Back as an adult, Keith came back to the palace singing his nose.

After Elne and I broke up, I was worried and tried to follow her gently.

Keith felt relieved to see the touching scene of his parents and children on the park bench.

I was so excited to think you ate both of your mothers and daughters over there (but one of them had bare strands).

Any bowl of parents and children... I can't help but dream about it.

Although it would actually be pretty high hurdles and near impossible due to Roana and Erne's personality.

"It's as free as dreaming."

He went back to being an adult in the park, whining about stupid things.

The time is already evening. It would be just dinner time from now on.

The fun holiday was over. Normal fun days start again today.

Who shall I have fun with again from around the day after tomorrow as I take my penis and hip fatigue tomorrow?

I can't stop thinking about it like that, Niya. The lusty demon tried to skip back to the room.

Then along the way I came across a beloved brown knight elf in a military uniform I was used to seeing. It is Aisha.

Rarely was there any Nia beside it, walking alone in the hallway of the palace where the sun shoots.

Aisha smiles happily for a moment when she has eyes, but that face quickly muscles a little.

Keith walked in the direction of progress with Aisha, who kept walking, away to the point where his eyes were gone.

Hurry up and catch up when the hallway is no longer popular.

"Aisha, what's wrong? That's unusual. I can't believe I'm alone."

Aisha then answered with a twinkly face.

"I was reporting to Mashua and Mia about how Nia was at the get-together."

"Heh, good luck with that. So? Na...... what was the princess like?

"I was about to have a good time with your friends. He seemed happy to thank Keith."

Hearing so far Keith wondered if Aisha was sticking around.

The story is bright, and I don't remember doing anything in particular. Unless you've found out about Arsi, Roana and Erne, but you won't have to worry about it.

If I'd found out, Keith would be diced steak with a demon sword by now.

I didn't know what that meant, so I decided to listen and see it honestly.

"Um, Aisha, are you mad about something? Did I do something?

When Aisha loosened her stride at the inquiry, she stared at Keith with a jittery look.

Tie your mouth to the letter to, shut up for a while and then tell him to whine.

"Who did you go to the inn with... what kind of woman did you take?"


"I know. As soon as I got back, Nia said she wanted to give me a souvenir, so I went to Keith's room. Then Lord Lou said you were going out... and he said you were staying at the inn."

(That shitty cat. You don't know I'm gonna pick a few more words!

I think it's a good idea to use my name on my own.

Keith poisons the demon with his heart. Aisha continues with a little trembling in the hallway where there is no one but two.

"Say it! Damn... who did you go with! Me, Berna and... what kind of woman have you got besides those boobs! Say it!!

It was a more obstinate way to scream than to say you were angry.

While thinking she was a troubled daughter, Keith smiled bitterly and took Aisha into the shadow of the pillar.

"Here, here! What! Here... ah... what"

Hugged Aisha tried to yell at her thinking she was willing to delude herself again. But before that, Keith whispers in his ear.

"Who am I staying with but Aisha or Berna? I missed you. I thought about Aisha."

"... don't lie!... Then why did you stretch it another night? Can I come home yesterday?"

Because I met Roana. I can't say for sure,

"... OK, I'll be honest. Actually... I didn't like to eat the diet menu, so I stayed another night and ate three luxurious meat dishes."

"... Huh?

"'Cause I'm tired of all Aisha thinks diet menus... and I can't stop eating the inn's fine steak..."

"So you were just eating meat by yourself?... you extended your stay because you wanted a steak?

"... sorry"

Aisha looked like she was going to cry to Keith apologizing as she hugged her hard.

Good. It wasn't cheating. It was nothing like what I was worried about.

I knew a female knight who would be choked to death would kiss Keith's ear when she turned her arm from herself as well.

Then I thought I had to rush and do it angrily,

"This is Keith! You can only eat whatever you want twice a week! I will not tolerate that!!


"No forgiveness! I'll forgive you!... let me worry, you fool."

What you're saying literally sounds like a sweet voice on your back, smelling the brown elf that's coming over your body. Keith decided to hit Aisha with the paranoid excitement in the bowl of parents and children earlier.

Keith has three women in three consecutive days by today. It's time for a worrying level of kidney failure.

Keith said he thought about stroking Aisha's butt gently and walking through the pantyline.

"Then let me apologize. I want to apologize to Aisha for taking the time tonight."

Asked to apologize, Aisha, while feeling her chest thrilled by her expectations, disagrees for once.

"Well, it's for Keith to train his diet and body. Apologize to me for skipping..."

"That's not all. Even while I was in the hot springs at the inn, Aisha was protecting the princess, wasn't she? I want to at least heal your fatigue."

To the kind words Aisha began to wander a little with just that. Though she is tender, she is a weak knight of Tokoton.

"Please. My apologies...... will you accept?

Aisha nodded impatiently, "That's good," as the pantyline continued to flame the back of the female.

Satisfied that he had obtained permission, Keith broke up with Aisha and went back to his room when he kissed her instead of his finger. To be ready.

Aisha, who was left behind, encouraged the mission as she smoked the pain in her body for a few hours to the night.


At the promised time, Aisha heads to Keith's room so no one can find her.

Still at this moment my chest beats more intensely and my body trembles with embarrassment and anticipation.

I came to Berna without saying anything. I promised to report ex post facto but did not report ex ante.

In case they say, "Then so am I." I'm shocked.

('Cause Keith said it was just the two of us... he said it was just me)

In a floating mood, Aisha knocks on the door in front of the room. Then he immediately replied "Yes" and the door opened.

"Here he comes."

"Thank you. Let's go inside."


Happily entering the room, Aisha looked back, placing Rapier where she was accustomed.

Then Keith hugged me quickly, and Aisha hugged me from herself as she was about to get naked.

"Good job on your job. You must be tired.

"... I thought Keith would be able to do this when I'm done... hey, I'm fine"

It was Aisha, who I myself understood was saying something pathetic, but I couldn't help but say it.

"Really? Then you need to heal Aisha's fatigue plenty today!!

That was all Aisha was happy enough to get her favorite princess hugged by her muscular starting body.

Keith, who put that Aisha to bed, tries to take off his military uniform.

"Oh, wait. Take a bath first..."

"I have something I want to do first today, so can we just do it after that?

"What do you want to do?

Aisha looks weird when she hears it and tilts her neck.

"... another weird play... are you still weird today?

I thought I could flirt around the corner, but I get stuck thinking I can make you dress like a fat guy again.

Sure, if Keith is the other guy, it feels good, but it's still Icharab who wanders to the bottom of his heart.

She is a knight who loves Icharab.

But Keith smiled and stroked Aisha's head.

"It's okay. I'm sorry, but I don't like Aisha. I wasn't, and I was gonna give Aisha a massage today."

"Massage...... Keith on me?

Mostly, Aisha gives you massages at the end of sex.

"Yes. At the inn, I had a massage, but that made me feel good. I'll give you Aisha when I get home."

"... isn't that like an eclectic massage or something?

"Why would Aisha want to take the story that way right away? You don't trust me too much."

Naturally. You haven't done anything you can trust.

"It's a normal massage. He did it for me. It's a man's elf. But it felt good, so did Aisha. Don't you like it?

Aisha slipped her gaze just a little to Keith's inquiry.

"Yes, I don't hate it so much... but the..."

I want you to take a bath with me and then hug me in bed flirting.

Of course, Aisha can't talk about it. Then Keith was in his ear,

"Did you know? It's fashionable for couples to massage and get laid, isn't it?

"Huh? Ho... really?

There's no way Aisha won't respond to the latest couple trends. Keith whispered knowingly.

"It's true. I'm talking about how it's good for lovers to have more parental density with each other. So I thought to Aisha."

"Well... well! Right... yeah, I think it's good. I want to take it! Keith, make sure you massage me!!

After all, Aisha, who is easily rolled wherever she goes, becomes loving and frustrated when she remembers the annoying smell of her daytime ernet.

This makes me cuter because I'm totally more adult than Erne.

"What? Why are you suddenly hugging me? Huh?"

To the habit of escort knights. For a good adult habit. It was Keith holding onto her purer Aisha than her urban Lori daughter.

"Excuse me. I suddenly wanted to hug you. Because Aisha is too cute."

"Wow... don't suddenly say that... silly thing"

"Well, I'm going to massage you, so can you take your clothes off?

"... oh, okay"

While honest Aisha obeys and takes off her own clothes, Keith also gets ready with a pinch of pants.

Even so, I have everything ready by the time Aisha gets here already, so I'm just going to place it.

Lay a towel on the part of the bed where Aisha sleeps and bring the oil to the side.

There is a waterproof sheet under the sheet, so it is safe to use oil here.

Yes, Keith was going to troll Aisha with an oil massage today.

What Keith received at the inn is, of course, a normal rubbing loose.

But along the way, I thought it would be great if this was a beautiful elf rubbing me with oil.

From there, thoughts go around, and I don't like it. How about I reverse it for you? If I were to give it to you, who would it be? I even thought about it.

I already have experience with Nia, so when I become a remaining member...... I knew it would be Aisha.

Aisha cries when she lets her brown skin tecate with oil and rubs her breasts Yamanko.

Just imagining it is enough to make me erect and unable to stand.

We'll definitely do it when we get home. It's crazy enough to do it and cry Aisha!!

I still think I must have a porn god possessed of Keith for that opportunity to come so soon.

Aisha, who gets naked and shows a beautiful, tight body, says, "What can I do?" He asks.

So Keith instructed him to sleep in the bed towel, and he sat beside it with oil.

"Aisha, which oil would you prefer? I like it, okay?

"Do you use oil?

"Yeah, I was wondering if that would feel better. So, what do you want to do?

Is that what a couple massages are? Fully believing, Aisha chose oil as she was told, although she was suspicious.

Dropping Aisha's chosen rose oil in her own hands, Keith began to apply it to her brown back, which lay on her bow.

"Huh, um... Huh"

Keith's hand touches his beautiful, spotless back.

The more range you touch, the more techy your back gets, and the more beautiful you shine.

As he spreads it all over and smells like a good rose, Keith slowly began to push and rub his back.

Keith's thumb went into the back of Aisha's shoulder blade as he made a noise with Nuchu Nuchu.

"Mm-hmm... ugh"

Pushing in to no pain many times, from there, this time along the spine to the neck muscles, and towards the hips.

Aisha's body working out was worth a rub and interesting. I feel different when I say tension compared to Nia.

I rub my hips into the center and then crawl my thumb into a bump near my flank. The oil was easy to rub.

It seems this feels good and Aisha made many sweet voices "heh".

"Ki-soo, it's good...... I don't know who it is!

Keith laughed at Aisha, who said that by burying his face in the pillow.

"I remember because Aisha's doing it for me. Aisha's massage feels incomparable."

I said that, and I didn't wear any panties, either. When I put my finger on my round, pudding ass and pressed it giggly hard, it felt good, and Aisha said, "Heh!," he screamed.

Tickling, feeling good, and just a little sexual feeling ran the body.

"... Kisu, that's good, huh? Better than me."

As he thanked Aisha for the compliment, Keith rubbed his butt meat loose using five fingers and gently stimulated it with tonnes and a beating method.

The gentle beating feeling my butt felt from was going to be sickening.

Keith, teetered to the buttocks with oil, rubbed his flatulence from his ankle this time as he added the oil to his hands.

Be sure to squeeze your ankles. From there, rub and rub your flatulence to go, from the back of your knees to your thighs. Do this on both legs.

Essential standing job Aisha cried as her leg massage felt better than her back and hips.

The flatulence comes with the utmost happiness along with tiredness as Keith relaxes the stretched part of his thigh.

(... my lover's massage... it feels so good... this is not going to work)

I was going to accept any play if they did this every day and then avalanche me into sex.

Aisha raised her face from the pillow and looked a little back.

Half-naked Keith with a serious look is working hard to make himself feel better. Besides, this is perfectly just an act for Aisha.

Too happy, and feeling too good, Aisha buried her face in the pillow and turned bright red.

The feeling of saying I love Keith grows, and the fire behind my body, which I've been smoking all evening, begins to burn.

Aisha got a little wet as she was carefully rubbed over and over the border area with her buttocks at the base of her legs.

Keith felt Aisha wandering and shook his tired arm that his lower leg was so far away.

It's time to make it feel real from here on out. The more I don't like it, the crazier I get to troll my vagina.

Aisha was happily drunk, not knowing that the loving person behind her held such evil.

I had a voice for Aisha like that.

"Aisha, your back is over. Next up is the front. Sleep on your back."

Aisha, who had been rubbed too far and wandered off, didn't really question it,

"Shimmen? Spare me... yeah, I get it."

That's what I said and I leaned back as I was told. smiling happily at Keith as he blushed,

(Shimmen...... where are we rubbing this one?... Shimmen, rub it? Phew!)

When I had a bad feeling, Keith's oiled hands were about to crawl around over Aisha's brown breasts.

With a body sensitized by a back massage, Aisha went blue thinking she would be blamed for the areas she felt easily.