Keith was walking tobotobo from the big bath to the room he was staying in as he stretched out.

Eventually it was time to blame Arsi through the morning and break up with each other after being hetty.

Arsi was tired of her mind and body after being tested for all the positions she thought she could feel better dressed like this.

But the rest of the day is just for one day, so I start getting ready to head back to the palace with my hips and omanko gutted.

It's so pathetic that I revitalized it and managed to get it back to normal.

"Let's come back, shall we? I love the way Arsi did it. I'll do it again."

Remembering the way he blamed himself for making an international high voice, Arsi made his mouth awake.

"But no more! Um... heh, I like the normal one..."

"All right, all right. I'll be normal... I'll be normal, shall we? Don't you like it?

Hugged close to the door, Arsi holds back Keith's body, which smells like the last bath the two of us took.

He seemed to be saying that he didn't want his body to leave Keith after all that abuse.

"... Want to stay another day? Shall we skip work?

"... and I'm not coming... but"

"Well, we'll see about that next time. We'll definitely do it again."

"... yeah"

Keith, who thus took his promise, dropped off Arsi and went straight to bed.

After noon I fell asleep until evening and woke up hungry.

The Nias are coming home tomorrow, so Keith is planning on staying another night anyway.

Whatever awaits you when you return to your room is a dish dictated by a annoying cat, a qualitative room and a menu.

Then it's like a dream to have a luxurious bed in a luxurious room where you can ask anybody for alcohol and food.

"Ask for a massage... have a drink... and eat something delicious"

Keith, who enjoys himself like his middle-aged father, couldn't help but go to the big bath downstairs.

I will then ask you to clean the bedmakeup and the room and get a massage in the meantime.

That's how he's in the middle of getting a massage in the bathroom, warming his body with hot water, and then returning to his room.

To the masseuse man elf, he said, "Hips... haven't you overused it? Keith was at the front desk when he remembered he was laughing.

"Ro...... Roana?

"Huh?... Ah! Ki, Keith."

I met Roana. Roana's face gets mucked when she thinks the incidental rate of encounting is unusually high.

"... who?


"Who are you here to stay with?... Ah, that escort knight's daughter? Or."

"Oh no, I'm alone. No... the princess went out to the party, so I thought I'd stretch my wings a little."

Keith smiled and approached Roana with a look he didn't trust.

"If you're so worried, please come to your room. It's absolutely destiny to have come out here without a promise. It's God's pleasure to spend until morning with me."

Even though I said I slept and got a massage, I'm already inviting another woman yesterday today.

It will definitely be broken somewhere.

Roana turned red and bit her lips at the sweet invitation whispered in her ears where there were many people.

That's what I want to do if I'm serious. I want to go to Keith's room right now and make sure no one's there and have a hot night.

But I can't do that. Because,

"I'm sorry. I'm really busy working today and tomorrow... well, if you really want to say absolutely... I'll go"

After this, there's a dinner party for a business meeting, and tomorrow I have to walk around a lot to actually put it together.

But the fallen Roana was ready to go if Keith really wanted to order him to come.

You can leave the store to the people who are coming with you. Definitely not a good idea for a store owner not to go, but if Keith tells you to come.

I thought Keith would say "ooh" to Roana, who would show her readiness to throw everything away, but that's not good for anything.

"... so how about tomorrow after work? I'm staying until tomorrow, and then in Roana's room..."

I planned to go home in the evening when the business talks were over tomorrow, but stretching another night would be fine if the business talks were put together.

"Yeah, fine... I'm looking forward to it"

"Me too. Oh, I sure hope you're dressed like that then. Right?"

"... what's cool... this?

After this, in order to go to a dinner party at work, Roana was creating an atmosphere of a woman who was able to work, dressed in a crisp way rather than her usual personal clothes.

That was indescribably horny, and it was hard to contain me wanting to bring it back to your room like this.

"You're thinking something weird again..."

"No way, because that outfit looks so good... I hope not"

and so on. Also, Roana nodded if I think so but Keith's cuteness would increase with it.

I am a mature elf that is completely broken already.

Just there, he was called "Store Manager," and Roana said,

"Um, tomorrow then... I'll talk to you later in the room."

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it ~"

Seeing Roana walk away, Keith decided to execute the prank he had been trying to do for a long time.

The face was so evil after all.


The next evening, the business talks came together safely, and Roana was in the room dressed up, having made the arrangements safely.

Keith said yesterday that the clothes smelled like sweat on the boulder, so I changed to someone who was bringing another spare.

The design is similar, and Keith complains about this, and once he takes a bath, he wears it and waits thrilled.

I really didn't have plans to meet Keith this time, and I didn't even let him know on the pronouncement.

I didn't think it was about a 300-year-old with a child who wanted me to meet her every time I went to work.

But in the end, again... I can't believe we ran into that this time either.

"... yeah mei... or something"

Roana turned her face bright red to the words she had put in her mouth.

It is not a dialogue that a woman of good age with children says. That's like a dialogue between a young daughter in love.

"You look like an idiot!... stupid, stupid!!... because of Keith."

At the end of the day, I knew it was Roana trying to wrap it up because of Keith.

That's when the door to the room was knocked. When I think it's Keith, I get a zero grin, and I head to the door with my fast feet.

"Yes, I'll open it now. Wait."

Roana, who opened the door without doing anything, where her expression hardens.

"Huh?... Hey, who?

It was the boy standing there.

Thirteen, four. He's a boy who looks a little older than his daughter, Erne, and he's wearing a tie to his jacket in his pants. He's like a student.

It was confusing Roana, but when she realized that the boy had dark eyes, dark hair, and a familiar face shadow,

"Huh? Oh, yeah? Keith? Are you?"

The boy grinned and nodded nicely at the inquiry.

"You... why not?"

"I can't believe it... there's a voice in the hallway here"

Roana, who rushed into the room, nevertheless continued to stare at Keith in the boy with surprise.

young, even under the impression that he was still young. Roana told Keith that

"Keith...... are you sure Keith?

"Yeah, I am. You're watching him grow up a little bit, right, so you know what I mean?

Sure could be like this if I expected to look a little younger from when they played that mother-child.

I can see that, but the question was, why does it look like that? Ask that.

"I was going to give it to Roana"

"Pu, a gift?

"Yes, I was going to give Roana a widow play who bought a male hooker!

When she heard that, Roana turned bright red and yelled at her as soon as she had solidified for a moment.

"hey... what are you thinking!! Bye!!

Keith leans back so loudly that his ears are Keene by accident.

Roana rolled up aloud, regardless of Keith's such tricks.

"What the hell is that! What the fuck!! Wow, when did you say I wanted that!? What do you think one is!!

"No, 'cause you were abusing me with Norinoli when I got tiny before, weren't you? Is that why you really like little boys?

I didn't say anything about burning in my son's play. Because even if they run out of bees again, I'll have trouble.

Then Roana makes excuses like she panicked.

"You can't be like that!! Oh, that... that was in Nori then!... thats"

I breastfeed my little Keith and all that because I was excited and I was feeling expensive.

I still can't stand it while they put it out to hang out like this when I say I still have a night to remember myself from that time.

"And... if you just say Keith when you were younger... well, I know, what's a male whore!? I'm not buying that!!

In fact, it was Roana who had been invited several times by ladies in the same business in Imperial Capital.

It feels good to be served by all the young boys - Roana despised the women who would talk to her.

Keith knows what it is on purpose and brings in a male hooker play like he's going to blame it there.

Roana couldn't forgive it. I hoped you wouldn't let yourself be with those women.

"It's only a play, play. This is what I came up with when I wanted to serve Roana."

"Oh no!... heh, that's fine... hold it normally... that's the happiest part"

Keith sighed "Huh" at Roana, who complained with a glaring eye.

"... ok. You have no choice. Because I didn't want you to hate me because I wanted to make you happy."

"You understood?

"Yeah, but it's gonna take a little while to get it back, so let's just keep talking about this for a little while"

"Ah... Shall I send you back?

"No, because magic will soon return to the Demonic Blood Stone. You're tired, but you can't do magic."

Keith smiled frantically like a boy when he said so, letting Roana sit in bed with a pre-voice-over voice.

Prepare the wine for Roana sitting down and I sit next to her and talk.

At first, Roana, who was in a weird mood drinking wine and talking, was also relieved of tension because Keith normally talks to her.

"Huh? That was tough, wasn't it?

Keith exaggerated and surprised when he talked about walking around Seimrad today on the purchase.

"A little. But it's a lot of fun walking around the city where you were born."

"No, no, still. Aren't those legs and bread?

"... a little... I'm not young anymore."

"That's what I said... Roana's young."

Roana had so much fun with these casual words.

Now if you could just go back to being an adult and hold me, I felt like I would blow up all my daily fatigue.

(Wouldn't I be back soon)

With that in mind, Keith accidentally got out of bed and sat on the floor, touching Roana's leg.

"Uh... oh, what? What's the matter with you?

"You're tired of your legs, aren't you? I'll rub it."

"Yes, that's fine... that's not true"

"Until your body comes back to normal. Because it's been a while. Right?"

Roana, unable to answer strongly when asked with a smile, left Keith to believe the word she said a little.

Keith, with permission, began to rub Roana's legs wrapped in breast gently with his hands to squeeze them.

Rub cum from the flatulence to the ankle and loosen the legs you were straining.

When the blood flow improved, the twitching warmth flowed through the whole area, causing me to exhale unexpectedly.

Then Keith started pushing the soles of his feet in with his thumbs.

It's painful. Then it feels good, and the moment I flatter my face, I get horny.

Roana, who was hit with it on both legs 10,000 times, came with her body slightly on fire. Zhu is on white skin.

"I knew Roana was Co. Um, if you want to rub your hips, please lie down."

"Huh? Ah... Yep."

Roana fell asleep with a pillow on her face and bent over, as she was told, completely relieved by the tranquillity that would heal her daytime fatigue.

Across its roana, Keith began to push his hips from the back of his thigh into the gym.

The mild pain of the elaborate muscles being relieved turned into pleasure and blamed Roana.

Especially in the middle of his hips, Aisha's direct moves showed off, so much so that he accidentally shouted "hi".

Something similar had happened before... Roana blurred and took a while to realize that was the first time Keith attacked her.

When I came to that, Roana had a terrible bad feeling and tried to raise her face, but her busty butt meat rubbed in a gummy stimulus and said, "Uh-oh!" I screamed and couldn't move.

Slowly turning to his face, paralyzed by the irritation, Keith in a boy rubs his peach butt in a breast exposed from a rolled up skirt at some point.

"Ah, ah... here, stop... Nk!... Stop, Kisu... Yakukukusa, ahhh!!

Keith's thumb was pushing and rubbing his butt meat and starting to blame the central secret zone with sexual cues.

This attack with a lit body, but also a ripe body being developed and cut off. I can't stand it.

"Mmm!... Ah, silly... Bhaha!... ahhh!! Damn it, and yet no...... HI! Shit again!!

"Huh? When did I break my promise to Roana?

"Yes, always!! It's the first time... YEAH!! Oh, yeah, touching it. Hey! Mm-hmm!!

As Roana grabbed the pillow and was bored, trying to get violent but not feeling too good, Keith gasped and whispered in his pointy ear as he stroked his butt meat.

"... what do you say, ma'am, my massage... are you satisfying your wife?

Speaking in a perfectly different young voice than before, Roana took a breath knowing that she had fallen into a trap again.

Keith plays me again and makes me play weird... what a widow who bought a male whore.

Even though she didn't like it, and yet couldn't resist, Roana rubbed her butt against Keith's hand in tears.