Berna, who took a bath, was fed hot water and had her body washed first.

I didn't take a bath yesterday so it feels refreshing and good.

Seeing Keith washing all over the neighborhood looking fun made Berna want to wash her too, but now she surrendered herself silently.

Doing so, Keith puts a soap bubble on his hand and toys Berna's armpit out.

Keith nodded as his armpit, which was betting with saliva, became clean with soap and his hair wet and petty.

Wash your armpits this time satisfied with the floral scent of soap.

Because of the hair, it foams better than usual. Open your legs a little and let them sit in the mood.

As I put my hands there and washed them softly, the penis I put out in two succession grew larger.

"Berna is a real beauty ~"

Suddenly Berna tilted her neck when she said that. I don't see the point in saying that right now.

Then you guessed how it felt. Keith laughed,

"Hairy and horny, this has to be pretty and cute! Normally I can't!! Berna's a beauty, so you can enjoy this kind of play."

I'm glad I kept it - Berna won't know what to say to Keith as he kisses me.

If Keith still tells me she's cute or pretty, I'll have trouble reacting.

Keith kept saying "cute" or "beautiful" to Berna in silence.

And to quote,

"Berna would think so, wouldn't she? You think Berna's a beauty herself, don't you?

I've been throwing more questions about how to answer them.

With more faceless additions and subtractions, Berna clogged her words and ended up,

"I don't think so."

Yes, I only answered one word. And Keith shouted, "Eh!"

"Don't you think she's beautiful? You don't like humility too much, do you?

"Not humble...... not. I really don't think so."

"You should think about it! Think!!

"... I can't"

Fingers washing Keith's Berna reached the butt.

Keith thought of the prank as he washed the anal he just licked around with soap.

"Well, say it. I'm a beauty. I'm cute."

"I don't want to say anything stupid like that."

"Oh? It's rebellion, isn't it?... Fine ~, if you won't tell me, no more walks! I won't walk you anymore!!

Berna took a breath in the words.

Only twice so far. A walk you only gave me one more time after your first walk in the courtyard.

That both gave Berna a sense of well-being to die for.

I'm being kept. The moment you know you're really keeping it, it gives Berna the excitement and the pleasure of replacing nothing.

Especially after the walk, I really feel good to be alive when I take a bath with you and hold you till morning to sleep.

It is a genuine pervert. It was Berna being made a perverted elf.

I can't believe you never took another walk full of dreams about such happiness. Not much of that.

That's absolutely unacceptable. Berna has no grip or stray,

"I... am beautiful. I'm cute."

I made myself clear. Then Keith laughed couscous.

"You think Berna is such a beauty about herself. Surprisingly."

I ordered you to say it yourself, leave it in a situation where you could never refuse, and your pet stared at your husband for saying that.

He's angry. Keith, who bathes Aura all over her body for a long time, couldn't resist apologizing with regret that he'd done too much.

"Beh, beh... sorry! It's a joke. It's a light redundant phrase."

"... I don't know. Enough."

"Please don't be angry. I'm really sorry."


Keith sits face-to-face on the bathroom floor with Berna facing him without answering anything.

I kiss him and say it, looking straight from the front and making sure he can't take his eyes off me.

"I'm sorry. Really! I'll take a walk next time to apologize. So will you forgive me?

Berna still remained silent, but gave her face a little later.

"After that... if you adore me in the bath and in bed... I forgive you"

"Yes. Fine! That's how cheap it is to help!!

In the end, Keith attaches the promises he gets the most out of it and gets a piece on it. After all, she is Berna, a bad daughter.

When the apology was complete, Keith continued to kiss Berna as she felt her senses of jolly hairs.

It feels good to have a complete erection that was halfway through and hit Berna's hairy Omako hard.

I knew I had to have fun here once, and Keith asked Berna.

"Berna, do you know what bare strands are? Can you do that?

There were no blind spots in Berna loading books for men to please her former lover.

"... but I have never. As for knowledge."

"Then try it. Please!

Slightly shifting his body, Berna sat on a penis with an erection as she figured out how to do it to Keith, who slept on the bathroom floor.

The polar penis pulls onto Keith's own belly, and Berna's pubic hair, Manko, rubs his turtle head from his back muscle.

I left my pubic hair wrapped in soap bubbles so that makes me feel good as a lubricant.

Moving back and forth with Kunechne on her unfamiliar hips, Berna explores Keith as she presses her soft labia and inner mucosa.

I thought this was fine with Keith laughing comfortably and kept moving with Nichonicho, gently touching the red and black tortoise head sticking out.

Keith started laughing because his professional sister really seemed to be dealing with him because this was done without a look on his face.

But since I was the only one enjoying myself earlier, how about this? Keith called out the laundry rustle from the next room with metastatic magic.

Keith, who mostly asks the launderer in the palace to do the laundry, naturally bought it for Berna.

I laugh at Berna, who is working on her bare strands, and suddenly I pinch them both with a washing nipple.

"Huh? Ah, guh!! Hi-no-no!!

It was a washing rust that was deliberately modified to strengthen the power of pinching.

Berna stopped moving her hips and distorted her face in agony, as Keith picked with her fingers and pinched each milk wheel with a few strong steps.

"Yikes...... no!! Oh Shijun, this...... Grrrrrr!!

"I bought it for Berna. That's good. I already gave it out twice. Thank you."

"Me no... not good!!

Keith held Berna's hand close to her nipples.

"Are you taking it? I bought a corner."

30 leagues per piece, including remodeling costs. Don't sound great.

Berna shook her head sweating for a different reason than because she was in the bathroom in Keith's voice, which seemed unfortunate.

"This is no big deal... Grr!! Chikubi, I'll take it..."

Keith smiles and suggests to his face on the verge of crying.

"Then at least until I get it out with bare strands. Just in the meantime, Berna! You're a good kid, so you can work hard, right? My pet should be able to do it!

I mean, if you can't do that, they seem to say you're a bad boy and not my pet, and Berna didn't have the right to veto again.

"Ugh... No, no... I want to be there, uhh"

Berna started shaking her hips again, bored by the pain, to be the only good boy Keith could be.

Every time it moves, a cooperative wash attached to a thin nipple shakes, abuses the nipple and increases the pain.

"Gu Gui no!! Ahhh, ahhh!! Ugh, ahhh..."

The face, which was faceless, became the face of a child about to cry in an instant, his mouth moisturizing all over him.

Keith's groin increased the lead on the cuteness of that face. And at the same time, there is zero honey coming out of Berna's female hole.

Keith continued to stare at Berna as he grinned, impressed that he would feel even in this pain.

A reddish face distorted by Berna's pain, which was starting to get a little drunk by the soft caress. And a nipple that starts to erect in the washing buckwheat.

Love liquid plumes mix in the soap bubbles, and exhaling and moving tricks make the excitement high.

"Berna...... cute after all"

Domazo's hair-coated bare strands move slower with each increase in porosity. It's this pain, so I can't help it, but if I don't get it out, it's not over.

Berna finally cried out because she couldn't move well in the fear her nipples were going to have.

"Oh... well, take this... Take it... Chikubi, Morseuuuuuu!! Ugh, no!! Ahhhhh!! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Berna's back flexed as Keith pinned the laundry rustle in the funny half.

"Higi no good!! Come on, don't bother. Yes!! Yes, no, no!! Ahhh, ahhh!!

In fact, Berna was also a little sensitive to her nipples since she breastfed with Leonora's magic.

That said, it's a minor thing because it's Berna's sensitivity, but since it's all this washing sausage there, it was going to go crazy with the pain.

"Then see, quickly with bare strands! Please."

"Oh, oh!! If you don't like it, give Aka-chan boobs... boobs are not good!! It's terrible. Ooh! Oju, oh!! Nguhhhh!!!

The feeling of telling me I have to finish moves my hips, but when I do, the washing rustle also shivers and increases the pain.

It is a strange Berna body that says that the core of the body is hot and the love fluid increases because it hurts.

I am rubbed by Omako meat, which has completely increased in temperature, and I am a happy trembling penis, but I do not ejaculate inside because I have put it out twice anyway.

"Good luck," Keith said irresponsibly to Berna in tears, letting her mind wander into bareback pleasure.

"Phew! Phew, no!! Mmm! Ngu!! Ugh, uuch!! Oh, ah... oh no!!

Keith was aware that there was a mixture of sweetness in Berna's voice of pain.

So I reached out and clutched Clitoris with my fingertips, who was so erect that I could clearly tell.

"Nguuuuuu!! Hi-hi, no!! Grrr, ahhh!! Oh no!! Whoa, whoa!

Severe pain in her nipples and clitoris struck her brain and Berna's face squeaked with tears, runny nose and saliva.

I can pee Berna on Keith's penis because it hurts too much.

"Oh, it leaked! There was a pee... Leaky Berna ~"

Keith gave Keith all the strength to Berna's clitoris, who stopped moving while he said something pleasant.

"Oh no!! It's not good!! Oh no!! No, no, no!! No, no, no, no, no! Higi, no, no!! Uh-oh!"

My hips are gutted and my buttocks bounce. Berna's body was on the verge of ACME with pain.

"Berna, you look good? Ike already? Is this Ike? Do you want to be a little stronger?

My body jumps because of the pain flowing from the clitoris that pulls and twitches, and that hurts my nipples again.

Berna became intolerable to this chain reaction.

"Yikes!! What!! Giddy! Hino! Nhihi, Nhio!! Whoa, whoa!! Igi, no!! No!!!

He raised his voice as if it were the end of the beast, and opened his eyes and Berna was finished.

Serious juice on Acme tainted Keith's penis with his pee.

Keith, who woke up physically, weakened on ACME to support the freaking shivering Berna to take her laundry rustle.

The spot that is perfectly marked is reddish and depressed as painful as it looks. Keith licked him softly when he cured there with healing magic.

As sensitivity reached its climax, Berna shook herself at the remnants of the slight pain, raising her tearface and staring at Keith.

"Bubba...... oh my god!! Even though!! You wanted to stay, but you didn't! Ugh, Ugh!! Thanks for coming all the way!! Ahhh!!"

Keith shoved him down to the floor excited by Berna's still cute crying face as she slapped him for real.

Blame it with a lick that further heals the nipples while pressing it up, and spit on it snugly.

Berna says in tears as she breathes into nipple irritation that even feels good.

"I don't know... I don't know!! Chikubi... I want to... if I take it, I won't be able to give it to my baby... ugh"

Keith, who pulled the thread of his saliva and raised his face, pressed the tip of his dirty penis into the trout state of Omango hole.

I ask as I stroke Omako, who feels the feel of hair, and bury the tortoise head a little.

"Did I really hate you? You don't want me to keep you anymore? Penis...... which one can't?

Berna sips Gusgus and looks red at the lowest man who shows his troubled face.

Saying it hurts didn't stop me, and I'm the worst husband you've ever abused Clitoris even more.

On top of that, I can't believe that when I'm done, I gently lick my nipples and feel better as soon as I'm done, and just implant a turtle head in a vaginal hole that's hurting all over ACME.

Berna knows nothing else about such a shitty man. I can't believe you suck man enjoying growing hair like this......

"It's hard... it's hard! It's so hard... get your penis out of here!! It's hard, so hurry up, penis!!

Keith did not hesitate to let the seeding stick penetrate the rigid manko of the mazopet that intertwined his hands and legs and continued to say he didn't like it.