Nia couldn't hide her nervousness while the carriage rocked her.

My heart was about to be crushed by anxiety at the nightclubs of the Elf princesses from all countries attending for the first time in my life.

I can't complain to anyone because it's all me who decided to attend and to work hard.

But that doesn't make me no longer anxious or nervous.

I haven't slept properly in the last week due to shame.

I went out of my way to get Keith to sneak up to my room in the middle of the night, until the day he stroked my head.

But I couldn't do that last night either. I thought if you came, you'd make an absolutely weak noise.

Nia inspired herself that she couldn't be a fine mother like this.

That's how the carriage rocks me to the venue after I barely slept through the morning.

By the way, it was the castle built in the common areas of the countries in the Elf Territory where the night party would take place.

It is a small object, even if it is a castle, and it was originally a castle in the country called Traceria, which was there.

It's a fairly old castle, but it's well maintained, so I have a splendid impression of history.

"Master Nia? Are you all right, sir?

"Huh? Ugh, yeah! I'm fine!

Aisha spoke to Nia, who was further whitening her white skin to tension.

In addition to Aisha, Berna and Krone were in the carriage.

"Your face doesn't have an excellent color. Even for drinks..."

"Hey, I'm really fine. Fine! I don't even need a drink. I'm sorry."

If I had something to drink, I would have thrown up.

Berna, Aisha, and Krone, who spoke up, looked at each other and looked worried.

(Dear Keith, I... Good luck... please support me)

Squeezing his little hand together, Nia spoke to Keith with her heart.

It was Nia who had no reason to know that the man was behaving badly against his elf-daughter who pooped at the inn at the same time.

Such a line was rocked by a carriage and arrived at its intended location in about four hours.

The body was getting stiff, but more nervous than that, the climax and Nia are still about to fall.

I'm not familiar with people, but this is the first time I've said anything about a place with lots of girls of the same race my age.

"Dear Nia! Your face is white! Welcome home…"

"Ra, Rajibu! hehe... hehe."

The conductor takes me to follow Aisha and Berna to the Great Hall. Krone was going to leave her luggage in the room.

The large hall was adorably beautifully decorated, with mountains of sweets and snacks to prepare.

And most importantly, the beauty of the girls there is such that they make the decorations of the room seem lovely.

All about twenty girls have a gemstone-like eye color with white, blonde hair and white magnetic skin with your kind of elves.

It was so pathetic to say beautiful girls, etc., that they were all so beautiful that they stood alongside Nia.

If there was even one man on this scene right now, I'd do everything I could to say, "Heh heh heh!!" I would have screamed.

(Glad Keith isn't here) (Glad your husband isn't here)

It was Aisha and Berna who hammered the voice of their hearts behind Nia.

That inferior species would have definitely had an erection in front of the girls' princesses if they were here.

The princesses each form a group of two or three and talk in fun.

Nia, not mixed up there, has now escaped and missed Keith.

When Aisha and Berna think that we might want to let this go back to the room for once,

"Ahhh, Nia. You're here this year."

One of the Elves princesses approached me with a quiet voice. Seeing that face, Nia smiles in an instant.

"Huh! Ri, Leah!! Leah!!

The girl, called Nia and Leah, who held hands, began to look pleasantly dry as it was.

Leah is the princess of a country that says Gresert is on the outskirts of elf territory.

The apparent age is about the same as that of Nia, with white blonde hair bob-cut and glasses. Not that his eyes are bad, but that Leah's sea-colored eyes are to suppress it with demonic eyes.

The outfit is plain, but I have a large number of Mithril rings and necklaces for that matter because that's Gresert's specialty.

When Mashua started exporting Demon Spirit Stone, Leah's father also wanted to export Mithril products and came to consult with him, so the national trade began.

Leah, who has taken to Seimrad many times about us then, is one of Nia's few friends.

By the way, Keith would definitely be a beautiful girl on the level she had her hands on.

"I missed you every year, didn't I? If I'd known you were coming, I'd have brought you a book."

"Sorry, I've been meaning to go so recently...... but I'm glad Leah is here!! Glad to hear it!!

"Me too ~. Yeah, let's have some sweets over there, shall we?

Aisha and Berna relieved themselves sincerely to Nia and Leah as they nodded loudly and tried to walk away with their hands held together.

I thought I'd be relieved if I got this far off the nerves. It was Aisha and Berna smiling at each other face to face,

"... oh, not Nia. Heh, it's rare to come"

When I looked at you with a busy voice, there was an obviously frightened Nia and an elf girl standing in front of her.

"... Julia"

To Nia's whining, Julia laughed with her nose and scratched up her hair.

Julia is a princess of a country called Nossel, and Nia met several times when she was a little girl.

"I know, the magic is finally working."

For some reason, they come at me very hard.

Nia, who is dying bad at arguing with others, is about to be made to cry every time by this one-sided verbal reproach.

Eisha and Berna both know that, but it is Nia who has trouble poking princesses from other countries into international problems on this occasion.

Nia nodded small "yeah" to Julia's words.

"What? You're here to show off that?

"Chi, no... no"

"But it was taught to be like a human magician, wasn't it? What kind of elves are you? Are you ashamed of yourself?

My attitude and tone are terribly high even though my back length is as high as Nia's.

If it was about me, I'd still be told about Keith. Nia stuck her breath in shock.

Julia snorted happily when she saw tears overflowing.

Aisha is going to beat him up now for too much behavior, but Berna stopped it. The next time you make fun of Keith, you decide to beat him up.

"Julia, don't... why do you keep saying that?

Leah sees it and goes into a stop, but Julia,

"What, is it true? Tell me the truth. What's wrong?

That's what I say as reopened, but that's where the ambush appeared from behind.

"Ahhh lah, Mr. Yulia. I don't know. I'm surprised."

It was Leonora who was able to follow Donna who showed up from behind Aisha and the others shaking her big breasts in Balumbarn.

When she stops looking at it, Julia looks blatantly disgusted.

"Leonora...... heh, heh! What! You're not about to rupture your chest as usual!!

"I'm glad you complimented me. Wow, I don't know if I have one like Julia or not. I can't believe you're jealous of her breasts."

"Well, I'm not envious of you! I'm not stupid!! I just made my chest bigger, and they just turned me down for that damn pageant!!

"This chest is only for one person who wants me, so it doesn't matter if you have an elephant. Plus... I'm so glad I'm getting bigger! Not your forehead!


Julia, who told Leonora about her forehead, held her forehead.

Yes, Julia is a deco daughter. Julia, a Lori beautiful girl, has a wide forehead, except for her bad personality. I'm still as big a deco girl as this.

He cares about that and puts his forehead on, but he's still picky! And it glows.

If it was a complex match, Aisha and I worked out. Leonora had no blind spots.

"You're really getting more glowing every year, that forehead! What the hell is that forehead! I wonder what you're trying to claim. That forehead!!

"Ugh, shut up! What the fuck!...... so breasts!! In the air."

"Isn't that forehead, sticking out in it and like a hat?

"I won't!!

"Ya! Mabu...... eyelids!! What is it? Flash magic?

"It's not that glowing!! Ugh... Ugh, bubba!!

Leonora laughed with her nose as said losing Julia held her back and ran away.

"Are you going to polish your forehead? It's annoying to shine more than that."

Leonora noticed her gaze and turned to her face as she was drunk on a vain victory.

There was a Berna figure in Nia, Leah and Aisha, who saw Leonora with the expression she said was incredible there.

"Hey... what is it..."

"Leonora... oh, uh... thanks"

Leonora blushed after Kyoton to thank Nia.

"Hey, why! Thank you!! Well, not me."

"Mr. Leonora, to protect Nia. That was... cool."

"Mr. Leah! Hih, bad listening!! How could I protect Mr. Nia!!

"Eh, that's absolutely right. Right? Nia?"

To Leah's words Nia approached Leonora to give thanks again with a small "yeah" nod.

"Ya! ya!! It's a mistake!! Don't get me wrong!! Hmm!"

Donna explained to Leonora off the spot to the four of them.

"I can't believe your daughter's never been thankful to anyone before in her life. Hey... it's lit. Excuse me."

"What are you doing!! I'm coming!!

"Haas ~"

The four of them, who dropped off Donna following Leonora, who lit up, looked at each other and didn't know what it was, but smiled.


When all attendees are present, a sitting and greeting begins in the designated seat.

Description of the facilitator and their own introduction, as well as a standing dinner dressed in a party dress when it's over.

We were all more obsessed with chatting than eating, but now we have no parents or patrons to scold it.

It is a party that is also the annual breath of the princesses under stress every day.

Of course Nia had a meal with Leah and thrived on her favorite book stories and more.

Aisha, watching it behind her, spoke to Berna.

"A little please, I'll be right back"


Aisha was on her way to Leonora, where she was drinking wine alone.

"Hey, Ushichi"

"... what is it, colored black barbarians"

Leonora, who originally has a bad mouth and dislikes it, often drinks wine by herself every year because she doesn't have close friends and Pride doesn't allow her not to go to parties.

Aisha, who went near Leonora like that, exhaled and then bowed her head.

"Thank you for earlier. I appreciate it."

"hey what... so just say it"

"I don't care what you think. That saved Lady Nia. So now you're laughing... so I have to thank you... Dear Leonora, I really appreciate your help Nia. Thank you."

Leonora, who was truly thanked for the first time in her life for being a big deal or nothing, was about to make a weird voice. Moreover, the opponent is that eternal rival Aisha who fought a scattered hate match.

Leonora stirred up the wine as the itchy smell grew.

"I'm just!... Kid, that old man made fun of Keith... that's all."

"Well, then I have to thank you too."

"Ugh! What the fuck!! It would be more like you to say disgust like always!!... Well, if it's your turn to thank me, please stay away from Keith."

"That's not what I'm talking about. Keith will never give it to you."

It was the two of us again, but Donna was staring away at it and crying.

"Uncle... you've grown... gusu! Happy!!

With that happening, the party is over, and we'll each be free time.

After this, it is time for each of them to gather in a room of their choice or enter a large bath.

Leonora starts to relax as she takes a private bath and gets tired of her journey.

And since no one wants to talk about it, it was when I was doing beauty gymnastics in my own room as usual.

Suddenly the door to the room is knocked. Leonora, who watched Donna answer and leave from behind, looked at the person who was put through the room and said, "Heh?" and raised a dumb voice.

There Nia and Leah stood dressed in their bedrooms.

"Duh, what's wrong... can I help you?"

Somehow I suspected it, but I thought it would be impossible to shake it off. Then Nia, who had a grudge, says with a slight redness of her cheeks.

"You know... you know, if you like... why don't you sleep with me?

I'm relieved what I could say, Nia, and Leah smiles and stares happily behind it.

And Leonora's face, invited by her first pyjama pearly in her life, was a dumb face with her mouth half-opened.


At the same time, at an inn in Saimrad.

"Mmm! Nhi!! Nhi!! Nhi-no!! Ra, Ra. Yep!! Already!! Oh, my God!

Arsi, heavily hipped in the back position, was meditating his eyes and waving his head desperately.

The more intense Keith's hips, the bigger his pleasure information becomes and he runs through it to pierce it from the top of his head to the tip of his leg.

A good butt with meat sounds better bread than I expected!! I made the sound of saying, besides the squeaky vagina, with a luxurious scratch of my penis: 'Blah!' You're going to fart.

Arsi scratched the sheet on all fours, feeling so ashamed and unable to do anything about it.

"Arsi!! Arsi has the best buck!! My butt is amazing!! The butt meat feels great to touch!! Plus the addition and subtraction of Omako meat in the back...... Aah!! Munchkin!!"

It is Keith who enjoys her vagina completely obsessed and wet with love liquid.

In that heart there was no Nia, no Leonora, now no shadow, no shape.

"Arsi's fleshy wow!! Kimoi no!!

I knew this guy sucked.