Keith was on his way to Nia's room the next day because he rarely studied two days in a row.

I can't wait to see what's going on with Operation Erotic Honda, which went out of its way for two days.

I brutalized Aisha through the morning imagining it last night.

Aisha has had some nipple sensitivity since she breastfed, which is a lot of fun to blame.

If you knock on the door about the room, of course Nia will let you in, but Aisha is blushing too.

Aisha left the room early, almost crying just to remember her nipple blame.

Trying to get close to Dropping it off Nia, Berna glanced out with her usual faceless expression.

Keith sat down in the seat in front of Nia, hoping not to persevere that this would be cute for him soon.

"Hello, Master Nia. Hmm? How was it? Are you not feeling well today?

I dare ask even though I know it. He is still a poorly bottomed man.

Nia shuddered slightly and said "nothing" and leaned down.

"Nothing... but the color of your face"

"It's really nothing... don't worry about it."

Yeah, this is definitely the worse one, so Keith made a gutsy pose with his heart.

Honestly, it was a bet which way Nia would masturbate, but even if you lose, you can enjoy it that way, so no problem.

The important thing is to say that Nia got me excited about the book.

That's how Keith, who went as he wished, held Nia up and headed to bed.

I knew a little neighborhood was made for a little elf princess who was surprised when she was accidentally hugged.

It is an unbalanced elf princess to know about sex pleasure but to read porn books for the first time in her life.

Naturally, I can't help but be Mr. Osal.

Keith, gently lowered to the bed, asks herself to get on top of it and worry.

"Dear Nia, there's a neighborhood under your eyes... oh, could it be"

Keith suddenly turned his skirt and stuck his face inside to Nia, whose butt looked badly out of sight.

"Come on! Come, Master Keith!? What, no!! Ahhh!!

Lower your amazing Nia luxury panties and gently reduce the rumbling legs. Nia's cute clitoris was rubbing a little red after all.

Keith, with his face out of his skirt, makes him look in trouble.

"Did you get all squeaky all by yourself?

"... Um... that, ah"

"It's turning red. Did you put a proper antibacterial solution on your hand?

Nia nodded small as she turned red.

"How many times did you do it? You promised me up to two times, right?

"... Yikes, four times... I did... ugh"

That's a pretty good fit. It is Keith who unintentionally wanted to laugh out in a gutsy pose.

Nia, on the other hand, had regretted doing so four times in the morning.

I fell asleep naughty and panicked about holding the book when Aisha and the others came into the room in the morning.

To further blame Nia for her depression, Keith stroked her head and smiled at her.

"But that's how much you cared about a good sex book. Good!

"Ah, ah, ah... you know, Kisusa"

"Let's treat it first. It tingles a little, but please be patient."

Keith said that and licked the crisp foreskin and body that turned red after four masturbations by sticking his face back in his skirt.

The tongue is gentle and licks to use more of the back of the tongue than the surface to heal over rubbed areas.

The more that was done, the more guilt Nia felt as she was fooling Keith, the more she almost cried.

Spill and lick the pecho pecho so that it can also be heard by Nia, gently stimulating the body with the tip of the tongue.

"Phew, ah...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Guilt and the excitement of the book I read through last night ignites my body, pointing my cries.

pimp and hardened pink nucleus. Now peck and stimulate with lips. Nia's body immediately began to twist her hips.

Keith let go of his mouth and cured magic as the sweet juice zeroed out of his vaginal mouth and a thick smell arose in his skirt.

Red rub marks disappeared in an instant with healing magic, an act that required no licking at all.

Keith raised his face as he murmured with his heart, "I'll adore you later," to Nia's Omako, who is even more gnawed at the warmth of being healed.

"Yes, now the treatment is over. Didn't it hurt?

The red-faced Nia nodded small at Keith, who wiped around his mouth and inquired.

"Good," he smiled, letting Keith wake up Nia's body and wrap it in his own body just like yesterday.

I'm glad Keith held me tight, but Nia couldn't tell me anything because she was lying.

"Master Nia? Aren't you really sick...... are you okay?

"Oh, you know, uh-huh."

Honestly, I wanted to nash your study today, but it's not what happens the next time I carry it over.

It doesn't make sense to send the problem forward. "It's okay," Nia said powerlessly, thinking so.

Keith had a bad laugh when Nia was troubled by the good looks.

"Then let's study. Dear Nia, was there anything in the book I gave you yesterday that made you wonder or not know?

"... was not..."

"Really? So, what's your favorite scene? Do you have a favorite spot or something?

"... that, ha"

Even if they say so, it's probably sweet of Keith to say so. I only read the abuse. Nia can only tell the part we read together.

I don't know if I should be deluded by saying it there, but Nia thought she didn't want to lie to anyone who would sooner or later be her husband.

So Naia shrugged patiently as she felt her beating heart and seemed to cry.

"I'm sorry... I haven't read your book... so I don't know"

"Huh? Because Master Nia, Clitoris was so... alone, wasn't he?

I hear things that I know but don't bother. the lowest.

Nia began to grunt at such a lowest act.

"... well, me... not good... so, uhh, gush! Weird... Weird... Ugh."

"... Oh, no... Dear Nia, were you having an Ike with a bad sex book?

Nia said to Keith's incredible voice, "Hih!," he screamed.

They thought I was a bad boy. Absolutely hated me. Even my crazy daughter is thought to have had Ike full of worse sex than good sex.

Keith didn't say anything when he was trembling, so his fear grew, and Nia slowly looked back.

And I'm about to cry in despair. Keith said he couldn't believe it. He was staring at Nia with his eyes.

I had never seen him like this before. These are the eyes I absolutely HATE.

Tearful Nia buried her face in Keith's chest over and over with a disappearing voice saying "I'm sorry".

I thought Nia would surely be dead if this were rejected too. So when Keith's hand touches his shoulder, Nia freaks his body out thoughtfully.

"Dear Nia, please don't cry... don't cry"

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Keith. Well... I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

I apologize, I've never done such a bad thing again, so... the feeling of saying that overflowed my body.

To Nia like that. Keith,

"No, please don't apologize. I'm sorry. I misled you. I'm not mad that Master Nia had a bad sex. I'm not mad at you."

"Gusu... Huh? Really?... Really?

"Yes. You won't be angry. I'm just a little surprised. I can't believe Master Nia likes bad sex..."

"No!... No, but no... Me"

"They do have people in the world who like bad sex. But no way."

There's a man on the shelf who's putting his own thing up.

"I was a little surprised when I found out that was Master Nia, and that got me in trouble. I don't like bad sex, so I can't please Master Nia."

What kind of mouth says that? I'll make you rot.

Nia shakes her head and denies Keith's bullshit that she loves bad sex.

"Different!! Wow, I'm sorry... I should be good... I... I don't know."

"But... then why did you put Ike in a bad sex book four times?

Nia, whose experience and knowledge of sex did not match, was unable to answer the question and distorted her face.

The truth is, this innocent Elf princess doesn't think so when Keith plants her body to do that and says she's trapped.

That's why I'm confused and distressed because I don't know why I did it.

Keith turned his arm and held it tight a little.

"It's okay, Master Nia. It's okay. Master Nia likes bad sex, but I..."

"Ugh, I don't know... I don't know if I like it or not... I don't know... Oben no Ishima"

"Don't you see...... right,“ sex is. "You're only doing enough to count. Maybe he got confused."

Nia snorted desperately at Keith for saying something stupid that might be the case.

There's no reason why I like being bad. I'm sure I still don't know a lot about it and I may have gotten confused and squeaky on the bad side.

"Well, let's give it a try with me and its bad"


"I'm not good at it...... well, maybe you can if you're reading the book I gave you yesterday!

Keith asked Nia where the book was and brought it. And I started reading books with Nia.

"Where did Master Nia get the hottest crotch? Somewhere?

Inadvertent and nasty question, Nia answered embarrassed because she might be able to prove she wasn't weird.

"Uh... here... maybe"

That's where I was most excited to reread it rather than say it was my favorite.

Having read that scene lightly, Keith suppressed getting laid,

"Then let's imitate it as we both read here, shall we? Master Nia will be the knight of the princess. I will be the magician. What's your name... let's do it under our name."

I don't know what the hell this is going to prove, but Nia nodded unquestionably, not even knowing what she had done with it originally.

That said, I knew I was embarrassed, so my face turned red, but I calmed down a little when Keith kissed me and said "good luck".

Keith turned the page as he held Nia, who remained slightly nervous, from behind and let her hold the book.

"... ah, ooh"

"Let's read it. I'm on it."

"... no, don't... don't touch me..."

"Even if you say that, Master Nia's hips are getting rubbed against my fingers more?

"It's a lie... I..."

While reading each other only the dialogue, Keith made Nia try the same act that the Magic Instructor was doing.

Touch the freshly healed clit and rub it a little harder.

Focus and squeeze only the clip with your fingers. Nia, who was elevated by disinfection with her tongue earlier, immediately begins to make a sweet voice.

"Kuhia! Oh, uh-oh!...... Huh!!

"You're starting to sound a lot better. This is the roaring voice of the princess of the exalted elf... no."

"Ugh, shut up... it was Master Keith who made me this body... yah!! Oh, uh, Clitoris, you're crushing me... Micha."

"Hmm? Was there such a dialogue?

Don't loosen your hands. Speaking up, Nia tries hard to keep reading as she meditates her eyes and endures cri pleasure.

"Huh!! Oh, yeah!! Kudzu, stay here... still, you... haha! Me, me not good!!

The first time Nia told me it was scum, Keith got goosebumps unexpectedly.

I roar that the curse the princess who loves to play like a pretty puppy has so much power to excite a man.

That was Keith, who would suddenly have the strength to engage in dialogue and blame.

"If I'm a scumbag, you're a bitch. It's a dog with a platter. I'm a princess knight and all, but the contents are just madness."

"Ya...... ugh!! Me... me."

"Then what is this? I'm not gonna let that nasty hole get so wet and twisted and tangled up in my fingers."

In fact, as Keith moved his fingers from Nia's clit into his vagina and twitched with Grugglu, the vaginal wall came tangled with a twist.

"Damn, now you can always say I suck."

As I said it but moved my fingers grizzly and continued to caress the middle meat, Nia's back moved out cookly.

Keith keeps his fingers moving silently faster, touching Cri at the same time. It just says in the book that I received ACME with my fingers in a row after row.

So to do it, Keith rubbed Nia's vagina and erection cli.

"Hino! Ahhhhhh!! Ra, ya, uuuuuuuuu!! Nku!! Nkuuuuu!!

In his skirt, Nia's female organ was rubbed, picked and rubbed until she became a trout on Keith's finger.

Nia welcomes ACME without knowing which to focus on: reading or pleasure.

Nia screamed and cried because she could continue to blame me for not stopping that vagina. The mood is the same as that of the princess knight of the story.

I couldn't even speak anymore. "Hiaah!" Seeing Nia just keep screaming intermittently, "he decided this was about a good insertion," Keith takes off his dress and makes him look like he's only wearing garters. Because that's what's happening in books.

And when I only take off my pants, I rub my erect penis against Nia's bloody and wet Omako many times.

With her legs spread out and her hard, polar penis rubbed against her clit, pubic villa and vaginal mouth in an inverted frog-like fashion, Nia felt a meat stick going wet with her own love liquid and zeroed her tears.

For a moment I wondered why you wouldn't let me in, but in the story the magician was waiting for the princess knight's treat.

As the rate of rubbing increased and the turtle head made a noise with the niche and abused the mucous membrane, Nia lifted the book to read the dialogue to any stimulus.

"Hey, why can't you stay... ugh"

Keith read his own dialogue when he knocked his body down a little and peered at Nia's book into the bar-reading dialogue that seemed to cry.

"I will always do this until I say I want to, until the noble princess knight seeds you."

The feel of the penis that hits the vaginal mouth gives it a tightness that is unlikely to penetrate all the time.

When consciousness concentrated there, the love fluid continued to overflow from inside Nia.

Nia really couldn't stand feeling that she was being abused. So in the middle of calling for the next dialogue,

"And you just have to die, Keith... man... Ugh, they're already doing it... I'm already doing it... uhh"

I started crying a lot with bees.

"He won't want to do it anymore... he'll make you feel bad, uh-oh!

Keith lost his mind over what he had done completely.

The silencing magic prop is activated, so it's okay, but this is too creepy for anything.

Keith, who hastily took up the book, held Nia tight.

"Ah! Ah! Dear Nia, I'm sorry!! No more!! I won't do it anymore!! Look, gently say Gyu!! Master Nia!!

"You can bully me. You can do it! Ki, Ki-sama's Waruguchi no, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! It's so embarrassing, it's so hard not to!!! Ugh, Ugh!!

"I won't do it anymore!! Hey, I'm glad Master Nia hates bad sex!! Now you can rest assured!! Good to know!! Yeah good!!

Keith, who himself took off his clothes and got naked, holds Nia tight in his chest plate.

"Well, Master Nia, I've heard you say that. He said he likes to read bad sex, but he doesn't like to! That's what Master Nia did! Glad you understand!!

Nia stared at Keith with her crimson eyes in tears at the excuse she thought hastily.

"Well... one, really... Gusu... are you there?

"Yes! No, I just heard it too!! They're here!! Master Nia is that! That must be it!! Yeah thats it!!

Nodding, Keith kissed Nia. Keep pecking your lips without putting your tongue in over and over again.

Did you convince me, or are you thinking? When Nia's tears came together a little, Keith caressed her hair gently.

"I'm sorry. I'm new to sex, too, so I don't know... this is how we learn a little bit together. Try it. You two know you don't like it and you like it."

It was Keith lying to lies and saying great things. But Nia smiled a little happy with the words she said together.

"Or don't you want to have sex with me anymore, who abused me and made me cry, even though I was acting?... did you hate me?

Says Nia, who shook his neck full left and right, as Gusgus snorted.

"I won't... but Keith... I'm so embarrassed, I'm so embarrassed... aren't you embarrassed?

"I won't. It will never happen. I love any Nia! I'm sorry I abused you. Please forgive me for being so kind."

Kissing Nia, who nodded "Yes," Keith was heartily relieved by the delusion.

I was in too much of a hurry to get curious about being abused. Keith turned the body he was holding sideways into a covered shape as he tongued with his heart into his mistake.

That's how I kiss carefully from above to warm up Nia and go.

Repeatedly with Chutchuch, he tangled his tongue in, and Nia's tongue also began to crawl around Keith's.

Keith continued to hug and kiss Nia by suppressing her dick bouncing so bicumbily that she wanted to insert it right now.

I took the time to relax the tension and let Nia open her legs again to show that she was not afraid anymore.

Now don't scorch it, but if it hits the vaginal hole, call out "can you" and let it break right in.

The tears still stopped the love liquid, but I went in fine because of the wetness before that.

Keith rubbed his meat stick against the vaginal wall with a hipster who cared about Nia as he shook his hips fine.

"Dear Nia, what do you say? Are you all right, sir? Feel good?"

I don't feel the irritation coming from being rubbed against the vaginal fold more than usual because my mind is soggy, but when I am held and slowly moved, the warmth seeps in.

Nia grinned with tears in her eyes and hugged Keith for unabused happy sex.

"This, Kimochi no Izu... Gusu, Gentle no Izu no Izu... Ugh"

After all, I think it's best for Keith to be nice. Nia tangled her legs and arms and strengthened her hold.

Then the vagina sticks sweetly tight. The whole body seemed to want a gentle Keith.

"I'm sorry I abused you. I don't know how to have bad sex, so I overdid it a little bit. I'm so sorry."

Nia shakes her head as she makes a rubbed, stuffy voice at the lie she releases as she continues to piston.

"Kisu, your... Mmm-hmm! It's not because of me... I'm, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! 'Cause it's awful. Ahhh!! Hiuuuu!!

"No, I shouldn't have realized that I didn't like to actually do it!! Damn, I need to learn more about sex!!

What would you say you want to learn more nani?

"Dear Nia, let's study together! Remember all about sex for two!! Practice a lot!! Let's make a baby!!

"Ha...... Ugh!! Yes, no!! Hadaisuuuuuuuu!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Chikurasu, oben today!! Full of them, shudder, you remember. Yeah!!! Huh!!

The man who falls but doesn't just wake up mounted a promise to study a lot of different kinds of sex with Nia this way.

Heavy and perverse blame is now all you want to fuck in the name of your studies. But you have to be careful what you abuse.

(Learning, learning! We won't make the same mistake again!! Come on, me!!

Desperately moving his hips to Nia, where his vagina is starting to get wet again, Keith's ejaculation has crept up into his waist aiming only at where he feels.

Nia's narrow, tight vagina had been completely sweet for being gentle since she was abused.

The whole of Omako is in a state of "I love you, Keith," intertwined with snuggly trolls.

I can't help but kiss her as she rubs through there and hear her gasp rubbed with Princess Lorielph's tears.

"Keishuma, Keishuma! It's good and it's good, this and it's good!! It'll make you feel better! Phew Phew Phew Phew Phew Phew!! Ha, ha!! Mmmm!!

"Me too!! I like this too!! Good sex as Nia feels good!! Zamen is about to come out!!

When I heard Zamen, Nia's vaginal flesh trembled more. I'll say more that this is interesting.

"The Zamen!! My penis has a Zamen!!! Good sex, Zamen!! Oh, oh!! Vaginal meat is amazing...... whoa whoa!!

Nia's vagina increased in wetness and softness to the point where she had an asshole voice in joy and faster hips.

"Jamen...... Jamen!!! Ha, ugh!! Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!! Oh, oh, oh! Homiaaaaa!!

"Dear Nia!! Keep it up, it's full!! Study!! Have sex all the time!! Sex Practice Ugh!! Oh, oh!!

"Shiru! Shigeru!! Shh, shh, shh, it's not good!! Absolutely! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Omiko Ik, I wanted too Ik Oh!! Nhhhh!!

Shivering fine. Guru! Grr! and oozing vaginal meat squeezed up his penis.

Keith repeats the piston as he shows his ACME vagina squeezing. Nia has a nasty ACME face,

"Oh! Oh, ho, wow... Mia"

I get more excited when I see my lips stick out and get bored. It makes me uncomfortable for a pretty, noble Elf Princess to show me her face like this.

(Princess Elf!! I'll take your elf!! Get me pregnant...... I'm going to get you dirty!! This!!!

Roaring for his last thrust, Keith, who unleashed the commandment, gave a goosebump to his face at the momentum of the overflowing semen.

If you feel the sensation all over your body, Dobby! Dubby, dubby, dubby, dubby!! and drowned in the popping clouds.

At that time, I went to a novel where my gaze remained open, where I laughed unexpectedly that the evil demon conductor would throw up almost the same dialogue as me in the scene of ejaculating the princess knight.

Nia hugged Keith, laughing, forever, and made her wander further into the warmth of the sperm she felt in her vagina.


Nia and Keith, who enjoy the rest of their time as they finished bathing and dressing and held each other, were having an apology match.

Both said they were bad, and kissed me again and again with a sorry look on their face.

But in the end, we both settled on saying that we had no choice because we were understudied.

I don't even suspect the dust was a big lie, and Nia smiled and nodded at Keith's dialogue telling him to study and remember to go with him.

"Then you take the bad sex book home and I'll read it. I'll remember the guy who doesn't like Master Nia and never will!

"Yes...... sorry for the inconvenience"

"No! Never mind. Then by the next time, this will be for Lady Nia. Please read it."


That was another novel, too. Besides, this time it is the teaching system. It's a story about an elf lady being thoroughly planted in a deacon of the human species.

However, there are many romantic elements in the content, so clearly, it is suitable for Aisha.

I rolled up a few pages and I couldn't help but notice another storm of awesome acts: "Honey!" Keith made a fist grip on Nia, who raised his voice.

"Good luck and remember sex!! Fighto!! Ooh!!

After all, Nia replied "ooh" with an anxious face to the punishing idiot man no matter what.