora because he looks like he's seriously about to suck.

Keith asks Berna, wearing a pretty floral bikini to her thin chest.

"What's the matter at this hour? Why are you here..."

"Your husband said he was happily preparing the pool when we had dinner for Mr. Lou... this is what happened when I told Mr. Aisha that"

"Ah...... no wasting cat...... one day I'll do the magic of petrification and turn it into a figurine!!

Keith, burning in revenge, sighed when he saw Aisha and Leonora, still raving about each other.

"But Berna is also Berna... you know this is what happens when you let Aisha know, right? But why?"

Then Berna leaned down just a little with no expression.

"... Pu Ru, he said he'd teach me how to swim too... but he hasn't brought me here once"


"Your husband and... Pool, Aisha said you brought me here once... just me... such a cheat"

Obsessively. Not uncommonly... but obsessively, he says to me.

Recently, it is Berna, a bad girl who has learned that pets are sweet about boards.

When Berna like that helplessly holds a pretty, ribbed floating flank,

"You can't help it ~... Instead, if you play in the pool, you'll have trouble warming me up in bed, right? Because pets are part of the owner's job instead of hot tubs."

Berna barked "wow" with no expression when she looked up at Keith, who said something silly.

They are two unfriendly people who have finally noticed their obnoxious pets and their owners.

"Here. Ahhh!! Berna again!! Come on!! You really piss me off every time!!

"That's right!! Mostly why would Keith just adore that thin piece every time!!

"I'm not convinced!!!" "I'm not convinced!!!

Actually, I don't know, Keith. I think we're really close.

Well, let it calm down, Berna was staring at her breasts on the thin side she'd been told twice and it was dark.

I couldn't help but think that this would happen, so Keith thought I'd let him play in the pool properly today.

But it is Leonora who is not satisfied with it.

As for Leonora, it was supposed to be a service day for me by Keith.

He made me apologize for making me feel sorry, and instead of forgiving him, he was going to give me a special sweet evening.

It is a brand new swimsuit for this purpose. That's why I was so obstinate earlier. And yet I can't believe I'm interrupted by this color black and thin.

There's no way I can forgive that!

Leonora hugged her body and pressed her chest as she approached Keith. Aisha said, "Ahhh! shouted," I don't mind any of that,

"That was a continuation. Keith, please hold me... Kiss me."

"Hey! Leonora!!

Keith panicked at Aisha's gaze that he was going to shoot her. But where is Leonora blowing the wind?

"Already! If you don't, I won't forgive you for the day you made it so intense, will I? What do you think?

"Oh, what was that day!! What have you done, Keith!! Answer me!! What are you doing to that woman!!

"Shut up, outfield!! Keith is in the middle of apologizing to me seven times in a row right now!! Stay out of the field!!

"Nah...... no seven times!!? Come on, Keith, you're a guy... you're a guy. Ahhh!

"... I envy you"

I said Leonora with a winning face and an incredible look Aisha, and Berna I can just ask you the emotion of saying "I wish" from a faceless look.

I wonder why you throw in all these bombs, Keith, but you deserve them all.

I'm gonna cry. I'm gonna cram into Keith. Aisha's gonna cry over here, too.

"Leave me or Berna alone. Seven times to such a woman...... you cheating fool!! What if the woman gets pregnant first!! I gave birth to Keith's first child!!

"It's a bit of a thief fierce!! It will be up to me to give Keith his first child!! And then the concubine!

"Oh, I'm a concubine!" I'm already mad!! I don't know because I'm mad!!! This!!

Keith finally desperately stopped Aisha from trying to grab Leonora.

Once Aisha is at a level where he can defeat Trolls on an individual basis in terms of combat ability. It doesn't taste good how much it beats the princess to death.

"No!! Oh, calm down!! Your Highness!! I'm in the palace at once!!

"Stop it!! Blame me and hit one!! I'll make it on your head!! Grrr!!"

"Ahhh!! The barbarians are trying to kill me. Wow!! Please help me, Ki-soo."

"Barbarians say it!! Come here, whoa!!

"Ooh! Stay calm!! I can't!!

That's how comic talent plays out, Leonora came up with something.

In fact, Leonora was reading the Enchant-based academic book Keith left behind.

I absolutely don't want to be extreme, and I don't want to improve any more, but Keith left me on purpose, so I glanced at him.

But Leonora, who is dying to be good at learning in books on top of her original high technical level, so in just a few days from that date Enchant's moves were already within reach of the applied edition.

To be clear, if it is just Enchant, it is the height of talent to the point of horror.

Leonora wanted to use that very talented talent for a terrific prank at this time.

He worked his magic out from behind Aisha, who rammed around and Keith, who held it down, and put enchanted magic on it and let it go to Aisha.

For a moment Aisha's body glows thin and full of magic. Besides, both Keith and Aisha noticed and stopped moving.

I wonder what happened, and Aisha suddenly says, "Heh!?," he raised his weird voice and held his chest down.

"What's wrong with you? Aisha?"

Aisha warped her face while holding her chest to Keith, who called out worryingly about the sudden.

"Mm, my chest... what is this? What happened...... Phew!! What the fuck! Ah."

When I said that and let go of my hand, Aisha and Keith hardened completely with their mouths open pocan.

A large stain appeared on the bra part of Aisha's white bikini. That's for sure,

"... shame... it's breast milk"

"Huh? Ah... Yep!? Hey, why!! Why not!!

breast milk. She had milk.

Because the pain and screaming earlier was suddenly chest tight and painful.

A high laugh echoed from behind panicking in amazement.

"Ahhh, Mr. Aisha. What kind of milk do you give? Check it out Keith, there's milk from those nasty breasts!! You must be pregnant with this man's child!

Upon hearing that, Aisha realized that this was some kind of magic that Leonora had put on.

In fact, Leonora was doing magic. Enchanted to strengthen only the inside of the breast, to develop the breast gland, etc., and to temporarily produce breasts.

Leonora is a horrible daughter, even though she has studied how much she can change her physical composition, even though it is temporary.

Leonora couldn't stop laughing at what she had successfully said when she found out that she had done what she thought she had done.

I would never wake up to give you milk and hold Aisha like that.

Of course, Leonora knows Keith can't believe this guy's kid.

But it's just a little distracting to see Aisha panicking or crying shy of her breast-milking breasts.

Anyway, I was interrupted on an important night. That should do it. I thought so.

That's how he fucking laughs. Leonora quickly learns that the plan is a big miscalculation.

I tried to hug Keith, teasing him about Aisha again, but his arm was shunned.

"Huh? Ki, ki-su?

Keith walked flirtatiously, regardless of Leonora pointing a strange gaze, approached Aisha holding her chest.

Aisha keeps her breast milk from dripping by holding her chest where she can milk with a crying face.

"Keith, don't come! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I would never have any other man!! Shinjiro!! Ugh, boobs won't stop!!! Uh-oh."

Aisha desperately tried to contain the overflowing breast milk that she could never stop herself in her swimsuit bra. But from Aisha's breast, which was more fortified with magic, the field bumps and limitless white milk continued to zero.

Holding Aisha's hand in panic, Keith let him out of his chest. Your milk drips off from under your bra as soon as possible.

"Oh no! Look!! Don't look at me... look at me... heh"

It was Aisha in tears but the tears stopped immediately. The moment Keith licked that milk.

"Huh?" "Huh?" "I thought..."

Keith soaked her milk over the fabric as she licked the dripping milk and eventually moved her mouth to the bra.

Ugh!! Ugh!! and let him make a noise and suck it, Keith looks up at Aisha with excited eyes.

"Aisha!! Let me suck your tits!! Direct!! PLEASE!!!

Aisha and Leonora to solidify. And Berna, who just said she knew.

In front of those three, Keith once again said out loud, "Please!! shouted."

I was insulting this guy's perversion. That's Leonora's big miscalculation.